NFL suspends Cardinals LB Daryl Washington four games

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The NFL has suspended Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington for the first four games of the 2013 regular season.

Washington, who started all 16 games last season and was chosen to the Pro Bowl, has been suspended for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. He will be able to participate in offseason work and the preseason but will then have to stay away from the team for the first four weeks of the regular season.

The league offers few details and does not confirm which substance players tested positive for when it confirms suspensions, but as we noted with the suspension of Baltimore’s Christian Thompson, a suspension under the substance-abuse policy happens only after the player violates the policy multiple times. So Washington must be a repeat offender.

Washington acknowledged the suspension and apologized in a statement released by the Cardinals.

“I was always taught that when you make a mistake, you admit it, learn from it and face whatever consequences there are,” Washington said. “I take full responsibility and I understand that I let down my teammates, the organization and fans. I apologize for that and promise that no one will work harder to make up for it.”

The Cardinals drafted Washington out of Texas Christian in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft. He became a starter as a rookie and had his best season last year, recording 134 tackles, nine sacks, one interception and two forced fumbles.

27 responses to “NFL suspends Cardinals LB Daryl Washington four games

  1. “Palmer’s fault” movement waste no time in Arizona and starts strong.

  2. This is why the Steelers didn’t draft him.

  3. He JUST got a new deal recently too and is the leader of that defense right now. I shoulda known…

  4. But its substance abuse and not PEDs right? Those are indeed phrased as different suspensions, yes?

    Its a shame though, he was a pleasure to watch, even as a non fan of the cards.

  5. Multiple failed tests should get them kicked out of the NFL for good. It’s obviously just become a cat and mouse game. The guys juice and hope they beat the odds come test time. Or find some technicality to get off on. If not they do their time and come back as juiced as ever.

  6. “when you make a mistake, you admit it, learn from it”

    Shame you didn’t learn from the first “mistake”, then you wouldn’t be hurting your teammates for 1/4 of the season.

  7. For all the geniuses here – the suspension is for “recreational” drugs, not PEDs. Probably smokin the weed.

    A stupid move, nonetheless.

  8. beardinals says:
    Apr 3, 2013 5:35 PM
    For all the geniuses here – the suspension is for “recreational” drugs, not PEDs. Probably smokin the weed.

    A stupid move, nonetheless.


    Unless you work in the NFL disciplinary office, you have no idea what it was for, “genius”

  9. Good young backer.. . too bad he can’t stay clean off the field. Losing him for 4 games is going to hurt, never mind a year if he trips up again. Cards are rolling the dice on this one.

  10. He was probably smoking weed. Substance abuse doesnt mean PEDs. If it was PEDs, they would say PEDs. When Merriman got caught juicing, and Sherman got got with Adderall they were filed under the performance-enhancing drugs policy.

  11. Yea.. This wasn’t a Performance enhancing drug… It doesn’t increase his hunger on the field.. more than likely it was increased off of it

  12. It is what it is. He owned it and he has stepped up and took accountability. He will be back and mad as hell he let the team down. A motivated and remorseful Washington( probowler) is gonna be fine.

  13. Yaaaaay a player suspended that’s not a redskin…….wait what’s is name???? Washington????? Now youre just being ridiculous

  14. He was taught to admit it and learn from it? If he is a repeat offender he did neither – what a loser and a bigot!

  15. weed. not a big deal. aderrall. bad, but forgiveable. HGH. you are a dirty stinkin cheater who has no morals and will PAY for your hypocracy in both karma and cash.

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