Nnamdi Asomugha joins the 49ers with a chip on his shoulder


In his first comments as a member of the 49ers, Nnamdi Asomugha said he’s eager to prove that he still has what it takes to be an elite NFL cornerback.

Asomugha, who’s obviously aware of all the talk that his skills have declined to such an extent that he might not even make the roster in San Francisco, said today that he wants to show everyone just what kind of player he really is.

“My mindset is to come in and compete and be the best I can possibly be,” Asomugha said. “I’ve had a chip on my shoulder every year that I’ve played, I think it’s bigger this year.”

For the 49ers, who got Asomugha without having to give him any guaranteed money, it’s a no-lose deal: If Asomugha doesn’t have anything left, they can cut him. If Asomugha is able to play in San Francisco the way he did during his best years in Oakland, then they’ve gotten a huge addition to their secondary at a bargain-basement price.

And the good news for San Francisco is that Asomugha sounds like he’ll be playing like he has something to prove.

49 responses to “Nnamdi Asomugha joins the 49ers with a chip on his shoulder

  1. The guy has always been over rated. He made his rep playing on horrible Raider teams. The opposing team had no reason to throw his way. They generally had no trouble winning without it.

  2. Maybe if he spent lest time volunteering and more time on football he would actually help his team make the playoffs for once in his life

  3. Note to the annoying Detroit Cryins fans that like to post trash dissing the 9ers.

    Your team has not won your division in over 20 years – your team has never won a Superbowl – your team has hosted one Monday night football game in twenty years & your team has not one a playoff game in over twenty years.

    So basically your team sucks!!!

  4. As a browns fan, I remember back when Oakland came
    To Cle a few years ago. I was at the game. I think dereck Anderson was still qb (though I’m not sure, as we have had so many terrible qbs.)
    I figured we would surly lose that game, Anderson sucked, and whatever loser wr they touted as number 1 was going to be shut down all day, by from what I had been told, was the best cb in the league.

    The moment I saw Anderson hit Mohammad Massaqoui wide open in the end zone, having beaten Asomough, I realized this guy is over-rated.

    I’m smart enough to realize all of his success was not a fluke. Talent evaluators in the NFL know a lot more than you and I, and they paid Nnamdi. So I assume he showed quite a bit of skill in his time. Even if i never witnessed it. I was always amazed at how quickly he seemed to deteriorate in Phili. I wouldn’t necessarily be excited for him to join my fav team, but I do think it’s a good quality signing from a team that’s making a lot of them.

    I’m not sure the niners are as good as everyone thinks they are, but they really don’t have any reason not to be.

  5. i dont know what is more surprising, that people think he really has nothing left un the tank, or that they think he has always been over rated.

    It doesnt matter if you play on the best or worst defense in the league. When QBs refuse to throw your direction (esp when in man coverage) bc they know youre more than likely to INT, you have earned your reputation.

    Nnamdi didn’t play well in Philly. Its possible he has lost a step, but i think its more probable that his decline is a result of changing the scheme in which he excelled in.

    Normal/sane people wouldn’t say RG3, or Russel Wilson, are washed up bc suddenly switching to the Run N Gun, or to a pure west coast offense resulted in them struggling.

    If SF plays to his strengths, man/cover 1 (as opposed to Wide 9 they used in Philly), I think youre gonna see a much improved player. He may not return to being the “overated” player he was in Oakland, but hes going to be better than a lot of other DBs out there.

  6. He will be solid this year for the 49ers. I mean come on, they made Carlos Rogers look good.

  7. Go get em Nam, you are one class guy and have the Raider Nation behind you. Best of luck. Once a Raider, Always a Raider.

  8. Wish my team would have taken a flyer on him. I don’t see the downside here. Either he can’t play and you cut him with no loss, or he contributes veteran leadership and respectable skills to your football team. Why didn’t every team in need of DB help go after this guy for that price?

  9. He will make the team as that is the one area that SF has the biggest weakness. Unless they draft a few quality CBs that somehow take the bay by storm, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to make the cut. My guess is that he does fine and fills a need for the next year or two before being cut.

  10. It still churns my stomach seeing Nnamdi in an Eagles jersey. I know its a total homer call, but he made some awesome plays and leveling hits in the Silver and Black.

    I know that is not the consensus now, however when he does not have to think and is one on one he was a game changing factor. Two years of trying to think about position because of the safety screwed with his head.

    Nnamdi is a gazelle, and you let a gazelle run.

  11. palmersports says: Apr 3, 2013 8:49 PM

    hope he finds a nice parking spot to have lunch in everyday


    Oh, you people!!! So silly!!! If only MF didn’t delete all my comments and pretend they were his ideas………….

    Asomugha is not going to eat in his car this year. Like any skilled educator, Jim Harbaugh will make him feel like he is a part of the team, and there is NO DOUBT this will change his performance. I have seen hundreds of children do the exact same thing.

  12. Isn’t he already getting 4 million from the Eagles? So not taking any guaranteed money isn’t a story. He’s already guaranteed 4 million. Combined with his San Francisco salary it puts him right in the middle of the cornerback market this year. Plus, he gets to play for super bowl favorites and a defense that will make him look better for a new deal next year.

  13. Ted Thompson knew enough not to sign Nnamdi. Ted has won NFL Exec of the Year, not once but TWICE.

  14. Revis has gone up against some of the best receivers in the NFL today and often dominated. THAT is Not overrated.

    Nnamdi however can’t make the same claim. No doubt he’ll have to prove something in camp to see a real paycheck.

  15. A chip? Yeah, you and every other player who got “dissed”. You’re just another over 30 CB trying to chase down father time. Don’t look now but some teams 5th receiver just beat you.

  16. Nothing wrong with Asomugha’s game. He’s still at least 85% of what he was in the mid ’00s. He made his name covering Vincent Jackson, Rod Smith, Hines Ward and whoever the hell KC had. He locks down slow big dudes with no help, in space and by himself. That’s his strength. Ask him to cover slot receivers or cover an area on the field and you’re in trouble.

    If Fitzgerald shreds him in the red zone next year, then you can call Nnamdi done.

  17. I really hope he plays with that chip!! Because if he doesn’t he will only get base salary… And be gone!! He probably will have a hard time finding a job if he doesn’t play we’ll so I hope he does! I actually believe he will be ok this season tho.. I really do he has great press skills and speed so maybe if he works well in our man system it will be success!! Stil gotta draft tho! GO NINERS

  18. Grulk is right. Asomugha may have lost a step with age, but his primary problem in Philly was being taken out of his scheme by an offensive-line coach who didn’t know diddly about coaching defense, let alone coaching him. That was one of the most bizarre free-agent/team marriages in NFL history.

  19. Who worried about Nnamdi Asomugha’s he wanted to ride with the 49er’s. What players fail to realize playing for the New Orleans Saints you don’t need to walk around with a chip on your shoulder. Saints play all their players that’s the good part about team play, everyone is happy. So Nnamdi Asomugha’s if this what its take for you to get playing time do what you got to do. New Orleans Saints are moving on with are without him.

  20. The chip on his shoulder isn’t a problem it’s the lead in his ass. Guy can’t turn and run anymore.

  21. Just watch the last Giants Eagles game from last year. Nnamdi got straight abused for 2 TDs by Rueben Randle – rookie – in single coverage.

    The 9ers would be better off drafting a rookie CB.

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