Packers, Clay Matthews getting closer on new contract

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We’ve noted a few times this offseason that the Packers and linebacker Clay Matthews will likely work out a new contract. It appears they’re getting close to a contract that will make Matthews one of the highest-paid linebackers in the NFL.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the deal will get done this offseason and it will pay Matthews more than $13 million a year.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network is also hearing that Matthews has already been offered more than $13 million a year in new money, noting that Matthews’ offer from the Packers is better than the six-year, $78 million deal DeMarcus Ware got from the Cowboys in 2009.

Matthews joined the Packers as a first-round pick in the 2009 NFL draft, and he has been chosen to the Pro Bowl in all four of his NFL seasons.

52 responses to “Packers, Clay Matthews getting closer on new contract

  1. Good for Clay. I’ve always considered him a poor man’s Ryan Kerrigan and his contract is a good barometer of what Kerrigan’s will be when he gets a new contract.

  2. woodg8 says:
    Apr 3, 2013 3:22 PM
    it’s going to be hilarious when the packers have nearly $40m of their cap on two players.

    good luck with that
    And why is that hilarious? They get to the NFC championship game every other year. You must be a chiefs/browns fan. You have a lot of cap space in your head.

  3. Everyone’s ripping the Packers but what are they supposed to do? You don’t think 20 other teams would line up to pay these guys this amount? Especially Rodgers 25 teams would be willing to make him highest paid player when he’s still only 29.

  4. Top 5 defensive player. Was robbed of the DPOY in 2010 but TP. Also far outplayed him in the Superbowl. Well worth history.

    It’s funny how people poke about the salary cap for packers. But what’s always missed is that they’re perennially one of the youngest (read: cheap labor) teams in the NFL. Salary cap won’t be an issue since they don’t play in FA.

  5. 13 mil a year for a guy who is basically just a pass rusher is insane.

    I’ve been saying lately they are turning into the Manning era Colts and it seems like they are proving me correct- they will make their QB the highest paid and probably millions a year more than everyone else, overpay a basically one dimensional pass rusher player (Freeny was that guy for Indy) and do this at the expense of improving the OL, overall defense and running game which is exactly what Indy did. Oh and of course they will do this with the expectation it will win them championships because of their best in the league QB when Indy proved it doesn’t work. Brilliant!

    I am sure they’ll still win a lot of games during the regular season yet they’ll get to the playoffs, be exposed for being a lousy overall team like Indy almost always was and Aaron will take the blame just like Peyton did despite the fact he’ll be the main reason they were even able to get to the playoffs.

  6. For those who don’t understand the salary cap, the Packers are cash rich and will frontload the hell out of these deals.

    And when did Peyton Manning take the blame for early playoff exits? I always remember his blaming the protection.

  7. Can’t blame the guy if the Pack is willing to overpay. That’s the NFL right overpay for everything and pray that it works!

  8. Guy is a Ogre. I constantly picture him yelling “NNNEEERRRDDDSSS”as he manhandles the opposition. Him, and Rodgers should be the highest paid players at the position they play. If only for beating the steelers in that SB.

  9. fatsolio says:Apr 3, 2013 3:37 PM

    13 mil a year for a guy who is basically just a pass rusher is insane.

    LOL just a pass rusher. Congratulations sir, you have the least educated post of the day, and thats saying ALOT.

  10. “13 mil a year for a guy who is basically just a pass rusher is insane.”

    How soon you forget that CM3 caused a HUGE fumble against the steelers in the Super Bowl to turn back the momentum in packers favor. It was against a run play that was behind the line of scrimmage.

  11. fatsolio says: Apr 3, 2013 3:37 PM

    13 mil a year for a guy who is basically just a pass rusher is insane.


    That’s coming from a guy who obviously hasn’t watched many Packer games.

    He is very good at defending the run.

    Also its been noted all ready that GB isn’t been spenders in FA.

    This is their FA spending, keeping their cornerstones off of the market.

  12. 13 mil a year for a guy who is basically just a pass rusher is insane.


    LOL, CM3 is faaaaaaaaarrrrr from “basically just a pass rusher”. He’s one of the best run-defending linebackers in the league. Not many players set the edge (you know what means, right?) like Clay.

  13. I hope Clay is ready to take over as the team leader on defense. Players need to be held accountable by other players and this is one area where the Packers can definitely improve.

  14. The point I can’t get past is that while all the haters are laying claim to some form of in-depth knowledge of both what the CM contract and the AR contract are actually going to be and espousing some serious knowledge on how the salary cap works (which I am certain most do not have) they are all forgetting that at the end of the day the teams are beholden to their fan base. Argue all day about whether AR is the best QB in the league or if CM is just a glorified pass rusher and nothing else…blah blah blah. They sell tons of jerseys. They perform at very high levels (undeniably, just look up the stats). And the fans LOVE them. You can argue that is why Donald Driver got to come back for one more year.

    So, if the organization deems them worthy of big money to keep them around- the same big money that other teams WOULD pay them- then so be it. If it isn’t your team just shut up about it already.


  15. vik3z says:Apr 3, 2013 4:07 PM

    fantastic against the run? funny how Kyle Rudolph (a TE) manhandles him on a regular basis

    Kinda like how our 3rd string tight end Andrew Quarless absolutely sent Jared Allen into the stands? Youtube it, Jared Allen Andrew Quarless, four words.

  16. Big Packers fan here, but I find it very scary to devote so much cap space to 2 players. There better be some money left over to fix the O-line and that defense.

  17. Yeah right. It will be atleast $15 million a year. They’ll have to offer raji a similar contract as well because that’s just how much the popular players will get paid now.$10 million a year is now considered cheap.

  18. filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 3, 2013 3:55 PM

    How much is continuing to beat the Bears and Vikings twice per season (like they have for the past 3 seasons) worth?

    Mom must have grounded you from the tv in week 17 of the regular season? Old noodle arm and AD beat ya!! Then the great packers tore up a wantabe QB in Joe Webb in the playoffs. Then lost to the niners 4 a second time in a year. Steller job

  19. to the people who say that he’s not worth every penny….#1 if he were on your team, you wouldn’t say that, you’d be saying how they can’t let him go elsewhere. #2 so much of what he does for that defense is unstated. He draws double and triple blocking that allows other players to make plays. You think Mike Neal is anything special? Well, he got 4 sacks last year with Matthews. He’s the heart and soul of the defense, much as Aaron Rodgers is for the offense. He deserves to be paid as such.

  20. gnarlswoodson, that was a crack back, way to go he knocked him over as he was about to engage the left tackle. watch AD’s final run of the season against the pack for some 1 on 1 manhandling. buh bye

  21. Wow. Clay Matthews one-dimensional. Lololol. Awesome. I love when people that know nothing about football spout their mouths off like that and make themselves look like morons.

  22. @kagger007

    I suggest you do your research before you make such a absurd statement. Aldon Smith is not just a bull rusher. He has shown several other moves a talented pass rusher should possess, such as the speed rush, swim move, bull rush, etc. This was his first year at linebacker and he fared pretty well against the run. At the end of the season he was worn down and was playing with a torn labrum.
    So let’s compare the two sack artist 1st 2years and let others decide who is better in the first two years in the NFL

    Aldon Smith 33.5 (first two seasons – an NFL record).

    Clay Matthews 23.5 (first two seasons) and 42.5 over a four year career.

    Vote – Thumbs up for Aldon and Thumbs down for Matthews.

    Note – You sound like a Packers fan, I’m sorry the Niners started your season with a embarrassing loss (30-22) and ended it with a embarrassing loss(45-31). My condolenses to you.

  23. The Packers are frauds. They lost their legitimacy years ago.

  24. since entering the NFL in 2009, Clay is the only LB with 40+ sacks, 20 stuffs and 20 pass breakups! He was the best OLB in the league last year hands down! He’s only 26 years of age, and has a superbowl, 4 probowl selections and should have won the DPOY award in 2010! And for the people (haters) that don’t understand the cap, the Packers will front load both deals and have plenty of money to draft and develop like they do every year!

  25. cooklynn17 says:
    Apr 3, 2013 4:32 PM
    Does it include a clause that makes him cut his girly looking hair?

    no, just a clause that the oil be drained out and used to fry up some cheese curds

  26. 28purple4mvp
    Apr 3, 2013, 3:31 PM CDT
    filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 3, 2013 3:55 PM

    How much is continuing to beat the Bears and Vikings twice per season (like they have for the past 3 seasons) worth?

    Mom must have grounded you from the tv in week 17 of the regular season? Old noodle arm and AD beat ya!! Then the great packers tore up a wantabe QB in Joe Webb in the playoffs. Then lost to the niners 4 a second time in a year. Steller job

    You must not be that great at math. They played 3 times. Minny won once. Green Bay twice. So although your team may have won one out of three, we still beat you twice!

  27. Matthews is clearly their best defender, but he isn’t worth $13M a year. Vikings lost to them without him and beat them with him and his 3 tackles. He isn’t a difference maker like some think. He has a strong motor, but isn’t dominant like someone you might pay that kind of money to.

    $40 million in 2 players is ridiculous, there just isn’t enough for the rest of your team. He had 32 tackles this year and only played 12 games. If he duplicates that next year it comes to over $400,000 / tackle or $1,000,000 / sack. Can you say overrated?

  28. Instead of Packer fans posting statements with their hearts, I’d rather see some solid numbers. He’s good. No question. But he isn’t $13 mil good. And, like it or not, he is a pass rushing specialist. He doesn’t make but 50-60 tackles a year. That ranks way down the list for LBs. So please stop with the “he plays great against the run” talk.

  29. ProFootballFocus which studies every player in the NFL had Clay Matthews ranked as the best overall OLB in the NFL last year by a pretty wide margin. Don’t belive me go to their website or article on ESPN

  30. At the risk of sounding like the rest of the resident trolls we all know and love, the one team that Pack fans must admit has their number (Giants), have controlled Matthews rather easily.

    When a team like the Giants are putting up a consistent 30+ against GB, it might make sense to invest some $$ in other areas of the defense instead of committing it to one player.

    After the smoke clears and these flash in the pan teams like SF, Wash and Seattle go back to being 7-9 teams, fans know that the two teams that will still be there are the Pack and G-Men. I’m not sure committing 13M to Matthews (Rodgers is worth 25), is sound strategy.

  31. Well the Packers are already on the hook for 15 million this year for Rodgers and Matthews. On top of that they have 18 or 19 million in cap space. So all in all they can afford to drop 30M+ on these guys this year.

    On top of that these contracts are always backloaded. So you may see Rodgers at 30M and Matthews at 18M, 4 or 5 years down the road…at which point they would renegotiate, get traded, or get cut depending on what their status is then.

  32. tuckrule please; The Giants did not ‘control’ CM3. Their front four controlled the line of scrimmage, and kept the Packer’s offense in check. That allowed the Giants offense to control the Packer’s D, and hence, the last two games. They weren’t even as close as the scores, so hat’s off to the Giants, but it’s a team game, dude. CM3 is one of the best OLB’s in football. You wish you had anyone nearly as good.

  33. Clay,
    your dad called, he said to stop all this silliness and come home, there’s an orange helmet with the #57 waiting for you. With the hair hanging out the back, It will look like ’80’s all over again. (if you ignore the hulk hogan arms that is)

  34. Why do lion and Viking fans insist on bringing up what happened in the playoffs. These two arena football league teams have been to the playoffs a combined two times in the last ten years…

    Sorry we don’t overpay for Reggie Bush or Greg Jennings..

    Loser Dome Teams !!!!

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