PFT Live: Asomugha a smart move for Niners

CSN Bay Area insider Matt Maiocco joins Mike Florio to discuss the one-year contract Nnamdi Asomugha signed with the 49ers. Maiocco believes the Asomugha will help the Niners secondary, but doesn’t think the move elevates the team over the Seattle Seahawks.

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9 responses to “PFT Live: Asomugha a smart move for Niners

  1. For someone that covers the team he should probably know that the niners had a better pass defense throughout the season. Replacing brock with asomugha is an upgrade IMO.. Seattle is just filled with big mouth players that all they do is yalp every time they make a play.. but when they get burn they silently go to the sideline without saying a beep.

    Sherman reminds me of a young T.O..

  2. The San Fran and Seattle defenses are fairly equal. San Fran has a better O-line, more playmakers.

    Other than C-Link, what is their advantage? Moreover, the 49ers have proved they can play with targets on their back AND proved they can win away from home. Seattle still has to prove it.

    Let’s not forget the plethora of draft picks the 49ers have.

    Other than being the trendy flavor of the year, I don’t see why people are putting Seattle ahead of San Fran.

  3. Um…did I miss something?

    The Seahawks WON the “debacle” game vs Green Bay. If that play is called correctly then the Seahawks don’t win the division, they’d be another full game behind.

    The only thing it really changed was that it gave the 49ers a first round bye that would have gone to Green Bay.

    The Packers are the ones who got screwed, not the Seahawks.

  4. I believe back at home and play in a scheme that fits him is a awesome pick up. I look to be franchise him next season after he balls out. With The smith brothers rested up and the depth we now have at db expect turnovers all around.

  5. The sooner 49ers and Niner nation accept that the Seahawks are as legit as the word that’s going around about them,the better off they’ll be. Like it or not whether its at Candlestick or C’Link,those will be some matches either team will have to head in with all pistons fired up. I’m a Hawks fan and I know,the 9ers will be a thorn in the side,but if y’all think,you already have the Hawks in the bag,Good Luck!!
    If its all just chatter,pay no mind to it and see a repeat of the last show down. Wise up! #Go Hawks!

  6. no one disagrees that the Seahawks are a good team, but the 49ers still have the better roster top to bottom, the 49ers won the division and went to the Superbowl, and the 49ers still have a plethora of draft picks. 2 before the seahawks even pick.

    The Seahawks are a thorn in the 49ERS side, not the other way around. The 49ers are proven, the Seahawks have proving to do.

    People just like to jump on what they perceive to be the next possible big thing, you know, just to say that they were on before it happens.

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