Redskins sign Pat White

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The Redskins have signed quarterback Pat White, Mark Maske of the Washington Post and multiple other media outlets reported Wednesday.

A second-round pick of the Dolphins in 2009, White played just one season for Miami before being released before the 2010 campaign began. For a time, he tried to rekindle his baseball career, but now he’s back in the NFL, joining Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman (who agreed to return to Washington Wednesday) as reserves behind Robert Griffin III.

Griffin is recovering from a January knee injury, so adding more QB depth makes sense for Washington. However, Cousins is a veritable lock to make the club, and if Griffin is healthy enough to be on the active roster in Week One, it will be interesting to see how many quarterbacks the Redskins will carry. It’s rather rare to see four on a roster once the season begins.

But these are down-the-road issues. For now, White is getting another shot in pro football’s premier league.

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  1. I wonder how good Griffins knee really is..they are signing an awful lot of QBs (One with expierence and one with similar athleticism) Something seems werid..

  2. Nothing weird about it.

    White can be a dummy for RG3 in camp and during Preseason while giving himself a chance to showcase his skills in the Read Option. Redskins still get to legitimately practice their offense, White gets his chance at ‘American Idol-NFL’. WIN/WIN.

  3. I think they should jettison Rex Grossman, not because of lack of talent but due to the system being run. Good luck to all of them.

  4. White will emulate Griffin in camp so they can continue to practice the read option stuff. Put down the tin foil hats folks, nothing else to see here.

  5. The only reason they signed this guy is to have someone run the read option at practice while RGIII is rehabbing. The fact that RGIII will be running on the field next week proves he’s way ahead of schedule and on pace to start week one. Much to dismay of half the posters on PFT.

  6. White has already dropped out of the concussion lawsuit.

    What’s all the fuss about? It’s not unusual for a team to begin training camp with 4 QBs on the roster. Not all 4 will make the 53 man roster.

  7. Well looks like the Giants will have to draft a QB to emulate RG3 for their defense now. The real reason Pat White was signed is because the Giants were about to sign him to prepare for the Redskins. I can hear Mara & Coughlin now “Rats, foiled again! We took 36 million from them, our big wigs in the courts backed us, they draft well now, won the NFC East, went 5-1 in the division, kept their core nucleus intact, what do we do now?”

  8. grpatriot says: Apr 3, 2013 6:07 PM

    I wonder if He drops his lawsuit vs. the NFL?

    He did

  9. IRG3 will be IR’d all next year, he will be the derrick rose of the NFL, will he or wont he come back this week or next month, blah blah blah, fail!!!

  10. As a DC area Cowboys fan all I hear on sports talk radio is how athletic Cousins is. How he is more than able to run the option, yet they sign this guy off the trash heap. I hope they keep running that flavor of the month college offense. The blueprint has been laid to stop it.. HIT THE QB HARD.

    I guess getting one QB’s career cut short isnt enough for Shanny and sonny boy

  11. Actually that is a pretty smart move so they have someone to practice the read option with until RGIII gets healthy.

  12. YEAH. They’re worried about RGIII’s recovery so they picked up Pat White. They already have a great back up, so why would they pick someone up like Pat White to back RGIII? They don´t need to run the read option if RGIII is out. They just go more traditional if Superhuman is out. Keep hoping we fail. Skins fans will keep laughing. And hailing.

  13. As a DC area sports fan I listen to the radio (sports talk) all the time. I have never heard anyone say Kirk Cousins is athletic enough to run read option.

  14. The battle of Rex Grossman vs. Pat White will be very interesting. Can Pat White learn the playbook quickly? Can he get in NFL shape being 3 years removed? Can he make the Practice squad at worse? I believe he can make the practice squad and be a project. For those saying hit the QB hard to stop the read option, umm RG3 puts his hands up when he doesn’t have the ball on his meshes, please give the 15 yards, an automatic 1st down, & get fined by Goodell. The Pistol run by a world class sprinter with a powerful accurate laser short, intermediate, & deep with a hard charging, quick foot RB is a tough chore for any defense. The beauty of it all is Kyle & Mike hold the keys as Jaws said. BTW anyone read what Haloti Ngata said about RG3? Basically nobody in NFL history compares to him from a preparation standpoint.

  15. dear jacklambert….you do realize that the same joke can be made about the 2 pennsylvania football teams. thanks for one again showing that some steeler fans arent the sharpest tools in the shed.

  16. Seems to me the Redskins have great faith in RGIII being back for first part of the 2013 season…why else acquire a qb just for the purpose of practicing the RGIII offense.


  17. There are 3 possible reasons the Skins got Pat White: 1) they wanted to foil the Giants plans of signing him to emulate RG3 (or other read-option QB’s they have to play) in practice. 2) They want him to emulate other read-option QB’s the Skins have to play or 3) The just may use him in tandem with Cousins or in the wildcat with him if RG3 can’t play week one. Why not when you are getting him so cheaply (at league minimum salary). Smart move

  18. Tell me the Steelers, Eagles, Vikings, & Bears fans are not in Redskins news related forums commenting on brittle QB’s. Big Ben is what 6’5 250 lbs. & can’t ever play a full season. When is the last time the Eagles QB has started 16 games in a season?

  19. Pat White can succeed under the RG3 influenced offense run in Washington.

    White was forced into an offense in Miami that does not work for him. Like forcing Peyton to run the read option. It just won’t work.

    A good OC will build plays around his talent. The bad OC will force players to play within his offense.

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