Seeking comments on whether we should dump comments

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At some point in the past decade, it became a given that websites must churn page views by giving readers the ability to post comments.

Rarely, if ever, did anyone stop and ask whether it made sense to give a voice to everyone who wants one.

As a practical matter, a very small percentage of readers comments on stories.  Even our most reaction-provoking stories provoke a miniscule portion of the readership to articulate a response.  And some of the responses aren’t very articulate.

In turn, the process of clearing comments has become a headache, with plenty of comments not adding to the conversation and plenty of inappropriate comments slipping through the cracks and plenty of readers sending in emails to complain about their own comments being dumped.

We’re now at the point where we’re at least willing to ask whether it’s worth it to continue to have a comments section.  What better way to resolve that question that to ask for comments on whether we should continue to allow comments?

For those of you who prefer not to comment but merely to click, feel free to cast a vote in the poll.

437 responses to “Seeking comments on whether we should dump comments

  1. The best thing to do to eliminate the riff raff is to switch to a system that integrates Facebook comments. That eliminates the “anonymous” comments and gets rid of a lot of the inappropriateness when someone has to put their name next to their comment. Having said that, it won’t be a popular change for a lot of people, but it’s the reason more and more sites with comment sections are going that direction.

  2. Dump them – tons of trolls that post junk because they can get away with it. Unless you hire someone to moderate them full time, it’s not worth it.

    Besides, they can always go to Twitter to throw hate at you there…:P

  3. Whoa Whoa Whoa! Don’t delete the comments! I come here to read the articles AND the comments. I’m always curious as to what people have to say, even the idiotic responses! …. but if you DO delete them, please add a forum!

  4. KEEP THE COMMENTS!! A lot of the comments are just as witty and entertaining as the article itself.. except for logicalvoicesays .. hes just plain retarded.

  5. they make me laugh, and are usually a good snapshot of how teams fans take the news of the article. dont like ’em? then dont read ’em!

  6. Doesn’t matter, you delete 80% of them anyhow. You only let the ones go through that you like, agree, or promote your agendas.

  7. Packers’ fans’ writing skills are bad enough as it is. Let’s not compound it by eliminating their ability to derail every PFT article about the Vikings with their nonsensical ramblings about how much they hate the Purple.

  8. The amount of cancerous, awful, pointless comments proportional to the amount of actually insightful or thoughtful ones isn’t even close. Almost every time I happen to scroll down to the comments section it just makes me annoyed. This isn’t isolated to this site by any means, either. People who have the luxury of commenting anonymously on the internet are almost exclusively terrible it seems like.

    I say get rid of them.

  9. Doesn’t matter, you delete 80% of them anyhow. You only let the ones go through that you like, agree, or promote your agendas.

  10. Why don’t you do what ESPN and other pages are done? Attach people’s facebook pages to your comments section. So when they post, they post as themselves. You can attach a name to it and you can ban them if they get to out of hand.

    It’s help weed out some of the negative comments. Most people love the anonymity that this site gives. So they write whatever they want.

  11. Keep the comments…. Although I don’t particularly ‘like’ most of them, they do make the articles much more interesting..

  12. Comments are part of the fun. There are funny ones, insightful ones, and yes, logicalvoice ones. Keep them, hire unpaid interns to weed out the bad ones.

  13. PFT Comments summary:
    1. logicalvoicesays trolling
    2. benroethlisberger7 trolling
    3. Vikings fans whining/complaining about the Packers/Packer fans/Wisconsin
    4. Packer fans pointing out the Vikings’ empty trophy case
    5. People advocating gay rights or complaining a story is about gay rights

    What’s not to love? Oh wait…

  14. I’m fairly certain there’s not a single blog style website I visit that doesn’t allow comments.

    The moderation process has to be daunting sometimes, but it does seem arcane. Ppl like logicalvoice get to spout off nonsense about Redskin domination, just inciting people, yet it feels like anytime, I take the time to put together more than 3 sentences, it never shows up. I never curse, or call names in my comments, so I’m often times perplexed where they go and or why they get nixed.

    I truly enjoy the comments section and especially the thumbs up/down.

  15. Sure there are a lot of semi-literate dorks who are a pain, but there are also a lot of funny comments and interesting arguments. Those who aren’t interested in the responses can just read the articles and never click on the comments. I don’t really see a problem beyond the usual for the internet.

  16. I realize you don’t like being called out on your errors and political opinions and biases Florio but have some guts for once and just admit that’s the reason why you don’t want comments anymore.

  17. Don’t dump them, but revamp them. The comments on are WAY easier to follow. They probably don’t get as much traffic or as many comments, but here it is a mess of people talking over each other.

    Of course, a nicer comment system doesn’t fix stupid, so it’s not a perfect solution.

  18. If I disagree even slightly with the writer, my on topic comments get deleted.

    So you kill the point of having a comments section, anyways.

  19. There are a lot of annoying comments, but sometimes there are enlightening ones (or ones that challenge the claims made by PFT writers) so I think they should be kept. If you don’t like them, its not like you have to read them

  20. As someone who comments from time to time on stories with PFT, I voted to get rid of the comments because of the reasons stated above.

    If NBC cannot staff someone to moderate the quality of the comments then 50% of the comments that are regularly left is essentially a bunch of jibberish.

    I understand how some like the comments probably because it does give those a voice to respond to the story.

    With that said, there is no interaction between PFT staff and those that are leaving comments and that pretty much means that when the PFT staff posts a story, then you guys are also pretty much ignoring the comments that are left.

    Just one opinion……

  21. Comments are one of the reasons PFT is so good. Part of reading this blog for me is reading what others have to say.

  22. Sometimes the comments are the best part! Then again, sometimes, people use anonymity as a crutch for releasing negative energy. We’re living in a digital age where we have to sift through the crap for ourselves to find the intelligent and valuable bits. So here, too, it should be the reader’s responsibility to take it in stride. The best feature about PFT is that if you know it’s controversial and you don’t want to deal with all the trolling, you don’t have to click “see comments.”

  23. Let us be brash, immature sports fans.

    Even if it means calling out your sometimes questionable journalistic tactics here and there.

  24. I understand the passion and time taken for each article author to post on PFT, but it comes with the simple fact that if a commentator decides to try to post something seen as opposing to the authors article, too often it is just discarded and never makes it up to the section. If it is going to be a section that is exclusively filtered and basically a trophy rack for comments supporting the author’s opinion then please do away with it. But then the site should be exclusively a news posting sight and shouldn’t offer such bias sometimes. If you should have the right to post your thoughts, then so should the people who take the time to read them.

  25. Do you know that if you get rid of comments you might actually have to hire an editor now?

  26. You could probably find five or six regulars to moderate, so you guys could just focus on writing articles. I, for one, have had plenty of comments dumped & have yet to figure out why.

  27. Many times I come here just to read the comments. It would be a big mistake to get rid of them, IMO. Unless you like having a lot fewer page hits.

  28. I’m always amazed at the quality of comments that get through vs ones that don’t. Seems that PFT loves the trolls and morons more than those that actually want some quality discussion.

  29. Right, because making a fake facebook account is SO damn hard.
    Anyways, keep the comments, i read them more than i do the articles, usually the title of the story is enough.

  30. Keep the comments. I think people don’t comment because their comments don’t show up right away, if at all.

    You should integrate a new system that allows direct replies to other’s comments (Like Hardballtalk) and minimal filtering. If people don’t like a post, they can report it and the offender will be warned, then booted if it persists.

    I enjoy the bantering between fans of rival teams. It’s fun to read.

  31. And I also agree with blackandbluedivision’s suggestion about utilizing the Facebook plugin option as well so that opinions that are made are not through WordPress user id’s which are made anonymously.

  32. I like reading people’s comments but it is kind of annoying weeding thru the trolls (and the people who get so worked up and feed into the trolls). But I definitely like reading other people’s input. Even if it’s adding on or disagreeing with the story.

  33. Are u nuts? That’s one of the BIG REASONS i read PFT every day, is for the comments….funny or not…..Some people need to get a backbone and quit being offended at a simple off color/kilter comment…….No comment section, no need for me to visit this site…..

  34. Just hire someone to moderate it. I know youve got the money based on how many hits you get.

    Also, consider deleting comments if they get enough thumbs down. Also consider creating an algorithm that places comments with high thumbs up towards the top.

  35. Rather than dump them all together, why not only allow comments on 3-5 major stories a day. It would centralize the assortment, and make it easier to separate the wheat from the chaff…

  36. And you have already deleted at least one perfectly fine comment off of this post because it didn’t agree with you and exposed what this is really all about. Pathetic.

  37. I like reading and posting comments. Not having them would take most of the fun out of the website.

  38. I would favor dumping all comments except my own. It’s too much trouble scrolling through all the others to realize how brilliant my own are. I don’t have all day.

  39. No way they get rid of them, I’ll bet they get a bunch of page hits from people coming back to see how people responded to their comments. No website in their right mind would do that!

  40. Comments are the spice of life

    Figure out how to simplify it for yourselves

    Seeing what other fans think and feel, even some of the rougher stuff, adds interest and differing perspectives to the story. The opposing comments are part of the entertainment. Many opinions are better than the one’s precipitated by your own columnists.

    Keep them through this season then re-evaluate

  41. If the typical reader dislikes the comments, then DON’T read the comments!!!

  42. keep the comments but get rid of the guys like Logicalvoice, filthymcnasty, ravenator, “the steelers guy”……..those dudes are ruining the comment section and this site.

  43. upermariojosh says:
    Apr 3, 2013 3:58 PM
    PFT Comments summary:
    1. logicalvoicesays trolling
    2. benroethlisberger7 trolling
    3. Vikings fans whining/complaining about the Packers/Packer fans/Wisconsin
    4. Packer fans pointing out the Vikings’ empty trophy case
    5. People advocating gay rights or complaining a story is about gay rights

    What’s not to love? Oh wait…

    9 2

    You forgot the hundreds of comments about race…i.e black coaches, QB’s, white…anything, etc.

  44. I think it’s a great idea to switch to Facebook commenting. An online newspaper I worked for did the same and it really cleaned up the junk comments by forcing commenters to have some accountability for their words.

    The only downside is you lose all your comments made through the old system. But I can’t imagine anyone really missing those.

  45. Yeah, there’s some bad comments, but most stories have that one comment that makes you laugh your butt off.

    I don’t remember if you can configure WordPress to only allow X comments by a person per day. That would certainly cut down on the spam by guys like logicalvoice.

  46. If you dump the comments, what will we base, insipid Cro Mags have in lieu of lives?

  47. An earlier poster said this:
    PFT Comments summary:
    1. logicalvoicesays trolling
    2. benroethlisberger7 trolling

    Please ban those two bozos. Comments will improve dramatically (less personal reactions, they never post on topic anyway).

  48. Sounds more like the editor is looking to avoid criticism. Florio obviously has an agenda for West Virginia players and is tired of people pointing that out.

  49. I like the comments. What I don’t like is my perception that comments contrary to the opinions put forth in the original article are frequently removed. That comes across to me as censorship and I believe it presents a pretty slanted view of “public opinion”. To be honest, I half expect this comment to be removed.

  50. Unfortunately there are way more idiotic/trolling comments than smart ones (so much so that a very entertaining Twitter account called PFTCommenter exists).

    Combine that with the hassle of moderating the board for racists, etc (I know how much of a pain in is even from working on a MUCH less popular site) and I say dump ’em.

  51. You just make it to easy for any knuckle head to make a comment. Gonna have to have more restrictions on who can make them. And if you want someone else to help edit those, I can help 🙂

  52. I believe many of the comment/commenter’s bring value and even some entertainment to the topic.

    That said, if there’s a way to reduce the abrasive comments, such as being able to click on their screen name and view their real name, that would be even better. Some, and fortunately the minority of, people use forums as a stage to demonstrate their ignorance.

  53. Keep comments. Niners signed Dawson kicker from browns and I haven’t watched a browns game in forever. Knew nothing about Dawson until reading browns fan comments to know he was thought highly and classy. That kinda info not going come from a bias article

  54. I agree with everyone saying to dump them. I, however, would look and maybe starting a forum based off of this site giving people a platform to discuss certain articles and/or other football related items…..

  55. I have almost completely stopped commenting since I realized that anytime I post something halfway thoughtful about an article that uses more than three sentences, it immediately disappears, while random “REDSKINS RULEZZZ!” comments are perfectly a-ok.

    Moderating comments is fine. But there’s no rhyme or reason to the moderation here.

  56. Why dont you put in some kind of report system…if enough people click the report comment button because somebodies just trolling (ravenator or the steelernation or the flavordave guy) or trolling offensive (like a mel gibson rant), then the report comment can remove their comment until its verified by you guys. (You should just block those guys IP’s so they dont become a problem like they have been)

    Otherwise, its fun debating some football stories. I feel a lot of people dont comment because that comments already been made, and theres no point in saying the same thing twice, or they dont want to get involved in a “comment fight.”

    Keep them around, just get a better system of blocking trolls. And for god sakes, quit deleting non offensive comments just because they differ from your opinions. If somebody makes an intelligent argument without calling you (or another writer a dumb f***, then allow it!

  57. Keep the comments. Many are funny. Many maintain and encourage the dislike of your rival football team.

    But I have three sugestions:

    First off, if you don’t like the comments don’t read them.

    Secondly, if you see a posting from that 8 year old in D.C. immeadiately move on. Not to mention that clown from Pukesburgh that morphed into the 8 year old from D.C.

    Finally, if you’re going to post, practice appropiate grammar and punctuation.

    I can do that – even when from Cleveland.

  58. Hey, the comments section is interesting & maybe a good laugh at times. I would like to see it stay. But if it is a situation of monitoring for “idiots” Do what every NFL team does to fill the void without pay. Hire “Interns” there free.

  59. There are many comments made that provide additional insight and stats that the author of the original post fails to realize, research, or point out. A lot of the times, I get a fair amount of information from the comments section. As addicting as PFT is, I agree with another reader here, if you dump the comments section, I dump PFT!

    Do not take away the additional info that the thousands of readers help provide to you and other fans.

  60. Keep the comments and hire better writers, it will bring you better comments 😛

  61. Many times I re-visit stories just to read the new comments.

    I agree with many – comments are the best part of PFT.

  62. Why do my comments get dropped, but LogicalVoice’s do not?

    Second, keep the comments, ban LogicalVoice’s IP.

  63. Please god dont integrate FB for comments. I know it gets rid of anonymity, but plenty of people (including myself) dont have it, and are unwilling to get it just to post comments about sports.

  64. Umm Florio… aren’t half of your headlines & articles posted for the mere fact that it will generate hits in the comments section and refreshes to see what logicaldork says, etc?

    Must be attention time at PFT and the iterns aren’t coddling you good enough….

  65. If you dump them, I will almost certainly stop reading. It would be better to censor only profanity/spam. Right now, it seems like the moderators delete comments they simply don’t like, and have no objective system for censoring.

  66. Keep the comments, dump the thumbs up/down system and the comment moderation.

    The thumbs up system only encourages stupidity, a person will write out a thoughtful reply and get no responses but 1000 thumbs down. Clearly the community finds the comment stupid, but why? Instead of an analysis, we get a downthumb. It’s lazy and promotes stupidity.

    And as far as the moderation goes, half of my comments on Jets articles never makes it to the page but tons of “LOL REX FAT” will make it. Never understood that and never will. You can’t even make the argument that it keeps out a lot of unsavory content, because look what it allows to be posted.

  67. The only issue I’ve ever had with the comments section is when I post a comment relevant to the original post only to have it deleted while the usual trolls manage to get their jibberish seen by all. Other than that it remains entertaining, Yahoo on the other hand is littered with racist and political extremist comments on almost every article regardless of subject matter.

  68. Read the articles just for the comments. I’ve also had many of my comments not posted bc they disagree with the articles. Florio have NBC contact me and I’ll be the moderator.

  69. Dislike the randomness of deleting comments. There should be an official policy that provides a safe haven for posts not being deleted.

    Allow others to “turn off” comments so we all win.

  70. Maybe the comments would be more articulate if you didn’t clear out half of the comments people were replying to.

    If anything, make the comments better, allow threads that people can reply to directly/etc.

    And stop moderating them. You don’t need the headache and we get to discuss it. Stop protecting us from the big bad scary internet trolls.

  71. I’d write something bad about the comments but you would dump that anyways. Plus you’ll probably dump this comment since i said something bad about dumping comments….so I guess I am talking to myself at the moment.

  72. Here’s 2 ways to fix it

    1.Post comments even if it disagrees with the PFT writer’s post

    2. DON’T post any comments from the usual moronic trolls listed below

    Carl Gerbschmidt
    Norcal mafia

  73. keep comments, and move the report comment link to the right side of the comment box, i am always clicking on report comment by mistake when trying to click one of the thumbs, when i am using my iphone. which is most of the time. just a tip

  74. Honestly, it’s one of the reasons I look here. Some if them are interesting and some funny.
    To be candid, most of the stories here aren’t very compelling without the comments. I’d probably stop visiting eventually.

  75. And fire the writers too young to appreciate Seinfeld references. We need more Seinfeld references.

  76. As to the process of clearing comments, you could relieve yourself of that work by simply not deleting every comment that you find objectionably.

    I had comments deleted that contained zero profanity, and were relevant to the subject, just because they expressed opinions that called the authors of the posts motivations into question.

    If you remove comments you will get less traffic (your numbers are bloated by people looking for responses to their barbs).

    If you remove comments, some young version of Florio will make a site that posts rumors, including links to your site, and allows comments that you can’t moderate. Come to think of it, that is not a bad idea…

  77. I’ve never commented on here before (in fact, I just had to create a username), but on topics that are interesting, I have always read the comments as well. I think on websites such as this one, the comments section is a vital aspect and provides a lot to the interest in the website. I think Florio is right that there are plenty of comments that are not useful, more than plenty that are inappropriate, and plenty that are simply misinformed, but all of that ignores plenty of comments that are thoughtful, interesting, and create a different way of looking at the post presented. Those types of posts are extremely valuable in my opinion. They allow readers to see multiple opinions on a topic (some of which are well-thought out) that may differ from Florio’s (or whoever wrote the article). It also allows readers to ask questions that likely multiple people share to help clarify things. While there are people who certainly hurt the comments section, those people shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the value of the comments section for others who use it for useful purposes.

  78. A lot of times I enjoy reading the comments just as much or more than I enjoy reading the article.

  79. It’s all Packers fans making fun of Vikings fans and vice versa… I can just do that at work.

  80. Please adopt the commenting system that the good people over at Hardball talk have adopted. Talk to them about how to do it right. They treat us like adults and only egregious/racists comments disappear. You can even swear, imagine that. You can even go after some idiot and your comment will show up. This site treats us like little tiny tots that need to be watched and coddled. It really started during the lockout and has gotten worse. How can you let the trolls through and not the well thought out comments?

    The way you do it now really angers me. If you aren’t going to revamp and improve your system, then I vote you take it out back into the WV wilderness and put’er down like Old Yeller.

  81. I just wish there was a well-defined Comments Policy to adhere to.

    I have no clue when my Comments will or won’t be accepted, and no clue why they’re accepted or rejected – ESPECIALLY in light of the excessive acceptance of trolls.

    Whatever game you want to play, just stick by it religiously.

  82. daysend564 says: Apr 3, 2013 3:55 PM

    Doesn’t matter, you delete 80% of them anyhow. You only let the ones go through that you like, agree, or promote your agendas.

    ^^^ this, why doesnt hardballtalk delete comments like you do here? do they have thicker skin?

    About the facebook comments, I read the site while I’m at work and facebook is blocked for a lot of people that read the site from work.

  83. No way should PFT get rid of comments! People come here for information and entertainment. I find a big part of the value of PFT is reading posts from other readers. At times people post valuable information and other times people post biased or inarticulate information, both which are entertaining.

  84. I can think of a number of times when commenters have either clarified or flat corrected incorrect or sensationalist reporting on the part of PFT. I specifically remember a post about the lack of sense the Seahawks contract with Matt Flynn made. Four comments down a commenter let all of the rest of us readers what was really the breakdown of payouts per year.

    Frankly, I’m pretty shocked you are even considering this. And a little turned off.

    You need the commenters more than we need you. I mean, I know how twitter works and I know how to spell Adam Shefter (sp? ha).

  85. Link a users comments to their facebook page. This way we can really harrass the idiots that say something stupid. This is what many online newspapers have done, and it’s really improved the quality of comments….. and harrassment.

  86. My only complaint with the comment section is that it usually gets weeded out when I direct them at one particular writer….namely you. I try to be fair with criticism and praise, but either way they end up gutted from this section.

    I’m in favor of a revamped comment section that takes away the anonymity factor as others have stated above. I’ve got no problem attaching my name to anything I write/post on this site.

    As for the guy above that says the writers do not read the comment section…that is MOSTLY true I’m sure with the exception being MDS who frequently comments on comments to his articles which is refreshing.

    Also I’m not sure why people regard logicalvoicesays so harshly. I usually laugh at his idiocy, but I never feed the troll! 🙂

  87. I vote keep the comments, but with an asterisk attached to my vote.

    Keep the comments only if comments that do not contain profane language do not get censored.

    I completely understand why some posts containing foul language or offensive content get deleted, but I do not understand censoring comments simply because you disagree with them, something that has happened plenty of times in the past (a great example would be with the Redskins logo).

    If you keep comments that contain no foul language, then keep the comments. If you are going to continue to censor posts simply because you disagree with the sentiment of the post, then get rid of them altogether.

  88. And lastly, proofread.

    Jeez, I spelled immediately wrong. I’m giving myself a “thumbs down.”

  89. The best option would be an overhaul and improvement to the process and the site interface and format style. That would create an opportunity for “comments” to be a valuable part of the community.

  90. Profootballtalk stories are regularly posted to Reddit and discussed there. The format of their website makes a conversation between readers easier to follow.

  91. Why would you even consider such a thing? Take away the voice and flavor that makes PFT, well, PFT? Craziness. People love the news, but they can get that anywhere. Community input is what makes a blog a blog. I could only imagine the response if we considered removing comments over at SB Nation.

    Perhaps you guys should consider upgrading your out-of-date design to include Facebook comments.

  92. There are a ton of losers on here who put thumbs down on a thread where I am congratulating Brian Banks, but I like the comment secion, and I read many of them as well as post many comments myself (though some for reasons I don’t know get deleted).

    Keep them. It makes the site interactive in a way that many sites are not. I ignore the trolls.

  93. Simply put, this website has become the best news source for professional football. It also is clearly the best source for fans to provide feedback on news articles that NFL players, coachs and owners read as well and, I’m sure, take note of. Keep our voice here Florio. Yeah there might be some bad apples with rude or crude comments, but there is also some constructive critisism along with commenting for your favorite team.

  94. If you’re going to keep them then integrating with Facebook makes the most sense. The trolls won’t like it because they won’t be able to hide. If there was a way to attach your current username to your Facebook profile that’d also be cool. I have a love/hate relationship with the comments section, but I’d rather see it stay than leave.

  95. If a person disagrees with a writer, you dump their comments. Look how many Skins fans wrote to keep their name but you don’t like it so you simply delete their comments.

    99% of the comments are not offensive, & don’t use profanity yet you delete them because you (PFT) disagrees.

    If you’re not going to support free (clean) speech then get rid of the comments.

  96. Unlike the 49er forums I regularly visit this is the one NFL site that allows interaction and views shared by the many different NFL fans as opposed to just Niner fans. I know ESPN/ does the same but I can’t handle the 5000+ comments that come pouring in every minute.

    Here it’s a small community of bears, packers/redskins/seahawks/niners/etc fans that come together and form a family. Sure we argue and insult each other but isn’t that a good thing?

  97. I for one really enjoy the comments. It’s why I registered to this site to begin with. It gives me the opportunity to listen to other peoples opinions on what’s happening with thier favorite team. Many commenters on here bring up good points or clarifying info that the article may not mention. Thumbs up / Thumbs down is nice to see if I think the same or the opposite of the intelligent NFL nation. Then… There’s logicalvoicesays…
    It’s the comments and people that sets PFT apart from the competition. Keep’em.

  98. You ever try to disagree with ESPN or NFL on Facebook? They delete it right away. Then a box pops up telling you it was offensive. Don’t go to that Florio. Keep it fun.

  99. If people dont want to read the comments then they shouldnt read them, there are plenty of us that enjoy reading the comments.

  100. Either dump them or link them to facebook accounts so we don’t get as many anonymous internet toughguys/racists.

    Also, PFTCommenter is one of the most hilarious parody twitter accounts around. That guy has us down to a tee.

  101. Please keep the comments section as much as I enjoy the articles. I really enjoy reading the posters sometimes funny sometimes dumb but usually entertaining!

  102. This would be the first step in preparation for “Rainbow Tim Tebow”, followed by the deactivation of Chris Clemons’ twitter account and the release of Chris Culliver.

  103. There is a certain charm to this antiquated WordPress site. I would say get rid of the last paragraph of the article which always has the biased unqualified opinion.

  104. As a long time reader and commenter on PFT when rumors were actually reported, I think the bigger question for Mike is will the page hits go down? Many readers go onto PFT to see the stories but also the comments which cab be entertaining and irratating. I believe the number of repeat hit during the day will decrease as the number of stories decrease.

    From personal experience and the many comments above, the bigger question is what is the rational of censoring comments when you allow ie illogicalvoices,benrothlisberger7 to post rubbish ??

    The bottom line is PFT’s bottom line and what is best for continued viewership. Smart money says keep the comments,that what makes it unique.

  105. Comments add nothing to the story and would make us all a little more productive at work. If people want to comment your posts badly enough they should start their own blogs.

    The story and any updates pertaining to it would be perfect.

  106. Comments allow different perspectives. I learn a lot from some of the comments especially when they direct people to different articles that explain defenses, etc.

    You do need to sort through the crap to get to the good stuff and I can see how monitoring them for content can really be a pain from the webmaster point of view.

    It’s either leave them all or remove them all or allow for abuse flagging with followup and warnings directly to bloggers.

    If you remove them, then stories that help educate us would be helpful. Just knowing a player signed somewhere is nice but if you can teach us something about football we don’t know, or at least point us toward other articles that can, that would work.

  107. just say you want to get rid of comments so you can promote your left wing gay rights agenda without having to deal with the people you offend with them. I bet if you stuck to actual football news and rumors without throwing your political views into it you would not have half the comments you and your obama loving pals find so offensive.

  108. We’re now at the point where we’re at least willing to ask whether it’s worth it to continue to have a comments section. What better way to resolve that question that to ask for comments on whether we should continue to allow comments?


    Is that supposed to be some sort of irony or something?

  109. 1) The comments section is usually very entertaining…to read some of the over-the-top stuff gets me laughing so in that regard, comments are good.

    2) I will never understand why certain comments are deleted except if they are obscene or threatening in some way. I have had many of my own innocuous comments deleted which left me wondering what it was that was bad enough to delete. Now I will say if I feel the writer (I’m looking at you Florio) or the PFT article is being ridiculous, I will call you out on it. However, everyone has an opinion or should have one even if no one agrees with it or it’s ridiculously stupid (logicalvoice and ravenator).

    3) I would like the see the comments section actually contain thoughtful and insightful commentary versus some of this childish, immature, trolling drivel that seems to occur very frequently. That kind of commenting really degrades your site (you all know the type of comments I’m talking about).

  110. I say KEEP the comments !!..It does seem though that the comments that Florio/NBC doesn’t agree with, you guys will erase them..From liberal arguments like changing the Redskins name to gay marriage to the feminization of the NFL with stupid rules to make the game “safer”, you guys select which comments to race based on opinions that you don’t personally share personally…Unless there is cursing or abusive llanguage, don’t censor our comments and let people debate.

  111. We need the comments…

    Without them, Browns fans or any resident of Cleveland may suddenly realize that they actually live in a pretty nice, affordable, friendly and happening place with great people, restaurants, education, companies and sports teams….

    Well, maybe everything except for the last one.

    PFT, due to shills and trolls like benroethlisberger7, love to beat up on ol’ C-town and the Browns indiscriminately.

    Without such comments, how would Cleveland properly know its place?


  112. My local paper’s (Miami Herald) comment section used to be pure filth, racism and stupidity until they switched their comment system to Facebook login.

    I don’t use Facebook. Hate it, actually. But you’d be amazed how much more civil the comments sections got when people had to sign them with their real identities. All the trolls disappeared, all the racism vanished, and all the stupidity faded away.

    I think it says something terrible about people that when they’re masked behind the Internet’s relative anonymity, they reveal themselves to be pretty ugly and awful. It’s like Lord of the Flies or something.

  113. schmitty2 says:Apr 3, 2013 4:14 PM

    2. DON’T post any comments from the usual moronic trolls listed below
    Carl Gerbschmidt


    Carl and Contra (and all delusional viking fans) are my favorite. I say keep them and get rid of shrews like schmitty2.

  114. You have to keep the comments. The comments are half the reason I come to this site.

    On my side there doesn’t seem to be any consistency on which comments are allowed and which are not allowed. In my opinion, what is most annoying is NOT allowing one of my comments, and then reading comments that are nothing more than personal attacks get through. It’s this lack of consistency that has people feeling like their being singled out. Of course that is not true, but that is how it appears on my side…

    Hope that helps!

  115. i would say i read the comments on this site at least as much, if not more than i read the articles. I will not use this site nearly as much if the comments go away.

  116. Scrp2,

    I enjoy the opinion last line of these stories! Nothing wrong with a little wit sprinkled with opinion. That’s what makes us human!

  117. We all should have the ability to share our brilliance, or at least retain the ability to prove our stupidity! I enjoy laughing at some of the ignorance and laugh out loud at some of the barbs, and ignore the the truly dumb comments….bottom line, We all enjoy posting, reading, and making fun of Florio

  118. If you “Allowed” comments and did not, with bias and self protection in mind, censor them, not for swearing, but because you don’t like the content…..then comments would be cool.

    The pos this website has turned into has a lot to do with the practice and attitude referenced above.

    I don’t give a damn Florio.

  119. I say you just post the article titles and keep the comments – no article. Just let people comment on the title. Pretty sure that’s what ravenator does anyway.

  120. Just because you consider someone’s comments “stupid” or “inappropriate” you want to take away their ability to comment altogether???

    That’s idiotic in my opinion. Part of the appeal of this site is getting to interact with the other readers, who often have a very different opinion from the author of the article. Plus, it gives you a small sample into the mind sets of particular fanbases.

    Taking away the comments would be a huge mistake. And while I won’t claim that I’ll boycott the site if you do, I certainly won’t be coming back multiple times a day like I do now.

  121. 9 times out of 10, the comments are the only thing of value in what is written. As one commenter said, dump the comments and I’ll dump PFT.

  122. And for all the Facebook comments, there are people over the age of 30 who don’t want/need a Facebook account . Besides, the Facebook fad is starting not to be the flavor de jour.

  123. Dear Mr. Florio,

    I think you’re drastically underestimating what the comments section means to this website. Aside from the scattered meatheaded responses, the comments create a sense of community and transparency between the writers and the readers that really isn’t seen on any other sports news site.

    As many of my fellow commenters above me point out: a lot of times the comments are just as entertaining as the actual story. It adds an extra user-generated dimension to the experience. Most websites have to beg their viewers to get involved like that. Say what you’d like about the quality of the comments but have you actually read the ESPN comments? They might as well be in hieroglyphics compared to the actually witty things that go on every other PFT comment.

    We, your readers, have been good to you. Yes, we have ragged on Rosenthal for his spelling, and disagreed with you plenty of times. But we have given you the benefit of the doubt for years as you’ve posited yourself as the people’s alternative to the ESPNs of the world. We’ve relied on you for that little something different in a world where endless sports journalism outfits offer us the same product. Please think long and hard before taking away our voice.

    Thank you.

  124. If the comments section can’t be properly moderated, I say dump it. It’s not worth scrolling through 99 racist, illiterate, trolling or homer posts for every 1 comment where someone expresses a thoughtful opinion or actually makes a joke that’s funny. Dumping the comments would be like picking up litter in the park.

  125. For those that are claiming that no longer having a comment section is censorship, there is one problem with that argument. You have to own the rights to the website that you are posting on in order to claim censorship because the words that are written in the comment section is copyrighted property of NBC.

    You can learn that had you went to college and studied Copyright Law as a part of your Constitutional Law I class.

  126. i thought all of your posts were basically your own comments on various news stories. so what are you saying when you want to get rid of comments to your comments?

  127. Why is so difficult to screen the comments? The ones that should obviously be dumped are obvious. Your problem is you dump comments that are completely innocuous. I get Seinfeld references dumped! State the criteria for comments and stick to them!

  128. Get an intern to delete the obvious trolls.

    Lots of people don’t use facebook or don’t have access at work, so your page hits may drop.

    Keep it to football and avoid controversial our political topics. I understand it is yours so you can write anything you want, but I have left the sure for days after outlandish political posts.

    Let all comments in, but find a criteria related to thumbs up/thumbs down that automatically deletes the post if a certain percentage more people thumbs down versus thumbs up.

    I enjoy the comments and it makes it more worth my time to be able to comment and read others comments.

  129. I find the comments just as entertaining as the articles…..i signed up now just to post this….but stop filtering….that’s the G word that ends with Y

  130. I knew Ravenator would ruin this site. It has become tiresome having to read the same trolls saying the same stupid things every post, but if you eliminate the comments then I say good bye. There are very knowledgeable posters I would miss reading like Deb and the pompous Bobzilla and even the defender of slash. Please don’t delete the comment section it would be a mistake.

  131. keep the comments. people always find something to complain about.. even your articles but your not writing an article about dumping articles… i enjoy reading the comments even if they make no sense at all… #freedomofspeech

  132. Tough call. People like logicalvoicesays add virtually nothing worthwhile to any post he comments on. Dump that guy each and every time. The problem will eventually sort itself out.

  133. You don’t give a voice to everyone. Your censors selectively delete comments and very often those that have nothing profane or anything but facts countering whatever notion that PFT is trying to push at the time.

    Its also clear that the censors are free to delete virtually every single comment by a given poster if they decide they personally don’t like them. I have seen quite a few other posters mention this and it happens to me all the time.

  134. there are truly some funny and witty comments and i enjoy the discussion its why I come get my news from this web site, but honestly, Carl Gerbshmidt was the root cause of the death of the comments, and now logicalvoices is the nail in the coffin. Its not funny anymore its just, sad. Middle school kids shouldnt have this kind of a forum.

    That being said, if the thumbs down overpower the thumbs up by say, 80% to 20% just have it automaticlly deleted. Saves you guys the trouble and lets the readers police ourselves. Some comments that get heavy thumbs down are hilarious and deserve their place but there are people like logicalvoices who just ruin it for everybody.

    In conclusion, it would be a shame for a few bad apples to spoil the bunch, as there are some smart people who post here and have insightful things to add to the original articles, and some discussions have been legendary.

  135. 1) just took the poll and I really can’t believe the majority want comments dumped.. I find some of the comment more amusing than the article. I’m starting to think that the poll is rigged to fit something that may have already been decided on.

    2) can someone explain to me why my post is always deleted when I say I think jay cutler is sexy. Yet they will then have several articles about how gay players should be accepted in the community. Yet they won’t allow perceived gay comments on this site. Funny thing is.. I do think jay cutler is hot. I’m not gay. Women do read PFT as well.

  136. Comments are half the fun of this site. We’re sure not coming here for your wisdom on mock drafts…..

  137. Keep the comments, and shed the labor associated with clearing them…

    Instead of you doing the work of clearing, appoint some uber-users to do it for free. No doubt there are some avid fan-boys around here who would love the access and the status associated with doing that work for you.

    This is not a new idea… Check out the virtual user communities for large firms like Starbucks and Dell Computer. Delegate all this cr*p to somebody else, and keep the feature.

  138. Since the majority of people do not comment, it stands to reason more people will vote to remove them.

    However, the people that post comments are your more passionate fans whether they agree with a story or not.

    Not allowing comments would be a mistake.

  139. Here are the top 3 versions of the site from a poll I took at Ridgemont today:

    #1. Pre-NBC with uncensored comments

    #2 Pre-NBC with no comments

    #3 Post-NBC with uncensored comments

    #4 Post NBC with heavily censored comments and political garbage 24/7

  140. Comments are the best part of the site (no offense.) If you want to build a community, then embrace your community. If you want to be just another RSS feed, then I can get my news from SBN or somewhere else.

    Perhaps enable a feature to hide them or put them behind a link like many other community sites do.

  141. Echo the suggestions to go to a Facebook commenting system to help weed out some of the stupid.

  142. Keep the comments

    I like seeing other fans’ reactions to stories that affect their team.

    I dont make comments often, but it is nice to have the ability to do so.

    We appreciate the annoyance you must go through to weed out the inappropriate ones.

    I know personally, I would visit less often if there were no comments

  143. I wish every website would dump the comments section. All you get is a bunch of cowards giving their uninformed, ignorant opinions. And then you have the fools that like to make inflammatory, provocative comments because they are protected by the anonymity that the internet provides.

  144. I used have a political forum. I kept it running for 9 years.

    We deleted posts that were clearly trolling posts and spammers. We NEVER deleted a post because we didn’t agree with it. That’s the problem I find here.

    Last year in your power rankings you listed the Jets ahead of my Phins. I commented that I thought the Phins should be ranked ahead of them. You (Mike Florio) deleted my post. That Sunday, after all the Jets trash talking, Miami spanked them on their home field., proving my point. When I pointed that out, you again deleted me post.

    If it’s not obscene or just some troll, leave the posts alone.

    I check the articles out here several times a day. I like following the NFL year round.

    Good luck with you decision. Thanks for asking.

    Not everybody has or wants a facebook account. Bad idea.

  145. How will you do your witty comment contest that gets people on your fantasy football team? It is the only thing I look forward to every year.

  146. Keep them but get a better system for moderation. Allow trolls to be booted by the community. You know who we’re referring to.

  147. Don’t dump ’em. Don’t do it. Although there is typically a lot of nonsense, there is often some great info. I love reading comments to gauge how other fans feel about an article compared to my own opinion.

  148. HBT’s comment system seems to work. You can also add a “report” button and then delete posts that get a certain number of complaints.

    Of course, baseball fans tend to be a little brighter than football fans. Although I’m sure there’s plenty of overlap.

  149. But I would suggest please offering more concrete guidelines about those things which are likely to get moderated so that your commenters can self-police.

  150. How about you, and especially you Florio, stop censoring comments.

    Now I’ll understand if you delete something entirely inappropriate, but you delete tons of comments for seemingly no reason at all.

  151. I don’t read PFT for the articles. I read it for the comments and the debates with other fans. Let’s be honest PFT doesn’t offer much of anything, in the way of football talk and news, that I can’t get elsewhere. It’s not like any of the bloggers on this site have unique opinions or inside information. PFT isn’t going to be the first to break news. If I read something on or twitter, I still come to PFT to look for the same information just to see what other fans are saying about it (I can’t do that on because I don’t have facebook). Get rid of the comments section and well, I don’t really have a reason to use this site anymore.

  152. Just delete comments with foul language or those that are obviously inflammatory.

    Often times its the fans that know more than the writers.

    If the readers don’t like the comment, keep scrolling down. If you’ve identified obvious trolls, ban them.

    And understand that if you make me log onto my nonexistent facebook account, you’ve lost my few times daily traffic.

  153. The Comment string is dominated by trolls. I read the Falcons comments in case fellow fans have some insight, but it’s all saints trolls. I think you should kill the comments given the iq/maturity level of your typical readers

  154. Don’t get rid of comments and stop dumping comments that you don’t like unless they are slanderous or hateful. I love getting other fans’ perspective but also, I think you should only allow 1 comment per article per commenter because some of these people are idiots and I don’t need to see their idiotic postings multiple times in 1 article!

  155. Mine usually get dumped for some reason…but I like reading what other fans have to say. I always scroll the comments after each story line I click on.

  156. It’s possible to turn moderation over to the community. It’s no less-perfect than a lot of other systems.

    You could even tweak your system to post all comments by default, but once the ratio of thumbs-up to thumbs-down a comment could be hidden.

  157. I would like a posting by Florio and PFT as to why the selectively edit/don’t post comments from certain readers.

    I have never posted one inappropriate comment, yet its less than 50/50 my comment gets posted.

    Yet some baffoons (whose teams are the steelers, Ravens and redskins) ALWAYS have their comments posted.

    Just be fair Florio.. Like PBT and PBT.

  158. Wouldn’t it be easier and better to get rid of the idiotic, moronic, posters instead of getting rid of the comments section? Get rid of people like Logicalvoicesays, and his stupid posts constantly saying that RG3 is better than Rodgers and Morris is better than AD just to get a rise out of everyone else.

    I am a diehard Viking fan, but I give props to the Packers and their players. I have no problems saying that Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL, because he is. I don’t say, the best 5 QB’s in the league are Ponder, Webb, Cassel, and whoever else the Vikings bring in. He is a putz and one of the dumbest posters on any site I have ever been on. Get rid of people like that, and problems would be solved.

    On a side note, I just made it easier for you to delete my post, it didn’t slip through the cracks.

  159. It would be fine with me to dump them. I like this site and only view the comments when I feel like adding my own. That is, when my comments don’t get moderated away. I know it’s impossible to moderate every single comment without having a full-time army of people reviewing every single one, but it’s frustrating to have your comments often be deleted, have the PFT Staff repeatedly tell you “no, your account isn’t flagged” but yet other trolls have their comments approved over and over.

    The best bet is to either let ALL comments fly with no moderation, or have no comments at all. It’s almost impossible to have a middle ground. Like you said, the comments (and the people who read them) are a very small percentage of the total traffic to this site. They likely won’t be missed.

    And if you keep comments, please don’t integrate them with Facebook. Believe it or not, there are people on the planet who do not have a Facebook account.

  160. Dear Attorney Florio,

    I’d deep six the comments section for the reasons set forth below. I used to like reading the comments section and participate in it, but really grew tired of the arbitrary manner in which posts are deleted. In my experience, it almost seems as though some of your hacks are insecure in their reporting such that when someone brings a new perspective to the table that writers like Gannt or Michael David Smith hadn’t thought of-they get rid of the post. Many times the posts are written and submitted by people who seem to have a real understanding about their favorite pro team (e.g. reasons why the team made certain personnel moves, etc.). In the alternative, if you decide to keep the comments section, I’d recommend instituting a clear cut policy whereby posts will only be deleted if they contain profanity, vulgarity, etc. To delete a comment just because certain views differ from the writers is just asinine.

  161. It seems like no one comments on other sports as much as football. Don’t dump the football comments. This would be soooo lame without them. Sometimes people have some intelligent things to say. You just have to ignore the dumb people. The comments keep me coming back rather than the articles.

  162. This is pretty funny.
    -Significant Majority of Poll shows “Dump Comments”
    -But almost every commenter (surprise, surprise) says “Keep the comments, they are so vital!”

    I think it only validates the data Florio presented – that only a small fraction of followers/readers actually comment, and of course the ones that do.. rushed to post “Keep the comments”


  164. Add a boot next to the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. Ban for 24 hours per 100 boots received.

  165. The newspapers started deleting all kinds of features on the basis that “nobody reads them anyway”. Now my morning paper costs $20 a month and can be read cover to cover in 15 minutes. Are we going to see this online now too? I guess they ought to shut down the Journalism departments in all the colleges. Apparently we only need about a dozen. I saw a op ed piece by Mike Preston about John Harbaugh and Ed Reed become instantly a top story on 10 different news sites.

  166. Wait, this site allows comments? Are you sure?

    But seriously, folks – the world could do without Ravens-Steelers trash talking. On the other hand, it sure seems like many PFT posts are made purely to incite such posts.

    My vote – do away with the comments, and help restore the greatnsss of Ameican worker productivity.

  167. Since many of the comments here are deleted and censored the poll merely asks if we can delete all the comments. Freedom of speech and democracy is messy at the best of times and censorship is so neat,tidy and orderly. The comments are interesting when someone can add local info that is not normally available or an insight that is not mentioned in the article. The question of trolls is easy of fix with a posting limit each day or hour like IMDB and only allowing a person a single reply on any story. The idea is using Facebook is a little more corporate big brother tech that suffocates the vox populi in the fear of cyber mob justice. You don’t have to read every comment learn to filter the wheat from the chaff. That is what being an adult is all about not full time day care.

  168. I like gator’s idea of having an option to turn off comments if someone wishes to. I think that’s the best solution.

    I’ll chime in to agree with the fact that I don’t always get why my posts are deleted and would love a guideline.

    PLEASE keep comments and thumbs up. Just because there are some annoying morons that’s no reason to ruin it for us all. I remember when the thumbs up/down was discontinued for awhile, I did not like that. Also agree on moving the report comment button to the far right.

    As an aside, I loved the option you used to have where we coud see our recent posts we commented on. That disappeared without comment months ago. Would love to see that back. I like that better than clicking the email when a new comment is received option for each post.

  169. Please dump them! It’s nothing but a forum for complete idiots and fantasy league chumps who know absolutely nothing about the actual game of football to spew hate and venom.

    I say good riddance to comments!!

  170. If I don’t happen to comment on an article I will vote on other comments. Leave as is.

  171. was one of my most frequented websites until they experienced a major site hack and dumped all comments. That was MONTHS ago, and I think Ive been back to the site 3 times.

    The NFL is about the FANS.. the FANS voice and opinions are important, and getting input from more than one person (the article writer) is a pretty big part of the experience.

    Closing comments would be like the NFL keeping games limited to only coaching staff and media members.

  172. I voted to dump them. Most comments are self-serving anyway. Perhaps you can include a Twitter hash tag with each post so folks who can’t live without providing feedback have an avenue. Great way to build more followers too!

  173. The name of the site is Pro Football TALK, isn’t it? The comments are what set you apart from other sites. You’ll lose more than half your hits for sure if you get rid of them. Personally, I’ll just go elsewhere.

    Just let people talk and don’t delete comments except for profanity or obvious racial BS. I even like laughing at the silly troll posts. If a poster offends a couple of times, then ban him from posting. That must be possible with your system.

  174. I would post my comments on why you should keep the comments, but you’ll just dump my comment anyway…

  175. I understand your dilemma. No writer ever dreamed of being a comment censor, yet in this day and age it is a reality.

    I read most every one of your posts, maybe daily, maybe every other day or so depending. I comment on maybe one to two stories a week. Sometimes for humor, sometimes for horror, sometimes because I think I know something insightful. If you are asking me if I would miss the opportunity to comment the answer is probably no.

    I typically read at least the first few comments in a story. Humor is part of this, but sometimes commentators can balance the story in a way that makes more sense to me. I do not think story balance is a strong point of this site. So if you are asking me if I will miss the comments as a reader I would say yes.

    Overall, I would say you would diminish the quality of your site by eliminating comments. You could probably decrease the required censoring by going to a “facebook” log in, but this would likely be unpopular.

    One way to move forward the discussion could be to require that you log in to post OR read comments. This could give you an idea quickly on how popular comments really are. Also, once every reader is logged in it would be easier to censor comments based on reader preferences.

    Good luck with this.

  176. Why are you in the business of dumping comments anyway? Post them all, if someone complains then remove the offending comment. Otherwise just let people speak their minds.

    You aren’t part of the Obama anti-constitution administration, let people speak.

  177. I remember when “we” had good commentators on this site. It used to be “our” website. Florio and his crew would supply the subject and the commentators would provide their insight, insults, and humor. I say, open the floodgates and allow all posts through. If you can’t distinguish the posters that are not providing something to the posts more often then not, then remove them. It’s our time Mr. Hand, just don’t touch my pizza. Where’s Vox Veritas????

  178. As many others have said already the biggest issue with the comments section is the amount of comments you let through versus ones you don’t. It seems like you let many a troll post up with no issues yet if I spend a couple of minutes typing something up with some actual thought put into it it never gets posted up. Yet we have regulars that others have pointed out who are blatant trolls yet their posts go through with no issues.

  179. Personally I’d just kill them. I read (and respond) occasionally out of sheer boredom but they really do not add much to the story in most cases.

    Whatever you do, do not allow unmoderated comments without giving us the ability to hide/suppress them. Some people read the website in public place (work) and I have seen the unmoderated comments at work at ESPN and other sites. NSFW is the kindest way to describe the racism/sexism/bathroom humor in those places. Don’t invite that cesspool in please.

  180. Keep them for two reasons: (1) comments are only beneath the high and mighty snobby types and we don’t care what they think; and (2) I don’t want to have to travel 75 miles east or go to a Culvers to witness the stupidity of some Packer fans.

  181. Keep the comments, change the system.

    This comment system is pretty vanilla and seems to rely on moderating comments beforehand. Unless you are going to hire dedicated moderators, it’s just a system that doesn’t scale up because your time is finite. So, if changing the system is off the table and hiring moderators isn’t cost-effective, I can’t blame you for wanting to ditch them. I like them, it adds an element of community, but it wouldn’t prevent me from coming here. I just wouldn’t stay as long.

    If you CAN change the comment system, I recommend going to a system that hides comments below a certain dislike threshold. I mean, systems like the one a Slashdot to a good job of getting rid of the useless chaff that add nothing to the conversation.

    OR, go with something like Reddit, where comments get upvoted and downvoted and their position on the page reflects that. Stupid comments tend to get buried.

    Either way, it seems like whoever is responsible for your website’s design should be able to provide a less moderation-intensive option.

  182. The real issue is not really the comments (although I agree that many come off as if typed by an 8-year-old dyslexic monkey). The issue is the horrendous commenting system, and the horrible WordPress basis for it.
    A couple of suggestions:
    – Have the default comment sort be by popularity, with the ability for the user to change it.
    – Leave totally downvoted comments (negative score) hidden under a collapsed section.
    – It is 2013 and I do not have an Edit button? Talk about bush league. This also helps with the quality of the content.

  183. I see a lot of comments about switching to where you have to use your facebook, but what if you don’t have a facebook? (I don’t plan on getting one either) Part of the reason a lot of people come to PFT is to read the stories and comments. Trolls will be there no matter what. Just keep it as it is

  184. dude – this is silly. keep the comments. and if you don’t like emails complaining about censoring them, try not censoring them. we are not your enemies. we are your readers.

  185. Dump them. Create a message forum attached to PFT, have unpaid moderators manage the sub-forums.

    This could be a great advertising opportunity with the amount of traffic PFT generates coupled with a high traffic message board.

    I do like the idea of using a facebook tie-in but also have some reservations about that as well. All-in-all, I know my message board functions great, is a pleasure to read, and a great place to have discussions.

  186. You’re joking right? Removing comments? First Taco Bill now this? Get over yourselves. And no you shouldn’t remove comments. You already filter them enough.

  187. reading comments is part of the reason i enjoy the site. just stop moderating and let people disagree with you and each other.

  188. Comments are one of the main reasons I still visit this site anymore. I can get the same information/rumors faster from the Twitter world.

    IP ban the worthless troll comments though. I know I’m not the only one sick of seeing the same couple of guys post about all the Steelers’ rings or how great RG3 is in every single article.

  189. The comments are the best part of a lot of the stories. And when you guys make mistakes or say something stupid you should be held accountable for it.

  190. For me, if there are no comments, I have no reason to come to the site. I get all the headlines on my RSS feed. No reason to go to the page w/o the comments.

  191. dump the comments. 95% of comments are from trolls. i only comment on my team the 49ers. and everyday its mostly comments from trolls (non 49ers fans) talking nonsense. its getting old. get rid of comments.

  192. Reading the comments section of almost anything on the Web is the quickest way to completely lose one’s faith in humanity. More important, comments posted on this or any site almost never have value to me as a reader interested in news and information, and so my vote is to just dump them. Those who want back and forth, Twitter is ideal for that. Facebook isn’t a solution for me, because I won’t join Facebook. That’s my two cents, which you can ignore, because by my own definition, this comment is worthless.

  193. Comments are 1/2 my reason for visiting PFT. Even troll comments get the “thumps down” treatment. And some comments are really funny. Some I actually learn from. I tend to learn things about other teams I didn’t know sometimes when fans of other teams comment.

    Mike, I think you might really be out of touch here…the entire internet is working toward MORE social interaction, communication, Facebook/twitter integration, and here PFT is talking about less social interaction? …People hang around, they read those comments, they come back and visit to see if anyone else has commented on their comment, etc. I actually visit stories multiple times sometimes just to see the comments section grow. The trolls here don’t really bother me, that’s why they get thumbed down. It’s like the community is marking them as obvious trolls.

  194. This country has 8% unemployment ( if u believe it’s that low). Be patriotic and hire a couple of college grads to sort through your comments already.

  195. To put things into perspective, just go read the comments on any story on the ESPN website. It’s like a group of 8 year olds saying “Oh yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad!” (of course insert posters favorite team instead of the word “dad”). Compared to that, the comments here are all quite intelligent…

  196. If I can’t comment, I’ll be less likely to “hit” PFT every day. If I don’t hit it every day, I’ll be less likely to look at your “Shop”, and therefore less likely to buy something from Northbrook. Not a threat or promise, just stating the reality of likelihood.

    But what makes no sense to me are all of those people who voted to dump the comments. If they don’t read them, why should it matter to them if the comments are there or not?

  197. Seems like this site is always bragging about the # of followers, but that somehow translates into the need need to change. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t usually post comments but I love reading them. Not really sure PFT’s motivation here. The comments make the site. Generally I just read the headlines then the comments. I am a little suspicious about the voting totals. No surprise the headline is getting way more comments than the average post.

  198. Anyone who complains of trolls on here is one. It’s just opinion, and frequently with good humor. Don’t scroll down meathead and go about your safe little life.

  199. No reason to dump the comments. I for one often read the comments in a good story or one on the Raiders and ill make a post once in a while. I say leave it cause as I said if people don’t want to post a comment or read them they don’t have to click on it and the ones that still wanna post can.

  200. Keep them.

    At least once a day I think I better read the comments on that article and sure enough they are good for a laugh.

  201. Ditto to all who’ve said that they come here as much for the comments as the content. I too will go elsewhere for my nfl news.

    Am I the only one who thinks the poll #’s are questionable? They certainly don’t reflect the sentiment in these comments and I really don’t understand the logic of voting against the comments if you don’t read them to begin with…why would you care? No one is forced to read them. I strongly doubt that a vast majority of non commentors/non comment readers are voting against a function that they don’t even use. Something here doesn’t add up.

  202. Keep comments please. I agree that many of them bring nothing to the table but why punish everyone for the actions of few? If there are already moderators for comments then why not issue a 3 strike warning for trolling comments? Maybe take some ideas from other online comment based forums. You could always appoint a certain number of mods that could patrol the comments sections and issue the warnings. After the 3rd warning that user is banned from making comments. I’m sure many of your loyal readers would love to be appointed as a moderator and we would help police for free! 🙂

  203. The Irony. A lot of ppl are saying dump the comments,but they could make it easy on themselves by not reading them, I say keep them. It have a lot of sites that are way worst see: Bleacher Report.

  204. Don’t dump the comments and don’t switch to Facebook/Twitter style setup. Not everyone is on Facebook or care to be but would still like to communicate their thoughts on provoking articles.

  205. Comments need to stay.

    There are many reasons they should stay. The most important one is that people can learn a ton from comments. Whether it is learning more about specifics from a home town fan of another team, or just getting a second point of view, comments are critical to the information your site provides. They balance and add to your articles.

    Honestly without the comments I might as well go get my football news elsewhere.

  206. Please get rid of the comments.

    If you want to have a forum of some sort, go for it.

    But the comments are tiresome.

  207. Please consider that for those not wanting to read comments they can simply not scroll down to read them. They are unlikely to be angry at you for keeping them and will remain readers/visitors of your site.

    On the other hand, there is a sizable group of us (even if we end up in the small side of the vote) that love the comments and that is why we come here. Even before I posted here, I came mainly to read the news and what people had to comment about it.

    For the group that wants the comments failure to deliver this experience will be more likely to lead to us losing the desire to come here.

    Ultimately this choice will be PFTs to make. I hope they keep in mind how easy it is for one side to not scroll down before they take away what a lot of us love about the site.

  208. I dig reading some of the more stupid comments. I just wish your Android app was a true Android app and didn’t try to mimic the iPhone app.

  209. “……..and some of the responses arent very articulate”

    I hope that isn’t code for “we dont like differing opinions”

    Keep the comments, its part of what makes PFT unique, theres some real humor out here. Honestly, the comments keep me coming back. PFT isn’t the only game in town- we can always get our information / fix elsewhere.

    Why risk losing all that traffic?

    Instead of shying away from interactivity, expand it, add a forum, profiles etc.

    Keep it fun.

  210. half the reason i come in here is for the comments. The other half is breaking news which i can get anywhere. I simply weed through the stupidity and trolls in the comments to actually find some sound information and debate with people. If you get rid of comments i would come here far less

  211. Addendum.

    What I like about PFT is that it records even the most “trivial” NFL action, which is great for a Football diehard like me because I rather hear about a 2nd stringer being cut then about Tiger Woods or stuff like that.

    The comments section work great with that model. For example, Lance Louis went to the the Dolphins.

    Fin Fans are probably not too familiar with Lance Louis, but on the comments sections, Fin fans can get a decent scouting report from Bears fans since they watched him from pre-season to end for a few years.

    Stuff like this happens all the time, and I think the comments section can provide value in that way.

    Where the comments section tend to go off the rail is when this site uses the NFL for social-commentary. Maybe with those sure fire troll-bait articles (like the Gay rights and Redskin Logo, to name a few) the comments can be turned off.

  212. Why call it Pro Football Talk if your not going to let everyone partake in the conversation?

    The comment section helps keep readers stay on the site longer. Getting rid of them would be a bad business move. Not only would PFT lose page views, but the average time spent on this site would be reduced ten fold. I would still come here, but it would only be to breeze through the headlines only to move on to another NFL news site to read the actual details.

    The Consumerist was a popular site, and within a few months has almost become irrelevant due to no longer having a comment section despite no change in the content. Florio might want to take notice.

  213. Mike,

    I’ve been logging on almost daily since you were doing live chats on the Monday nighters (the good old days). The site is not as amusing/entertaining as it used to be, but it is still interesting enough that I scan every article for content, and I read the all comments for every article that interests me. The comments are the value-added portion of this site. The comments here are better than on any other site I’ve found.

    It’s the slow season: please read every post on this topic because there are a lot of good ideas to make the comment section better.

    Although I read everything, I only post occasionally. I have not experienced the “censorship” that is alleged by so many posters, but it disturbs me to see that there are so many who, apparently in good faith, don’t understand why their comments are selected for deletion. Clear guidelines for appropriate language and content would be helpful.

    I don’t understand the people who are complaining about the comments. They don’t have to read them, and I don’t think they will leave if the comments stay. It’s like all the folks who complain about Easterbrook’s articles being too long, and still read them every week.

    I’m sure there’s a business decision being considered here; maybe the comments cost a lot of money in bandwidth, moderation, etc, and you have to weigh that against readership. Just know that when the comments go, so do I.

  214. Keep it. Where else am I going to find cowboy fans to argue with. Most of them only come out when they’re doing good, so they’ve been hard to find for awhile

  215. Keep the comments. I am a Bucs fan, they recently signed Derek Landri, who I knew almost nothing about, the comments section on that article had some insightful posts from Eagles fans and gave me a much better idea of why we made the move. That sort of thing happens every now and then. Other times the stuff can be hilarious to read and interesting. I post every now and then, sometimes I’m dumb and you screen the post, sometimes I’m funny and people love it and have actually made comments about it (I’m not to big to admit that can add a smile or two during the day as I work from a computer, and yes I have a life, wife, daughter, friends, etc.). Sometimes I’m a homer and advocate for my team blindly, sometimes I have the owners as indicated by my screen name. People don’t have to read the comments, I for one will spend less time on it, but I would also have no problem attaching my name.
    -Shannon O’Brien, St. Petersburg, Fl

  216. I stopped commenting because my comments, while not terribly critical, were being deleted by overzealous screeners.

    I am very surprised at how thin-skinned the comments screeners are.

  217. At this point, there are more than 300 comments. I am not going to read them. Therefore, I want to apologize to those of you who don’t have anything better to do with your time as I am sure what I have to say has been stated in one way or another numerous times. But here goes…….To get to the “comments”, YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE “COMMENTS” LINK. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ THE COMMENTS, DO NOT….REPEAT, DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

    My big ole’ butt!!!!!………………

  218. Here’s something dumb in case my intelligent comments don’t get through.

    I like to comment.
    Thumbs down make me sad.
    Thumbs up make me glad.

  219. You sound like the pretty girl that says “Im fat” so everyone will say “no you aren’t”.

    People that dont want to comment, wont.
    People that want to, will.

    If you take them away, I know one person that wont be back, ME.

  220. I have commented numerous times and a few had been dumped I’m not sure why considering some that people submitted that weren’t dumped. Its all good and It doesn’t bug me. Maybe some guidelines from your end or a means of tracking the “goofballs” who aren’t giving the insightful or at least pushing the discussion would help.

  221. I rarely read the comments, but I enjoy them for some articles. The rest I’d the time, I ignore them if I don’t care or don’t want to read the trolls or inane drivel. I say keep ’em.

  222. I like to comment on certain things pertaining to the draft, and Packer articles, but i’ve commented on 4 things in the past couple weeks and three of them got deleted, and I didn’t think they were bad by any means.

    I enjoy seeing what other people have to say on a serious note pertaining to sports, and the occasional sarcastic funny one, but when I see 100 sarcastic comments it gets a little tiring.

    Some people should have their comments deleted, i’ve seen some pretty iffy ones stay up there, yet mine get taken off? Seriously? It’s not a huge deal, but at the same time I find it annoying and odd that there is a comment bar and asking for opinions, I state mine, and it gets deleted because….?

    Bottom line: if you want comments, keep the comment bar, if you don’t, then take it away. But please don’t keep it here and delete half just for the sake of deleting them.

    How much you wanna bet that this one gets deleted too?

  223. I thought I was the only one who went back to read the comments. Glad I’m not alone lol. Don’t get rid of them. You’ll lose a lot of page views by doing so.

  224. My comments have been dumped in the past for simply disagreeing with the editorial voice of the website, despite the fact that I do not use profane or insulting language when I comment.
    If you aren’t willing to allow dissenting voices on the comment board, then it is pointless imo, and you may as well nix it.

  225. New Flash: we don’t come here for the stories, we come here for the discussion of the stories. Mark my words, you remove comments, traffic will cut in half.

  226. First off why do you have to ‘clear comments’ anyway? If it’s such a headache, leave them. Let those of us who like to read the comments and add to a productive discussion report the offenders to you instead of you having to take two aspirin every time you write an article. Like Tiki, I’m flabbergasted when my comments are removed only to see posts from folks like logicalvoice’s still posted! How about giving us a ‘report this post’ button?

    Many of the comments here are really very good and for those of us who patronized this site daily understand how to just ignore the inflammatory ones and still add to the discussion.

    While I like reading most of your articles, because unlike me, you actually are articulate, if I can’t read other’s comments on the topics you choose to elaborate on (regardless of whether my comments aren’t ‘articulate’ enough to stick), I’ll remove this bookmark and simply go to the other sites that I actually pay for.

  227. i hate washing my car. i guess i should just set it on fire and walk everywhere.

    sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    lose the comments and you lose this regular reader.

  228. The fact that you are asking the question makes it obvious you want to dump them.

    I will say that one of the things that attracted me to this website in the first place was the opportunity to interact. I really enjoyed, and miss, the live blogs you had before you went big time / NBC. I’ll still follow the website, but I can’t help but have the impression that you have been bitten by the celebrity bug and wish to leave the rank-and-file riff raff behind.

  229. The commenys is part of the reason i love this site. I think it make the articles more intersting some of these guys are hilarious and some are just plaim retarded but i come here caus i know im going to get a good laugh off the comments so keep coming logicalvoicesays ravenator ben rothleisberger7 joetoronto!!!!!!!!

  230. PLEASE keep the comments section. I come to the PFT site specifically to read the comments that other fans are expressing about the news or topic in the article. It is a very useful and unique perspective that specifically brings me to this site. There are plenty of sports news sites to get straight news, so for me it would make this site much less appealing.

    Most sports fans who are online are pretty good at scanning and scrolling by useless and annoying comments to get at the insights. (For folks who don’t like the comments section, duh, don’t scroll down to read them, problem solved) Consider soliciting for volunteer comment moderators if it is becoming too onerous for the staff – you might be surprised at people willing to step up.

  231. comments are cool bc its obvious that most of the negative comments are rejected by the fans; ppl seem to want all the teams to at least be competitive and have chance for success and i learned this through reading comments

  232. True: More people read the articles than comment on them. True as well: More people are voting on comments than people writing comments. Therefore the number of comments is not a measurable for the popularity of comments.

    Besides comments fullfill what articles can’t do and are not supposed to do: Giving opinions from both ends of the scala. If that means to hear people being unreasonable, I’m fine with that – as long nobody gets offensive, no need for that.

    So if the mere existence of pft is not endangered keep the comments as a nescessary, fun part of pft planet.

    And personally I need logicalvoice to make my own conspiracy-theories look more sane 😉

  233. There are many places on the web that I can go to get the news (an essentially the same analysis). I come to PFT because here, in the comments, I can find (mostly) lucid dialogue from fans of teams around the league. I use this site because I find that the comments provide serious insight into how other fan bases few issues and players. I totally agree with those who’ve posted above: lose the comments lose me as a reader.

    Seriously, you don’t want to let Ravenator and Logicalvoice ruin this forum for us all, do you?

  234. Go to the facebook system one of the first guys mentioned or dump them. Most of the people who post here wouldn’t know a football if one hit them in the face so we wouldn’t be losing much.

  235. lol at all the trolls comin out hard for there comments to stay. you guys are so pathetic i hope comments get dumped. i only come here to get actual football news not to read idiotic comments. so please dump them.

  236. Keep the comments.

    If you use Facebook, make sure there is an alternative. Since I’m not a narcissist nor an attention fiend seeking validation for my fictional persona, I deleted my Facebook forever. Best decision ever.

    Keep the thumbs up. And add a reverse sorting option (newest first)

    Let comment replies go with the comment replied to so there doesn’t have to be so much quoting and “@retardedcommenter”.

    Let there be an option to filter comments with 1:2 thumbs up:down ratio when it reaches 75 thumbs.

    Let there be an option for emails only when specific comments are replied to, or an hourly comment summary.

    That is all.

  237. It is rather frustrating to take the time to put together a well thought out comment on an issue and have it dumped. Then, to see some of the responses that are allowed, but don’t add to the article and really just provokes other readers, is almost infuriating. If there is going to be selective dumping of comments, the comments section doesn’t really serve a purpose and it should go!

  238. Don’t really care either way at this point, although the idea about only using a facebook link makes a lot of sense. Really, you delete 9/10 of my comments anyway so I stopped commenting. The only reason I’m commenting on your comments question, is to see how fast you delete my comments.

  239. There was a time when the comments were my reason for visiting the site. No more. I almost never even look at them any more. There is SO MUCH real content, that I have a hard time just keeping up.

  240. It seems to me that the biggest problem with the comments is the random nature with which they are removed. Everyone complains that their well thought out comments are deleted while others that are extremely offensive are let in. How about if you just let people make their comments? Two of the three comments I made on this post were removed and for the life of me I can’t figure out what was wrong with them.

  241. I like the comments, always have, although there seems to be more whiners with an agenda than people with football knowledge these days. People should be able to state their opinion on a story, especially if that story is nothing but the writers opinion in the first place. One thing though, I could care less about facebook, don’t have an account and certainly won’t join just to leave comments on PFT.

  242. I dont come here for the articles, i have other places i prefer for streamlined more informative news.

    I come here fore interaction with folks who share football as a passion. I come here daily for years now. If the comments go, i can assure you that myself, and probably half of your traffic will disappear.

    This would be webmaster suicide to can the comments.

    I hate to say it, but i might even miss norcalmafia and logicalvoice and their off the wall comments.

    This is the worst idea youve ever had florio. I suggest you cease the moderation over dumping the comments.

  243. Wow… I come here for the comments… this is my favorite sports site… I try to visit every day… it is annoying that at least 2/3rd of my comments don’t make the site… so if you are sensoring that much … it makes sense not to allow any comments… allthough if that happens… i won’t be back.

  244. No surprise this decision is on the horizon. It must be tiresome forcing everyone to fit into your politically correct box all the time.

    Congrats on the success of your site. You’ve become one of the most popular sports sites around and can now safely dump the people who got you there.

    Also have to laugh at the readers who vote to dump the comments. YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON ‘COMMENTS’ IN ORDER TO EVEN SEE THEM. If you don’t like them– don’t click and read them.

  245. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the most Evil of all Evils…GE. Good thing is, at least you probably no longer pay income tax. NBC/GE is a shining beacon of everything that is wrong with humanity and a blueprint for the model that separates the elite from the people they enslave.

  246. If moderation has become too much of a burden, then let your readers do most of the moderation for you:
    1) On first pass, moderate only for obscenities or links (to avoid spam). Create an automated filter that rejects posts containing certain keywords (or obscures them), but otherwise lets all posts reach the site.
    2) Sort comments not by timestamp, but by net thumbs (thumbs up minus thumbs down). Comments devoid of value will work their way to bottom quickly, and readers will soon learn not to bother reading all comments
    3) Manually moderate comments only when users tag them with the “Report comments” link. [This link should be moved away from the thumbs, as it is too easy to mistakenly press on mobile devices.]
    4) Punish users who get excessive thumbs down or who get reported often by initializing each of their comments with a negative thumb score for some period of time.

  247. To be honest, just copy whatever HBT is doing. I can easily scroll through the articles in the order in which they were written along the top, and click on what looks good. Right now, we just have the “Top Stories” which is just garbage, and I have to scroll through the entire articles in the rumor mill.

    They don’t really censor any comments (but it doesn’t get anywhere near as ugly over there as it does here with trolls and anger at certain posters), so maybe just let freedom (and chaos) reign. Far too often are comments deleted for no apparent reason here. Plus you can reply directly to another comment, and there is more interaction with the authors and the commentators.

    Just copy what HBT is doing, it works great.

  248. but how else will I know on every post that redskins are the most dominating franchise ever? or how the ravens are the most dominating franchise ever? or how the steelers are the most dominating franchise ever???

  249. Kind of ironic of you Florio that you’d say, “Rarely, if ever, did anyone stop and ask whether it made sense to give a voice to everyone who wants one.” When not too long ago when you were just an smartass internet hack, many of the same people you now rub elbows with, would’ve liked tosilence your voice and shut down your opinions.

  250. I wouldn’t change anything, especially the comments, sure there are idiots but don’t let 3 or 4 bad ones ruin it for everyone. I actually like reading the stupid and insightful comments both and I post both myself, although nothing boasting about rings and whatnot.

    Also the simplistic format of the site is great, listing the latest stories in bold print, limited number of sub-boxes unlike espn.

    I just want NFL news, big serious stories, and the offbeat stupid stories. Please keep up the good work and keep the comments as is. And if these guys have such a problem with deleting comments (and I’ve had my fair share deleted) they would stop visiting the site or stop posting which obviously they are not, so take that as a compliment to your good work.

  251. I have been following this site for 7 years, and this is my first post – I check this site at least 5 times a day, and always read the comments. They’re usually the funniest part of the whole thing, trollers included. I would happily attach my facebook profile to any post, but I don’t really think it’s that necessary. If you take comments away, there are an awful lot of slow news months that I’d quit coming to the site.

  252. Hoping comments are kept. Don’t let a handful of trolls ruin it for those who enjoy the feature.

    Make comments be associated with a social profile. Or have comments deleted after so many thumbs down? Let the users stay in control; it will self-police.

    And by saying only a small percentage of readers actually comment, you should also add a small percentage of internet users who are football fans read PFT. You wouldn’t stop the site knowing that, right?


  253. All of those people who say they’ll leave PFT if it drops the comments are probably the same people who have more interest in seeing their own mostly idiotic responses in print than actually enjoying one of the best sources of NFL information on the web.

    As a mature reader, I vote to drop the comments and keep up the good information. Let the immature morons leave PFT and post their idiocy over at ESPN.

  254. Just like I thought, I made a post that had the NFL’s Golden Boy in it – even though the post contained nothing detrimental – and it was deleted. Proof that there are GB fanboys on the moderation staff. Dump the comments… the people saying your traffic will “be cut in half” do not know how a website works and are incorrect.

  255. 1) Never seriously ask your users what you should do with your site.

    2) You’re not telling us why you’d even want to get rid of comments other than suggesting that the process is more difficult than you’d like it to be.

    3) Whatever problems you have with content of the comments section seem to be deliberately created. Your site specifically appeals to slobbering no-necks with its pro-NFL-ownership, we-get-news-from-select-sports-agents, players-are-always-at-fault, let’s-sort-of-pretend-we-care-about-social-issues approach to content.

    4) Excellent job spiking pageviews in a slow free agency period.

  256. I wasn’t sure at first, but after reading through comments on this post (see what I did there…), I decided what I’d prefer:

    – Use facebook logins. Less anonymity = less trolling.
    – No moderation but do have a ‘report’ option that is followed up quickly (less than an hour).
    – Keep the thumbs up and down!

    We get to keep our comments, you get page clicks, and it would greatly reduce your moderation headaches. Especially after the first week or two (and the subsequent bans)…

    That said, I mostly stopped commenting about the same time that half of my comments never made it to posts. Why spend 5 to 15 minutes writing, rewriting and double checking facts if it was going to be ignored?

  257. The comments are the main reason I come to this website. Take them away and there is plenty of other options for NFL news. If someone wishes not to read the comments the option to not read them is a click away.

  258. I voted to dump them, but based that mostly because the current system you all use isn’t very useful. If at you’d considering migrating to what HardballTalk uses, at least you can directly reply to other users and perhaps have separate conversations going.

    This setup you have now is pretty hard to follow and create useful dialog. And about 30% of the comments left here contain inane or useless insults about either the PFT writer, the subject of the post or just random trash talk about teams not even discussed in the post.

    If the comments section can’t be improved, I’d rather see them go away.

  259. I think you should keep the comments. Consider adding a functionality which minimizes the appearance of negatively received comments. Either collapse into the username or the color. Readers who aren’t in the mood for such will pass them over and continue to read the well received stuff.

  260. lennydpocketqb says: Apr 3, 2013 10:56 PM

    Facebook comments will get rid of the bottom feeder sludge.
    How do we get rid of the morons like lenny- who plays pocket pool too much.. and who aren’t bright enough to realize that anyone can go to facebook and create an account calling yourself anything you want, and numerous times??

  261. This site has an unbelievable problem with tolerance of people’s opinions. I wrote something incredibly insightful- not inciting, and your goons erased it- as usual. You people really suck.

  262. You want to kill this site even sooner? Dump the comments and hire rob parker. Hell; while you’re at it, hire keith olbermann or some other pos hack liar wacko. nbc is the best at it.

  263. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the most Evil of all Evils…GE. Good thing is, at least you probably no longer pay income tax. NBC/GE is a shining beacon of everything that is wrong with humanity and a blueprint for the model that separates the elite from the people they enslave.

    Yeah, but my microwave works pretty good and it lasted a long time too.

  264. Keep them, of course. While most are a clear indicator of the failed US educational system, others are worthwhile. Also, instead of looking at the view/comment ratio, look at the number of people who view the comments to gain a better gauge of what your audience wants.

  265. So are you going to dump the site also….not much reporting done here….Just speculation and bad opinions since Florio sold out to the corporate people some years back!!!!

  266. Please keep the comments and take me off the black list. I won’t point out the typos anymore. I won’t even cue up the latest joke in 3 2 1..
    I won’t even point out how bad Florio hates the Dolphins. The Fins are on the up and up and this is the only place I want to talk about it!

    Go Dolphins!!!!!

  267. Wow! I provided my opinion (which was to keep the comments) and then a suggestion (to hire better staff members who monitor comments) on Wednesday night. Yet, it still got deleted. This is the reason why you are getting emailed, Florio (to which you are forced to respond with “i am not in charge of monitoring comments.”). Adding to that, one of your staff returned an email in late 2011 stating that I was the one who was violating the rules (which is an inaccurate thing to say when I was correcting game plays and results to someone trolling a Vikings page) after I decided to complain about my comment being deleted. When I responded to her comment that nothing in my comment violated to the rules and terms of this site, I never received a response. If you haven’t done so already, Florio, I really think you need to talk to your staff about what the actual rules for comments are and tell them (not ask them, but tell them) to do a better job enforcing these rules.

  268. People who dont want to read the comments… dont read them anyway. Keep the comments and you keep everyone happy.

  269. Possible solution = make users go through another step to either see and/or post comments. Just add a button – view/add comments.

    Checkmark box “I agree to terms & conditions viewing and/or posting comments”.

    Make a flagging system like CL has. “Flag as inappropriate”.

  270. There are 9 billion comments on this thread and so I haven’t really read them all, but…

    Integrate comment hiding into the thumbs up/thumbs down system. If a comment has more than 50 thumbs down, and more than twice as many thumbs down as thumbs up, then collapse it. You can still click to read if you want to, but it’s hidden by default.

    Also allow hierarchical replies so separate discussions can be kept separate.

  271. Keep the comments section! I’ve visited this site almost daily for the past 10+ years and have watched it morph from a truly entertaining site that gave excellent inside information on underreported stories to a mostly run of the mill news/TMZ-like blog.

    To give you an honest opinion, I mostly skim stories now and go straight to the comments section. There’s a lot of garbage, but I can honestly say that this site is a great guide to the overall opinions of NFL fans. I usually only comment on Chiefs stories since they’re my team, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not reading what’s there on other stories. I’m sure most users do the same. Without comments, there isn’t much bringing me back to this site.

  272. It’d be fine if you kept them, but they need vast improvement.

    1. Your moderation is very inconsistent. I’ve emailed your mods before on a post of mine that was deleted and really didn’t seem like it needed to be and they gave me the Code of Conduct they abide by here, which my post did not break. Meanwhile, you allow posts like the drivel “logicalvoicesays” spews, when in your very own CoC it states that posts need to remain on topic, and his never do.

    2. Nested replies, please add this – your sister sites like HardBallTalk already have this.

    3. Hide/block users – allow me to ignore people I really don’t care to hear about anymore.

  273. Keep the comments and permit the reader, fan, and a member of the community to voice their opinion and concern for any subject.

    BY removing comments, your pulling the strings on what is relevant and note worthy subject matter to be viewed. Allow the person to read, receive and give education, that helps a society grow.

    I respect the site, and what you have accomplished, but also respect the people that support and give their time to it.

  274. A question on the poll though.

    If you are already currently dumping comments, how are we to know that you are not fabricating the poll also? There is that much disparity in those wanting to dump, versus keep comments?

    On most subjects, there is intelligent rebuttals that keep the NFL spirit and fan base alive. It’s what drives the fan. If you’re just a fan of the sport, you’re not on the site anyway. You simply go into work on Monday, sit by the water cooler, and marvel at how intelligent fans truly know the games in and outs.

    Maybe it should become just a posting board for PFT, with no comments permitted. It seems that is all that’s wanted anyway.

  275. I have been here (under various screen names) since the start of PFT.

    Profootballtalk was always special to me because of the TALK, as in CONVERSATION — a “conversation” is not a monologue, it involves more than one voice. That, and the informal, unpretentious quality of the site, was always what set it apart. Having Florio and other writers
    interacting directly with the readers made it special.

    But now? If you get rid of the readers’ voices, you will put the final nail in the coffin of this site, at least as far as I’m concerned. You will lose this long, long, looongtime reader.

    As it stands, PFT is already laying in a coffin as a result of its comment “approval” policy — as many others have said, there is NO rhyme or reason as to what gets censored and what doesn’t. That’s outrageous — is there some kind of secret “PFT Mission Statement” our comments must always align with? Or is it only the authors’ own opinion? Or worse, is some pimply-faced insecure punk intern playing god with our comments, deciding which ones live, or die?

    I’ve spent (wasted) so much time composing inspired, thoughtful, topical, researched, appropriate posts – only to have them indiscriminately wiped away. Do you have any idea how frustrating and infuriating that is?

    Imagine if an editor/NBC did to that to YOU when you submitted an opinion piece? POOF! Gone, just like that – no reason given, ever.

    Coinicidentally, that pyschotic, haphazard censoring/deleting of your readers’ comments began RIGHT after the NBC sell-out (I predicted this site would go down hill with the corporate purchase – but that’s a separate issue)

    Still, weird how that worked, huh? My guess is you caved to some pressure from some corporate suit who didn’t like people making ‘purple helmet’ jokes about the Vikings, or whatever.

    I always believed this site was at its absolute best — its smartest, most creative, most fun, spirited, informative and groundbreaking, in its original format, when readers could comment freely, and be themselves. This site was a rare bright spot of fun and information and wit amid a sea of boring, repetitive, predictable, ‘safe’ (conventional) sports sites.

    Now it seems you want to keep moving yourself in the WRONG direction. Just stop it. Please, before you do any more damage.

    TRUE “Profootballtalk” runs the gamut — it was what we had in the ORIGINAL format. It involved/involves truly a spectrum that includes truly intelligent insights, passion, knowledge, ignorance, humor, crudity, “oh snaps”, provocation, personality, rivalry, respect, intrigue, obsession, insanity, foresight, boldness, courage, delusion, and you-name-it.

    You can’t “moderate” that….you can’t whitewash the variety of public opinion and filter and screen and censor it and sanitize it and “control” it. You leave it alone…and if something is TRULY over the top by a reasonable standard(graphic/sexual/violent/spam), then okay, use a report/delete or warn or ban system.

    Otherwise, let us be free to “TALK” about Profootball, the way we used to – Please.

    Thank you.

  276. I come here for the comments as much as the articles.

    People are complaining about comments being deleted because that is a huge problem with this site.

    There are either rogue moderators or technical problems with comments that have been going on for years and have caused me to stop visiting this site for months at a time.

    I’ll count how many times I have to post this same comment before it isn’t deleted. This is attempt #3.

  277. Florioops only wants to stop the comment section so he can have continuous, un-argued and unimpeded opinions. It’s a straight cowards question. No mention of suggestions to improve the comment section, only talks about ending it. He wants to ramble on with no consequences.

  278. It’s your website you can do what you want.

    But keep in mind that it was the folks willing to invest their eyeballs and time to place you on the national map. The entire idea of dropping the comments means you think you don’t need our time and eyeballs anymore. You provide information, but there are others.

    Yes, folks who write here are a pain. Children without their daily fix of junk food and TV. But one thing I never do in my own venture is never think the customers will love me forever, especially if I imply that I’m too important for them.

    Maybe that is something you want to consider as well. Perhaps your fat new contract with NBC means you don’t want to deal with the “little people” anymore?

  279. That is the problem with NBC. They have forgotten that America was built on freedom of speech and have to ask.

    Red Star will always be the mouth pc for socialist movement in America. The problem I have it’s a good football information and always worth the click. What to do”……………

  280. If you are going to continually let the 12year old Viking fans on here that are on EVERY single Packer page talking about fat,retarded,inbred Wisconsin people or Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are gay BS. ,then by all means do away with them. I am a Bear fan living in northern Wisconsin and I find it utterly disgusting that you allow those children to post the crap they do. I want to read about FOOTBALL,not about Wisconsin people and their fans,who I find,while some can be annoying,they are all good peeps…The Minnesota children need to take a long look in the mirror when they start going off on their juvenile rankings and ravings. There are a few Packer fans on here too we can do without who I assume are children,judging by their comments as well. Some of the remarks are so hateful it scares me that kids think this way and what’s even scarier is..what if they are not kids? Maybe bill people like online newspapers do,perhaps that will weed out the children? I don t s supposed to be Pro Football Talk..leave it at that or do away with them.

  281. I find the comments on here to be more entertaining than the storys a lot of the time. Sure there are some dumb ones but for the most part its fun to read and react. If there were no comments I would just get my news from somewhere else.

  282. Dump them. You only keep the ones you like anyways. Just like you only post blog’s on opinions you like. That is why you will never be more than a blogger. Your just a wannabe writer but I’m sure that’s irrelevant to you so nobody will ever see this but you.

  283. Most of my comments get deleted anyway, so it’s hard to care if they stay or not. The last year or so I’ve written hardly anything.

    It’s amazing to read through these comments & see that’s epidemic among so many other readers. I had no idea!

    Overall, I think comments should stay. It’s a cool feature and some of the writers are every bit the equal of the PFT guys. But unless the screening system is fixed, what’s the point?

    Maybe lousy screening WAS the point…

  284. Keep them…it helps make the site even better than it is. Plus, it is funny when Michael David Smith starts yelling at someone with his bolded font screen name.

  285. I have to echo what many other have said. I have never done anything remotely resembling trolling, my comments are always post relevant yet about a third of the time, they are deleted and the only reason I can think of is that a few of them are somewhat “longwinded” but completely in track with the actual news. Then I see logicalvoice or benroethlisberger7 or any other troll who posts on topics not even pertaining to their team, pure trolling, and yet there the comments are, in EVERY topic. Here is your solution, delete the trolls’ posts! It seems as though that never happens because they somehow are present in EVERY topic, except this one it would seem, ironically enough.

  286. From the article, it seems you’re having more problems with moderation than the comments themselves. And the responses make obvious the problem is moderation. That problem can be easily solved without eliminating the comments—and a large portion of your return page clicks. While only a small percentage of readers comment, many return to read the comments.

    First, allow comments to post as they’re received (which is how they’re handled on your sister site CFT). This frees your moderators from having to read every submission and eliminates the current problem of intelligent football comments being deleted while semi-literate junior-high troll quips remain. It also lets people post 24/7 without having to wait hours for their comments to appear, allowing for real-time discussion. You can set WordPress to block Carlin’s seven dirty words—or any other language you find objectionable—to ensure posts containing that content won’t get through. Then your moderators can review any post submitted as offensive through the “report comment” feature. They can remove the comments your audience finds offensive and ban any egregious offenders. Of course, you have to be willing to let commenters criticize your articles. But you had a thick skin before NBC started censoring everything that disagreed with the writers, so I’m sure you can take it.

    As for those who don’t like comments at all … well, they’re free to read the article scroll without clicking on the comment link.

  287. So whats the decision, comments, no comments?
    There’s 404 published comments on this, I sent 3 and one got through, I commented on someone’s comment that got through and now this one – 5 total. So you probably got some 2000 comments on this to help figure it out. I gotta say though, for those of us that enjoy the comments as they are we should probably give some credit to the moderation as we really have no idea of the crap we don’t see. I think if everything got through, it could be scary. Sure some legit dissenting comments may not get through but for the most part you can find some entertainment value in the ones that do get in. So what’s PFT-HQ thinking on this?

  288. If comments are gone there may be an epidemic! Losers on here live to post and consider themselves “Regs” that is all they have in life!

  289. Hey what’s with you guys? You ask about the comments, then delete my post! LOL! What do you have against an intelligent opinion?

    Thats the only thing about these comments that doesn’t work for me is you guys deleting appropriate and good commenting.

    Why can’t you just set up a software filter that automates the whats allowed and that would probably instantly filter out 50% of the stuff, then you guys would have less to manage. Then post the rules somewhere so we can all be on the same page & comply creating some consistency here? No one could whine then.

    Then let it be! I really don’t see why you guys have to micro-manage this so much.

    Stop deleting the engaging stuff. This is a place where I want to get some of my football hi-jinx from and the articles alone don’t cut it!

    Without commenting I have no use for this site except to relegate it to the rest of my all similar quick link football stories websites to surf through quickly.

    This site is a bit more personalized & community oriented site than say other sites that use generic facebook integration. If you stop comments you loose that.

    It will be interesting to see if you post this?

  290. No way you dump the comments and have this site as it is, or as it’s become.

    Then this site is either a glorified newswire service, and comnination of a blog with some guys opinions (Redskins name change, anyone?), which there are hundreds of to read on the web.

    Given that this is an NBC affiliated site, and your role on TV MF is to present news, not opinions, I can see it being a change the wrong way.

    Only been here a few years and don’t visit any other NFL sites, and would like to keep it that way…for yes the hard news, but also the quiry stuff, and then the responses that sometimes outshine the story…fun, like it should be.

    I think the comments should allow replies, like HBT as opposed to the other way.

    The direction the site goes, and the stories that are selected, in part, have to be due to the response from the readership, for better or worse. Once you stop giving that voice (outside of the bother of people writing emails) those influences that make this site unique, are gone.

  291. Your business is page views Mike. I suspect much of your traffic is generated by those who make multiple visits to post and follow-up on the comments section. You won’t hit 6,66 again without comments.

    But, if you delete them, at least add a discussion board.

  292. Please keep the comment section.

    I spend more time reading comments than reading articles, as i suppose most people do.

    If you can’t get to the site hourly or daily its easy to check the most commented articles to see what important crap was missed,

    facebook = more people don’t use this tool than people think. Totally useless

    How else would the masses know how ridiculous commenters like ‘ravenator’ are without comments…

  293. Keep the comments and keep them anonymous. I’m sure you can find plenty of 20 somethings trying to get their social media degrees that would love to put your website on their resumes. Just set a fair code of conduct policy and give your interns the power to ban people. Most of the reason I visit this site is for the comment, I can get my football news from a Google news search no problem, I come here for the comments.

  294. When you asked what you should change when you sold your soul to NBC Florio I suggested you leave things the way they were. It’s what got you here…

  295. The comments are part of the entertainment value of the website. If you dump them, you are really lessening your product. So I would vote to keep them.

    If moderating is too big of a drain on resources, then I agree with the above post, find a way to link it to facebook or something and then ratchet it up a notch by banning folks for one offense.

    The other thing is, if someone doesn’t like comments, then they can simply not read them. But for those of us who do like comments, then there is no way for us to get them back if removed.

    I think even though many folks don’t comment, lots like to read the comments for their entertainment value…I would keep them.

  296. I may be a little late to the party, but I am highly in favor of keeping the comments. I, myself, tend to comment in spurts and then disappear. I do enjoy reading the comments, and I’ll just scroll past the pointless ones. The solution is not to get rid of the comments. For those who don’t like them, simply don’t read them. There doesn’t need to be a nanny for those who enjoy them. Sure, there’s asinine and controversial comments from time to time. But it’s the internet, what is one to expect from such an open forum? Keep the comments, PFT, and don’t make it a Facebook only comments section. Only because of those who don’t have an account, myself included.

  297. The comments section is useless and needs to go away forever. I guess it has some value, whenever a friend is having self esteem issues, I direct them here, tell them to click on any story and read the comments for about ten minutes. Anyone should feel better about themselves after a dose of that. The comments are what is keeping PFT from being considered a legitimate source of information instead of football’s version of a tabloid. Responsible adults avoid this site because of it’s reputation. A forum separate from the actual columns where people could blurt their inane thoughts would be fine and give readers a better choice.

  298. Hey davidtrout you are on here. You must find this site legitimate. FYI have you ever seen the message boards on Espn? Your local paper? Almost every website ever? Your comments show you don’t have a clue. Geez.

    By the way, PFT IS a legit source of info. SMH

  299. If you remove the comments where will the “online brave” people be able to bully people. They will have to go outside and talk to people!

  300. How nice. It’s an appreciation thread.

  301. I say keep the comments, if you ditch them people will just go to another site.

    Also, I know this will get a million downvotes, but you could put the comments behind a one time pay wall ($5 to $10), and then ban people who are repeated morons or those who break the TOS. I am a member of sites that do this and it helps a ton.

    Other than that:

    – Allow hiding of users you don’t like.

    – Get better moderation, nothing is worse than putting together a decent, long post and then having it axed because it disagrees with the article or makes the writer look bad.

  302. Rather than eliminating comments, how about doing away with your Tebow obsession and pushing your social agenda via this site with your nonstop postings of gay marriage and the Redskins’ supposed awful nickname. Save every football fan of your opinions and stick to football news.

  303. Please keep comments if you do take them off this site wont be anything special. As many have already I like to read the post and the comments. Plus if you get rid of the comments you will lose more ppl then gain and will have to put the comments back in to get them back. Why go backwards when you could go forwards. (ex. watch Packer LBs tackling AP) Good luck to what ever you go with but this is one person that will be looking at site much less if we have no funny comments to read.

  304. The comments are more insightful than some of the articles on here, and definitely more entertaining. I do think it is funny that no matter what comment I make it seems to get deleted, no matter how inoffensive it is, yet certain trolls on here post offensive things all day long and they never get deleted. I always wondered about that. I do not cuss or say rude things in these comments, just simply voice my opinion like the section asks for. I say keep the comments and regulate them with a better system that makes people accountable for being a troll. Use the facebook linked comments and have a 3 strike system with a clearly defined rules of the comments page. I enjoy the articles on here, but I also highly enjoy the opinions of other fans from around the world, despite the fact that some of those opinions are ledd than classy.

  305. the problem with this site and comments is that when the writer feels out smarted or something like that they delete comment, i have yet to say anything dumb (unless it was a joke) or inappropriate to say the least and always have my comments deleted as if i said something bad when i didnt, its you guys who keep deleting what you dont like and keep what you do its messed up and needs to stop, all other comments should be deleted, i am a jets fan and when i post something like keep revis and rid of the players who say there are good like bart scott(which i have said and got deleted) im a suffering fan of this team if i wanna say release bart which they did why delete my comments? writers here love double standers they can put stupid things up all the time you make one good smart remark they couldnt think of it gets deleted. tisk tisk tisk

  306. example i just wrote here
    Bills say Kolb doesn’t make them less likely to draft a quarterback
    and i worte
    to think there was a time and debate to see who was a great qb between him and vick answer………………. tebow lol
    next comment saying
    notice the lol cause it was a joke i know alot of people here will twist your words and try to attack for no good reason just laugh and move on it was funny
    now what was wrong there they kept the second comment but deleted the first why? people reading this wont know what im talking about it was a joke i even wrote its a joke nothing wrong with what in said your writers just play favorites.

  307. Deb says:Apr 7, 2013 6:32 PM

    It is absurd to ask people to comment on comments, then censor what they say.

  308. The informative, subjective, well thought out comments are great….it is the mindless comments that some seem to think are funny that I personally can do w/o.

  309. I would look at the bright side, you have an interesting view a lot of other analysts have, that is the inside view of the dedicated football fan by region a lot of the time. Most users have a username based on their affiliated team or post on only certain topics etc.

    Use this data to better analyze the game by relating best to each teams regional fan base. Just a thought. Could be a lot of work so you may want to pass this off on a unpaid intern.

  310. My comment to this thread is rather late, because I don’t read PFT as much as I used to.

    The reason I don’t read PFT as much as I used to is because too many comments that I’ve spent more than a minute thinking about and writing have been deleted for no reason I can tell.

    I’ve emailed and asked why certain comments were deleted, and got no response whatsoever.

    I like to be able to comment. And for the most part I think my comments have been thoughtful, humorous, or both.

    It would be nice to have some guidelines maybe. I hate spending 10 minutes writing a thoughtful response only to have it disappear. If anything, it has made me more inclined to write quick and flippant comments only, if anything at all.

    I know I’ve commented a lot less as a result.

    And like many others above, I am flummoxed by how my comments get deleted, but so many others make it through.

    My favorite blog, The Dish, doesn’t allow for comments. But Andrew Sullivan will share select feedback that is emailed to him, and he has shared mine. I don’t think such gatekeeping is desirable here.

    Already I have spent too much time thinking about and writing this comment. Hope it isn’t deleted this time.

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