Tom Brady, Danny Amendola working out together at USC

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t wasting any time trying to build a relationship with his newest slot receiver.

Brady and receiver Danny Amendola were on the campus of the University of Southern California on Tuesday working out according to USC Athletics official twitter account. It’s a normal part of Brady’s offseason routine to work out in Los Angeles.

Brady’s chemistry with Wes Welker was one of the biggest reason the two had so much success together during their time together in New England. The Patriots offense includes many “option” routes for their receivers where the route they run changes based on the coverage both Brady and the receiver see from the defense. Brady and Welker had an uncanny sense to see the same thing and know exactly how the other would react to what they were seeing.

Amendola will have a long way to go to get to that level of comfort with Brady. When healthy, Amendola has been a very productive player during his first four seasons with the St. Louis Rams. Amendola caught 63 passes for 666 yards for the Rams last season.

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  1. Gee, how rare for a quarterback to do such a thing. That is why Tom is the best… I will bet Peyton Manning hasn’t worked out with Welker yet, and is waiting for training camp.

  2. That’s an interesting number of receiving yards Amendola had last season, considering who is coach is and all…

  3. I hope he can stay healthy, Amendola has an added dimension of game breaking ability that seperates him from Welker and can also work the chains that could be an upgrade if he can stay committed to mastering an offense he has already ran with JMD and keeps working with Brady he will be electric.

    Hope TB is also force feeding him 5 gallons of milk after practice to strengthen those bones. Or to avoid dairy poisoning, sneaking a calcium IV in his arm while he sleeps.

  4. Amendola’s stats before the Patriots:

    196 Rec 1726 Yards 7 TDs in 42 Games

    Welker’s stats before the Patriots:

    96 Rec 1121 Yards 1 TD in 47 Games

  5. Looking forward to see what Amendola can do with a QB who won’t hang him out over the middle?

    The Patriots are going to roll out a new look on Offense this season. Amendola if healthy is in for a Pro Bowl season catching passes from TB.

  6. Sorry armpits but I watched every game. Bradford did not “hang Danny out over the middle”, he usually got hurt during RAC yards. Brady is a lot less accurate than Bradford so Danny will struggle or get hurt soon for sure.

  7. Danny Amendola entered the offseason saying his “number one plan” was to stay with the Rams.

    But he said the Rams’ offer paled in comparison to what he ultimately received from the Patriots — $28.5 million over five years – as well as offers he received from other teams.

    “I had three or four head-and-shoulders opportunities that were far outweighing what the Rams had offered, but I understand that it’s a business,” Amendola said on ESPN 101 in St. Louis, via “I understand that they have numbers. They value me as they will. And it turned out that other teams valued me a little higher and so that’s the way it goes.”

    Wes Welker’s replacement in New England, Amendola said he’s hoping to catch passes from Tom Brady soon.

    “I’ve talked with Tom a couple times,” said Amendola, 27. “We’re just trying to get some scheduling down, when we wanna get together and throw here, starting probably next week and then go from there. … I’m ready to get working with him.”

    The Rams essentially replaced Amendola with tight end Jared Cook, signing him to a five year, $35.1 million deal that includes $19 million guaranteed. Cook will line up in the slot where Amendola usually did.

    Amendola caught 85 balls in 2010, but injuries limited him to 12 games over the past two seasons.

  8. Loving all the Amendola haters! What you fail to realize is that the Pats don’t need him to catch 100. Great o line = great ground game = wide open tight ends(

  9. jimmyt says:Apr 3, 2013 8:50 AM

    Sorry armpits but I watched every game. Bradford did not “hang Danny out over the middle”, he usually got hurt during RAC yards. Brady is a lot less accurate than Bradford so Danny will struggle or get hurt soon for sure.

    its amazing to me that someone could actually make this comment. what is more bewildering to think is that jimmyt actually believes it.

    “a lot less accurate”? last year Brady completed 63% of his passes and Bradford completed 59.5%

    go figure…back to Arithmetic 101 for you jimmyt

  10. jimmyd,

    Brady is a lot less accurate than Bradford ?

    You have lost all credibility based on your ill informed statement.

  11. jimmyt says: Apr 3, 2013 8:50 AM

    Sorry armpits but I watched every game. Bradford did not “hang Danny out over the middle”, he usually got hurt during RAC yards. Brady is a lot less accurate than Bradford so Danny will struggle or get hurt soon for sure.

    TB comp % last season 63.0%
    Bradford comp% season 59.5

    TB career % 63.7
    Bradford career % 58.3

    So NO “Brady is NOT less accurate.
    Maybe you better “watch” every game a little closer!

  12. They were discussing WW vs Amendola on NFLAM and Eric Davis commented that WW might get his bell rung more in Den because TB doesn’t lead his WRs into danger as much as PM does. Something to keep watch on for sure.

  13. terripet says:Apr 3, 2013 7:48 AM

    Brady’s days are behind him. The Pats will not win a super bowl with him at qb


    Is Brady a still a top tier QB? He has the stats, he has the wins. Check. He is a top tier QB.

    Can any top tier QB win a Super Bowl provided the team around them is good enough? Well Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson won Super Bowls. That means you don’t even have to be a top tier QB to win a Superbowl. So the answer is yes.

    Therefore, as long as the team is talented enough around him, he can win another Super Bowl. There are question marks on the Patriots defense, so to me, that is the key to them winning again. If their D gets back to top 5 in the league they can win easily.

  14. I don’t know whether or not Manning has contacted WW to start working out together – but if he hasn’t he’s a fool.

    If Denver doesn’t win it this year that’s it because Manning is damaged goods and the older you get the harder it is to recover from those big hits.

  15. You gotta love the “logic” of the haters – asserting the Patriots “cheated” in their Super Bowl run of 2001-2004… because they violated a 2006 rule in 2007

    I guess that means that any and every rule change negates the validity of previous Super Bowls in their minds?

    Or maybe they’re just jealous because no team has won more games in the last decade than the Patriots?

    As far as Amendola, no one expects – or necessarily even wants – Amendola to replicate the 112 catches of Welker.

    The Patriots would have a much stronger offense by spreading the ball more, rather than see Brady target one receiver so often.

    That’s great for fantasy football, but the game is on the line, the fact that DCs know exactly where the ball is going winds up being a shortcoming.

    It will be interesting to see teams try to defend against a potential 3 TE set of Gronkowski, Hernandez and Ballard. That certainly lessens the loss of Welker in the middle as well.

  16. read the book on the patriots cheating scandal, it was way more involved than your simplistic revisionist history.

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