Two concussion plaintiffs have signed since suing

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Former Dolphins quarterback Pat White wisely dismissed his concussion lawsuit (actually, he filed two of them) before returning to the NFL, signing with the Redskins.  But maybe he didn’t need to do that.  After all, two other players made comebacks without scrapping their own lawsuits against the league.

A league source advises that former Jaguars, Rams, and Falcons center Brett Romberg, a plaintiff in one of the original concussion lawsuits filed in July 2011, re-signed with the Falcons the following month, after a year out of football.

Cut in early September 2011, Romberg again re-signed with the Falcons later that month, remaining with the team for the balance of the year and appearing in two games.

We’ve also confirmed, as first reported by Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times, that defensive end Patrick Chukwurah signed with the Seahawks last season after filing suit for concussions suffered earlier in his career.

While not binding on the many other former players who have sued, this dynamic supports the notion that plenty of the concussion plaintiffs view the litigation as a lawyer-driven strategy for finagling a little extra money from a former employer, and that many of the players would welcome the chance to make more money playing football despite the brain damage they’ve supposedly sustained.

As Ross Tucker aptly put it earlier today on Twitter, “Pat White situation makes me wonder how many guys on concussion lawsuit would bail if a team offered them contract?”  We know Pat White would, because Pat White did.  Despite allegedly permanent injuries, White was perfectly fine when he had to be.

Even though that’s only one out of 4,000 plaintiffs, it does far more damage to the concussion lawsuits than any permanent harm White ever suffered in the NFL.

Especially since we now know that he actually suffered none.

38 responses to “Two concussion plaintiffs have signed since suing

  1. The whole thing is a farce and a money grab. The only real winners will be the lawyers.

  2. I remember the hit pat white took with the dolphins, he should have gotten two concussions. There should be a rule against children playing against grown men.

  3. What a fraud! Now I wonder how legit any of these claims were to begin with.

  4. Out of the 4000 plaintiffs, if they are asked under oath and spoke truthfully, how many would admit they would play tomorrow if given the chance?

  5. I’m not sure I understand how Pat White had a concussion lawsuit? He played like 3 snaps before the Dolphins cut him.

  6. They’re not all frauds…there’s some guys that are in really bad shape…and shame on the NFL for not making sure they’ve been taken care of.

    But…if I may slip into an Alan Iverson persona for a moment:

    There’s KICKERS on the list…I’m talkin’ ’bout KICKERS, man.

  7. The lawyers will be the only ones to win in this farce.
    The players will get peanuts, IF they actually win a judgement.

  8. How many billions have to be won to make it worth while for the former players after the lawyers take their majority? How this lawsuit got this far boggles the mind. Nobody including doctors knew the damage of concussions a mere 10 years ago, but the nfl knew the results before medical professionals. Of the 4000 names I know a few are punters and kickers. Heres what happened. Lawyer calls former player, says if you sign your name here you might get a couple grand. Sure, why not. The NFL isnt ruining the game. Lawyers and former players are.

  9. In the CBA, the NFL should have required a league-wide agreement that football is an inherently violent sport, and therefore, there should be no litigation after the fact. Everyone is always looking to steal a dollar from someone else: the main downside of capitalism.

  10. Also, don’t be surprised when Pat White reinstates his place in the lawsuit, right after he gets cut this upcoming preseason.

  11. No shame whatsoever. I would be embarrassed to even face anyone. Screw these teams who are signing these clowns. It’s guys like this who are destroying the game and turning into flag football.

  12. Isn’t the premise of the lawsuits that the NFL withheld information concerning the dangers? Aside from the players having knowledge via NFLPA representation, wouldn’t signing a NEW contract void that argument completely? It does not make sense save for the MONEY GRAB explanation.

  13. Maybe the seemingly conflicting actions of White, Romberg and Chukwurah are the result of the head trauma caused by concussions??? [roll eyes] That’s their argument if/when they are out of the NFL for good and decide to proceed with the lawsuit.

  14. The players and the league should set up a fund for research and the treatment of former players suffering from head trauma. The addition of the players and a statement by both the owners and players acknowledging the inherent risk involved in football would go a long way towards the dismissal of this litigation. The players have a stake in the future of the league and these lawsuits are the greatest long term threat to the NFL.

  15. little Pat White is a legend. Did you know that in his epic NFL career he has attempted a total of 5 passes – all for incompletions. He swears to this day that IF he could have seen over his offensive line, that he was pretty sure that they were open, and that even tho they were wobbly and thrown up a proverbial hill as it were, they should have caught them.

  16. The other day my 29-year-old son misplaced his car keys. My immediate instinct was to file a lawsuit against my school district for not warning me that my son may suffer memory loss from having played scholastic football.
    Don’t laugh.
    Just a matter of time before the above scenario becomes a reality.

  17. The fact that they signed on again only goes to show how bad their concussions must have been. They don’t even remember them.

  18. Pat White sucks, keep suing that’s the only way he would get anywhere. Playing baseball didn’t work either, so where to next???? Go and get a “real” job.

  19. Pat White didn’t suffer any concussions’ with the Dolphins. He wasn’t on the field, at all. He sucked, so what is this all about??? Another player trying to get something out of nothing. Anyone who picks him up is crazy. He needs to go and get a “real” job because he wouldn’t help anyone.

  20. These guys are idiots, you blame the game and how people are handling concussions for your injuries. So of course the smart thing to do is go right back and play right??

  21. YES!! It all makes sense now. 4,000+ guys colluded to sue the NFL for an issue that was clearly not backpedaled or mishandled (in its best light) by Roger and “the cartel”. Two guys who I’m sure were the first two disingenuous people to ever join a class action lawsuit. These players haven’t been vetted yet and I’m sure there are more than two who aren’t the true spirit of the litigation (again, in its best light). But some of the comments and the attitude of the article strike me as doing a terrible disservice to the Junior Seau’s, Dave Duersons and Mike Websters. That is to say those specific formers players as well as the future ones we’ll come to know in the next few decades.

  22. jcampol says:
    Apr 3, 2013 8:58 PM
    I’m not sure I understand how Pat White had a concussion lawsuit? He played like 3 snaps before the Dolphins cut him.

    Cause pat white got leveled and got a real bad concussion.

  23. geetee52 says:Apr 3, 2013 9:03 PM

    They’re not all frauds…there’s some guys that are in really bad shape…and shame on the NFL for not making sure they’ve been taken care of.

    Shame on the NFLPA for not taking care of its members. These players have paid dues to this organization their whole playing careers. Where’s the money going to? Hats?

  24. The difference is now they’re making a fully informed decision to take the risk of playing. Before, the NFL was concealing information critical to the decision. It can certainly be argued that the NFL’s concealment didn’t cause any harm because all players would have continued to play even if they had been fully informed, but that doesn’t mean the NFL’s actions weren’t wrongful.

  25. Pulling out of the lawsuit may have done more damage to the other players than it does to Pat White. Having a player dismiss himself from the concussion lawsuit in order to go back to playing makes it look like that player and possibly others are lying, just to jump on the money-train instead of actually having problems from playing the sport.

    I do believe the NFL will eventually settle out of court, but not for the amount of money that these players are expecting to receive.

  26. Here’s an idea… the NFL should make every player sign a legal waiver saying “play at your own risk, if you suffer injuries you knew the risks and can’t sue us”. NFL football is a contact sport and can be dangerous, yes there are risks involved. Many people are seriously injured or killed in nascar and indy car racing, other “extreme” sports or even boxing. I’m sure they have to sign some sort of legal waiver clearing them from suing… am I wrong? So, why not do the same thing in the NFL? The player won’t sign it, then you can’t play… go do something else for a living.

  27. what a clown. he joined a lawsuit thinkink he wouldnt get nfl money and then got hired and recanted his lawsuit? amazing, shows the kind of person he is

    and im amazed why he was even able 2 join the lawsuit..with all the lawyers RUNNING the nfl youd think the first thing they would do is make every person sign a waive saying IDC how you get hurt or what happens to any part of your body, if u get hurt, its on you.

  28. This should be treated the same as disability fraud or insurance fraud. Rich salaried peoples version of welfare fraud.

  29. You ever stop to think that it’s possible that Pat White did sustain injuries, but values that contract more than a potential settlement? I know how lawyers look at it, but the truth is usually somewhere in between.

  30. As I remember when I signed up to play pee wee football my parents had to show we have medical coverage and had to sign a release so I could play this happened every year all the way though high school. This was because I was still underage when I turned 18 I signed my own release these 4000+ players know the dangers we all have them at our jobs any job Its called OCCPATIONAL HAZARAD. The NFL should have a independent Dr. check each of these guys out and let it be known before hand an fraud will be prosecuted. That 4000 number probably would drop.

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