Arians: I don’t see a quarterback the Cardinals would take at No. 7

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians says acquiring quarterback Carson Palmer doesn’t make the Cardinals any less likely to use their first-round draft pick on a quarterback. Because they were never going to use their first-round draft pick on a quarterback anyway.

Asked on FOX Sports Daybreak how the Cardinals’ draft plans have changed since acquiring Palmer, Arians answered, “They really haven’t.”

Arians said he simply doesn’t think there’s a quarterback in this draft who’s good enough for the Cardinals to take him with their first-round pick, No. 7 overall.

“We were going to take the best player available at that position, at No. 7, whether it be a tackle, pass rusher, corner, or quarterback,” Arians said. “Right now I don’t see a quarterback in this class coming up that would have been in that spot for us. Now, it might be for somebody else, but not for us. Especially with the elite offensive linemen that are out there this year, and defensive linemen.”

So while Arians may be interested in taking a look at USC quarterback Matt Barkley, he’s not interested in using the No. 7 overall pick on Barkley. Or any other passer.

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  1. The Cardinals should start an American Idol type of show, only for quarterbacks. They are beyond desperate at this point.

  2. I wouldn’t take any QB in this draft until the 4th Round. Arians could be throwing up a smokescreen though and then he will seem stupid later on if he did draft a QB.

  3. Somebody should tell Arians that you shouldn’t use the phrase “best player available at that position” when you are actually referring to your draft position and not a football position. Especially when it’s in reference to whether or not you might go after a specific position (of the football type). If Arians wants to try and act like a good coach, then he should drop the sloppy double-speak. That’s not how you enlighten the minds of others, that’s how you frighten them away. Arians running his mouth to say unintelligent things is starting to become a trend and I’m very nervous for the Cardinals. I’m betting against them finding great success. Unless you consider having the top pick to draft Manziel as a form of success.

  4. Wouldn’t it be smarter to scare the teams that draft after the Cardinals into thinking they’re considering taking a qb so that they have a potential partner if they want to trade down to accumulate some picks? A team that’s desperate for a qb.
    The Bills or Jets may be willing to give up quite a bit if Smith or Barkley is available at 7, as the Browns did to make sure that they would get Richardson.
    Either Arians is creating a brilliant smokescreen to convince teams that this qb class is terrible or he should keep quiet until after the draft.

  5. Translated, Geno Smith will be a Cardinal if he is available at 7.
    I’m thinking if the Raiders take Smith then Flynn is another back up make a ton of money on the bench and Pryor sits at third base again.

  6. Whether or not he winds up a draft bust is 100% dependent upon how he’s handled. Moreso than any other pick IMO.

    Good instincts, and athletic ability, but if you watch his FILM you can see how much he struggles against any decent college linemen.

  7. Arians looks more and more like George Wendt every time I see him.

    ravenator – Goerge Wendt is Norm from the popular TV sitcom, Cheers. Oh sorry, sitcom means funny show.

  8. Because, well, every coach and gm says nothing but the truth this time of year. It’s almost like he wants to telegraph that he is absolutely taking a QB at 7.

  9. and is just me or Does Carson Palmer continue to look younger every year? he looked all rugged in Cincy, but its like hes taking anti-aging suplements and getting facial work done…. he looks like hes 28 in that pic with Bruce

  10. Translation: With the pathetic OL the Cardinals had last season, we will probably be taking an offensive lineman, preferably a LT, if one is available and some team doesn’t trade ahead of us to get him.

  11. they should draft every O lineman available….or else it wont matter who is back there…especially in the NFC West where front 7s dominate pretty much every game.

  12. This signing makes a lot of sense. An old, immobile QB with bad wheels, playing behind the worst O-Line in the NFL (apologies to the Bears). Kolb was not great in Arizona, I’ll admit, but anyone here see the beatings he took behind that line? 57 sacks in 16 games, and the injuries to show for it, is no joke. Say what you will about Kolb’s talent level, he is a tough guy with a decent arm and mobility, and he had no shot at succeeding or staying healthy there. How long does Palmer figure to stay upright with that bunch?

  13. haha me thinks the cardinals protest too much, they clearly dont want the bills to trade in front of them to draft smith otherwise they wouldn’t talk so much about how they rate guys in the draft, unless it’s a really clever double bluff and they really don’t like smith enough to draft him 7th but i doubt it

  14. Cards would love to trade down, methinks. This lets teams know they can call the Cards and get that #7 pick to get a QB before Buffalo is on the clock, if any team is so inclined.

  15. Ok now addressing what I’m hearing in regards to the Cardinals are BPA in rd one there are gonna draft most likely on the line at 7. Tackle or guard. Every recent mock I have seen has been one of two players Lane Johnson or Chance Warmack. I read yesterday the Miami really likes Johnson and may try to move up to get him.Johnson may have alot of upside but with a lot of risk if you ask me. The safer pick is Warmack.
    I can see Arizona trading back with Miami a couple spots if Miami wants Johnson and AZ still coming out of the draft with Warmack a couple spots back and gain an extra pick.
    If its not Lane Johnson for AZ at 7 then Warmack a couple picks later and another pick Miami gives AZ a nice linemen and an additional pick from Miami.
    AZ could simply draft Johnson themselves and a guard like Worford in rd 2.
    It’s hard to see what exactly a team will do cause in the first couple rd’s it is BPA. However every team has positions of need. Az needs are OL OLB S RB CB

  16. Cardinals need offensive linemen … this year’s draft has “elite linemen” … yes its a smoke screen.
    Geno Geno Geno … give me I break! He has fumbled 32 times in college … does that sound like a top 10 pick? Ask the Giants David Wilson what happens when you fumble just once in the big leagues.

  17. This is going to be fun this season, teaching Arians, that he’s in the NFC West now, not the AFC, and not the Pop Warner league. He’s going to be praying for non-divisional games.

  18. He just meant that right at that second he couldn’t see a QB. There weren’t any in the room.

  19. I said it before, the Cardinals sent nobody to see Geno on his pro day and have scheduled no visits since. I don’t see why people are still banging this drum of a 1st round quarterback choice. Get over yourselves and face the truth.

    If Glennon is there in the 2nd, he’s the only one I can see they would take until later in the draft.

  20. Arians: I don’t see a quarterback the Cardinals would take at No. 7

    In other words, they’re thinking about drafting a quarterback in the 1st round.

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