Brendon Ayanbadejo believes gay rights activism played factor in release from Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens have had to part ways with many veteran players this offseason.

Linebacker Ray Lewis and center Matt Birk retired. Safety Ed Reed, linebacker Paul Kruger and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe signed with new teams. Safety Bernard Pollard was released as well.

The Ravens also made a decision to release linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo on Wednesday. The moves have been necessitated by the new contract given to quarterback Joe Flacco and trying to get their financial commitments under the salary cap.

However, Ayanbadejo thinks the reason for his release may not be that simple. Ayanbadejo and Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe have been incredibly outspoken supporters of gay rights. According to Tom Rock of Newsday, Ayanbadejo believes his activism for gay rights also was a factor in the team’s decision to release him.

“I was a vocal guy and garnered a lot of attention,” Ayanbadejo said. “I brought a lot of issues with me to the Super Bowl and the issues came up at the Super Bowl. …My bark is louder than my bite. I make a lot of noise and garner a lot of attention for various things off the football field. When that starts happening, why do you have that player around?”

Ayanbadejo admitted that his play has fallen off in recent seasons and that the Ravens could find a player at a lesser salary to fill his role. But that doesn’t stop him from believing there was more to the decision than that.

“I don’t necessarily think that teams want this type of attention,” he said.

The Ravens have since denied the move was anything more than a football-related decision.

We’re surprised that he would indicate this. We have always been respectful of Brendon’s opinions and his right to express those,” Ravens’ senior vice president for public and community relations Kevin Byrne said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Our decision regarding his departure from the team has everything to do with football. Nothing else.”

The prominence of gay rights issues in the NFL is only increasing. The San Francisco 49ers had to deal with Chris Culliver’s homophobic comments leading up the Super Bow. The Seattle Seahawks had to respond to Chris Clemons’ comments this week questioning whether a gay player coming out of the closet would be a selfish act. It’s a reality teams have to be prepared to handle when a situation arises.

Whether Ayanbadejo’s claims have any legitimacy is nearly impossible to determine. However, there was an obvious financial benefit the Ravens gained by his release. Ayanbadejo was scheduled to make $940,000 in base salary for next season with the Ravens. By releasing him, the Ravens will save over $800,000 in cap space for next season.

185 responses to “Brendon Ayanbadejo believes gay rights activism played factor in release from Ravens

  1. He was a 36 years old glorified special teams player, this move had nothing with his activism.

  2. He just kicked started it. I knew it was coming. This is a perfect example of why GM’s are cautious of gay players.

    As soon as they are demoted, cut, traded, blacklisted from joining another team, etc. It won’t be about their talent. People will wonder if it happened because they were gay.

  3. Come on Brendan. I don’t necessarily agree with all of your views, but this is the first time I lost respect for you.

  4. I guess the tactic of diverting the attention of the public with a social or political cause from the loss of talent from one once had, has now moved into the NFL.

  5. Yes, because being a 37 year old linebacker has nothing to do with it…right? Ravens are trying to get younger and faster on defense, not old and slow.

  6. Football players need to learn to keep they’re mouths shut and play ball. They get paid millions to play ball and thats it. we don’t want your opinions on anything other than football. Period.

  7. Pathetic BA. Show some respect for the organization that continued to pay you MUCH more than your worth for years. Making comments like this makes you sound like a whiny little SOB and that is what teams will want to avoid. Good luck finding another job anywhere in the NFL after those comments gramps.

  8. Well of course. I meant it couldn’t have had anything to do with him being 36 years old.

  9. The moves have been necessitated by the new contract given to quarterback Joe Flacco and trying to get their financial commitments under the salary cap.

    Please stop spreading this lie. Flacco’s contract will not start to hold the Ravens cap hostage for atleast two more seasons. They have plenty of flexibility under the cap right now. The Ravens want to get younger and faster on defense. To do it on the cheap is an added bonus, not a necessity.

    For Ayanbadejo, I don’t believe for one second that his public persona played a role. Jacoby Jones is on DWTS for crying out loud. Fact is for the 980k that he cost the Ravens, the can find 3 younger and faster players to fill his role. You’ll only need one body, so you save 600k for something else. Simple economics there.

  10. Ayanbadejo certainly has a case… of being delusional about his own self-importance and his level of play.

    Being released is much easier to fathom if it’s not his fault I guess.

  11. Really gonna play that card?

    The gay community should be offended that he’s using that as his excuse.

  12. I think this is a non-story. Whatever Ayanbejo’s opinions or sexual orientation, they’d have kept him if he were crucial to wining. It is about money, afterall.

  13. And after being released, Ayanbaedejo is now in New Hampshire, spending time with a strapping diner owner/volunteer fireman known as Johnny Cakes.

  14. Weird. Yesterdays post about his release was commented on and was deleted, yet this is the same assumption that was posted. Of course we know what an assumption means. Wait, what?

  15. “My bark is louder than my bite.”


    Which is why you got cut; it’s not that you have too much bark, it’s that you don’t have enough bite.

  16. It’s obviously George Bush’s fault. He should sue. The no good Republicans got him fired! I think he and Kluwe need to open a B&B in Vermont and retire.

  17. Easy excuse but doesn’t seem likely. The shame of it is the only reason his opinion was heard was because he was a Raven (professional player).

    He should thank the organization and move on. More importantly, he should recognize that blaming a legitimate cut on the issue makes it less likely someone will come out.

  18. 99% of football fans don’t care what your stance on gay rights is. Some r uncomfortable with you forcing this issue in our faces , have fun in retirement crybaby.

  19. Has to be because of the gays, not because you’re a 37 year old special teams only player that was scheduled to make over a million dollars

  20. ravens FO has shown nothing other than they are a class organization….so this guys claim just seems to be awfully petty. all you did was justify their decision

  21. I’m pretty sure if you’re team didn’t bother re-signing Ed Reid, no one is safe buddy.

  22. I honestly thought when I saw it, a Raven’s player 10 years in the NFL at 36 years of age that played special teams(ST)….Man he had a nice unusually long career playing ST and time has finally caught up to him. I guess they wanted to cycle in some young hungry talent at ST’ers.

  23. Yawn. Or they didn’t want to spend $800,000+ on a special teams player. Goodbye.

  24. This guy is taking the movement back several steps. This may be the first time I’ve ever sided with the Ravens.

  25. Great comments. Glad to see that the fans who blog here seem to have a helluva lot more common sense than the perpetual agitators and “activists” on this and a host of other issues. Enough already. Can’t we find ANY respite from these crusaders? I mean, my God, this is a pro football site. I wish the guys in charge here would listen to the fans posting their comments and just start ignoring this irrelevant crap!

  26. “My bark is louder than my bite” – is the reason BA got cut.
    Though his continues loud barks brought attention, Ravens always stood by him and supported him publicly. Now that he has No bite and is complete liability on defense and special teams, i.e. two missed tackles on Denver TD returns in the playoffs and number of other key missed tackles, he had to be let go, so he plays gay rights/free speech card.
    Out of all the ravens players who were let go, this one was obvious and necessary.

  27. Perfect example of why people shouldn’t bring politics and religion into the workplace.

    Force feeding someone your ideas or beliefs is selfish! I believe in equality for everyone gays, all ethnicities, and gender.
    But people who keep drawing attention to themselves by any propaganda that has almost nothing to do with X’s & O’s or football schematics don’t deserve the right to not be judged by they employer and or terminated because of the distractions. Whether those distractions are just or not doesn’t matter!

    Distractions LOOSE GAMES and perpetuate MORE distractions. The NFL is about winning, it is a business first ! If you don’t win you are gone!!

    Almost nothing else matters and fans see it emotionally but forget that it’s a billion dollar, bottom line driven industry. I believe it will be awesome the day that gay or straight or Bisexuals or transgendered athletes come out more openly. However to search out media outlets to get your voice out publicly on this or any other controversial matter is fine but puts you at risk for causing distractions which will get you terminated and it SHOULD!

    The average nfl lifespan for a player is about 2 MAYBE 3 seasons, if you choose to use that as a platform to make a difference that is awesome! But it also puts you in position to shorten that nfl lifespan and that’s the dilemma many athletes go through and there is nothing wrong with that process.

    I personally think athletes are idolized too greatly and put up on a pedestal that they don’t necessarily deserve based on athletic performance, they are regular people who have regular life’s and make regular people mistakes. Fans forget that and build them up as almost gods and can do no wrong. Maybe I feel that way because I know many professional athletes and excelled in sports myself further than most and know the business side of the NFL, as well as the platform their given to make an difference. But they are just regular people and many of them fall ungratefully back to earth after sports. People have built them up too high and many can no longer function as equals to common people because of the fall from prominence. (that’s another story my bad)

    Count Tebow in that conversation his situation is Very similar but people like to act like his skill(or lack thereof) is what gets him spoken about . We all know he was popularized based in his outspoken personal beliefs, since when did people care so much about a crappy football players? They are everywhere but never spoken about. HE MIGHT NOT DESERVE TO be talked badly about and or fired but that’s based on his own decisions and same goes for an overweight players who chose to not correct that.

    Bottomline the nfl is a private business and can legally fire anyone for nearly any reason. The players union is their to limit the power but ultimately it is on the shoulders of the commish who represents the independent ownership groups. Don’t speak out about potential controversial topics if you don’t want some sort of backlash from either fans or worse YOUR BOSS!!

  28. And I was just reading an article on how the Ravens were leaving the door open to the possibility of bringing him back (albeit less money)…. I think that door may have just gotten slammed shut. Wow Brendon, not a good way to present yourself to other teams if you hope to possibly land somewhere else.

  29. My personal impression of him has been that he’s been so vocal about the gay marriage issue because he likes the attention and in our PC society, people like him are celebrated as heroes. Maybe that’s a harsh opinion to form about someone I don’t know personally, but I’ve paid close attention to politics since before I could tie my own shoes and most of the people I’ve come across in my personal life and on the public stage tend to push ideas less for their merit and more for their own personal benefit.

  30. I wish I would have studied liberal arts in college so i could be a REAL sports fan. I’d have more to say about gay issues…the controversial ‘Redskins’ name and why Brittany Griner should play in the NBA

  31. For a guy who was trying so hard to stand up for gay players he might of just made it harder for them to come out of the closet. After his ignorant comments, you could understand why a GM might be a bit hesitant to bring in a gay player….if you ever cut them they would scream its because of their sexual preference. Stay classy Brendon!

  32. This is flat out false. He should know the organization better than that. If anything he was just too much of a loudmouth before the New England playoff game..never really was a true Raven.

  33. BA just posted this on Facebook: “Just a heads up I did an interview today and no way said I was cut because my views. I said my talk was louder than my production and at 36 when you are not producing it is a fair move. You can find cheaper guys to do what I do. Ravens are the best organization in the nfl period!”

  34. If Brendan is unemployed when the NFL Draft comes around, maybe he can work for ESPN and offer insight on who the sexy picks are.

  35. Actually, just looks like another in a long list of over age 30 vets being dumped for performance/value
    considerations. I think he’s lucky he lasted as long as he did, not many avg special teamers last nearly as long.

  36. Go check Ayanbadejo’s Twitter feed. He knows his release is NOT due to his political activism. He was either quoted out of context or flat-out misquoted.

  37. Gay Rights Activisim was fine; Business is business. Believe what you want, but at your age, your performance and cap space considerations it is what it is.

  38. @blackandbluedivision

    Brother you hit the nail on the head. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the issue of the supposed active gay NFL player coming out of the closet until now. I don’t really care if a guy is gay or not and I believe most people feel the same way but when the issue becomes bigger then the team or bigger then the game in general then I have no use for it. For someone that cares so much about gay rights, this idiot just made it worse for anybody even thinking about “coming out” with his false accusations.

  39. dude jus stop barking we get your point !! But please I’m tired of hearing this guys name every news article about this gay issue ,, ok we get it jus stop !!! It’s almost like he’s looking for attention instead of focusing on the gay rights

  40. I’m surprised he’d say this, after they very publicly supported him after the Maryland lawmaker wanted him muzzled and/or fired.

  41. Your seeing the future once a gay player comes out, everytime they get cut the”ll blame it on being gay or standing up for it, say hello to the new Race Card.

  42. Can any Raven get kicked out of the nest without any controversy?

    Geez, it’s like a soap opera.

  43. He implied the truth. Behavior is only tolerable when you’re worth the trouble.

    However, no one implies the following: MONEY!

    The Ravens have been cap strung and likely feel “the more to free up the better”. Two CBA’s ago money factored into Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe’s releases. No joke!

    George Halas released Mike Ditka because of a contract dispute. Tension likely grew and emotions got heated and those who likely aren’t privy to the athletic mindset don’t want to pay people whom they do not like personally.

    Another untold story: if people who belong in the private sector, such as owners and GMs, like you personally they’ll pay you. If they don’t they’ll either want you on the cheap or not at all.

  44. Believe everyone saw this coming a mile away. Bottom line, his playing days are over. He sensed it, positioning himself for a NFL office job.

  45. The concussion and collusion issue will have nothing on the gay rights issue. The NFL allowed the media and the agenda to open pandoras box. You will have both gay and straight players filing suit, against each other, the teams, the league, and anyone they can be heard from. As soon as this guy was released, you can bet he had his lawyer beside him saying, “cha ching”. Fact is he was released for this issue, but as an owner, they have the ultimate right to protect their investment.

  46. UNFAIR! Discrimination!

    Society and the NFL OWES this guy a platform to hijack our time and entertainment so that he can force his agenda onto a captive audience!

  47. That’s why I would have cut him. And it certainly didn’t help that he was passed his prime either.

  48. It’s quite simple: Would you rather have a veteran at $940,000, or two younger players at, say, half (or less than) that?

  49. The uber liberal shoots his mouth off and whines about the consequences. I almost feel sorry for him. Oh wait, I don’t.

    You have the right to free speech in this country. You do NOT HAVE the right to control how others receive what you say.

  50. Well I should have said something earlier. But on my kids I knew he was going to use this.

  51. Anyone with half a brain who’s ever worked anywhere knows that personnel decisions are never just about performance. Never. Ever.

  52. His gay rights thing really got crazy this year, it’s one thing to come out and state your opinion once or twice, or speak at a big national type rally, but EVERY week with this had to have been taking a toll on the ravens, maybe they thought he wasn’t putting enough effort into actually playing football and making the team better. Plus that salary was pretty inflated.

    His comments on the Pats offense being a gimmick could not have helped his cause in the debate to cut him either, even though they proved they could stop it dosent mean it will be tolerated in the future.

    Now please stop giving him a platform on this site

  53. Oh maybe he’s right… There are no gays in the NFL because the NFL is discriminatory… Oh wait, you mean even talentless straight guys can’t play either? You know, besides Christian Ponder and Marky Mark Sanchez.

  54. I had no problem with this post until I saw all these comments. are you guys serious? have you really lost respect for this guy just because of these comments? how about you get your head out of your ass and look at the bigger picture

  55. Of course, no one reads this carefully. I don’t get the sense that Ayanbadejo faults the Ravens for firing him.

    “My bark is louder than my bite. I make a lot of noise and garner a lot of attention for various things off the football field. When that starts happening, why do you have that player around?” This statement alone supports the widely accepted notion that outspoken players, who aren’t regular performers — or even vital to the team — are just not worth the headache.

    The Ravens won’t come out and say this, but BA did it for them. I don’t get the sense that he’s bashing them; right now, he’s only doing what he’s most well known for: talking to the media.

  56. Maybe he was the player going to come out. I get it gays need to have rights, and I agree with that,but something about it doesn’t make sense. Kluwe just wants attention anyway he can. Honestly though I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gay, and he let them know, and he got cut.

  57. Didn’t the organization very publicly support him when a Maryland lawmaker wanted asked the team to make him shut up? Way to be classy back, BA.

  58. Ahhh poor victim. Why does everything that encompasses the gay issue lead to feeling victimized? Reality is that he is washed up. Its easier to play the victim role in a country full of sensitive crybabies I guess.

  59. I bet some organization will hire him as a lobbyist for Gay rights down in D.C. He dosen’t even have to move! Given his play of late, I’d say that would be his real calling.

  60. Had much respect for Brendon and his fight for gay rights. He must have someone close to him that’s gay.

    That being said, this was a tool move. Your 36, soon to be 37 man. Never been a starter, and your skills have been diminishing over the years. They kept you around because you were a good teammate and special teams stud. Recently, both of those have diminished. Attracting attention to yourself is bein a bad teammate, and your 36. Get over it. Your a millionare and familiar name because you could play Special Teams for a football team. Get over it.

    Lost all my respect today. And I had alot of it for you.

  61. Breaking news Jesse Jackson@Al Sharpton to hold a rally and asking all fans to boycott raven games.

  62. Well I guess this gives him more time to organize rallies and fight for the little guy’s rights that are being so devilishly abused.

  63. People are so pathetic nowadays. This is rampant in our society. There is no such thing as personal accountability anymore. No matter what happens to me it’s not my fault. It’s because of my activism or because of my race or because of my gender or because of my sexual orientation. Maybe, just maybe it’s none of those. Maybe you are just not good enough. And to blame it on anything else just makes you look like more of a pathetic sack of crap.

  64. Wiseman once said it is better to be quiet and thought as being dumb than to speak up and remove all doubt.

  65. Oh hey, maybe Chris Clemons’ comments weren’t so dumb or ignorant after all. If anything, Ayanbadejo is the ignorant one in all of this.

  66. Typical. “I got released because…..” That is a very liberal response to adversity. It can’t be anything but his race, his activism or because people just don’t get him, right?

    Get a speeding ticket? Cops fault. Kid is failing in school? Teachers fault. We have become a society of blame, and blame is now an acceptable form of action. Brendon gets released and it is because of everything but his skill or maybe a lack of preperation. Instead of working harder to be his best, he just blamed that responsibility on something else.

  67. Ridiculous. Ozzie’s too good of a GM to play games like that. Sour grapes, nothing more. Like rockthered said, show some respect.

  68. The only reason gay rights for NFL players is getting increased attention is because liberal hacks like Florio keep bringing it up. They are following the footsteps of the larger media who will do anything not to talk about how bad the economy is under Obama.

  69. Jesus, perfect example of what people are starting to do in this country. When your told your the best and everyone wins a trophy for participation you get this. Someone who actually has no idea why he was cut so their has to be another reason.

    “You cut me cause I support gays. Jerks!” (Boyish Voice)

  70. Have you ever seen their male cheerleaders? He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The defense rest your honor …

  71. Respect free speech more than anyone, but why slam your employer who paid you millions and said they wanted to resign you even after you weren’t that good!!

  72. Curtis Crabtree says:

    “The Ravens also made a decision to release linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo on Wednesday. The moves have been necessitated by the new contract given to quarterback Joe Flacco and trying to get their financial commitments under the salary cap.”


    That’s flat out false. Joe Flacco’s cap number is lower than what it was last year.

  73. I have complete respect for Chris Kluwe. I had the same for Brendan up until those comments. one of the toughest things here is the fact that any time social barriers are broken, you are going to have debate, bigotry and some ugly incidents. Jackie Robinson went through it with the color barrier. that is normal. I respect people’s opinions on both sides.

    but this is the downside. Brendan just gave bigoted owners and GM’s the exact reason why they SHOULD be wary of having an openly gay person on the team. he shot his own cause in the foot. hey look, im pro gay, lay me off and I will sue. terrible misstep on his part.

    hey Brendan, maybe its the hard cap in the NFL and the fact that you are a 37 year old special teams player that has lost a step…..

  74. Getting under the cap from the Flacco contract? Aren’t they around 5-6 under the cap currently? Is that the go to excuse for the next 5 years? Dude was a special teamer. A rookie can do that as well and maybe add some more on the field.

  75. Umm U think ? Not good for business right now. Jones dancing with stars good for business. Going to gay activist rights and being vocal ,not good for business.

  76. There goes that bark again! I feel like he wants there to be a reason and that’s the easiest way to not take responsibility for his decline in play.

  77. blackandbluedivision says: Apr 4, 2013 11:16 PM

    He just kicked started it. I knew it was coming. This is a perfect example of why GM’s are cautious of gay players.

    As soon as they are demoted, cut, traded, blacklisted from joining another team, etc. It won’t be about their talent. People will wonder if it happened because they were gay.


    No disagreement….and that’s called progress. This is precisely what happened with playing black QBs. Fear to make the move because if they failed the claim would be that they were cut because they were black. We are now almost passed that. We still get the BS subtle insult about black QBs being listed as lazy in evaluations but its much better than it was 20 years.

    A GM will take the chance and progress will continue on opening the door for gay players to be comfortable being open about who they are and in 20 years we won’t deal with racism in QB evaluations and we’ll be complaining about subtle digs at gay players being soft.

  78. I can’t blame them why would a player be talking about social-issues during football season? He was trying to come out the closet slowly & that’s just not going to be tolerated amoung a bunch of alpha-males. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson & those after him will follow. KEEP YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS DISCREET!!!

  79. Never really was very good. 37 before next season. Horrible coverage in Denver playoff game. Hell, this guy isn’t even as good as his brother, who was on Ravens first SB winning team. Just come out, brandon, then run for office in Md, which is the most liberal state in the union. He will have no problem moving up the political ladder in Baltimore, the most ridiculous bleeding heart city there is.

  80. well i am sure there is an entire community out there willing to console him – maybe he can play with them…

  81. You would THINK that someone who has played in the NFL for as long as he has would realize you GET PAID TO MAKE PLAYS in the NFL not run your mouth or voice your opinions (example Joey Porter).

    Now he is old, not a defensive starter and has diminished skills even as a special teamer. Add his big mouth to that list and he better hope there is some couch space on the “View” because that is the only way he will stay in the media spotlight.

  82. Yeah, they’re racist against aged special teams players that are not very good anymore.

  83. I think the fact that with all of the talent lost on the Ravens defense and no one every mentioned Brendan as a replacement was the major factor in the decision.
    Besides, what position in the 3-4 does Brendan play? Saying LB is generic. Is he an ILB or OLB? No one knows.
    Honestly, being more popular for off the field activities instead of on field performance is never good in the NFL.

  84. Here are the facts…. Ravens have parted ways with 9 players from their Super Bowl team. 7 of them were 32 or older, including BA. The Ravens were the league’s oldest team last year and they were going to purge the roster of these older guys to make way for the younger, cheaper guys. A 37 year old special teams player , who can no longer play MLB is obviously one to go. It only took this long because his money due was so low. This has nothing to do with his stance on gays or anything else.

  85. And so now racism has a companion as a crutch for people to use when things don’t go their way.

    He’s been outspoken on this topic for years, if it had been the reason for cutting him, it would have happened long before now. What a big crybaby.

  86. Typical. This is not surprising coming from this guy. Most activists think they are high and mighty and above reproach.

  87. My bark is louder than my bite.”xxxxxxxxxxxwhich is why you were let go, being 37 didn’t help either

  88. Wow….a new minority has been created….i bet the naacp cant wait to get there greedy hands on money from this….

  89. From Brendon’s Facebook Page:

    “Just a heads up I did an interview today and no way said I was cut because my views. I said my talk was louder than my production and at 36 when you are not producing it is a fair move. You can find cheaper guys to do what I do. Ravens are the best organization in the nfl period!”

    He’s a class act.

  90. 36 year old special teams player…….yes it’s the gay rights stance

  91. Now what he really said: Just a heads up I did an interview today and no way said I was cut because my views. I said my talk was louder than my production and at 36 when you are not producing it is a fair move. You can find cheaper guys to do what I do. Ravens are the best organization in the nfl period!

  92. “The moves have been necessitated by the new contract given to quarterback Joe Flacco and trying to get their financial commitments under the salary cap.”

    Here we go again. Can you show ANY proof that all these moves are due to Flacco’s contract? How about Sugg’s contract? or Ngata’s? Or maybe Webb’s? What are the cap numbers like on those guys next year? People read this and then that’s all you hear anymore, Flacco has destroyed the Ravens. Yes very factual reporting there.

  93. The vast majority of Marylanders are socially progressive, so it stands to reason that a huge chunk of Ravens Nation is as well. Your legacy with the Ravens was safe because of these people BA.

    I believe you’ve just flushed that legacy down the toilet with your dumb comments.

  94. So you admit that your play has fallen off. You only play Special Teams. And, you’re 36.

    Of course this is about activism.

  95. he has gone to twitter and said he doesn’t believe his views on gay marriage had anything to do with his release

    however this is the same guy who called the patirots a gimmick offense before the playoff game in which he knew he wouldn’t be playing any role on defense after a game which the unit he capitains (special teams) gave up 2 scores to trindon holliday on which he missed tackles

    good riddance

  96. @bearfan54

    Don’t be a hypocrite. People like you hate that these athletes are making more money than you. You hate that they have an opinion or belief outside that doesn’t involve football, yet as soon as they get in trouble people like you are the first ones to say that they should be role models. I don’t agree with his views but at least he is man enough to express and fight for them publicly.

  97. Ok, forget my previous comment. I see you forgot to mention that BA also went on and said:

    “Just a heads up I did an interview today and no way said I was cut because my views. I said my talk was louder than my production & at 36 when you are not producing it is a fair move. You can find cheaper guys to do what I do. Ravens are the BEST organization in the nfl period!”

  98. Ok 2 things
    1) lost respect for Brendan. He’s nearly 37, blew many kickoff/punt assignments that resulted in big plays, but you were cut for activism? Gimme a break
    2) to Curtis Crabtree. This move had nothing to do with Flacco!! Flaccos cap number is less this year than it was last year…you actually believed the trolls on here instead of looking for yourself?? Lazy journalism!!

  99. Now the “gay” card will be the gay players’ option when they’re cut or released. They’ll throw that card and file a lawsuit. I have no problem with players coming out but for them to start using that as a crutch for themselves is a whole other issues. If you’re cut, scratch it as a cap move or you’re just not that good (as this is the reason in Ayanbadejo’s case). Don’t pull that gay card crap as you’ll then lose any respect you may have gained by having the nads to come out. Here we go.

  100. I thought I had a reasonable understanding of the NFL salary cap but apparently not.

    The last couple of sentences say his salary was $940k and the team would save $800k versus the cap. The NFL minimum for any roster spot is a lot higher than this $140k differential so how does it save so much?

  101. “The moves have been necessitated by the new contract given to quarterback Joe Flacco”

    Have you actually looked at Flaccos cap number for this season? Or is this just another example of I write things based on what people say, not actual facts. Because why use my position as a writer for this site to actually use facts when I can just use hot button words/ topics that will increase page clicks that the suites are looking at to allow the sales reps to sucker someone into buying a “new ” media campaign across the NBC sports platform.

  102. The last straw was his lobbying for a team name change to Rump Ravens in a proactive effort that pushed too many too hard and basically caught the organization from behind…

  103. I never heard of the guy until all the gay rights talk he was involved in.

    Maybe the Gays and Lesbians will give him a job because he is done in the NFL.

  104. This guy has to get over himself. He is a mediocre at best player who is easily replaceable with someone you can pay less. That’s the NFL.

  105. Dude, you got a ring.
    No one can take that away from you, now do the honorable thing and take your release like a man and not sully your legacy with the club who helped you get that ring.
    No sour grapes, no whining, just accept the fact that you’re on the other side of your career and move on with your life.

  106. Maybe if he wasn’t so busy posing with no clothes for his twitter followers… He’d be good enough to stay on the team…?!? Way to play the gay card, B!

  107. It has become sadly typical for PFT to use this approach – seize a statement, don’t worry about context or check deeper into the facts, use it to generate a sensational headline in the rush to get something online that can attract page views, and imply as much wrongdoing or negativity as possible.

    First, posting a link to a newspaper paywall isn’t reasonable backup for your readers who want to read the entire Newsday article to see all the context.

    Second, the PFT article omits the very important fact that when BA was attacked for his views by local Maryland politicians who suggested he should be penalized for his views, the team front office and ownership stood behind him – in no uncertain terms.

    Third, the PFT article has not been updated to show that as of Friday morning BA has retracted his remarks: “The Ravens have been backing me, they knew my stance for years and have been facilitating me and organizing me with LGBT and set me up with Equality Maryland. They helped me,” Ayanbadejo said. “If they didn’t like what I was doing, they would have cut me a long time ago.”

    Of course, BA was speaking without thinking in his original remarks. After all he did the same thing before the AFCCG (also fully reported by PFT) when he called the Patriots’ offense “gimmicky,” then retracted it (and his own teammates called him out on that one). Now, his political veiws on the gay issue may be correct, but clearly he has some history of speaking before engaging his brain and one would expect a reporter to proceed accordingly.

    It will be interesting to see if this comment is published.

  108. There have been plenty of union reps let go in every major sport. So cutting someone for non-monetary reasons is a thing.

    But I can’t say it being the case here. Brendon isn’t really doing himself or the cause much good with such statements. Better to fight for what’s right, and not lose sight of the goal.

  109. More likely the $900,000 they saved can sign at least two drafted rookies out of the 12 they’ll pick. Chances are just one of them fills the special teams hole he just vacated.

    In another thread I said he was a leader, well respected and the NFL needs more like him. I retract that now.

  110. self fulfilling prophecy:

    The discussion of whether a gay player could claim discrimination if cut, demoted or given a pay cut……

    Brendan is pulling the gay card because he’s not the player he once was, costs too much for what he does and is 37yrs old.

    That is why this BS issue should not even be brought up. It has nothing to do with the game.

  111. And the “Days Without A Story About Gay Issues In The NFL” counter on PFT is reset back to zero. I was really pulling for the counter to reach seven one day.

  112. Sorry, but your release has everything to do with your play my friend. NFL teams, and especially the Ravens, have shown their willingness to look the other way on anything, so long as you are productive.

  113. This guy is a nobody and enjoys the spot light of the lamestream media because he pushes their immoral agenda. Besides that, the guy has no game, he should be cut. A year from now, nobody will remember him.

  114. “The moves have been necessitated by the new contract given to quarterback Joe Flacco and trying to get their financial commitments under the salary cap.”

    Flacco’s cap number is $6.8mil this year…not sure you can blame his contract for all these 30-yr olds getting cut/retiring or aging vets and career backups getting overpaid elsewhere. These moves are about getting younger and not over-spending.

  115. My employee handbook specifically states that social media and political activity is fine as long as you don’t drag the company into the middle of it.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  116. No wonder Florio is going to dump the comments.

    His activism gets blasted, can’t have that.

    It’s a very valid point. Imagine trying to actually cut a gay player?

  117. Instead of just accepting as gospel whatever is written on this site, you idiots should try actually following the links, searching on Google, and looking up Facebook and/or Twitter accounts of the players discussed. BA did NOT say that he was cut for being outspoken in support of equal rights. He admitted that his production had slipped, and that his off-field persona had overshadowed his on-field play. That, coupled with the CBA rules that make it impossible for him to earn less than a rookie, makes it a better business move for the Ravens to cut him and sign a younger player who can produce at the same level our better.

  118. Gotta love the classy Baltimore organization for cutting the guy. Bunch of losers. Best they will do is winning 6 games.

  119. This just confirmed what I already expected: the dude’s an attention w***e. If he really felt strongly about this issue, he would bring it up where appropriate. Not the super bowl, which is about the accomplishments of the two teams who got there, and definitely not using it as an excuse for his release. The fact is, he’s a glorified special teams guy that is being paid too much and the Ravens need to make cuts. He victimizes himself and uses every opportunity, whether reasonable or not, to promote his cause. Regardless of my views on the marriage equality issue, this guy is obnoxious and immature, and I’m sure the Ravens aren’t disappointed to see him go.

  120. PFT is so terrible these days. Why don’t you write a follow-up article with the accurate information? BA knows it was strictly football related and praised the Ravens. Get your facts straight before you bash an organization PFT. You shod be better than this.

  121. Your bark: You trying to overshadow your team’s appearance in the Superbowl with your over the top gay marriage advocacy

    Your Bite: 10 years 250 tackles and 4.5 sacks

    You are a distraction.

  122. Liked him when he was with the Bears, but maybe he needs to face reality…If he was still playing at a high level, he’d still be employed.

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