Daryl Washington’s suspension didn’t follow the usual path

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The news that the NFL had suspended Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington four games under the substance-abuse policy suggests at least three violations of the rules against recreation drugs:  a violation that places the player in Stage One, a violation during Stage One that places the player in Stage Two, and a violation during Stage Two.

While everyone involved is keeping very quiet regarding the situation, we’ve learned that Washington did not trigger a four-game suspension via three positive tests.  As best we can tell, there was an initial positive test that was the result of a genuine mistake, followed by two additional violations unrelated to a positive test.

The other violations came from the league’s stringent requirements regarding the testing and/or treatment portion of the substance-abuse program.  With the league still possessing full authority over the appeals process, it became even harder for Washington’s position to prevail.

As a result, the Cardinals currently have no concerns about Washington, and both sides believe the relationship will continue well into the future.

That said, Washington now potentially faces a one-year suspension if another violation occurs.  Which means that the time for mistakes and misunderstandings has ended; absent strict compliance from this point forward, Washington could face a much longer interruption of his NFL career.

8 responses to “Daryl Washington’s suspension didn’t follow the usual path

  1. Whatever he did/didn’t do, I hope his agent, representatives from the NFLPA and coaching staff all educate him so that there isn’t a minor oversight or slip that causes him to get that next strike.

    The burden is ultimately on the man himself and lets hope he gets it.

  2. So he missed his n/a meeting and he got suspended? Is that what they are saying basically? He didn’t test positive again. He just didn’t follow thru with his obligation from testing positive before? I reckon if that is the case, its better than him being a repeat offender of testing positive for weed or coke or whatever he popped for…

  3. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times and you miss 4 games.

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