John Dorsey trying to work through process, mask intent


Everything the Chiefs are doing at the moment is being dissected, as teams parse their words and track their movements for clues as to what they’re doing with the top pick.

But Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said it’s not a ruse, that he’s still working his way toward a decision.

It’s not creating a belief, it’s the truth,” Dorsey told Albert Breer of the NFL Network. “We’ve said all along it’s a process, and that process will not be finalized, that board will not be set, until four days before the draft. That’s the way that whole process works itself out. There are different phases that you go through.

“I mean, right now, I just walked downstairs and we’re in a different phase right now. We’re going back as a group and assessing all the different positions.”

The Chiefs are working hard to keep people guessing.

Geno Smith was in for a visit, after they traded for Alex Smith and signed Chase Daniel.

And though most of the speculation has them looking at tackles after releasing Eric Winston and with Branden Albert’s future up in the air, they haven’t scheduled visits with top blockers Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher.

Neither Oregon’s Dion Jordan nor Florida’s Sharrif Floyd, the top defensive line prospects, are scheduled to go there either.

Dorsey said he had narrowed his list of potential top picks to four players, but he only gets to pick one.

Which one, he doesn’t want you to know. That is, if he knows yet.

14 responses to “John Dorsey trying to work through process, mask intent

  1. The only thing anyone knows for sure, is that the Chiefs will select a player that either protects the quarterback, or aims to destroy the quarterback.

    Looking at Kansas City’s team, and considering they just brought in a new QB whom they want to put in the best possible situation to lead them to victory…KC can make due with the pass rush they got and solidify the offensive line with the top pick. Bet on it.

  2. Is cap space the reason they don’t want to keep Albert?

    He may not be elite but he’s not problem #1. Seems like they’re creating a hole to fill with the #1 pick as opposed to keeping him and shoring up another area of the team.

  3. Yeah, Rickywatts80 is smoking something. I hope they lock up Albert and use trade down (if possible). If they have to use the #1, then get the biggest & baddest defensive guy on the board.

  4. Does andy have the final say so on the pick as he did in philly or is it the gms and owners? If andy has the final say so, sorry chiefs fans you will be having major setbacks for years to come, look at the horrible drafts he had on philly!!

  5. Actually Oregon’s Dion Jordan nor Florida’s Sharrif Floyd already been in Kansas City for a work out for the team.

    They just dont tell nobody because its really nobody’s business on what the Kansas City Chiefs does

    Those sports reporters hear something on the street and then they run to there office and type of a 4 page article about something they hear on the street

    Then other people who have close talks with the Chiefs always deny those rumors that those sports reporters say.

    There are teams that do stuff different and I like the direction the Kansas City Chiefs are going in.

    I do also hope that they take Geno Smith #1 to get the mock Draft people a hissy girl fit because the Kansas City Chiefs broke there Mock Drafts and in the end…Everybody knows that when they draft Geno Smith it was a good pick up.

  6. Q Is cap space the reason they don’t want to keep Albert?
    A- nothing is for sure. If they trade out they might keep him. If not they’ll trade him for a second hopefully. Plus he missed a few games w back issues. So resign BA or draft a young guy like joeckel and control his rights for 5 years. Drafting number 1 is forcing their hand a little. Not many ppl are worthy of the top pick.

  7. “It’s not creating a belief, it’s the truth, we really have no idea what we’re doing” Dorsey told Albert Breer of the NFL Network

  8. First reason they are not sold on Albert is he frequently ends up on the ground when he isn’t really hurt and has to come out for plays. Two, he actually was out last year with a “back”. For 300 lbs’rs that is always a concern. Why give long money to a guy that wants to get paid elite $ who is average with ? marks. Three, a chance to get a younger, cheaper, possibly better option through the draft.

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