Lotulelei to visit Eagles

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Arm with a clean bill of heart health, Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei will be traveling to a city known for a product that has clogged an artery or two.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, Lotulelei will be visiting the Eagles at some point in the next several days.

Sent home from the Scouting Combine after a heart abnormality was detected, subsequent testing has determined it was a temporary condition, possibly due to a virus.  Earlier this week, Lotulelei received full clearance to resume all physical activities.

The Eagles, who hold the fourth overall pick in the draft, also have taken a close look at quarterback Geno Smith and defensive end Ziggy Ansah, and they will visit with linebacker Dion Jordan, tackle Eric Fisher, and defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd.  Tackle Luke Joeckel and cornerback Dee Milliner also could be visiting the team.

10 responses to “Lotulelei to visit Eagles

  1. Star or one of the two tackles. anything else is too high risk for the #4 pick. It sounds like the heart thing is ok for star. If he is there, it is tough not to pull the trigger on him. Geno smith will set the eagles back 5 years if picked at #4.

  2. Biggest need for this team is on the defensive line, in my opinion. I think it’s going to be Lotulelei who is picked at #4 unless they feel that Jordan or Ansah are too good to pass up. Taking one of the offensive linemen would be a safe bet, as would Milliner. Tough to blow the fourth pick, especially since Mike Mamula is off the board.

  3. This would be a great pick. Id also be happy with Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, or Shariff Floyd. If we learned anything from this Superbowl, its that the most dominant offensive and defensive lines will make it the furthest.

  4. This guy is a load, and difference maker on the d-line. You think Ngota is special, wait until the NFL gets a taste of this machine. Pure power, speed and strength. Take him, he’s worth it.

  5. this guy should be the pick @ #4.

    Anyone who analyses the Birds’ roster knows they only have 4 DL that can play the 3-4. (cox, thorton, sopoaga, dixon) That would mean they need at least 4 more.
    INCLUDING a starting DE.
    If they don’t move back in the draft, Lotulelei should be the selection.

    DE NT DE
    Cox Sopoaga Lotulelei

  6. Lotulelei Has to be doubled on every play. Films show him Eating alive the USC center in college. The USC center is considered one of if not the best center in college. If Star is healthy, I can not see passing on him. There will still be a good O Line men at the 2 pick. If the current O Linemen return healthy, as is assumed, they can bring the kid along. Look at Jason Keelce and Todd Herramans. Star helps The Eagles from day one.

  7. I say Star Lotulelei is the way to go. I honestly do. With an Athletic Freak like Cox and a Monster like Star would make this D-Line FEARSOME for years to come. To be perfectly honest and call me insane. But I’d be more scared of Cox, Star and Trent Cole more than I would be scared of Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins first arriving to Philly before they even played a down. I understand those would say Floyd because he’s disruptive and he has more attitude, and it’s tough and fast coming off the line. But Star is similar but better. I love a player that’s Versatile. We can switch him in and out ANYWHERE on the D-Line. Whether It’s LDE/RDE, NT/DT. He can play the Whole line. He can switch in and out with Dixon, Cox, Isaac, and Thornton. I seer him mostly switching in and out with Isaac. Remember Isaac is NOT an every down player. He’s aging and needs a breather every few series. So, our Starter Star comes back in and dominates. I feel that if we draft Star Lotulelei, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, and RG3 would wet and crap their pants before even having the ball snapped. It’s one thing to have a good secondary, but what good is a good secondary if your whole entire D-Line is getting trucked? We have Dixon to put at NT but I don’t trust Dixon. Nothing against Dixon. I just don’t pay him any attention. But everytime I do hear about him or research him, He’s hurt. Thornton is okay but he doesn’t strike fear like a Suh or Wilfork. Star Lotulelei does. I see it. If he can bring that domination to the pros, the skies the limit to what the Eagles can accomplish offensively and defensively. But I have the gut feeling that Kelly is gonna play the role of Mr. Innovator and draft a offensive player. I don’t mind a O-Lineman. But O-Line can be patched up with a free agent. O-Line is not that bad. We don’t know IF our O-Line is really that bad because 3/5th’s of our Oline was on the IR. So, I have this opinion and analysis and I’m gonna stick right by it. Star Lotulelei is the WAY TO GO!

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