NFL 2013 preseason schedule


Dallas vs. Miami (NBC, 8/4)

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 8-11
Cincinnati at Atlanta (ESPN, 8/8)
Arizona at Green Bay
Baltimore at Tampa Bay
Buffalo at Indianapolis
Chicago at Carolina
Dallas at Oakland
Denver at San Francisco
Houston at Minnesota
Kansas City at New Orleans
Miami at Jacksonville
New England at Philadelphia
NY Giants at Pittsburgh
NY Jets at Detroit
St. Louis at Cleveland
Seattle at San Diego
Washington at Tennessee

WEEK 2 – AUGUST 15-19
San Diego at Chicago (ESPN, 8/15)
Tampa Bay at New England (FOX, 8/16)
Indianapolis at NY Giants (FOX, 8/18)
Pittsburgh at Washington (ESPN, 8/19)
Atlanta at Baltimore
Carolina at Philadelphia
Dallas at Arizona
Denver at Seattle
Detroit at Cleveland
Green Bay at St. Louis
Jacksonville at NY Jets
Miami at Houston
Minnesota at Buffalo
Oakland at New Orleans
San Francisco at Kansas City
Tennessee at Cincinnati

WEEK 3 – AUGUST 22-25

Carolina at Baltimore (ESPN, 8/22)
Seattle at Green Bay (CBS, 8/23)
St. Louis at Denver (CBS, 8/24)
New Orleans at Houston (FOX, 8/25)
Minnesota at San Francisco (NBC, 8/25)
Atlanta at Tennessee
Buffalo at Washington
Chicago at Oakland
Cincinnati at Dallas
Cleveland at Indianapolis
Kansas City at Pittsburgh
New England at Detroit
NY Jets at NY Giants
Philadelphia at Jacksonville
San Diego at Arizona
Tampa Bay at Miami

WEEK 4 – AUGUST 29-30

Arizona at Denver
Baltimore at St. Louis
Cleveland at Chicago
Detroit at Buffalo
Green Bay at Kansas City
Houston at Dallas
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Jacksonville at Atlanta
New Orleans at Miami
NY Giants at New England
Oakland at Seattle
Philadelphia at NY Jets
Pittsburgh at Carolina
San Francisco at San Diego
Tennessee at Minnesota
Washington at Tampa Bay

Team-by-team schedule

Buffalo Bills
Week 1: at Indianapolis Colts
Week 2: Minnesota Vikings
Week 3: at Washington Redskins
Week 4: Detroit Lions

Miami Dolphins
HOF Game: vs. Dallas Cowboys (NBC)
Week 1: at Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 2: at Houston Texans
Week 3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 4: New Orleans Saints

New England Patriots
Week 1: at Philadelphia Eagles
Week 2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (FOX)
Week 3: at Detroit Lions
Week 4: New York Giants

New York Jets
Week 1: at Detroit Lions
Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 3: at New York Giants
Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles

Baltimore Ravens
Week 1: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 2: Atlanta Falcons
Week 3: Carolina Panthers (ESPN)
Week 4: at St. Louis Rams

Cincinnati Bengals
Week 1: at Atlanta Falcons (ESPN)
Week 2: Tennessee Titans
Week 3: at Dallas Cowboys
Week 4: Indianapolis Colts

Cleveland Browns
Week 1: St. Louis Rams
Week 2: Detriot Lions
Week 3: at Indianapolis Colts
Week 4: at Chicago Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 1: New York Giants
Week 2: at Washington Redskins (ESPN)
Week 3: Kansas City Chiefs
Week 4: at Carolina Panthers

Houston Texans
Week 1: at Minnesota Vikings
Week 2: Miami Dolphins
Week 3: New Orleans Saints (FOX)
Week 4: at Dallas Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts
Week 1: Buffalo Bills
Week 2: at New York Giants (FOX)
Week 3: Cleveland Browns
Week 4: at Cincinnati Bengals

Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 1: Miami Dolphins
Week 2: at New York Jets
Week 3: Philadelphia Eagles
Week 4: at Atlanta Falcons

Tennessee Titans
Week 1: Washington Redskins
Week 2: at Cincinnati Bengals
Week 3: Atlanta Falcons
Week 4: at Minnesota Vikings

Denver Broncos
Week 1: at San Francisco 49ers
Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks
Week 3: St. Louis Rams (CBS)
Week 4: Arizona Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs
Week 1: at New Orleans Saints
Week 2: San Francisco 49ers
Week 3: at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 4: Green Bay Packers

Oakland Raiders
Week 1: Dallas Cowboys
Week 2: at New Orleans Saints
Week 3: Chicago Bears
Week 4: at Seattle Seahawks

San Diego Chargers
Week 1: Seattle Seahawks
Week 2: at Chicago Bears (ESPN)
Week 3: at Arizona Cardinals
Week 4: San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys
HOF Game: vs. Miami Dolphins (NBC)
Week 1: at Oakland Raiders
Week 2: at Arizona Cardinals
Week 3: Cincinnati Bengals
Week 4: Houston Texans

New York Giants
Week 1: at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 2: Indianapolis Colts (FOX)
Week 3: New York Jets
Week 4: at New England Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles
Week 1: New England Patriots
Week 2: Carolina Panthers
Week 3: at Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 4: at New York Jets

Washington Redskins
Week 1: at Tennessee Titans
Week 2: Pittsburgh Steelers (ESPN)
Week 3: Buffalo Bills
Week 4: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago Bears
Week 1: at Carolina Panthers
Week 2: San Diego Chargers (ESPN)
Week 3: at Oakland Raiders
Week 4: Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions
Week 1: New York Jets
Week 2: at Cleveland Browns
Week 3: New England Patriots
Week 4: at Buffalo Bills

Green Bay Packers
Week 1: Arizona Cardinals
Week 2: at St. Louis Rams
Week 3: Seattle Seahawks (CBS)
Week 4: at Kansas City Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings
Week 1: Houston Texans
Week 2: at Buffalo Bills
Week 3: at San Francisco 49ers (NBC)
Week 4: Tennessee Titans

Atlanta Falcons
Week 1: Cincinnati Bengals (ESPN)
Week 2: at Baltimore Ravens
Week 3: at Tennessee Titans
Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars

Carolina Panthers
Week 1: Chicago Bears
Week 2: at Philadelphia Eagles
Week 3: at Baltimore Ravens (ESPN)
Week 4: Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans Saints
Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs
Week 2: Oakland Raiders
Week 3: at Houston Texans (FOX)
Week 4: at Miami Dolphins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 1: Baltimore Ravens
Week 2: at New England Patriots (FOX)
Week 3: at Miami Dolphins
Week 4: Washington Redskins

Arizona Cardinals
Week 1: at Green Bay Packers
Week 2: Dallas Cowboys
Week 3: San Diego Chargers
Week 4: at Denver Broncos

St. Louis Rams
Week 1: at Cleveland Browns
Week 2: Green Bay Packers
Week 3: at Denver Broncos (CBS)
Week 4: Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers
Week 1: Denver Broncos
Week 2: at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 3: Minnesota Vikings (NBC)
Week 4: at San Diego Chargers

Seattle Seahawks
Week 1: at San Diego Chargers
Week 2: Denver Broncos
Week 3: at Green Bay Packers (CBS)
Week 4: Oakland Raiders

12 responses to “NFL 2013 preseason schedule

  1. Seattle at Green Bay for week 3 “dress rehearsal” week and nationally televised, not sure why on CBS if two NFC teams though… I see what you’re doing NFL

  2. Denver Broncos
    Week 1: at San Francisco 49ers
    Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks
    Week 3: St. Louis Rams (CBS)
    Week 4: Arizona Cardinals

    Really? So, no diversity? Thanks NFL, cant wait for those suckfest home games! Woooo….Just the NFC West? That’s a clown schedule, brah!

  3. I must be a nerd I actually like the preseason. I like to see if some of the college free agents can actually make nfl rosters and whether any of them can have any kind of impact.

  4. The preseason is better than no games but I wish more emphasis was put on diversity in opponents from year to year…..Not sure why the same pre season opponents year to year?

  5. Since niners and raiders game is off the preseason schedule it seems like Denver replaced them. Oh yea Denver fan talking about a easy preseason schedule then hope niners or Seattle def doesn’t end manning season in those wash games u call. Lol

  6. Honestly, why do the Bears and Browns play each other in the 4th preseason game every year? It’s been that way since 2004.

  7. So glad the Seahawks game at Green Bay in week 3 will be nationally televised so Seattle can decisively beat the Packers on their home field and end the constant fan whining over the final call of our last meeting! Thank you for that gift, NFL scheduling gods.

  8. The Browns should schedule their preseason like the Buckeyes do. Play Akron, Youngstown, Cuyahoga Community College, and the Parma School for Air Conditioning Repair.

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