NFL releases preseason schedule

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No one likes the preseason. One of the few things that Roger Goodell and NFL players, fans and members of the media can all agree on is that the preseason combines low-quality games with a high risk for injury.

And yet, it’s still football. So when the preseason starts, we all get excited. And when the preseason schedule comes out, we all check it to see when we’ll get our first look at Mike Wallace in a Dolphins uniform, or Alex Smith in a Chiefs uniform, or Wes Welker in a Broncos uniform, or Greg Jennings in a Vikings uniform, or Ed Reed in a Texans uniform, or whatever new acquisition your favorite team has.

So we note today that the preseason schedule for 2013 has been released. You’ll complain about the preseason, but you’ll watch it anyway. Because it’s on TV.

The full preseason schedule is right here.

43 responses to “NFL releases preseason schedule

  1. One “road trip” for The New York Jets

    New York Jets
    Week 1: at Detroit Lions
    Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars
    Week 3: at New York Giants
    Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles

  2. This is the reason I don’t buy season tickets.. We pay for 2 games that no one watches or cares about. NFL please make the preseason 2 games.

  3. I disagree, the preseason actually is very compelling football to watch. A lot of guys are getting their only shot.

    Don’t forget the 2nd best running back in the league (Alfred Morris) was at the bottom of the depth chart going into the pre season last year. He played his butt off, and parlayed that into a starting role week one.

  4. I rarely watch pre-season and if I do watch some of it, I turn it off once the starters are out of the game.

    The only thing worse than pre-season is the Pro Bowl.

  5. I don’t know about everyone else but I sure as hell don’t watch Preseason games to see free agents in their new uniforms. I watch them to see how drafted players who might not start in the regular season actually look against better competition. For starting players to play in the preseason it is just plain stupid.

  6. They are pointless games, so why not just drop ticket prices in half of what they should be during the regular season?

  7. Denver Broncos
    Week 1: at San Francisco 49ers
    Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks
    Week 3: St. Louis Rams (CBS)
    Week 4: Arizona Cardinals

    Really? So, no diversity? Thanks NFL, cant wait for those suckfest home games! Woooo….Just the NFC West? That’s a clown schedule, brah!

  8. Disagree with pre-season being bad. 3-4 years ago, I’d agree. However, now that Goodell has outlawed hitting, the preseason are the only games left where players actually hit. Sure, its filled with bottom roster players trying to impress their coaches and not caring about a 15yd penalty if it means them making the team, its the closest thing to real football we have left!

    The 4th preseason game last year between AZ and Den was the best played game of the year and that was a game that Peyton sat out.

    Embrace the preseason! Its the only time players get hit!

  9. Who cares about the preseason I’m really waiting for who Obama is going to pick as Superbowl winner so I can place my bets!

  10. If the NFL made the owners to drop the price of preseason tickets by just maybe 20 or 25% I think it would go a long way in public relations and good will. Owners will still make $, fans won’t gripe as much and some fans will be to see NFL games live in person at a reduced price.
    A win for all involved.

  11. They will never cut ticket prices!!! But what they can do is make preseason free and raise regular season tickets to cover the cost. So when I sell my tickets to friends and family they aint bitchn about me including the cost of preseason to the face value of the ticket.

  12. Seriously, we get the raiders here in Seattle every pre-season. Enough already. I’m tired of watching fights in the stands and trying to fight my way through the armed guards that have to protect the stadium when Raider fans are in attendance.

    I know, I know, SOMEBODY has to play them.. but can’t it be somebody else?

  13. I’ve always thought pre-season games should be played at college stadiums in places far from NFL franchises. Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma, etc… make some fans happy and build the base.

  14. Always felt like the preseason was more for the coaches and less for spectators. They try certain plays with certain guys to see how they work at live speed, evaluate players, etc. All the things the staff needs to tweak before the real games start. The final score means nothing, the games are just fancy practice sessions.

    I’ve been to a few preseason games…wow, boring.

  15. I don’t think 2 preseason games would be enough to evaluate your entire roster. Cutting close to 30 players in 2 weeks doesn’t seem fair to the players given the lack of playing time they’d get. On top of that, if you need 2 full games to cut your roster down your starters are most likely going to go into the regular season rusty and out of sync. I say keep it how it is, but for the fans just charge less per ticket (like that will happen).

  16. norsejuggernaut says:Apr 4, 2013 5:04 PM

    Denver Broncos
    Week 1: at San Francisco 49ers
    Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks
    Week 3: St. Louis Rams (CBS)
    Week 4: Arizona Cardinals

    Really? So, no diversity? Thanks NFL, cant wait for those suckfest home games! Woooo….Just the NFC West? That’s a clown schedule, brah!

    Clown schedule?? The NFC West has become argubly the toughest division in football with the Niner’s or Seahawks being 2 favorites to end up in the SB not to mention the Ram’s are no walk in the park either.

  17. If the owners want to make money on pre-season games and not soak the season ticket holders … they have 2 options.

    1. Give the tickets away or less than 50% … the fans who can’t afford to go to real games will enjoy it and will spend money at the game buying food, drinks and souvenirs which should make up the difference.

    2. Have the games in non NFL cities and give the people a chance to real a NFL game even if it’s a pre-season they will come.

  18. wow idk where you guys live but I lived in San Diego and now in Phoenix and I go to preseason games every year bc of how cheap they are. The most I’ve paid is 30 bucks for good seats.

    And I love preseason bc you get to see different players and new draft picks try to earn their check. Every now and then you get a gem along the lines of Alfred Morris or Russell Wilson both of whom earned their job in preseason.

  19. As a wise man once said: here we go Steelers, here we go!

  20. Anyone who has a problem with preseason football isn’t a true football fan. I watch as many preseason games as I can. Frist of all I’m looking at my own team to see if we created depth on the team. At some point those players you don’t want to see could win or lose you a game during the year. So, I watch the games. And, I don’t want them to reduce to preseason games. Four is exactly right. Now, I do believe that they should reduce the prices for those games

  21. Preseason games should not be included in season tickets. A season ticket holder should have the option of buying them. The tickets for the games should be sold on an open market for whatever the team can get out of them.

  22. Seattle at Green Bay on CBS? Only when FOX goes out of business. No TV games in week 4 of the pre-season? If this is a joke, I’m not getting it.

  23. If you love football simply for the hitting, nothing beats preseason. Watching some UFA take an extra step before flattening a 3rd string QB is 80’s flashback football at its finest.

    Sorry…if you’re looking for penalties against a defender for breathing on Rodgers, the preseason isnt’ for you.

    To the SD guy that moved to AZ – hit me up! I’ll go to preseasons with you. I’m in Scotts.

  24. without a preseason, Matt Flynn was probably Seattle’s starting qb and Alfred Morris may not have even made the Redskins. the reality, is the preseason is when we get to see players PLAY and earn their spots. the draft is about a bunch of high paid men making their best guess on who can and can’t play in this league. the preseason is about those that were overlooked or undervalued on draft day by all these gurus, getting their chance to show why they DO belong and what they can do.

  25. Ha! Preseason is Preseason. I watch it because its football. Hockey is over and baseball and basketball can take a hike. Did anyone think, last year, based off preseason games that Peterson would nearly break an all time rushing record, or that Wilson would lead Seattle to an amazing season? I love football, but I understand that the preseason is what it is. Its a curtain call for the players on the cusp. Go VIKES!

  26. I’ve been watching football since the 50s. I bet I’ve watched 5, or less, pre-season games in that time. They are beyond boring.

  27. 8/23 on CBS Seattle @ Green Bay can’t wait for that one and the chance to shut up those whining Packers fans. Oh yeah, it’s only a preseason game.

  28. Thank you, NFL scheduling gods, for gift of Seattle playing Green Bay in week 3. Geniuses that you are, you will be nationally televising the Seahawks decisively beating the Packers on their home field so we can bring an overdue end to the constant GBP fan whining over the final call of our last meeting.

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