No complaints from NFL about preseason today

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From time to time, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks openly about the poor quality of preseason football.

There were no such complaints today.

Today was the day the NFL announced the 2013 preseason schedule, with multiple press releases and/or tweets from teams and the league all landing at roughly 4:00 p.m. ET.  The first tangible evidence that football eventually will return (other than the Hall of Fame game, which was announced two weeks ago) created a real buzz — even though the games in question won’t.

And that’s further proof of the behemoth the NFL has become.  Fans can gripe about paying full value for meaningless games, and yet the announcement of the who, where, and when for 64 of them gets people excited.

As a result, there’s no way the NFL will get rid of any portion of the preseason, absent a way to not only capture the lost revenue but also expand it.  Many still believe that, once the game has been made as safe as it reasonably can be made, the arguments will resurface for replacement two weeks of fake games with two weeks of real games.

And if the argument that the two extra weeks of the regular season never will be accepted by the players, look for the postseason to expand or for the NFL to embrace an outside-the-box approach that would require each team to play 18 games but limit each player’s annual participation to 16.

14 responses to “No complaints from NFL about preseason today

  1. Maybe the NFL should also add a rule that adds a benefit to the team that wins a preseason game. Cash and wildcard tiebreaker points. There are lots of options to explore.

  2. I really like players do 16 out of 18 games approach. It gives it really interesting storylines and also keeps records intact for a longer time/ can still be compared.

  3. As a Niners season ticket holder since 2005, I have never gone to a preseason game. I have to pay for 2 games to watch basically 2 practice squads play awful football. I just give the tickets away and save my money from paying $10 beers and $25 parking.

  4. They should keep it 16 games but give each team 2 bye weeks to expand the season to 18 weeks.

    16 games works. 32 teams works. 12 playoff teams works. If it ain’t broke stop trying to fix it.

  5. Why should nfl reward them with cash if they already getting paid. How dumb

    If u don’t wanna play in preseason game fake injury just call it take plays off injury.

    Don’t force fans to buy the preseason tickets

  6. Preseason: it’s a reason to gather for a game and party without the stress of actually caring who wins.

  7. Hmmmm, a rule that benefits a team that wins a game. Wildcard tiebreaker points. I think there’s a term for that. Regular season.

  8. As a season ticket holder, paying full price for these games is a joke. It’s the same as paying $57, to watch minor league baseball players in spring training. A week later, you can watch these guys for $5!

  9. thestrategyexpert says:
    Apr 4, 2013 11:11 PM
    Maybe the NFL should also add a rule that adds a benefit to the team that wins a preseason game. Cash and wildcard tiebreaker points. There are lots of options to explore.

    This. Right here. Obviously there would have to be more thinking involved and lawyers consulted (and paid horrendous amounts of money) and legalese spelled out (so no one can understand it entirely). But why not something like this. In soccer, teams get money for winning different things not related to their Leagues. I could see the preseason being something similar. Maybe some extra cap based on wins (not a lot or they become essentially not preseason) or based on how many players start that aren’t on your starting 11 come the regular season. That could give up and comers a better chance to show their skills.

  10. Instead of forcing season ticket holders to buy 2 preseason games a year they should reduce the price of the tickets and give deals to local youth groups and lower income people. This would be great PR for the league and help make a special memory for those who usually could never afford to go to a game.

  11. Dropping my season tickets this year after a faithful 27 years. I refuse to pay an extra $900 for preseason games I never attend. Plus all of the regular season games can be had for close to half price in the secondary market. The golden goose is getting antsy, better be careful Goodell.

  12. I don’t know anyone who gets excited over announcement of the exhibition game schedule. Its a complete non-event as near as I can tell.

    I do get a excited the week of the first game.

    Then halfway through 2nd quarter I’m bored.

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