Pete Carroll: Russell Wilson will be “a lot better” this year

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If you were impressed with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in his rookie year, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has some news: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Carroll said in a question-and-answer session with Seahawks fans that he believes Wilson will be the Seahawk who takes the biggest step forward in 2013.

I think it’s going to be Russell Wilson,” Carroll said. “I think he’s going to really do well this year. He’s going to bust out and will benefit tremendously from his first year. It may be hard to imagine he’s going to get any better, but I think he’s going to get a lot better, being he was a first year starter, first time in the League.”

As good as Wilson was in 2012, the fact that he is — from all accounts — an extremely hard worker suggests that he should take well to his first full year of an NFL offseason, and that he should, in fact, be better in 2013. If Wilson really is “a lot better” than he was in 2012, when he had a 100.0 passer rating and led the Seahawks to the playoffs, that’s bad news for the rest of the NFL.

153 responses to “Pete Carroll: Russell Wilson will be “a lot better” this year

  1. I’ve watched pro sports since 1984.

    Of all he lies I’ve ever heard told about sports since that time (and there are thousands), the most chilling one is, “And he’s only gonna get better.”

  2. So a weak imitation of RG3 on a second rate team has a corrupt loser coach who went 0-12 one year at USC who sucks up to him. How pathetic.

    There’s only one Super Bowl champion Redskins, and 31 other wannabees. HTTR.

  3. I’m glad the NFC west is relevant again. Please, Seahwaks fans I know you’re all excited because you’re winning, but Seahawks fans are the absolute worst. You guys put a whoopin on the Niners no doubt, and you like to throw that in our faces, but that’s all you have. We split the season series, and we finished the job you guys couldn’t do, beat the Falcons. If you’re going to talk trash, at least be somewhat relevant. With that said, can’t wait for the new season!

  4. @niners816

    Lighten up dude. Do you read some of the posts from 9er fans? Where’s the trash here, right it’s you.

  5. There’s too much riding on Wilson’s shoulders. He’s very talented but still very young. If he gets injured the Seahawks don’t have Flynn to save the day. Expectations are sky-high for the Seahawks in 2013. Something tells me they won’t make the playoffs.

  6. Pete’s right. Russell Wilson is going to light the league up this year. I hope teams spend a lot of time trying to stop the read option, because that’s such a small part of his game.

  7. OK, what I said above didn’t come out so great.

    What I meant to say is that too many people assume that players will necessarily improve just by getting older.

    Doesn’t always work that way.

  8. Russel Wilson is only going to get better, and you can see him progress each start through the season. He needs to be slightly more consistent as he had a couple poor halfs last year. I don’t think he’s the Seahawk who’s going to take the biggest step next season. That would be Bobby Wagner who’s going to have a pro bowl year. Bruce Irving and Lane have an outside chance as well.

  9. He will be even better. That is scary because he is already the best of last years rookie QB class.

    Have no doubt that Mr. Russell Wilson will be the BEST QB in the league for the next decade. He is not a One and Done Fraud like the Burgundy and Gold pretender.

    Mr. Russell Wilson is the new face of the league. Move aside Cheater Brady.

    The best QB in the NFC by far.
    And now Alex Smith is in the AFC and finally gets a good head coach and talent surrounding him will prove that is was underrated and become the best in the AFC
    Seahawks/Chiefs Super Bowl(s) coming sooon

  10. Logicalvoices must have an altar with RG3s jock on it, front and center in his house. Im shocked he hasnt started the “Church of Griffin” already.

  11. niners816

    Every team has terrible fans, don’t act like Seattle is worse than other fans. norcalmafia, logicalvoice, benroethlisberger7. Don’t paint an entire fan base with one brush.

  12. green41563 says: Apr 4, 2013 8:28 PM

    I’ve watched pro sports since 1984.


    That comment ranks right up there with ….”I’m 40, I’m a man !!!!!”

  13. Oh wait tied Manning TD record & threw way less picks. Was hated because of height before he did that. Now coming into year two & still a bunch buzzard trolls feel the need to comment on a post that has nothing to do with their team! Go Hawks! Russell Wilson is a genuine good person! Spends his days working & nights at the Seattle Children’s Hospital! He is a true winner! Get over yourselfs! Seattle got him & most of you wish you had him! He is something no sports figure in Seattle has ever been!

  14. Wow … Wilson had a great season … why does Carroll have to built him up even more?

  15. Some of you people don’t know the first thing about football. To be honest with you I thought that he should have been rookie of the year. And, he had is team in the lead in GA Dome last year and if that Seahawk D would have held up he would have been facing the niner’s instead of Matt Ryan. And, for all of those who say that he was a poor man’s RG3 you need to go back and check the highlights. When he moved around he did it to find time to throw the ball down field. When RG3 moved he was running down the field. Now, I don’t have any great love for Pete Carol but he hit on Russel Wilson. And, I think Russel isn’t just going to be good. He’s going to be great.

  16. Who says Russell can’t do it ? Any QB can if they got the other 52 guys playing as a unit !

    I seem to recall another 3rd round pick as was Russell who came in the draft in 1979 and all he did was turn into the greatest QB of all time. His name was Montana ! I’m not comparing the two by all means because that’s all subjective, but the way this young man works and is so meticulous in his preperation, why not ? I can see him winning the big one someday, he’s that good.

    Just do me a favor John Schneider, find him a half way decent backup QB this year and NOT Leinart or that party man Vince Young.

  17. It’s obviously wishful thinking on slippery Pete’s end, but you can’t wish for success for a better guy than Russell Wilson. That guy is awesome.

  18. Of Newton/IRG3/Wilson/Luck/Tannelsmell, only CK7 has made it to the Big game, and only HE will raise that Lombardi.

    He is the rightful heir to the throne and it is his one true path in an infinite profusion of possibilities.

    Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and the Pacific NW is panic-stricken and it’s painstakingly obvious!

  19. * Wilson’s already been hitting the film room for 2 months. Even Manning hasn’t been doing that.
    * He has organized workouts in Southern California with his receivers (at his expense). Only a small handful of QBs have done the same.
    * He will have had a full offseason which he did not have last year.
    * He will not be sharing reps with 2 other QBs in training camp lime last year.
    * The coaching staff will trust him from Day One instead of waiting halfway through the season.
    * He has Harvin which has an almost exponential effect on the rest of the offense and the possible options.

    Yeah, he was good last year but for all those reasons, he is going to make a quantum leap this season.

  20. @niners816

    The Niners didn’t accomplish anything last year. If you ask the players whether they would have lost in the Super Bowl or lost to the Falcons, they would tell you “neither”. If you ask them if they accomplished something by going to the Super Bowl, they would tell you “no, because we didn’t win the Super Bowl”. All players are like that. They understand when they make progress, but players for teams like San Fran and Seattle know that their teams are good enough to win it all, and for them, anything but is a lost season. And Seattle is relevant. Why do you think so many are viewing the Seahawks as Super Bowl contenders? The Niners are no more relevant or irrelevant than any other playoff team.

  21. Man you idiot TROLLS will talk trash about anyone!! Russell is such a great ambassador for this sport and all you clowns are actually saying he is a bust???? Man it must really suck to be you!!! It’s truly getting to the point where I feel dumber for reading your complete NONSENSE!!! I can see why these guys are thinking about banning comments from this site!!! You morons do not deserve this forum to spew your NONSENSE!!! But the best thing about sports is say what you may they gotta come out and play the game and I personally take a great deal of pride in our starting quarterback considering he has the very best work ethic in the entire league!!!! See you all next season!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  22. niners816 says: Apr 4, 2013 8:33 PM

    I’m glad the NFC west is relevant again. Please, Seahwaks fans I know you’re all excited because you’re winning, but Seahawks fans are the absolute worst. You guys put a whoopin on the Niners no doubt, and you like to throw that in our faces, but that’s all you have. We split the season series, and we finished the job you guys couldn’t do, beat the Falcons.
    Beating the Falcons isn’t finishing the job. Beating the Ravens would have qualified, though.

  23. I watched football since WAYYY before anybody on this board and Wilson will get his ACL ripped off REAL QUICK.

  24. logicailvoicesays says: Apr 4, 2013 8:32 PM

    So a weak imitation of RG3 on a second rate team has a corrupt loser coach who went 0-12 one year at USC who sucks up to him. How pathetic.

    There’s only one Super Bowl champion Redskins, and 31 other wannabees. HTTR.

    Soooo, you gonna whine and cry like a baby when your team loses at the end of the year just like you did last year? Think anyone here has forgotten your little tantrums; sniff, sniff, Waaaaa? Think again.

  25. I wanted the Eagles to take Wilson last year. He has everything you want in a QB but height and that hasn’t hurt him at all. He is every bit as good as RG3 and will end up having a better career for a variety of reasons.

  26. I’d much much rather have “imitation RG3” with all of his knee ligaments in tact, than the actual RG3 and his twice repaired knees.

    Some players come back from injury and play with abandon, and others come back with the yips. Either one spells bad news for RG3/Skins.

  27. The Seahawk that will be even better this year is going to be Marshawn Lynch. With Percy Harvin and DangeRuss taking the attention of the defense there will only be seven defenders in the box. Lynch will run wild on fewer carries and out gain Adrian Peterson.

  28. You guys do realize you can like Russell Wilson and not irrationally hate RG3 and hope his career is over from a knee injury right?

  29. Coach has confidence in his QB……Good on him. There are about 10 other Coaches in the NFL that truthfully think the same thing. I agree with the premise that it is hard to continue to improve and that it is hard to beat the Sophmore Lull that others, like Cam Newton experienced. Even with that, I have faith that Pete is tracking correctly and Wilson will be at that elite level. May it be so.

  30. Oy vey.
    If he is better in his second year, the Seahawks are going to be very very scary.

    It could just be the Seahawks vs. the Niners in the NFC Championship. Whoever has home field will win it.

  31. through college to the nfl Wilson doesn’t feel pressure. if you want to see people who feel the pressure and can’t handle it refer to Ryan leaf.

  32. He works extremely hard studying film and Sunday night already is watching the next teams film and gives out notes on potential weaknesses and wholes to his players by monday morning.

    Which other ROOKIE DOES THAT!????

    His work ethic AND respect for the game(Ask Drew Brees) is unmatched! He of course will be more successful because while teams attempt to stop his Read option plays he’s trying to perfect his pocket passing and scheme knowledge.

    He ran read option plays like 6 times an game or less on average and that was less than half that of Cam or RG3.

    People and mostly media outlets don’t look at the facts they call the kid a poor man’s RG3 /Cam. The fact is BOTH those qbs are always trying to run, Wilson is TRYING TO PASS. He uses his legs to pick up first downs, and extend plays to pass but many people haven’t watched him play so they assume he’s doing what Cam and RG3 are bc they show plays of him running and or running around being mobile, which is lazy journalism and lazy viewers.

    Fact is both RG3 and Cam would love to be Wilson, read coverages go through progressions!! The or coaches would give drat picks for those abilities and he’s not selfishly trying to take it to the house every time he gets a chance.

    Hes smart and avoids hits even if that means sliding IN THE BACKFIELD taking a loss on the play, and he is only ” exposing” himself to a possible injury more than any other pocket passer 6 plays on avg a game.

    And the whole idea of limiting his exposure on those plays is for some reason never correlated. HE RUNS IT 6 TIME AND is known to be a smart runner on those 6 but somehow he’s volunerable because of them?? Even when no one has ever gotten a good shot on the kid?

    Just saying hrs working hard to progress as a better passer which he’s more than capable of doing and already is a better passer than many qbs he’s compared to.

    We do need and insurance policy at qb as a worst case scenario though because injuries do happen.

  33. Lol. And this coming from a guy that said they really made the td in the packers game. All by the way he did not call a time out in the Atlanta game to ice the kicker. Lol

  34. Kaepernick will be the better QB in the division, Wilsons numbers were only slightly greater because he started the full season.

  35. Iknoweverything says:
    Apr 4, 2013 8:44 PM
    He will be even better. That is scary because he is already the best of last years rookie QB class.

    Have no doubt that Mr. Russell Wilson will be the BEST QB in the league for the next decade. He is not a One and Done Fraud like the Burgundy and Gold pretender.

    Mr. Russell Wilson is the new face of the league. Move aside Cheater Brady.

    The best QB in the NFC by far.
    And now Alex Smith is in the AFC and finally gets a good head coach and talent surrounding him will prove that is was underrated and become the best in the AFC
    Seahawks/Chiefs Super Bowl(s) coming sooon

    rw and rgthree are a couple of cornball brothers. Kaepernick, in my opinion, will be the face of the league. He’ll be 1-1 in Super Bowls with 1 1/2 years as the starter. Not bad huh.

  36. I would be more inclined to believe Wilson will be better if someone other than Petey Carroll said so. Petey’s track record evaluating QB’s isn’t too good….to wit, Whitehurst, Seneca Wallace, TJoke, Matt Flynn. Had Wilson not impressed OC Bevell in training camp, he’d still be holding a clip board and Petey would be taking a long look at someone like Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell.

  37. Oh, the delicious envy from all you Hawk haters! The 12th Man has waited ever so long to taste such sweet nectar, and now that it’s here, we are insatiable. Bring it, you jealous Judys, again and again and again! Never stop! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom!!

  38. Why do people compare players to RG3, has he done anything? Any Super Bowl rings? Pro bowl? MVP? He has done nothing, Mr Wilson at least took his team to the play offs and won a play off game. Really no need to compare someone that has done nothing to prove himself.

  39. This can work two ways:
    1. He really does get better
    2. He gets worse

    The reason for him getting worse is because now teams have film on him and an off-season to prepare. And with all the popularity in the read option, you don’t suppose teams are going to find a way to stop this during the off-season?

    Just my two cents

  40. Rg3 has skills but dude is not going to stay healthy. That was knock on him coming out and so far is proving to be tried. Wilson will have a better career. Take it to the bank

  41. Hey logical voice, Seahawks beat the redskins last time they played. Oh by the way, your field is garbage and it caused your precious qb to get injured.
    What has rg accomplished?
    Russell Wilson ended the hoggetts!
    Bow down busta, I’m gonna step up every time you compare the skins to the hawks

  42. Just laughs at the “best QB in the league” given he wasn’t even the best QB in his division and there is still a QB in Green Bay who is the best in the league!

    Good luck with this given defensive coordinators will have good game plans against him. I think I remember people saying the same thing about Cam Newton. How’d that work out for him!

  43. niners816 is a typical niners troll.

    The funny thing is, I only hear Niner fans talk smack online. About half my time is spent in the Bay Area for business, and regularly go to bars in my Seahawks gear, and all I see are people in Giants gear. Actual San Franciscans don’t even care about the 49ers. It’s actually pretty funny.

  44. So, this is one of those threads that deletes comments for no good reason. I posted a fun, pro-Seahawks comments about how sweet all the jealousy was. No profanity. No hostility. And it goes poof just because someone either doesn’t like my Seahawks, doesn’t like me, or loved being hall monitor in school a little too much. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite troll’s post remains on the thread.

    Whoever you are, your mother was a bill collector, and your father smells of elderberries!

  45. Every Seahawk post is loaded with 49er fans without substance talking trash. I always point to so many of them being bandwagon fans that were nowhere to be found until 2009-2010. If it isn’t them, it’s Redskin fans who have nothing better to do than try bash Wilson who is 1-o versus RG3 who he is coming off ACL repair number 2. Wilson split reps with two quarterbacks through camp and pre-season. He hit his real groove about half way through the season when Pete finally let them open up the playbook and he exploded and made history. Look at this red zone numbers for any QB let alone a rookie is beyond impressive. The kid is has drive that is unmatched and every player on his team is behind him, even free agents are coming to be part of something special that Pete Caroll has put together with John Schneider. I actually hope they do Hard Knocks because I remember that year long ago the Ravens did it stands out to me. Can’t wait for the season to start…Go Hawks!

  46. Better?
    Maybe. If Russell is a true leader.
    Let’s see if he can handle it when the wheels come of due to Harvin criticising plays & then Locker room Veterans turn off mid-late season. GL.

  47. @iknownothing What the bloody ffffff……..? Not even gonna bother with the Wilson puffing as the best in the NFL. Alex the best in the AFC? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA…. I got a lot of love for Alex but you must’ve hit your head to be making a comment like that. Your zero credibility just dropped into the negatives

  48. niners816

    Every team has terrible fans, don’t act like Seattle is worse than other fans. norcalmafia, logicalvoice, benroethlisberger7. Don’t paint an entire fan base with one brush.

    Don’t forget contra and pervy.

  49. He was a 1st year starter. The rest of the league has studied the film. And now in the second year Russell will in fact show why every team including his own had him as a later round pick. Sorry kids, to quote John Lennon “the dream is over”.

  50. The only reason the Seahawks didn’t stomp the Falcons was the 10 AM start. Had it been 1pm like it should have been, the whole game would have looked like the 2nd half, in other words, 28-10 x 2.

    As to Wilson, in 5 years everyone will be mentioning him in the same breath as Brady, Montana and the Mannings.

    Yeah, he’s just that good.

  51. Bobby Griffin will never win a playoff game. Logicaldouche – get used to seeing Russell Wilson dominate – He’s better than Luck and way better than that always injured fraud you have in DC.

    Didn’t Bobby and Russell play last year? How did that turn out? Ha ha.. (pointing at Bobby’s bent knee)…..

    Go Hawks

  52. He’s going to take a major step backward as most 2nd year QBs do. RG3 and Luck in the same boat as well. The question is whether they’ll bounceback in Year 3 like Matt Ryan did or be relegated to the lower tier?

  53. Man even the staff is like the fans..Always talking about what there gonna do instead of what they have done..Seahawks are pre season champs 3 years in a row..In the regular season….Zero championships! Bwahahaha..losers

  54. You gotta love the parity of the NFL. The NFC West went from being the laughing stock of the league only a few years ago, to having two 11 win teams, two playoff teams, and one other team in the division going unbeaten last year…and then there are the Cardinals. Going to be some hard fought games within our division next year, and the rest of the league is going to hate heading out west…

  55. Russell is going into second grade and becoming more independant by the day. He walks himself to school and can be trusted to stay afterwards in the playground. Everyone is proud.

  56. Logicailvoicesays………

    Scoreboard buddy! Last I checked that second rate team and weak imitation of rg3 sent you and your rat faced coach home in the playoffs. Have fun watching rg3 on the sidelines.

  57. Now that’s a scary thought.

    I’m no Seahawk fan. But I was very impressed when I watched Russell Wilson play this year especially in the playoffs when Seattle were down in both games on the road.

  58. with the whole off season, ota’s, training camp and the pre-season as the starter, plus percy harvin. russell wilson will have a mvp type season.

    btw russell wilson had a better qb rating in the pocket than outside of the pocket (rg3 he is not, nor wants to be)

  59. he had an awesome season, helped his team improve immensely, he’s a good person who doesnt have a negative thing to say about anyone ………why all the hate???? seems more like jealousy. it appears the Seahawks have truly arrived:)

  60. I want to reveal a conspiracy I can now prove. Russell Wilson and Bruno Marrs are the same person. Think about it. He/ they are never in the same place, both peaked at low times in the other’s career and both are the absolute smoothest cats in their fields, and no way anyone can tell them apart. Its like Janet and Michael Jackson or logicalvoice and a rotting carcass.

    Now that his musical tour is winding down, Bruno oops Russell can focus on making a pretty good team great and fulfilling every commenters dream and shut logical voices’ mouth once and for all. Russell is no ones “poor man’s” anything.

  61. I think Seahawks , just had something clicking for em last year. They weren’t as good as everybody seems to think, I don’t see how espn has them ranked #1 in the power rankings. If niners had Phil Dawson last year, and Green Bay doesn’t get robbed, niners win the division , by three games. I promise you Seahawks fans, that you guys won’t have as good a season as you did last year, and russel Wilson’s prayers he throws up are gonna stop Landing. Richard Sherman is too much of a scumbag, too have good things happen for him, of course I said that about ray Lewis.

  62. logicalvoicesays: You know the redskins invented the telephone. The reason RG3 is better than Wildon is because he can stay on the field. Being 0-1 in the playoffs makes him a sure fire hall of fame. Especially now that we have a hall of fame tutoring him in Rex Grossman, were sure to flop in the playoffs again this year and spend all next offseason whining about it.”

    Get a life. That comments thread yesterday was about you. Go away.

  63. That’s a scary thought. Being a Viking fan and a football fan first. That guy is the real deal and now he has a brand new toy to play with, ex-Viking Harvin. Not good news for the rest of the league.

  64. niners816 says: Apr 4, 2013 8:33 PM

    …but Seahawks fans are the absolute worst. You guys put a whoopin on the Niners no doubt, and you like to throw that in our faces, but that’s all you have.
    No, it’s not all we have.

    The ‘hawks won a game against the Rams last year.

    Niner’s can’t make that same claim.

  65. I dunno why everybody jocks Russel Wilson so much. He’s not that great. Yeah he’s mobile and quick but he’s not Rodgers or Brees. And Pete Carrol is moron.

  66. I’ve watched Russell Wilson since he played at NC State, and he was almost as good at Wisconsin as he was this year. Which says a lot about how good he was at UW. Unfortunately for Seahawks fans, who seem to be assuming they are about to win multiple Super Bowls, he’s about hit his ceiling.

  67. I can’t really see him getting any better. I mean like how? He has all the intangibles already. He’s poised no matter what the score is, he can read well, he is accurate, he’s highly athletic, he’s intelligent, hell I can go on forever. The only bad thing about him is that he’s had moments here & there where he’d hold on to the ball too long instead of running.

    Wilson getting better would pretty much mean he’s close to perfection. That’s scary.

    I wish the Eagles had him but we’d probably kill his career.

  68. This is news? What else do you expect Pete to say, ” My QB did great last year but that was all smoke an mirrors. We could be talking about a tape measure or the playoffs, either way Russell will come up short.”

  69. Hahaha…..hahahaaha wait….hahaha ok I’m done now! Wait hahahaaha…. No guess I wasn’t. Wilson is nothing but a small cam newton. He doesn’t have vision or accuracy to be anything now Keapernick even though Seahawks fans don’t want to admit it is truly a pocket passer who can run. His last 10 game stats vs Wilson look it up guys. He better in any meaning stat yards a game. Rushing yards a game. Accuracy TD-int ratio. Plays over 20 yards keapernick is true next generation qb Wilson is flash in pants. He survive next 2-3 years but than he will be like mick Vick and not play full season. This is something u can’t argue Wilsion has to put himself in harms way out of pocket cause he can’t have throwing lanes. Yes he can throw from pocket on occasions but teams are gonna learn just like Vick if u have your DL keep there lanes he will have to leave pocket. Trust me I had Jeff Garcia that I watche play for years. Plus who is bigger than Wilsion and he always had to get out of pocket. These are facts.

  70. Russell Wilson SHOULD have been Rookie of the Year for 2012. It was close, I concede that, but Wilson should have been ROY, and was the MVP on the Seahawks, IMO. Lynch was also a beast in 2012, but so was Morris for the Skins (who was the MVP for Washington, IMO). My point being that both RB’s helped their respective QB’s, but Wilson didn’t have all the hype coming out of Wisconsin like RGIII did out of Baylor, and Wilson played every bit as good as RGIII, threw more TD’s, stayed healthy all year, and started every game. Isn’t that what the ROY is supposed to do? Apparently not, if you are the media-hyped RGIII.

    Not taking anything away from RGIII, as he had a great year, but his ROY award was simply a little to predictable, political, and in the end contested based on what Russell Wilson did coming out of Wisconsin as a 3rd round pick who wasn’t at all considered to be the day one starter when he was drafted.

    This year Wilson now has Harvin to throw to, and he has an even more nasty pass rush on the defensive side of the ball (with Avril and Bennett at the ends) to get him the ball back. Look out, NFC West……

    Seattle will be a force to be reckoned with, and I am not a Seattle fan – no homer post here. SF fans better beware. Seattle is for real, and spanked your team 42-13 in week 16. It can and will happen again. This year they will be the ones in the NFC Championship game representing the NFC, Niner fans.

  71. Im totally amazed by some of you guys, its going to be an awesome season with some great games. Totally respect Russell and I can’t wait to see what Kap does this season. GO NINERS!!!

  72. I love how Niner fans can’t wait to butt into Seahawks news. They must be very worried about Russell. And those saying he is a “poor mans RG3”, at least our QB has the smarts to run and go out of bounds. RGKnee might not even start the season. no hate for him, but if Niner fans and Redskins fans actually look from an unbiased side, they would actually take Russell over RG3, and the overrated Kap IMO. The same if Nnamdi came to Seattle, Niner fans would call him a bust. But since he went to the God forsaken San Transico, they worship him. Go figure. And if you are calling Seattle fans smack talkers, please always remember when you point you’re finger at someone, they’re are four pointing on you back. Niner Fans.

  73. RE: “niners816”
    You SF Whi9er fans are always good for a few laughs. Seriously kid, SF has only had a decent showing in the last 2 seasons! Prior to that, you’ve gotta go all the way back to the Steve Young glory days buddy. I’m glad you whi9er fans are excited about winning, as this is a fairly new concept for you…but us SEA fans are pretty use to it. The only reason there’s sudden excitement on the part of us SEA fans, is because last year was supposed to be a “rebuilding year” with low expectations, and instead, they absolutely exceeded all expectations!
    By the way, SEA has owned the NFC West since they came into the DIV in 2000 and have certainly won more playoff games & DIV Titles than your whi9ers have over that span. LMAO@U buddy

  74. I see Wilson taking a header this year, along with a few other young QB’s.

    Pete Carroll is a joke and shouldn’t even be allowed in the NFL at all.

  75. When #8 left seattle, the Charlie whitehurst experiment failed, and when t jack was named the starter, as a fan I thought my favorite team will never find a franchise qb. Then, the best thing that could have happened did- rw was acquired. And the cherry on top, in the 3rd round. But as good as last season was, I think this one will be a test for rw. The hawks aren’t sneaking up on any1, and the 2nd year is typically rougher fo qbs. Ive watched every snap rw has taken in seattle and I believe pc is dead on. I’ve wore blue n green since the kreig days- I haven’t been as optimistic and excited for a season as this one. Seattle needs a Lombardi, and I think rw,this team, gm and coaching staff has the tools to lead the hawks to one.

  76. For every QB that came out for a year and tore it up, then came back the next season and matched the previous season, I can think of 10 that didn’t ever get a mention in the news again until they were traded or cut. There are a whole bunch of one hit wonders floating around the NFL right now in back-up roles or on rosters hoping to make the cut.

    There is no guarantee that Wilson will be half as good as he seemed to be last year. Odds are actually against it.

  77. Wilson only looked like a rookie in two games last season at St. Louis and at San Francisco. Other than that he looked like an established vet at the least and an all pro level players at his best.

    The sky is the limit for this kid, and even if you dislike the Seahawks, don’t see how you can root against Russell Wilson. Seems like a true nice person and handles himself with class on the field. None of that trash talking like you see from Brady or Rivers and none of the temper tantrums you see from Rivers (again) or occasionally Payton Manning.

  78. He’ll be good for a few years like most qbs that can run and throw but when he loses his ability to run and hes forced to stay in the pocket its going to be a different story.

  79. Oh, the delicious envy from all you Hawk haters! The 12th Man has waited ever so long to taste such sweet nectar, and now that it’s here, we are insatiable. Bring it, you jealous Judys, again and again and again! Never stop! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom!!

  80. History states otherwise. The latest fad O will start to slide down the tubes this year as DCs better game plan for it. Also, DCs now have a full year of tape on him and will exploit his weaknesses. Add in the traditional So slump and the forecast is a bit more realistic.

  81. @mas macho.
    You know logicalvoice only started all his stuff because peytonsneck was the world’s biggest troll. Logicalvoice isn’t nearly as bad as peytonsneck but everyone b***hes about logical. I don’t get it. If you don’t like his comments just keep going. Move along. Nothing to see here.

  82. Wow almost every niners fan appears to be a complete dou#he. Keapernick is too busy kissing himself and showing off his tattoo collection to be the face of the NFL. I I I me me me

  83. “If the Seahawks actually won a Super Bowl would anybody notice?”

    Yea, considering the last Super Bowl they were in (and didn’t win) was one of the most talked about controversial Super Bowls in history. (They should of won ;))

  84. screechdaddy says: Apr 5, 2013 7:18 AM

    Oh, the delicious envy from all you Hawk haters! The 12th Man has waited ever so long to taste such sweet nectar, and now that it’s here, we are insatiable. Bring it, you jealous Judys, again and again and again! Never stop! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom!!
    So, this clown posts this same comment earlier, then posts again to complain about it being deleted, even though it wasn’t, and then posts it again. That’s a lot of work for something that was not worth reading in the first place.

  85. @niners816

    “49ers 5 Seattle 0. Now carry on with your ramble.”

    49ers founded in 1946. First Super Bowl 1981. 35 years later.

    Seahawks founded in 1976. First Super Bowl 2006. 30 years later.

    I think we have time to catch up. Starting this year.

  86. As a Seahawk fan, I am the first to admit that Russell has room for improvement. The first 8-10 games of last season he was pretty inconsistent. He didn’t really put it all together until the last 5-6 games. If he keeps that momentum going he will be much better this season. I believe that he is the type who won’t let success go to his head and that his work ethic and intelligence will be the reason he keeps improving.

    Also, unlike a lot of other Seahawk fans I’m not so delusional as to think that he was the ROTY. I think both RGIII and Luck were better over the course of the entire season last year. RW came on so strong at the end of the year that people tend to forget his earlier struggles. All in all though, I’m excited for the team’s future with Russell at the helm.

  87. It really is amazing what being a threat will bring out of scared folk,it’s like you know the storm is coming,yet you step out shirtless,sporting sunglasses and your top down on your ride hoping that’ll make it go away. Good luck!! Kaepernick is really good,so is a healthy RGIII,I’m a hawks fan and I’ll admit that,but so is our stud @DangeRuss. Skins & 9er fans can spew all the hate they want,that won’t change the heat Russell & Co. will bring,and bring it! They will. It would be unwise to go up against any of these and think it will be a cake walk,any true football fan knows that,and any true fan knows you don’t really wanna face the Hawks. So to all the Hawks fans,you can rest easy,you know what you got out here. If the Seahawks are so irrelevant,they wouldn’t be generating this much attention,yet here we are! Not considered a threat,but they can’t seem to keep Wilson’s name out their mouths.
    Like it or not,the Seahawks storm is coming! Dress appropriately.

  88. Russell Wilson is going to be great through his effort and work ethic. Looking back on QB busts like McGuire/Mirer and comparing them to Wilson makes me wonder why NFL executives didn’t know what they know now….its in the work ethic. Cam Newton problems stem from this mentality too.

    “Everyone wants to be like Mike”, and yet few realize the type of person he is and how hard he works – which is most influential on his game. Even someone like Rodman who has little coordination can be great with enough determination. Anyway, people need to start assessing players differently than they had. The Wilson and Sherman’s of the world are out there prepared to take off – while lazy overhyped players bust out of the league into Canada.

  89. Niners816: Please bro……. All 49er fans do is talk shat. Especially when you beat the Seahawks. Now you wanna sit here and cry because we talk shat when we beat you down 42-13? You are a clown dude. Whaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaa lmfao!!!!!!!! You still lost the Super Bowl so you accomplished scwat last season.

  90. Hahahahahahaha Colin Kap is a fruit… All the guy does us run in people he shoulda been a running back. Kinda sad to see all the 49er fans spend their time in a Seahawks article trying to talk up their team. Lets trademark kissing out arms like a 10 year old bwwwwaaaaahahahahaha

  91. …and just for amusement purposes.

    “If the Seahawks actually won a Super Bowl would anybody notice?”

    Yes. Just as much as everyone noticing the 49ers losing the Super Bowl.

  92. @ciggyburns.
    San Fran has 5 Super Bowls. What point are you trying to make about going to 1 in 2006? Doesn’t correlate at all. Your not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

    Wilson is a very good QB but to say he is the best in the league is a gross over statement. Seattle is a force to reckoned with, but it was one year. Seattle fans seem to forget that there hasn’t been a tradition of 10 win seasons out there, and maybe that is what the future holds….. But slow down and allow Russell to succeed or fail before you all puff your chests out too far.


  93. @andylucksneck

    Obviously you aren’t the “brightest bulb on the Christmas tree” if you’re too stupid to figure out my point in that. As far as your post, why don’t you do some more research on the history of football before you continue to make yourself look like an idiot.

  94. raiderapologist says:

    So, this clown posts this same comment earlier, then posts again to complain about it being deleted, even though it wasn’t, and then posts it again. That’s a lot of work for something that was not worth reading in the first place.
    Thank you for having your team in your username. It explains your negative disposition as well as inability to postulate why my post was repeated beyond what your own limited logic tells you. For others who are curious, I’ll explain:

    When I first posted, the thread showed only a few comments. Many hours later, I came back to read what I hoped would be many more comments, and found there were only a total of 24, and mine was missing. So I logged in and posted the complaint post. After posting, I noticed several more posts, including my original post. I thought “glitch” and looked for a way to delete my complaint, but there was none. I logged off, and found the thread only showing 24 comments again, and both of mine were again not there.

    Not knowing why this was happening, or if the site was only showing my posts to me, but not publicly, I copied and pasted my original post and resubmitted, then logged off. All three failed to show unless I was logged in, and the thread continued to show only 24 comments, a full half day after the original story was posted.

    Something is fishy with how comments are being filtered and allowed to display publicly. Now I get up today to find well over one hundred comments on this thread now visible, including my three. If I could delete the last two, I would, but I cannot. Whoever is moderating this thread seems to have let dozens of comments pile up without posting them for whatever reason, which to me seems a problematic process, obviously.

    Why not just let everything through, then go back and delete those which break the rules later. Why even have a flag button for us to use if all comments are filtered by a mod before posting?? My repost was intended to be a squeaky wheel about this issue. Only a Raider fan, apparently, is too dense to assume that. :^p

  95. Wilson will be Wilson and that is what will worry his opponents all next season. there will be many heading to the playoffs monents to come for the Seahawks.

    Go Hawks!!

  96. @ciggyburns
    a whopping total of 4 seasons of 10 wins or more since 1976. Doesn’t seem to me that you did your research before writing your rebuttal.

    Squat is spelled squat, not scwat. America is in real trouble if this is the way kids are being taught in schools.


  97. I love all the people on here who criticize us Seahawk fans for being excited about the upcoming season and enjoying talking about it on these discussion forums.

    As if there is some rule that you can’t root for your team unless its won a Superbowl. Or that by saying R. Wilson is going to be a great QB is “going too far”, and that as fans we need to keep our composure in using this forums “responsibly”.

    Its fun to talk about football, its fun to know you have a good team in the coming year(s), and its fun to “assume” we have the next “Montana great” QB. The NFL wants us fans talking about this, and we hold no responsibility to reign in our comments as if our jobs or lives depended on it.

    We are enjoying ourselves – you might try the same.

  98. @greyhawk9
    Please turn spell check on. Your iphone has autocorrect.
    Deaf is spelled deaf, not def.
    The pacific NW is not the brightest region in the US.
    Seahawk fans are by far the most arrogant, delusional fan base. I had no idea that Seattle had won so little before I looked it up a few days ago. 280-300 is the teams wins/loss total. This (for those of you who don’t know how to figure this out) is less than a .500 record. In fact it is a .483 winning percentage. Not too good. So for all of you who are puffing your chests out as if to say that the Seahawks are going to steam roll through the NFL this year slow down. Any number of things can happen…… Wilson could blow his knee out, Sherman could pop positive for another drug test and not get off on a technicality this time, they could host the Redskins, and Shanahan can show Pete Carroll how a real coach wins playoff games. Any number of things can happen. Just slow down. You all sound like the ravens fans with not a single Lombardi in the trophy case. The perfect analogy is that the Seahawks are the Eagles of the northwest. No trophies, and fans that read on a third grade level and write like 2nd graders.


  99. The Redskin fans should hope that management fixes the field. After all, they have to play on that field more than anybody else.. increasing the chance of more injuries like RG3 and Chris Clemons suffered.
    Niner fans should remember that each season is played independent of history. It doesn’t matter how many you won in the past.. just what did you accomplish now? (Cowboy fans need to remember the same thing)
    People talking about how much better either Kaep or RG3 was should take a look at how well the Seahawks have handled the offseason.
    Anybody but a die-hard fan of an opposing team will acknowledge that Seattle did extremely well sofar in the off season.
    And yes, anything can happen during the season, keep it in mind that anything can happen can happen as easily to your team as to the Seahawks.

  100. Russell Wilson is an amazing person and fantastic athlete. 49er fans are always the ones talking trash and not even good fans. Good football fans recognize the greatness throughout the league, not only their own. The NFC West has become a division to be proud of and to be proud to be in, as players and fans. No longer is the NFC West the NFC worst. The Niners have to be respected because their record speaks for itself, but this is a football league of “What have you done for me lately?” Last year’s record is irrelevant, for the Niners and the Seahawks. St. Louis is an up-and-coming football team with a lot of talent and a fantastic coach. The Seahawks, or in my opinion, the class of this division right now. It will be interesting to see what the Seahawks and Niners do in the draft with their combined 24 draft selections. The Seahawks have had the best off-season of any team, exemplified by; Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Tony McDaniel and the re-signing of Clinton McDonald. I also believe Seattle is going to sign one more veteran, probably Charles Woodson simply nickel back in their passing defensive sets. However, the Seahawks are bringing back all 11 starters on offense and 9 of 11 defensive starters. The only players they’re losing, they don’t want anyway. Leroy Hill is too old and Alan Branch was one-dimensional. Chris Clemons is reportedly ahead of schedule in his rehab and should be ready for the first game, but Carroll will likely make him wait until the 3rd or 4th game to be certain he is 100% healthy. One thing is for certain, there is a real and awesome rivalry surfacing in the NFC West between the Seahawks and 49ers and these players, coaches and fans do not like each other and that makes the rivalry so much more visceral and personal. That’s what makes sports so great! It used to be the Raiders and the Chiefs, the Redskins and the Cowboys, the Steelers and Ravens and the Packers and the Bears. Move over, the NFC West is the biggest, baddest and toughest division in the NFL and the Seahawks and 49ers game will be televised nationally and the whole country is going to want to tune in to watch the ultimate physical beating for both teams and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few players carted off the field on the meat wagon. This is what football is all about and I just hope the officials allow them to play old-school, beat ’em up, take no prisoners football! Go Hawks! And go Niners! I want this to be a personal war! However, the Seahawks shall prevail… In fact, in my opinion… The real Super Bowl will happen at Candlestick and CenturyLink when these 2 teams play each other.

  101. Opposing fans show their jealousy when opponents meet them with success! Thank you Russell for being nothing but class and humility.

  102. i keep reading stuff like poor man’s RG3. well didnt russell tear apart that redskin defense on the road in the playoffs i think so.. and there is a great rivalry between SF and SEA fans i just hope us SEA fans dont get stabbed (remember playoffs ATL) all SF fans say is that well they went further but you still didnt get the job done. SEA picks up a young Percy and SF picks a up an old WR on his last leg in the league, sounds like pathetic ringing at the door. Hawks in 2013 sounds like a great pick to me

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