Steelers re-sign linebacker Stevenson Sylvester

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The Pittsburgh Steelers re-signed linebacker Stevenson Sylvester to a one-year deal on Wednesday.

Sylvester was scheduled to be restricted free agent with the Steelers but was not tendered an offer making him an unrestricted free agent. Sylvester was originally a fifth-round pick by the Steelers in 2010 but has struggled to find a role with the team. He appeared in 10 games with the team last season and recorded just one tackle while playing primarily on special teams.

The Steelers are in need of depth at the position with the release of James Harrison and Sean Spence suffering a serious knee injury last preseason.

18 responses to “Steelers re-sign linebacker Stevenson Sylvester

  1. Harrison is somewhere pissed off right now..Yeah James..that’s how much they respect you

  2. This is a good move. This will give us much needed depth. He also knows the system since he has played in it for last three years. I hope he can finally take off and really shine.

  3. Polish up that Lombardi — the Steelers are showing they’re now ready to win it all!

  4. ravenator says: Apr 4, 2013 7:03 AM

    Well there’s a blockbuster signing

    This is the Steelers way. You wouldn’t know anything about that. It is a proven system. The Steelers reload through the draft They have never been very active in Free Agency.
    Don’t worry your little mind Ravenator. The Steelers will be ready to rumble in December. As the Steelers live rent free in Ravenators mind……. Go Steelers!!!

  5. He saw more playing time 2 seasons ago than last year, but he has shown good speed, athleticism, and intensity in the limited playing time he has had at LB. Aside from special teams, we really do not know what we have in him as a LB at this point.

  6. I have no problem with this signing in terms of depth and special teams. But if Sylvester were the final piece of any puzzle–as crownofthehelmet posted–I’d have to wonder what the front office was trying to build.

    You’re quite the jokester, crownofthehelmet. Fortunately, the Steelers front office has a better track record than that.

  7. nice. decent guy to keep around but nothing spectacular I guess it cojld be worse….we could have lost 7 out of our 10 best players from the year before including 2 who were the heart and soul of the team and our best WR who is the only one that our QB can complete a pass to consistently. but hey! we got dumervill! he should easily replace all that no problem, right??

  8. Ummmmm scoobie….. Lewis, Reed, Birk, Bolden, Ellerbe, Pollard, Kruger. That’s the some of the best players from your championship team that you lost. Just a friendly reminder. That’s a ton of production lost from that team. That is what my friend steel6curtain was referring to.

    Any questions?

  9. I just read that Colbert only has 21 players on NFL Rosters since he became GM Not conunting current Steelers roster: He also is responsible for 95% of the draft..Tomlin and scouts are used in A “Advisory” role: 3/5 of his last drafts has been considered “Bust” by Scouts Inc. It take “Talent” to win..and the honest truth is we haven been that talented. Tomlin gets the blame for somethin he basically has No control over ( The personnel ) on the field. He needs to hit a home run with this draft.

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