Thomas Dimitroff: Something’s “around the corner” with Matt Ryan’s contract


Thursday’s release of starting right tackle Tyson Clabo came as a bit of a surprise, but the Falcons’ ulterior motives for making the move aren’t surprising at all.

The team wants to sign quarterback Matt Ryan to a contract extension and excising Clabo’s $4.5 million base salary will help them do that. Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff didn’t address Clabo’s departure during an appearance on the NFL Network Thursday, but he did confirm that the team is hoping to get something done with Ryan before the start of next season.

“For Matt right now, he’s not worried about it because he knows that something is around the corner, as we do,” Dimitroff said. “I can’t put an exact date on it, this is a long-winded way of saying I’m hoping we can agree to something going into the season.”

As the two quarterbacks drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft, Ryan and Joe Flacco have been linked throughout their careers. If Ryan’s deal does wind up getting done, those links will go stronger with each man landing a new contract this offseason. The question will be whether Ryan winds up taking home as much money as they guy drafted 15 spots behind him in that round.

With Aaron Rodgers also working toward a new deal, it is looking like quite the lucrative offseason for NFL quarterbacks.

21 responses to “Thomas Dimitroff: Something’s “around the corner” with Matt Ryan’s contract

  1. After last season, Ryan’s about as close to elite as you can be. He’s always been good but I think last season he upped his game even more.
    Now if the Atlanta defense would step it up..

  2. Yeah, he never won a big game. We all remember the Divisional Round three months ago when he just couldn’t get anything going against the Seahawks with 28 seconds to go, right?

  3. Good luck at signing a statue that can’t make a decision when pressured! Matt Ryan is a serviable QB and a good guy for PR but will never win the big game. I see falcons at about 9-7 this year. Remember other than Brent Grimes injury in the pre season last year the Falcons literally have been injury free for the past 2 seasons. Its bound to catch up with them!

  4. People seem to forget that Matt Ryan leads the league in 4th quarter comeback victories since he entered the league. I would say that gives him the ability to “win big games”. And small games for that matter.

  5. Thus far, the guy drafted 15 spots behind him in that round has completely overshadowed him. Flacco has 10 postseason wins (including the Super Bowl) to Ryans 1 postseason win. It isn’t even a contest anymore. Both are still young and in their primes though so we shall see…

  6. I like the Falcons and Matt Ryan is a good QB but needs to show he can be a great QB before getting paid Flacco’s money (like having more than 1 playoff win in 5 years). Compare their two records and there is a great disparity between the two in the post season. I’m sure I’ll get thumbs down from Falcon fans but those are facts. Does Ryan have the potential? Yes. Has he proved he’s worthy of top money yet? No.

  7. Matt Ryan is good. Not as good as Roddy White and Julio Jones, but he is still good.

  8. Clown comments about “choking” with regard to a guy that just finished his 4th season
    PFT should do away with the comments section.

  9. We can all say the Falcons O-Line has been a strength in recent years. That’s two starters they’ve got to replace now on the O-Line. Should be interesting.

    The Falcons were all fluff last season. 13-3 with only 3 wins over teams with winning records.

  10. he is not worth the big money how many playoff games did he win in his career oh 1 then he chokes the next game I put him in the same category as romo

  11. Falcons are already in cap trouble. A Ryan contract extension spells doom. Especially with their window already closing. Good thing Gonzalez returned or the Falcons would be in a world of hurt. Especially with that sorry D that lost Grimes, Abraham and Robinson.

  12. QBs do NOT have W-L records. I wish that whole thought process would disappear. If you discuss that at all please discuss only how they played in those W & L because that is all that matters. There have been in all QBs’ careers games they’ve played well in and their team lost and games they’ve played poorly in and their team won.

    All that matters is that Ryan is a good QB that you can win a SB with. I admit I was very skeptical of him when he first came into the league because he threw a lot of INTS in college and didn’t have a very good completion %. But he has defintiely gotten better every year.

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