Tyrann Mathieu visiting Buccaneers


The Buccaneers were expected to be bidders for free agent cornerbacks this offseason, but they haven’t been able to land any veteran help at the spot thus far.

Given how poor their pass defense was last season, it’s a spot they’ll have to address in the draft even if they do wind up signing someone from outside the organization. They’re doing some research on that front Thursday by meeting with cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.

Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times reported news of Mathieu’s visit and refers to him as an “intriguing prospect for many reasons.” Among them are his habit for making game-changing plays as a sophomore with LSU in 2011 and his subsequent dismissal from the team under a cloud of pot smoke. Mathieu’s size has also led some to question whether or not he’ll be able to make it in the NFL.

Mathieu has also met with the Bengals and is scheduled to visit with the Patriots on Friday as he tries to find a team willing to take a shot on a player who hasn’t done anything on a football field in more than 15 months.

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  1. No way this guy makes it past the second round.

    The last time he played, he was the best defensive football in college player. He has great physical talent and had an excellent combine.

    Outside corner, nickel, safety, whatever. Someone will find this guy a spot to play where he will flourish.

  2. He has a chip on his shoulder and plays a lot like Cortland Finnegan, if Finnegan were a CB. He’s got a lot to prove, but he might be a star in this league if given the right opportunity with a young club like the Bucs.

  3. Oh, and lest we forget – Janoris Jenkins was in a nearly identical situation last year and went to the Rams with the #39th overall pick. He then went on to start w/ 4 INTs and 3 pick 6’s.

    Janoris Jenkins was a worse college football player and is only 1 inch taller and 7 pounds heavier than Tyrann Mathieu.

  4. Niners grab him with one of the two 2nd round picks you have! Oh and grab Marcus Lattimore with one of your two #rd round picks!

  5. I’ll be surprised if Tampa doesn’t take him with their second rounder. Lots of risk but with the loser CBs on the roster, roll the dice on a potential impact defender.

  6. Surprised the Bucs are interested in a pothead CB with Aquib Talib still fresh in their minds.

  7. Your crazy if you don’t want your team to draft this man….He’s a football playa….size has no bearing on his ability to effect a game from the defensive backfield and special teams…He’s got star written all over him….despite what is being said he will not make it out of the first round… Some guys just got IT and he’s one of them….

  8. Miners need to get this guy. I’m a big LSU fan and this guy has lots of promise. have him take Nnamdi’s spot next year or let brown go next year to jeep Nnamdi if he proves himself this year

  9. You cannot compare mathieu with jenkins. I hope my Bucs take him in the 3rd, but people seem to forget that as much as he is a playmaker, he also gave up his fair share of plays. Jenkins comes out his junior year he is competing with patrick peterson as the best corner in the draft. Mathieu has talent, but lets not confuse being an elite return man with being an elite corner.

  10. He will be a Viking. They will take a WR and LB with their 2 1st rd picks, then move up in the 2nd rd a take Mathieu.

  11. The last two players to sit out a year of college football before entering the NFL were Maurice Clarett and Mike Williams. How did those picks turn out? And neither was a high risk for a NFL suspension either.

    Round 5 is about the earliest Mathieu shoudl be considered.

  12. In setting up my mock draft (true mockery–I’m no scout that’s for sure) I was reviewing combine video and YouTube highlight reels of various players and one thing stood out: NO PLAYER CAN MOVE AND CATCH THE BALL LIKE MATHIEU. Maybe Ogletree, or Elam but Mathieu hips move like they’re on a swivel and he is a natural catcher.

    So he’s 5’9.5″, that guy can ball. 2nd Round.

  13. Houseofbacon he is talking about mike Williams from USC who was drafted by the lions. And last plate with the Seahawks. Not mike Williams from Syracuse who plays for the bucs and is a very good receiver. Pay attention

  14. Every time I hear Mathieu speak I really want to believe him. He comes across as a kid who learned his lesson and he sounds really sincere. But guys can be sincere when they say something and still fall back into the same ways they had. It’s a tough call.

  15. Bengals: “So, we’re going to give you a $15 million signing bonus and $10 million/yr for the next ten years. What do you think of that?

    Mathieu: “Um….uh…..is that a lot?

  16. This guy has major red flags waving and with bright lights flashing. Yes, he’s been handled very carefully the last couple of months by handlers and his agent. However, is he mature enough to handle the money being on his own and having a lot of hangers on his entourage trying to party? Unfortunately, his history says otherwise. He would have to surround himself with some very mature and level headed people to babysit him.

    Teams have to wonder if his talent is worth dealing his Dez Bryant/ Pacman Jones type personality and lack of maturity/discipline/ disregard for the law.

  17. It would be dream come true if the Bucs will select him! He´s exactly what Ronde Barber is ,but younger 🙂 a GREAT game-changing SLOT CB

  18. TM is sick on the football field. Bucs would be a perfect for this shut down corner. Schiano would also keep his walking a straight line if he wants to see that football field.

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