Aaron Ross calls last year “a nice paid vacation to Florida”

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Aaron Ross says he doesn’t regret leaving the Giants for the Jaguars in free agency last year. But he’s glad to have had the opportunity to leave the Jaguars for the Giants this year.

Ross said on NFL AM that he spent one year in Jacksonville because the money they were offering him was too good to pass up. But Ross’s heart is with the Giants, where he started his career, and where he re-signed last month.

“It was a nice paid vacation to Florida,” Ross said of his year with the Jaguars.

According to Ross, the difference in the money the Jaguars were offering him last year and the money the Giants were offering him last year was simply too great to pass up, to the point where he would have felt like he was being irresponsible toward his family if he didn’t take it. But he said it was tough being on a 2-14 team after having won two Super Bowls with the Giants.

“I had to think about the family, setting us up long term, so of course the money comes to mind,” Ross said. “But winning is everything, man. It takes the joy away when you’re losing, and the only thing to get you through it is the paycheck when you’re losing. So yeah, I’m very happy to be back with the Giants.”

Family was a big part of the reason Ross signed with the Jaguars, not only because the money they offered set his family up for life, but also because the Jaguars allowed him to miss time in training camp to travel to London to see his wife win two gold medals: Sanya Richards-Ross won the individual gold medal in the 400 meters and was part of the winning 4×400-meter relay team. Now Ross is spending his offseason working out with his wife, although he says he can’t keep up with her on the track.

“I haven’t finished one workout yet — that’s how hard her workouts are,” Ross said.

Ross should be ready for more hard workouts this year: Tom Coughlin won’t tolerate a player treating a season as a paid vacation.

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  1. ““But winning is everything, man. It takes the joy away when you’re losing, and the only thing to get you through it is the paycheck when you’re losing.’

    Obviously winning isn’t everything since you took the money from a lousy team instead of staying put.

  2. he also said in a different interview , that he would get her in the 40, would have to extend at the line in the 100 to beat her , 200 she would get him , 400 he wouldn’t even step on the track

  3. Here’s hoping you dont get burnt all the time like Corey Webster did last year.. my god that was hard to watch. we need cb depth like usual so its good to bring back some familiar… #tryingtofindthepositives

  4. $$ or not, Ross was a big part of the reason they went 2-14. It may have been hard to play for a 2-14 team, but it was harder to watch Ross tackle anybody.

  5. You were total crap last year Aaron and lost your spot to a rookie on a 2-14 team. Good Riddance Sir.

  6. “It was a nice paid vacation to Florida,” Ross said of his year with the Jaguars.

    That’s a classless statement from a guy who took a big contract and played like crap.

  7. Trust me, if you saw the way he played and tackled last year you would say he was taking a vacation. Way to trash a team that went out of their way to make your wife a heroine in Jacksonville.

  8. harrisonhits2, he explained why he made the decision he made in the article. Read the whole thing. Plus the offseason is a hype-machine for every single team. Every year, we think our team is going to win, that’s what makes the NFL fun. If he would have signed with the Colts last year, he would have been lambasted for taking the money and running, b/c the Colts were not expected to make the playoffs. But guess what? The NFL is crazy and 1-15 teams can go 11-5 the next year.

    Welcome back Aaron! We’re happy to have a key piece of 2 title runs back to provide much-needed depth at an uncertain position.

  9. Just saw the segment. It wasn’t like he said he took the money and went on vacation to Florida. He struggled with the question about what could he take away from the jax experience. He did say that playing for such a loser “sucked”.

    Welcome home rossie

  10. Hugh Douglas did the same thing to the Jags. However, this also teaches a very important lesson. Avoid older free agents, and Kahn seems to have gotten the message, LOUD and CLEAR.

  11. As a Jags fan…I have no problem with this. The truth of the matter is that we currently are a 2nd rate organization…and last year was one of the worst displays of “professional” football and coaching I have ever seen.

    If a team offers you a better pay package – you do need to take it.

    Glad he was wanted back by the Giants…and he actually wasn’t bad while he was here.

  12. The NFL is a business! Players are played awesome money to play a kids game. Ross got his priorities straight. I hope he got to Disney World before he left.

  13. I wonder how the Jacksonville people feel about players saying they treated playing for them like a nice paid vacation?

    It’s hard to get up in the morning when you are wearing silk pajamas.

  14. He was overvalued coming off a Super Bowl team for a GM looking for anything to build a decent secondary after drafting poorly at the position for 9 years.

    I don’t fault him as a Jags fan one bit for taking the cash or taking his old job back after he got cut.

  15. did you really expect anything dif he is from ny only thing worse than that is if you were from loserania

  16. “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn!”

    That’s just one comment to be missed when PFT gets rid of the comment section next week. Along with “Tiki is flabbergasted” & “Drew Brees wants an explanation”.

  17. @jagsfan1 – what in the world are you smoking? The Jags are a “2nd rate organization”? What does that even mean? To say Ross didn’t play badly last year leads me to believe that you may have not watched one game all season. Did he have one or two nice plays? Yes. Did he play horribly the rest of the time? Absolutely.

  18. I am sure that if he ever leaves the Giants again, people will be lining up to pay a guy, who basically admitted he didn’t try.

  19. Jagsfan1, did you watch all of the games last year? Ross was horrible and EVERYTHING sailed over his head. He was always out of position. He was getting help from the safeties because he couldn’t cover even below average slot receivers. He made sixth-round draft pick Mike Harris look like a god in comparision. I grew up in New York, so I root for the Giants as well as the Jags, and I was so excited when we got Ross because he made some huge plays durng the Giants’ Super Bowl runs. Now, I’m so glad to be rid of him.

  20. The Jags paid ross, but didn’t want to pay MJD who has been shouldering the load of that offense for a while. Blaine Gabbert is horrible. Of course as a defense you will get burnt if your offense does absolutely nothing.

  21. What a jerk. Especially less than a year after the Jaguars let him skip two weeks of training camp to watch his wife compete in the London Olympics.

  22. It’s comments like his that make me wonder sometimes why I support this with my season tickets. He should rethink what he had to say.

    Giants fans, I love you to pieces but “rossie” hasn’t got much left. While he was on vacation in Jax, he couldn’t tackle or cover anyone. Maybe he just mailed it in for the year? Shame on him if so.

  23. The guy took the cheddar while the gettin’ was good. Each one of you would do the same thing. Now the guys set up and he’s back on the Giants. Smart guy if you ask me.

  24. We appreciate his honesty about taking the money. However, he went too far in saying it was a paid vacation. I’m not a Jags fan, faaaaaaaaaar from it, but they were classy enough to let him skip part of training camp to go to the Olympics and gave him a truckload of money. He shouldn’t have thrown them under the bus like that.

  25. The Jags organization *was* second rate, with Wayne Weaver, Gene Smith/Shaq Harris, DelRio/Mularkey.

    It’s a different story now with Kahn, Caldwell and Gus Bradley. It’s premature to judge it on the same par as the previous regime.

  26. What a jerk. Jax treated Aaron and especially his wife very well. Due to his lack of intelligence, he’s not able to see how HIS play contributed to that 2-14 season.

  27. “themage78 says: Apr 5, 2013 10:32 AM
    The Jags paid ross, but didn’t want to pay MJD who has been shouldering the load of that offense for a while. ”

    What are you talking about? The Jags DID pay MJD with a huge 5 year contract. MJD demanded that most of the money be paid up front, which if you can do simple grade-school math, means that there is less money remaining for the last two years of the contract. He has lived up to his contract, but don’t pretend he’s “underpaid”.

  28. Fans are never happy. They complain when comments are too vanilla and complain when one of the few actually tells the refreshing truth.

    The funnier part of the segment was when one of those dopey hosts asked him the ridiculous question Eli or gabbert.

  29. Aaron Ross couldn’t cover his own wife. I don’t know what Gene Smith was thinking paying this clown. And for all his emphasis on character, you think he would have figured out that this guy was lazy and soft.

  30. WOW, he knows how to run his mouth when he leaves. I’ll tell u guys one thing: MoJo will NOT stand for this & he’ll eventually call him out nationally. This is MoJo’s team, he won’t allow a scum who played horribly call the experience a “paid vacation.” IDC what the outcome of the year is, he defines a player in the NFL working solely for paychecks, not for ANY passion for the game. Glad we cut his ass, & if he steps foot on that defense, guess who will be targeted?

  31. I don’t blame him one bit for following the money. HOWEVER, a paid vacation means he didn’t put in the work…he couldn’t make a tackle. Very unprofessional, and a slap in the face of Jags team that let you miss part of training camp to attend the Olympics. Also to the fans, that cheered your family on!
    NFL Network commentators cackled wildly about his PAID VACATION comment. Tells us something about their lack of professionalism, as well.

  32. He didn’t exactly put it too well with that comment so I get 100% why Jaguars fans are mad, but he did say he would do the same thing again because it was a learning experience. He just wasn’t very tactful. And yeah it would have been better if he said he didn’t exactly hold up his end of the bargain either play wise.

  33. appreciated him in 07 as a rook outta texas when he was tackling and giving up his body with a bum shoulder.

    welcome home champ

  34. Don’t worry guys, Papa Khan will have this fool taken care of. He messed with the wrong owner…

  35. First of all, the dude didn’t even make a million last year. I believe the vet minimum is 750k so its not like he bolted for a high-riced free agent contract.

    He got benched after the 4th or 5th game, and it was somewhat sad watching a veteran pace on the sidelines game after game with no helmet in sight.

    Does anybody remember getting rid of Drew Coleman for this guy? How stupid was that?

  36. Hope you enjoy your paid vacation back with the Giant’s I’ll bet Tom Coughlan will give you a paid vacation to “nowhere” if you play like crap.

  37. We gave him a good contract and welcomed him and his Olympic champion wife with open arms. Everyone was hoping he would be a great fit here. The god honest truth is he didnt want to prepare and looked completely lost on game days. On a good day he couldnt cover his own shadow. I am glad he is man enough to brag about all the money he stole from us. Hopefully he saves the money because the way he play it will be lucky if he doesnt get beat out by undrafted rookies who can play special teams. Maybe he should retire and be a stand up comic, the way he plays football is his best joke.

  38. I didn’t watch a single Jags game last year, but I’m guessing Ross was a starter and played on the outside every play. Most likely, that’s not what he’ll be doing with the Giants. He’s probably going to end up being their 4th CB–Webster, Amukamura, and Hosley are definitely ahead of him–and playing the slot most of the time, which he was pretty good at during his time with the Giants.

  39. “ROSS ISLAND” where incoming flights always reach their destination uninterrupted!!

  40. Wow thats kind of a messed up thing to say. Wonder how his ex teammates in jacksonville feel about that comment.

  41. Why would you ask a cornerback which quarterback he prefers? Especially when the answer is obvious. Was it some sort of lame wise crack?

  42. Without the Giants fierce pass rush, Aaron Ross was exposed here in Jacksonville. Thanks for the effort Aaron. Lets draft a defensive playmaker with the #2 pick! Go Jags!

  43. His wife can outrun Ross. And thanks for the classy comments Ross. “Oh…….I was misquoted.”Enjoy NY. Oh joy!

  44. I think maybe the “vacation” comment was as much about the difference in the weather than in the work. It sounds like he thinks the Jags may have overpaid him too. You can’t blame him a bit if he takes the money and runs.

  45. The stones on that guy! l was at the game when the Jags paid tribute to the real star and probably bread winner in his family, his Olympic winning wife even as he was getting torched by sub-par recievers that same game. I remember when football players took pride in their craft. Trust me, the Giants got him cheap and he won’t start and won’t play. Enjoy your last paid vacation to unemployment Aaron Ross!!

  46. Dear Victor Cruz:

    Read this paragraph… repeatedly. Then bring your numbers down from $10M.

    “According to Ross, the difference in the money the Jaguars were offering him last year and the money the Giants were offering him last year was simply too great to pass up, to the point where he would have felt like he was being irresponsible toward his family if he didn’t take it. But he said it was tough being on a 2-14 team after having won two Super Bowls with the Giants.”

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