Bengals, Usama Young meet


The Bengals and free agent safety Usama Young met on Friday, Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The Browns released Young on Tuesday.

Young, who turns 28 in May, intercepted a career-best three passes for Cleveland last season. He made starts at both safety spots in his two seasons with the Browns.

The Bengals do not have a clear-cut starter at strong safety. Chris Crocker, who finished the season with the job, is an unrestricted free agent.

Young (6-0, 200) began his NFL career in New Orleans (2007-2010). He played collegiately at Kent State.

20 responses to “Bengals, Usama Young meet

  1. I like how Browns fans are asking us to sign him. Hope they realize we have one of the best D coaches in the league that gets the most out of every player he has. Guaranteed he looks like a completely different safety with us, assuming we sign him, then he looked in Cleveland.

  2. I hope Bengals fans realize that the Browns now have a defensive coordinator in Ray Horton who is as good or better than Zimmer, and he decided he would rather cut him outright than keep him around, even for depth purposes.

    But other than that, you’re right, this seems like a great idea.

  3. He isn’t a superstar or anything, but he is a middle of the pack starter. Cleveland was looking for an upgrade obviously. Cinci isn’t likely to find an amazing bargain; but I think they will get their money’s worth.

  4. I’ll never forget the saints vs colts Super Bowl where Young came in to cover for one play and Manning went right after him for an easy TD.

  5. It’s a visit. Who cares. As for Horton being better than Zimmer. LOL. Zimmer has a much longer track record. What a dope.

  6. The Bengals are just kicking the tires. They dont need anybody to play safety that isnt on their payroll already. Taylor Mays, Robert “Predator” Sands, and George Iloka will probably all see playing time along with Reggie Nelson.

  7. Attention Brown fans: remember that the Bengals signed Crockett from your team and turned him into the quality starter that the Browns never were able to produce. Who knows what kind of player Young can be with decent coaching?

  8. Yep the browns are gonna be super bowl contenders….. Anyway a good vet and back up to the safety they draft. This also can make the bengals get a safety later than sooner. Hopefully Cyprien

  9. The Great Paul Brown himself could rise from the dead, become the Bengals’ secondary coach, and Usama Young would still suck.

    This guy is HORRIBLE. The Browns got better the day they sent him packing.

    Cincy, please sign him. I wanna see Josh Gordon torching him this fall.

  10. The only thing that’s getting torched is Cleveland stadium after another year in the AFC North basement Gordon and Travis Really those are household names you don’t have a number 1 wideout on your team no qb and the right side of the line couldn’t protect against high school D ends Keep looking up cuz that’s where you will see Cincy in the standings ps. Please try not To embarrass our division again this year just try

  11. Wow look at this bengal fans running their mouth about cleveland. Maybe I need a refresher on when you guys ran the afc north because as I recall you’ve been in the bottom with us. You have a 10-6 season and finish 2nd in the division so you think your new england now? Wake up and realize that this isn’t 1988 and you’ve only made the wildcard 5 times in the last 25 years and got destroyed when you played. So think twice before you talk about how bad you think the browns are and talk once you’ve accomplished something

  12. Cincinnati will be at the top of the North this year. Pittsburgh gutted their team, all Baltimore did was sign Flacco to an extension and Cleveland is still the mistake by the lake with another year of rebuilding. As far as Browns fans thinking that Horton is even in the same stratosphere as Zimmer, you should probably stop drinking the kool aid! I know you want to believe your team will compete but it’s going to be another long year for you guys.

  13. Cleveland is a joke and has been less than irrelevant since there return to the nfl with 1 playoff appearance and no Super Bowl appearance never said Cincy was New England. Wouldn’t say anything about them but saying that Gordon and Travis scare anybody is ridiculous and we accomplished way more than Cleveland has of late why don’t you wait till you don’t have a losing season to bad mouth any body’s team the bengals are not great but Cleveland is a mistake waiting to happen

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