Big Ben on Wallace: Steelers will miss him, Dolphins are lucky

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger thinks the Dolphins are going to get their money’s worth from their five-year, $60 million contract with receiver Mike Wallace.

Roethlisberger told that Wallace is a complete receiver, and much more than just a deep threat with great speed.

Mike is way more,” Roethlisberger said. “It’s to Mike’s credit. Mike is really focused on becoming a better receiver. So he’s focused on his route running. He’s focused on running out-routes, and curl-routes, and in-routes and doing all the little things that’s required to become a great wide receiver. That’s why he, to me, is one of the best in the league, because he not only has that speed – he can run by anybody – but he can run routes and he can get open. That’s why we’re going to miss him, and the Dolphins are lucky to have him.”

Roethlisberger added that Wallace will be a strong presence in the Dolphins’ locker room.

“He’s a great teammate, obviously a great player, but I thought he was even better off the field. Just a great guy, great teammate. Miami is very lucky to have him because he’s a great player,” Roethlisberger said.

Wallace will need to be every bit as great as Roethlisberger says he is to be worth the money the Dolphins are paying him.

105 responses to “Big Ben on Wallace: Steelers will miss him, Dolphins are lucky

  1. Don’t worry, Ben. He’ll be back to pick apart your weak secondary. You can congratulate him on his new contract and setting a franchise record for touchdowns in a single road game.

  2. The Seattle Seahawks are offseason champions once again…Its just to bad they can never seem to be champions during the regular season…

  3. Wait til you need that big catch down the middle and his alligator arms appear? Dude’s all about ME. Glad to see someone overpaid this diva.

  4. Wonder if they miss having a competent front office and GM who can select actual draft picks who contribute. Fat chance. I also wonder if they’ll miss all the bandwagon fans when they win no more than 6 games. Cheers!

  5. classyjacklambert says:Apr 5, 2013 12:56 PM

    Ben’s a classy guy.

    Is that what we call a rapist now? Not once, but twice? Classy??

  6. If our line can keep Ben upright, we will be better. Having a speed demon on the outside is useless if the QB is running for his life. I don’t blame Wallace for leaving. That’s a lot of money and he sure wasn’t gonna get it in Pittsburgh. But like I always say about women….I was looking when I found you…I’ll be looking when you’re gone. We’ll find another one!

  7. filthymcnasty1 says:

    “The Vikings offered him more money, but some things you can’t put a price on.”

    He went to Miami because they’ve had so much success lately.

  8. Ben is already admitting defeat. What a pathetic team. Look at the bright side Pittsburgh, you’re guaranteed a top ten draft pick in 2014!

  9. Regardless what Ben says, the guy is a 1 trick phony. He doesn’t go across the middle, routes are fair at best, hands are fair, and nothing is outstanding, except his speed. Most big plays were based upon Ben scrambling and making the offensive line look bad. I love Ben, but this is a case of him defending the old style, with his coach Arians.

    The new style protects him better, increases his opportunity o become a more well rounded QB, but also sheds the light on his inadequacies. Which, as we can see from the past, Big Ben doesn’t like.

  10. Out of those 5 receivers from logicalwhatever only Megatron was in the top 25 last year. Worthless.

    Ben was talking to a Dolphins online media site. Of course he’s going to say nice things and he’s right that Miami is lucky to have Wallace. When motivated, and that’s the key, he can be a threat. As a fan of the AFCN I’m glad my team doesn’t have to try to keep up with him.

  11. Ravenator, the way you talk and end every post with cheers, I think you are going to miss BA being on the Ravens and advocating for you

  12. If you’re going to put Santanna Moss on a top 5 list you might as well put him at #1. lol

  13. Ok idiots. wallace is a great receiver. ben was being respectable. and the phins cant beat the steelers on there best day. and ravenator can eat sh*t.

  14. norcalmafia says:
    Apr 5, 2013 1:02 PM
    The Seattle Seahawks are offseason champions once again…Its just to bad they can never seem to be champions during the regular season…


    The flamers from San Fran haven’t won a Super Bowl in 20 years man — the NFL is a what have you done lately league and all you’ve done is achieve being the last team to lose. Congrats. Go put your 1994 Champ shirt on – I’m sure it still fits.

    Hawks will own you this year

  15. It’s hard to believe logical voice can top himself, but he manages to do so again. What about Andre Johnson, Boldin, Jackson, RWhite, Julio Jones? Geez man.

  16. Ben wont need receivers when he’s on his back the whole season. A snuggie would offer better protection than that offensive line.

  17. Wow, nothing but steelers and ravens fans and one looney redskins fan commenting in this. Go Phins! I think Wallace will do wonders for the offense!

  18. Wallace is a great receiver, too bad Ben and Haley didn’t get him the ball more often last year.
    Wasted opportunity which cost the Steelers a return to the post-season.

  19. Funny a deadskin fan mention 2 mediocre wide receivers as their top 5. Fail.

  20. Raventator…

    How was your first day of work at hot dog on a stick at the mall yesterday?

    Sure it was familiar hand work.

  21. logicalvoicesays says:Apr 5, 2013 12:57 PM

    Top 5 WRs in Professional Football – Calvin Johnson, Fitzgerald, Garçon, Steve Smith and Santana Moss. In that order.

    LogicalVoices’s Top 5 Qb’s in order:

    Jarmarcus Russell
    Vince Young
    Kevin Kolb
    Tony Romo
    Carson Palmer

  22. Can we finally ban logicalvoicesays for way too many moronic comments?

    He’s not doing his team any favors. Even the Redskins are embarrassed by him.

  23. Ben is being gracious……not mad because Wallace left, but he won’t be missed too much. Miami must not have watched film of him from 2012? He has a habit of cutting his routes off if he ‘thinks’ the ball is not coming to him and will not go up or fight for the ball…..cannot or will not adjust to the ball. Speed will make you a millionaire in this NFL tho.
    Good luck Mikey.

    Wallace + $$ + South Beach = out of the league in 2 years.

  24. Top 5 Receivers in the NFL: Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones & Percy Harvin.

  25. @ Moudabo says:
    Apr 5, 2013 1:38 PM
    Wallace is a great receiver, too bad Ben and Haley didn’t get him the ball more often last year.

    They did…he dropped them!

  26. morganstan100 says:
    Apr 5, 2013 1:01 PM
    Don’t worry, Ben. He’ll be back to pick apart your weak secondary. You can congratulate him on his new contract and setting a franchise record for touchdowns in a single road game.

    You mean the weak secondary that was #1 against the pass the last two seasons.

    About Mike Wallace, he has elite speed and nothing else. He’s a poor route runner, has average hands, can’t go over the middle, doesn’t fight for the ball, and doesn’t adjust to the ball to make tough catches. He also disappeared for the second half of the 2011 season even when Ben Roethlisberger was healthy. On top of that, he’s selfish and admits to losing focus when the offense isn’t all about him.

    Ben Roethlisberger is being professional and nothing else. He’s not going to come out in public and trash Wallace. No matter what he says, Mike Wallace isn’t worth the money he’s being paid and I’m glad that Pittsburgh let him go rather than even entertain the possibility of paying him like that.

  27. Ben thinks Wallace is “really focused on being a better reciever” but we’ll see how focused he is now that he has a 60 million contract.

  28. Miami grossly overpaid for a guy who made his name playing with an elite Super Bowl QB. He will never put up the numbers he did in Pittsburgh because of the drop-off in talent and play-making ability of the person now trying to throw to him.

  29. Ben is def a classy guy and picking apart our secondary ya right guy your dumb if you think that. Ya we will miss Wallace but just like Wallace we also missed Holmes as well and he is now with the Jets doing nothing. Wallace will be with Miami doing nothing and that is life. We make players and give them to other teams and than they become irrelevant. Wide receivers we never hurt for we know how to draft. We will be back to another Superbowl Ring in another 2 to 3 years TOPS.

  30. Moss & Garcon would be lucky to crack top 20! Clearly a skins fan. Julio Jones, roddy white, Cruz, aj green, Welker, Wallace, Harvin, Andre Johnson, Wayne, Thomas, Brown….just to name a few I’d rather have than moss & garcon.

  31. He’s overrated just like PIGBEN! Ben’s just creating drama so every one-tooth pensyltuckian can say the reasons steelers blow this year is because they lost guys like wallace. The fact is your entire team is old and your QB is overated, fat and slow. 4th place in the AFC North is looking about right. Mark Malone era 2.0

  32. nasan27 says:
    You mean the weak secondary that was #1 against the pass the last two seasons.

    Shows you the value of stats when you (a) get Tebowed right out of the playoffs on an 80-yd pass on the first play of overtime and (b) lose half your games the following year

  33. During the interview, Ben also touched on… arguably.. Wallace’s greatest asset: Drawing attention from safeties, opening things up for other receivers.

    The guy may not *wow* the stats book next season, but Hartline and Gibson should find success, and that’s how you justify the contract. The team is most definitely improved with a Mike Wallace on the roster.

  34. @ ravenkiller1986

    Last time dolphins played the steelers the phins would had won if the ref didn’t blow the obvious call when Big Benny fumbled which was mind boggeling.

  35. Why are Baltimore Fans even on here first off. Second are you kidding me our kid brother (meaning the ravens) just won their 2nd Superbowl since ’00’ ok good job we all know you won’t see another Superbowl Ring for another 13 years so relax and get off this site you dirt bags. The real fact of the matter is ya’ll are mad your whole team got tore up after the Superbowl and ya’ll want to hate on somebody. If I was you I guess I would be mad to I guess. After we win another 5 to 6 more Rings you will than see the ravens win their 3rd ring smh at you (kid brother). Just sit in the corner with ur 2 shiny toys and suck your thumb and shut up baby brother.

  36. “logicalvoicesays” cracks me up. His knowledge of the game is so ridiculously lacking, and yet he has the audacity to give himself a screen name like “logicalvoicesays.” I hope for his sake that he is just trying to be funny.

  37. Classy statement from Big Ben. The Steelers weren’t going to pay big money to Wallace and Brown. Mike Wallace is a good player but can and will be replaced in the draft with a guy just as good or better.

  38. Which part will you miss? Overthrowing him or wallace not catching wide open balls? Just curious.

  39. Sorry ANTGLENN…

    The Ravens were too busy winning championships, division titles and watching the Stillers get worse and worse every single season to give a rip about the Steelers. Now they lose Wallace. Oh well.

    Try not falling below the Browns now. Since that is the only team in the AFCN that is below you…and not for long.

    Basement… here come the stillers..

  40. Love the article photo, that was apparently as far as “drought and famine resistant” Roethlisberger was able to fit his helmet that day.

  41. The Steelers won 2 Super Bowls in this recent era (2005; 2008) with the likes of Cedric Wilson and Nate f*cking Washington slinging in pass’s from Roethlisberger. It’s simple: The Steelers struggled in a transition year full of injuries and still finished .500.

    The majority of the NFL looks at .500 as a stepping stone moving forward as Pittsburgh sees it as an absolute FAILURE. It just goes to show that the Steelers are on a WHOLE other level than 95% of NFL out there so make no mistake about it, so-called “rivals”, the Steelers will be back in your yard giving you the fight of your lives in 2013. Guaranteed.

  42. Good for Ben to say nice things about a former teammate and not trash him. The world needs less negativity and bitterness. The PFT comment section is 55% cesspool.

  43. Spitsfire

    Yes, the crows were out there winning the superbowl that is correct but it took them 13 years to do so. Not only will they not be a contender for the next few seasons but they lost their whole team to free-agency. They wont be a factor because they are the ravens. The Steelers will still be the King of the Mountain for the AFC North as always. Just every once in a blue moon we decide to walk down the mountain to see how the world changes from time to time. The team I see giving us a little challenge is the Bengals, not the crows or the browns. See you in another 13 years with maybe a ring you birds.

  44. Read the title as Big Ben Wallace and thought it was about the basketball player. Then thought to myself “Why are they talking about a basketball player on PFT”?

  45. Yeah, Ben, Wallace was a swell teammate last year when he skipped the entire off-season program and didn’t bother learning the new offense. He was a swell teammate when he dropped balls and claimed it was because he lost focus during running plays. Swell teammates always blame their failures on not getting the ball enough. And I’m sure the Dolphins will feel they’re getting their money’s worth when they take a $17 million cap hit on him next season–a bigger cap hit than teams usually take on a top five quarterback.

    Oh my gosh, Ben. With that kind of personnel brilliance, you should be running our front office. 🙄

  46. Mike is a good receiver needs a bit more drive in his play but has a chance to be a top 5 receiver an attitude adjustment would for sure help him become more respected. Other hand to all of you people who can’t get over the fact that Big Ben gets way more ass then damn near all of you and he did not rape that chick.

  47. jamaltimore says:
    Apr 5, 2013 2:26 PM
    He’s overrated just like PIGBEN! Ben’s just creating drama so every one-tooth pensyltuckian can say the reasons steelers blow this year is because they lost guys like wallace. The fact is your entire team is old and your QB is overated, fat and slow. 4th place in the AFC North is looking about right. Mark Malone era 2.0

    8 12

    Wow, another of your intelligent well thought out and articulate posts. Your mother would be very proud of you for displaying your room temperature IQ in such eloquent terms.

    I don’t agree with Bens take on Wallace at all, but what can he say and not look bad. He believes in once a steeler always a steeler maybe?


    ” The team I see giving us a little challenge is the Bengals, not the crows or the browns. ”

    The Bengals might give you a challenge? You do realize you finished third in the division.. right? BEHIND the Bengals. Oh, and BEHIND the Ravens (yet again)

    The year before that you were second in the division. The year before that you were first. You see where this is going.

    Watch out Browns… The steelers are falling in your direction and falling FAST!

  49. Ravenator and all Ravens fans:


    The Ravens are the second best franchise in your area. The Redskins are ahead, even though the Ravens have won 2 SB’s since 1996. Catch up to your Big Brother Redskins before you come barking at the STEELERS with all that “we are the bestest most fantastical franchise ever!” noise…

    The Ravens are a division rival…that is all.


  50. It’s always funny to see people talk so much trash about Wallace only being a one trick pony or having alligator arms. Go do the leg work and look at the top 10 receivers with the most drops. Wallace is no where to be found on that list but players like Victor Cruz and Wes Welker are.

    Wallace had a total of 6 drops last season and 4 of them came in one game against the Browns. So where these so called “fans” get their information from blows my mind.

    I have seen Wallace run slants, posts, go’s, curls and he does them all well. Lets see how well Ben does this year when opposing defenses are stacking the box and he doesn’t have the deep threat in Wallace streaking down field.

  51. amazing how quick steelers fans jump all over guys like Mike Vick, but give a pass to Ben “NoRestroom” Rothlisberger.

    Classy? (3 or 4 guys said that in here). A rapist is not classy, in any sense of the word. He could donate 100% of his salary to charity for the next 4 years. He’s still a rapist, and anything but classy. He is the definition of a scum bag

  52. ^Please cite anywhere where Ben was charged with rape. Just one citation please….(crickets chirping). Not even a prosecutor had anything on Ben.

    Your ignorance and hate is vile, junior. Never, ever serve on an actual jury. Quite seriously.

  53. @305phinphan …

    How many drops Wallace had isn’t the point–at least not for me. The point is that he didn’t bother to learn the offense and blamed his drops on getting bored because we were running the ball too much to suit him. Unbelievable.

    Wallace is mega-talented. I’d never take that away from him. It was his attitude that alienated me–and that’s why I wish Ben would just shut up and focus on the team we have now. And no matter how talented a receiver he is, no receiver is worth the $17 million cap hit you guys are set to take in 2014. But it’s nothing against the Fins–I wish you all the best in your division.

  54. Man, you Steelers fans are a bitter, sour grapes lot.

    Wallace will easily catch 85-90 balls for 1200-1300 yards and 8-12 TDS in the West Coast Offense especially since Miami will be playing New England’s awful secondary twice and the Bills and Jets twice.

    Great pick up for Miami, bad loss for Pittsburgh as they trend down into the 6-8 win category.

  55. I just love Steeler fans. Trash Wallace and Miami even though your front office offered 5 yrs at $50 million.

    They must have seen something that you all haven’t.

  56. Enough sour grapes in this comment section to open a wine store. Wouldn’t it be amusing if Wallace ended up leading the league at WR. For those of you who think Tannehill can’t throw, I recommend you do a little homework prior to appearing ignorant with your comments.

  57. I just love Steeler fans. Trash Wallace and Miami even though your front office offered 5 yrs at $50 million.

    They must have seen something that you all haven’t.


    Let the Dan Snyders’ of the league play with their FA money and give team obliterator , prima donna WR’s huge amounts of money their not even close to being worth! If we’d judge by off-season acquisitions, teams like the Redskins or Eagles would have 10 Lombardi’s right now and Pittsburgh would have 0! March-April champions sure are funny.

  58. Yep, once again aplayer leaves the blessed franchise because they won’t/can’t pay him and now he’s a a lousy player and bad teamate. Wallace held out because he thought he outplayed his rookie contract(he did) and deserved to get paid, which is his right. No player would ever call out another for being a bad teamate when he’s trying to get what he thinks he deserves. Also, stop harping on the 17 mil cap hit in 2014. His cap hit this yr is 3.2 mil, so it comes out in the wash and helped allowed Miami to do the excellent job in free agency that they did. Don’t know if I would have paid that much, but Wallace is a top tier WR and was the guy Miami wanted, so they paid him. We’ll see, but I’ll bet he’s knocking on the Pro Bowl door the next couple of yrs.

  59. This was suppose to be an article about what Roethlisberger thought about Wallace and the Dolphins. Then comes the cheap shot at the end.

  60. I would miss him. I missed him the second he traded to the dolphins. I agree dolphins are lucky.

  61. Im sick of pretty much our whole team. Drama. I wish we had a qb like rodgers who reads defense and throws accurate money balls. I wish we had a front office that was smart enough to have cap space, or once in a while go out and get a free agent. Other than a matt spaeth. Im glad we won trophys when we did, but that era is so gone. We have nobody. Woodleys fat, troy is always hurt, ziggys a bust..big time, clarke talks better than he plays, ike is good, god knows who our second corner is gunna be this year, hampton got blown up by leach last year so that should be his departure ticket right there. Ben just wants to be a family man and fix his image, otherwise hed be like tom brady and practicing right now. Brown is NOT a number one. Neither is cotchery. Or burress. Not a single RB of ours has any speed. Our oline will get injured as usual. Lawrence Timmons by far is the best player on our football team. Period. Oh did i mention how great it was we signed larry foote? Seriouslly? Really? So instead of cutting him and making more cap room or letting someone else step up we keep him. Hes not a big hitter. He doesnt fill gaps. And he sure as heck cant covet his own shadow. Any steelers fan who thinks we are not tanking has another thing comn.

  62. Just love how Pats fan tedmurph is on this thread pretending sympathy for Dolphins fans when his real objective is slamming Steelers fans. Yeah, I’m sure you can’t wait to see Wallace light up the field. I’m harping on that $17 million cap hit in 2014–as you put it–because that’s bad business. But I meant those well wishes to the Dolphins franchise. Would love to see them retake that division and kick your team out of first place. And I don’t mind saying so.

  63. To find the last good GM the Fins had, you’d have to go all the way back to the ’70’s….Bobby Bethard, who for whatever reason Joe Robbie let go. Over Bethard’s 38 career, his teams were involved in 7 Super Bowls, and he won 3 with the Redskins. He would have helped the Dolphins win several more had he stayed.

  64. I see some of the comments made on this thread have some people delusional. The steelers will be just fine with Big Ben at the helm.. They will fill the receiver void in the draft and Mike Wallace is not going to be as missed as many of you think. Like one poster said, the steelers won the sb with cedric wilson and nate washington. Adding a guy like patterson, hunter or allen etc, Im sure is a step above those ex-steelers when they won the superbowl. My concern is drafting a great young running back and adding another good lineman in the draft. If the steelers can keep their lineman and qb healthy they will once again be able to contend for a division title. The AFC north will be wide open for the taking.

  65. What about Amendola?? The Patriots are paying him 30+ million to replace a legend in Welker? But no….. the Patriots didn’t overspend for an injury proned receiver,right?

  66. @vaphinsfan

    hey not hating on your team. just saying tannenhill cant beat ben. and yes i remember that game. u win some and lose some. pitt won. sorry bro.

  67. steelcurtiann:
    The Steelers won Super Bowl 40 with Randle El throwing a TD pass to Hines Ward.
    Both Cedric Wilson and Nate Washington were bit players.
    In 2005, Wilson played behind Randle El and Super Bowl MVP Ward; while, in 2008, Washington took a backseat to Ward and Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes.
    Your confidence in Roethlisberger is astoundingly generous. He traditionally averages about 23 TD passes a season, and his offense finishes ranked near the bottom of the league annually.
    Not having Wallace will hardly be noticed. However, not having Heath Miller — easily the Steelers’ most important offensive player — at full strength would be devastating.

  68. Ben’s comments were appropriate and not unlike Brady bidding adieu to Wes Welker. I hope for the Dolphins sake Wallace gets a better attitude because he was anything but motivated last year.

    As for the Ravens fans commenting here, your team has a losing record in head to head play with the Steelers and your winless in the playoffs against them.

    There’s a reason why the Washington DC area coined the term “Baltimorons” for you. You need a step ladder just to reach low class.

  69. Why is it that everyone thinks our season was so bad!!! When we were 6-3 at one point in the season we were among the AFC elite. Sure we had problem closing games down the stretch, but the margin of error narrowly swung against us and we did not finish well. If we could have made those plays positive versus negative, we could have been 12-4 for the third consecutive season. That doesn’t sound like the sky is falling. (For the Ravens fans who say that our defense was Tebowed last year, I remind you that you won a couple of games on the way to the Super Bowl based on suspect defense in an obvious deep pass situation. High school kids know better than that.) Not even your mighty Ravens have done that. As a matter of fact, they haven’t duplicated the back to back 12-4 record of the Steelers. Check the tape on Mr. Wallace. He is only good for one thing and in a West Coast offense, similar to what Haley did this year, short to intermediate routes spell a disaster for MW.

  70. We dont need wallace to win super bowls we have 6 and none were because we had wallace lol plus we know how to draft just so you haters know lol half of you here talking crap about the steelers cheer for a team with less then 2 if any trophies so move on and blog some where else where you half wit comments might mean something!

  71. With Wallace, its not how much money per catch, its how much of the big bucks money the dolphins have paid per drop. He needs to learn how to catch the ball

  72. @bobzilla.
    Well said, I agree with your points. Heath Miller is an important piece to the steelers offense and perhaps is the most important player in the offense…not having him would be devastating as you mentioned.. I have the upmost confidence in Big Ben. He’s a winner…. The guy is in his prime, he was having a great year until getting injured the kc game and I believe as long as our line and qb can quit getting injured every darn season he will be as productive as he as ever been. Obviously, last year the steelers didnt score enough points to win especially towards the end of the year. That needs to be corrected with better line play(which we havent had in years), a new receiver and running back in the draft. This is gonna have to be an exceptional draft to keep the steelers successful.

  73. steelers6x:
    I can only speak for myself.
    The Steelers’ 8-8 record last season was disturbing and troubling to me because it was against the weakest schedule in the league. That’s not an opinion. That is a fact.
    While it’s true they were 6-3 at one point, they also started 2-3, losing to the Raiders and the Titans in the process.
    Down the stretch, they lost to the Browns (coach was fired), to the Chargers (coach was fired) and to the Cowboys (coach ought to be fired).
    The Steelers beat the Eagles (coach was fired) by two points, 16-14; and they struggled against the Chiefs (coach was fired) before winning in overtime, 16-13.
    The Steelers’ two “easiest” wins were against the Jets, 27-10; and against the Browns, 24-10, in the season finale.
    The Steelers offense scored 30 points only once the entire season.
    I won’t even mention all the inane coaching decisions that were made throughout the 2012 season…

  74. steelcurtainn:
    At the time of Roethlisberger’s injury, prior to the near upset loss to Kansas City, the Steelers’ offense ranked 19th in scoring. That scoring offense finished 22nd, just as it had done in 2011. There wasn’t a lot of difference between pre-Roethlisberger injury and post-Roethlisberger injury.
    People who keep praising Roethlisberger for directing a crap offense are doomed to see history repeated itself, over and over again.
    I personally am tired of one guy getting credit for being a “winner” while he does so little to contribute to the winning.
    Know what I mean?

  75. Your absolutely right, stats wise the steelers offense can definitely do better. I am not a big stats guy and I think stats are personally overblown or dont mean much, the ravens had the one of the worst ranked defense statistically and where did that get them. Ravens offense wasnt that great either………. Also you can’t blame ALL these stats on Big Ben. The steelers need better play at rb, wr and the LINE(for sure). All this can contribute to a offense that ranked 22nd not just Big Ben. Thats what the draft is all about to get better offensively and defensively. I’d tend to have to disagree with Big Ben does so little contribute in winning. With all he has to work with, I think he does a hell of a job and think he is top five in his prime. The steelers need a great rb to keep the pressure off BEN, the line needs to keep him upright and Big Ben is gonna have to start learning to get rid of the ball faster to protect from injury at this stage of his career. IMO. Mike Tomlin has got to see these things and get us some better draft picks in there.

  76. steelcurtainn:
    I understand.
    When the team wins, it’s all about Roethlisberger The Winner.
    But when the team loses, Roethlisberger The Winner was given enough help.
    I get it now.
    By the way, the Steelers O-line allowed the team’s quarterbacks to be sacked a mere 37 times last season. I know. You don’t like stats to stand in the way of a really good myth.
    I understand.
    Thanks for sharing your insight.

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