Browns wideout Massaquoi visits Texans

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For a guy whose receiving yardage numbers have declined each season since his rookie year, there’s suddenly a market for Mohamed Massaquoi.

The former Browns wide receiver could soon be making a decision between a pair of AFC South teams.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Massaquoi visited the Texans, in addition to a previously reported trip to see the Jaguars.

If all things are equal (i.e. money), it’s hard to envision him picking the Jaguars over a playoff contender with vacancies at his position, unless he’s just looking for a paid vacation.

17 responses to “Browns wideout Massaquoi visits Texans

  1. Bad choice. Houston needs to do the right thing. Select a LB in the first round, then swap seconds with a higher team, and give them a 3rd and 7th, to move up and draft Robert Woods, WR, USC. If there is a guy that fits their system, with toughness, route running, and character, its him. They have a compensitory 3rd, so they don’t lose much in the process. Make it happen Rick.

  2. As a browns fan I always liked MoMass. He doesn’t have break away speed or anything but when he was actually on the field he was decent. I think he could be an excellent 3rd WR for a team like the texans, IF he can stay healthy.

  3. Mohammad is a very talented receiver who suffered from being in a football city where players and careers go to die. Unstable qb play a new coach every year basically I feel he could really benefit from a system change and stability in Houston . I’m a ravens fan but when u play a guy twice a year ur able to get a good look at their skillset

  4. I want to be completely serious for a moment. Given the concussion and medicial history plus declining production of Massaqui, it would be a better move to sign Randy Moss or Terrell Owens for a year at the veterans minimum.
    Atleast Moss or Owens have a better chance of being on the field for 16 games.
    As a Texans fan, I agree we need a veteran #2 WR but atleast get someone healthy and productive. I suggest Brandon Lloyd.

  5. @therealpittbull
    Remember, always stay away from USC WRs and QBs. Can you name the last good USC WR in the last decade? Dwayne Jarrett, Mike Williams or anyone else.
    Robert Woods was not the best WR on his team in 2012. Stay away.

  6. Doesn’t HOU already have a Massaquoi-type WR in Lestar Jean? They should’ve tried to fit in Heyward-Bey if they wanted to take a flyer on a low-risk/cost potentially high-reward player. At least DHB has speed.

  7. I’m sure there are behind-the-scenes reasons, but I wonder why the Lions have snagged this guy – since Stafford and him were tight in college.

    Maybe they weren’t so tight off the field…(or dollars are the problem). But on the field it makes sense.

  8. @dalucks
    I know USC hasn’t had a good history lately, but Woods was extremely productive. The offense changed drastically last season, and all the players, took a dip. This dude is a flat out stud, was when he got there, and mark my words, will be in the league. He’s flat out talented.

  9. @therealpittbull
    I would rather take my chances with USC WR Marquis Lee or Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews in the first round of the 2014 Draft. I agree the Texans should draft a WR and I like TCU WR Josh Boyce in the 3rd or 4th round to replace the injured Devier Posey.
    Sign a veteran FA WR to be the #2 WR in 2013 like Brandon Lloyd to get through 2013.
    Plus Gary Kubiak does not play rookies on offense enough to warrant a high draft pick on a WR nor can WR coach Larry Kirksey develop a WR into a productive pro player.

  10. @dalucks

    Kubiak plays rookies, but he doesn’t sit well with guys making mental mistakes and fumbling the football. I like Lee also, but Houston won’t be selecting in the Top 10 next season.

    My reasoning is this for Woods. With a foundation of Posey, Woods, and Martin in the slot, after Andre Johnson is done, you have a nice foundation for a young Quarterback, after Schaub is through. The Houston system doesn’t need a stable of flashy receivers, but disciplined guys that follow the system. Kevin Walter was in Houston for two reasons, discipline in the system and his ability to block.

    Woods does it all, plus gives you the dimension of getting down field, better hands and speed, and playmaking. This is just the guy we need. Divas that are ahead of him will not fair well. Just not the Texan way of doing things. From Bob McNair down…

    If he doesn’t end up on Houston, I hope he does in Pittsburgh or Green Bay. A guy like this, is to good to pass up. The one’s before him are knuckleheads, and I would not rest my franchise hopes on these low character guys.

  11. The day the dalucks is banned would be a golden one for Texans fans. He’s worse in many aspects than both ravenator and logicalvoice because he’s not intentionally trolling PFT. He just has no clue what he’s talking about.

  12. thekingdave says:
    Apr 5, 2013 2:09 PM
    The day the dalucks is banned would be a golden one for Texans fans. He’s worse in many aspects than both ravenator and logicalvoice because he’s not intentionally trolling PFT. He just has no clue what he’s talking about.

    Amen, brother. and DALUCKS is starting his TO campaign early this year. He usually doesn’t start flooding us with this nonsense until at lesat draft week…

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