Charles Woodson: I’m considered ancient, teams aren’t calling me

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Free agent defensive back Charles Woodson says NFL teams think he’s too old, and that’s why he remains unemployed six weeks after the Packers cut him.

“I’m 36, so of course I’m considered ancient in the game right now, and teams are looking for younger players and trying to make their rosters younger,” Woodson said on NFL AM. “If you’re an older guy they kind of push you to the side, and they’ll maybe look at you much later on down the road, when I guess they figure they can get you much cheaper.”

Woodson says his camp has put out word that he’s interested in finding a new team, but so far that interest hasn’t been reciprocated.

“Nothing right now, nothing substantial. I’m just waiting around. We put feelers out, just to see where everybody’s at, but there’s not much right now,” Woodson said.

The season is still five months away, and there’s still a good chance that some team will bring Woodson in this year. But right now, Woodson is right: 36-year-olds are low priorities for NFL teams.

111 responses to “Charles Woodson: I’m considered ancient, teams aren’t calling me

  1. What’s really new here? When wasn’t a 36 yr old considered old in the NFL? Slow story week just makes us want the draft to happen sooner.

  2. Safety class being deep in the draft isn’t helping his cause much either.

    I mean why bring in a 36 year old with 0 upside and no future with your team if you can draft a young more athletic guy who you can develop and be on your team for the cheap for 4-5 years.

    Woodson will likely find teams more interested after the draft where teams might’ve lost out on drafting the Safety they wanted.

  3. I’m sure you’ll find a team but if not I’m sure Brady hoke will make room for you on his squad coaching our dB’s.

  4. Love for Reggie to get this guy back to Oakland and let him be a leader and mentor to the young guys he is bringing in. Plus be nice to see him finish where he started.

  5. Do you think the time has finally come where money is running the experienced players out of the league. The game has really become a intertainment feature than a game. Is teams seeing, get younger players less money ,who really cares. Give them some stats for fantasy football and fans are happy.

  6. Easy Charles, they what they get with you. You don’t need coaching, your offseason work is up to par. They will call, you’re just a known commodity. Oh the packers suck without you.

  7. Woodson is still good for 4 INTs, 2 sacks a year as a nickel back.

    Come to Carolina! We need all the help we can get in our secondary.

  8. That’s NFL business. When you where coming in the league, you too where pushing someone out. Wait till after draft, someone will call.

  9. Close the loop and come home…..the Raiders need a safety and could certainly use the leadership on the defensive side of the ball! Father time be damned, C-Wood is a baller!

  10. Time to pick up the phone Mickey Loomis. Although we signed Lewis, we could use some more depth in the secondary especially veteran help. If we were willing to roll the dice on T. Porter and Nnamdi it wouldn’t hurt to kick the tires on Woodson. WhoDat…!!!

  11. I’m sure there is interest but the problem is that ‘some’ of these veterans think they are worth far more than they are.

    If he could probably join a team tomorrow if he settled for a low/decent contract but no doubt wants one last big contract.

    Reminds me of Carson Palmer saying it wasnt about the money when he ‘retired’ from Cincy, he just wants to win (then signs a huge deal with Oakland and now a 2 year 20 mill contract with the Cards).

    At the end of the day its about the money sadly.

  12. I know a lot of folks in New Orleans that would love to have Woodson. We lost out on Asomugha, Woodson would be a welcomed addition. I know he has 1 or 2 good seasons left in the tank. He could be our next Darren Sharper and lead us to the promise land again.

    Come on down to the Big Easy, Mr. Woodson, at a discounted price of course.

  13. Well at least you have a ring. I hope that you was smart with your finances. I could only wish for half a mil, live like I am living now. Will never work again and live very good.
    I am 49 years old and knees hurt if I am sitting for a long time. I can imagine how his body feels, live within your means and enjoy your life with your family.

  14. I can’t imagine that there aren’t half a dozen teams at a minimum that could use this guy’s playmaking and leadership ability. Age be damned. You can either do the job, or you can’t.

  15. He can only help the Saints horrendous safety play. As I recall the last “ancient” safety we brought in worked out pretty well for us.

  16. He didn’t play very well at all last year to be honest. Yet the Packers haters say he is a devastating loss to the Green Bay roster. Same with Greg Jennings who did nothing all season except for 1 game – a week 17 loss.

  17. Somebodies gonna get a heck of a ballhawking safety when he signs. Sure hes not what he was a few years ago, and plays mostly safety now, but hed sure be an upgrade over that guy that got burned by jacoby jones in denver.

  18. Come back to the Pack! Of course, the Packers probably aren’t calling either, but I’m sure they could still find a use for you!

    Woodsen is still an elite player, even at 36. That said, no one wants to sign him because of his age. The most logical is to come back.

  19. Come on Jerry, bring him in. No way he’s worse than whatever safeties we throw back there. Put Carr back at corner and Woodson at FS.

  20. he might be pricing himself out of the market atm but just wait till training camp someone will need CB help.

  21. Uhhh hello Saints? What happened last time we brought in an aging former Packer defensive back? Hint: Super Bowl win with Sharper who led the league (I believe) in ints and pick6’s, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Woodson may not be what he used to be, but everybody and their mother’s brother’s cousins knows he’s better than what the Saints have (minus Keenan Lewis…he’s new so we’ll give him a pass).

  22. I would love any of the 3 old dudes out there on cheap contracts….

    Winfield / Woodson / Urlacher

    3 positions of need for the Vikings. Give all 3 of them 1 yr 2.5 and don’t get stuck without a backup plan for each.

  23. Teams with a young DB corps should be taking a serious look at Woodson. If you can get him in for a few seasons to impart his wisdom and knowledge. It would have to be for the right price of course.

  24. I know in 2002 we signed Rod Woodson at 37 years of age and he was a valuable piece in our Superbowl run. Teams are tripping for not looking C Woodson at 36 years of age. He’s a playmaker.

  25. This guy is a great talent and proved to make Green Bays horrible defense better when on the field. I was hoping 49ERS would have signed him to help with Goldson leaving and to mentor the talented safety we get in the draft.

  26. Its sad that this is the “NEW” NFL. These old Vets are just not getting any respect because of the new young fast cheap players that are out there. These guys have earned their respect and deserve to go out like the superstar they are… Instead, it will be a little message on the ESPN ticker that he retired, because he had no other choice. I hate the Packers… but loved watching Woodson play. Good Luck in the future Charles! Go Blue!!

  27. Well Charles, you’re not only 36, but are coming off your second broken collar bone injury in 3 years.

    That said, swallow your pride and come back to the Pack for a couple of million and go for shot at another ring !

  28. Cmon detroit,bring him back to michigan..would be a great addition because we all know delmas isn’t gonna be healthy all year. C-wood would also be a great locker room presence.

  29. I’d say the comment is spot on until post-draft for many of the long-time veterans. Unfortunately it is the business part of the game in this day and age. Teams will need to see where things stand after the draft and undrafted free agents are rounded up.

    It would be interesting to see if the draft was pulled forward a month, and free agency opened up post-draft?!

  30. If he wants another championship, he’ll end up with the 9ers. Would we a solid rotational/situational DB for the Super Bowl run this year.

    I could see him playing some FS, rotating with one of these rookie blue chip safeties the Niners could/should draft. Great mentor, great leader, chip on his shoulder. Let’s roll.

  31. Antoine Winfield is the same age but he has had interest. Woodson is still a good player but using the age excuse is not the only reason he hasn’t received “feelers”. It’s in combination of his latest injury as well as his age in my opinion.

  32. It is too bad. He was by far my favorite Packer for the past 5 years or so, but they made the right move by letting him go, and it’s being validated by the other 31 teams in the league.

    He was a great FA signing at the time and definitely worth the money they spent on him though.

    I’m sure he’ll get picked up by someone (I can’t believe the vikings haven’t signed him yet), but if not, I hope we’ll see him on the sidelines at Lambeau somehow, even if it’s just to drop by for a visit.

  33. I do agree 100% with Charles, he admits and recognizes that he is ancient and old..but Charles need to also lower his salary expectations to league vet. minimum for his age and someone will pick him up for a $1.00 just gotta be more patient

  34. A team should sign him and use him as a saftey (Like the bengals)

    Alot of older corners dont get signed because they get burnt in man coverage by younger receivers

  35. You have to feel bad for Charles, he’s on the downside of his career, his best days behind him, he is looking to be paid more than he is worth and he’s an ex Packer and STILL the Viking’s won’t bite despite their porous secondary.

    That’s probably a sign that you should retire when even the Vikings aren’t interested.

  36. “But right now, Woodson is right: 36-year-olds are low priorities for NFL teams.”

    Ahhh… but the Bears should be crucified for letting Urlacher go…

    You guys embarrass yourselves.

  37. I guarantee he’ll end up on some team by late June, worst case scenario. Guy can still play.

  38. the Greenbay packers turned there
    backs on Woodson and NOT because of his age …but because they would have had to pay him and Jennings and the list just keep getting longer everyday. Rodgers has plans to rob the team for every dime they got. and he dont care how many other players leave or get fired. but he will have Finley ha ha… who hates his guts and cant wait for a camera to get in his face so he can say so.

  39. I am a Packer fan. First off all Thanks for the years of service chuck.

    But, I was getting very frustrated by all of his gambling, A lot of times, he would gamble and leave a guy wide open. We dont have a consistent pass rush, so the qb would eventually find him.

    But, and this is a But, when Woodson gambles right, he is one of the best players in football, ie his DMVP a few years ago. He really has not lost any speed and he is just as tough as ever.

    I mean he is a special heisman type athlete.

    My point is that the guy would start on a bunch of teams right now. He will find a job and I would imagine shortly into the pre season.

  40. I’m a big packer fan, But what did he think, it was a guaranteed lifetime job. I’m never going to worry about him providing for his family. Sometimes (all the time) father time catches up to you. The mind says yes, but he body says no.

  41. Hey Chuck, You should give Urlacher a call and go hang with him…maybe go to a bar somewhere and spend the night crying in your beer. Or just talk about the “Good ole Days” you know…..
    This day was comming sooner or later and it’s now become sooner…but as a Bears fan I enjoyed watching both you and Urlacher for many years. Thanks for some great football from both of you.

  42. I’d take him on my Dolphins. It’s clear that he’s past his prime, but we’re going to have to bring a rookie into one of our corner spots and we’re pretty young across the board in the secondary. A little veteran leadership from a class act like Woodson couldn’t hurt.

  43. It’s not really his age, though. The issue his film shows a big decline in his performance even from as recently as 2 years ago.

    Everybody retires eventually.
    It’s not because of age since age is just a number – it’s because of a decline in play.
    If he played as poorly as he did last year at age 29, he’d still have trouble finding work.
    If he played as well last year as he did at age 29, he’d still be a Packer.

  44. Think how teams wind up signing players by mid-season who have been out of the league for a year or more, due to injuries.

    He will get signed eventually, assuming he doesn’t demand “young” money.

  45. japmen says: Apr 5, 2013 10:19 AM

    What’s really new here? When wasn’t a 36 yr old considered old in the NFL? Slow story week just makes us want the draft to happen sooner.
    It’s not news. It is there solely to give loser trolls a reason to click on it and complain that it’s not news. It keeps you busy and off the street causing problems.

  46. I wish the Redskins would sign him, but for cheap of course. I’d take him over D. Hall any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  47. Not playing the game right Charles… indicate that your talking with teams and hopeful that at some point a deal that is right for you can be struck……..Being honest about no one having interest in you isn’t in your best interest…….It speaks of your character, but that isn’t how this game is played……Good luck.

  48. You have done a ton and will go down in NFL history as great, but age is a reality. My guess is your agent’s money demands are the problem – not your playing ability. Nevertheless, we’d love to see you end your career in Motown where it all began in college.

  49. Chiefs need someone with injury prone K Lewis. Could teach Berry a thing or two Im sure.

  50. Good teams don’t pick up old players in hopes of squeezing another season out of them while paying them top dollar.

    Teams that have been bad over the years have had a penchant for picking up a bunch of older guys and paying them big bucks. Look at how the redskins were until they woke up and realized a team has to be built. Look what the Eagles experiment did to that team.

    Charles is a team guy, but his age will prove he isn’t the best guy for the job He has lost a couple steps over the past couple years. He should just retire before he does even more damage to his body. He has plenty of cash and he is a smart dude.

  51. taintedsaints2009 says:Apr 5, 2013 11:20 AM

    Teams should do with Woodson what the Vikings did with Winfield last year: rest him during the week. It worked very well.

    Charles hasn’t practiced during the season for 5 years. He has been dinged up for a long time and his age is showing. His speed is down and he really can’t keep up anymore. His playing days are behind him and he should quit.

  52. Everybody thinks they are still at the top of their game still and should be paid more…………………………….including myself.

  53. The Redskins would love him but they only have about $9.99 left in their salary cap.

  54. He will get signed before Training Camp begins. Age is a factor, but experience trumps age with his position. A Safety that knows exactly where to be when he needs to be is a lot better than a rookie that relies on his speed and agility.
    My guess is that he will be picked up by a team that is dealing with an injury or two with the Safety spot.

  55. i agree with several others here. if i’m sean payton i wait about 3 more seconds before i call charles. he could school them grassbacks on some man-up coverage…yeah i’m talking to you roman…you jabari

  56. Your right Charles-hope you saved your money-don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out!

  57. If affordable bring him in Lions! U know it be cool to have Woodson back were it all began for him….well sort of(UofM)! Lol! He’d be great to mentor our you DB’s n I’m sure he still has some gas left in that tank!

  58. If he still has the desire to play and would be willing to play for the veteran minimum some team will come calling after the draft.
    He may not be a starter but he could step up and play in probably any system if someone gets hurt.
    I would love to see him in Detroit under those circumstances.

  59. He’ll get signed closer or into this season. He’s adds good depth or a great replacement should a spot on a team open up due to injury. Someone will eventually kick the tires on this guy

  60. I wonder how much the age has to do with physical ability versus the willingness of the player ate age. I don’t find it that hard to believe a 36 year old could perform at a level higher than a 21 year old, but I would think in general the 21 year old with a fresh career start would have more drive?

  61. He calls it age but you could just as easily call it a money thing. If Woodson would offer to play for veteran’s minimum he’d have 32 very interested teams.

  62. Another year and another player who just doesn’t understand its time to hang it up. This guy should have hung them up 3 years ago. It happens every year, look at TO he still thinks he can play and has been washed up for 6 years. Charles you are done washed up used up. ITs over go get a job at espn and enjoy life.

  63. The fact is, the league is moving away from over-priced veterans.
    It’s become clear that they can get more performance for less money by going young.

    For a lot of positions, the gulf between college play and NFL play has narrowed. More players are NFL ready coming out of school.

  64. Hey Browns /Chud, take a 1 or 2 year flyer on Woodson, Still draft Milliner Let woodson mentor Haden and Dee, split time. Its destiny, Charles is from Fremont, You lived in Fremont, parents still there. Would be a nice pickup, its not like you guys don’t; have extra cap space.

  65. Another problem with Woodson, He’s not fast enough to be a Corner anymore – But he’s at his best as a playmaker near the line of scrimmage…Too small to convert to linebacker, If he’s 20 yards off the line and staying back as a safety, then what’s the point of picking him up to sit back and do what any 20 year old can do.

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