Cowboys, Jags reach out to Tyson Clabo


It didn’t take long for tackle Tyson Clabo to start hearing from teams after he was released by the Falcons.

Ian Rapoport of reports that the Cowboys and Jaguars have already reached out to Clabo about the possibility of adding him to their offensive lines. Both teams make a lot of sense as a potential landing spot.

The Cowboys currently have Doug Free and Jermey Parnell at right tackle and neither of them impressed during the 2012 season. There have been conflicting reports about whether Free would restructure his deal, which is set to count $10.02 million against the cap, or take a pay cut in order to stay with the team. Clabo’s availability could speed up a decision on that front.

The Jaguars don’t even have the limited comfort of a Free/Parnell duo and they’ve admitted to having no clue who would be their right tackle if the season were starting anytime soon. New General Manager Dave Caldwell knows Clabo from their days in Atlanta, something that could help the tackle find a new home in the south.

Clabo will likely be hearing from other teams in the coming days and weeks since there is no shortage of teams with shortages on their offensive lines. How many of them will be pushing to make a deal before finding out whether they can land a good prospect in the draft remains to be seen, but it is hard to believe Clabo’s going to have a tough time finding a new home.

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  1. Makes sense as an one-to-two year fill-in for Jacksonville, but doesn’t go with the current movement of free agents (young and cheap). If the Jags don’t attack tackle/OL in the first three rounds of the draft, I’d assume they’d take a legitimate shot at Clabo or Eric Winston.

  2. Go get him Jerry. Then you’ll have more freedom on Draft Day to “take the best player available”.

  3. Boy do I kno how to call it look at my post from yesterday’s release of Clabo hope Cowboys can make it happen with the 5 mil they saved by signing Romo but like I said 1 yr 2.5 sounds about right

  4. Make it happen Jerry Doug free can take a pay cut or take a hike. I would rather keep Parnell and have free take a hike. You have to protect romo sign Clabo maybe Brandon Moore draft the best available at 18 and rock and roll gooooo cowboys

  5. Jerry you need to get this done quickly before he starts visiting more teams and the price goes way up. I like what paulsmith107 said grab Clabo and Brandon Moore if you can with just 5 million then grab Vacaro ay safety in the first round and go D line in the second and third rounds.

  6. If Dallas does indeed sign Clabo, they’ll definitely cut Free — but after June 1 because it’ll clear more cap room if done at that time (from what I’ve read).

    Then, they could keep Parnell as a backup — and draft a guard like Warford (for I don’t see Cooper or Warmack lasting til #18).

    Or they could sign Clabo (T) and Moore (G) and draft Fluker (RT/Bama) or Williams (RT/UNC).

  7. Clabo is a beast. He’s 31. Not sure how many more years he wants to play, but the Jags could really improve if he played 3-4 years and develop some talent drafted in later rounds to replace him in a few years. MJD would love Clabo.

  8. While it isn’t similar to the other types of deals the Jags have been making, it still makes a lot of sense because the Jags will very likely be starting a young QB no matter what this season. You aren’t setting a young guy up for success by sticking him behind UDFA quality talent like they have the last two seasons. Pay now for some adequate protection because it will help your QB’s progression in both the immediate and long term future.

  9. Jerry…you know what to do. Sign him, cut Free and save the money for the draft. I wouldn’t mind even biting on Woodson for safety depth. No one bit on him so far so should be able to get him cheap. Plus his leadership would be priceless.

  10. Anyone thats kept Matt Ryan healthy for this long is ok in my book. However as it stands the Cowboys have just enough to sign the draft picks. Clabo will not be in Dallas this season.

  11. With Clabo being cut by the Falcons and considering his age, he doesn’t represent any long term solution at RT but he just might could give Dallas a solid year or two so they can set Doug Free, well free.

    And then they can focus on drafting a guard.

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