DeMarcus Ware says it’s put up or shut up time for Tony Romo


Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware used the term “put up or shut up” to describe what quarterback Tony Romo needs to do after Jerry Jones handed Romo a contract scheduled to pay him an average of $17 million a year over the next seven years.

Ware said on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Thursday that he thinks every player is deserving of the money he gets paid, but a player with a contract like the one Romo just got has a responsibility to play well to earn all that money.

“I feel like everybody is deserving to whatever is given to him, but at the end of the day, to me it’s put up or shut up,” Ware said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I’m just being straight-up honest with you. Get out there and be productive, and that’s with any player. Whatever they get, they’re deserving of it. You just got to get out there and play and I know he can be and will be the quarterback that is going to be the quarterback that is going to take us to the next level.”

The Cowboys have won one playoff game in Romo’s seven years as their starter. They’ll need to win a lot more than that in the future for Romo’s contract to look like a smart move by Jones.

106 responses to “DeMarcus Ware says it’s put up or shut up time for Tony Romo

  1. Every year it’s the same headlines and quotes from media and Cowboys players about the Cowboys. I’m not a fan of Romo or the Cowboys, but I do know its not all Romos fault. Can’t wait to read the closer we get to the Season about how talented the Cowboys are and how they are ready to make that SB run.

  2. Nothing like a show of unity while the ink’s still wet on the contract. Team Jerry!

  3. D.Ware is a great player. But comments like this makes me wonder if he’s bitter. But que the Romo haters. I’m betting there will be at least 200 comments on this one

  4. What can you do with a crap GM, A crap o-line and a crap coaching staff? I’m not a Cowboys fan, But, He is a good QB. He is tough! His surroundings suck and he has to pay the Jerry Jones piper

  5. Maybe it’s all Romo’s ‘fault’. But nothing but smiles went up from all around the NFC outside of Dallas with Romo signing that extension.

    He already has shown that while it isn’t necessarily his fault that the ‘Boys don’t do squat, he certainly doesn’t elevate them to be better. Doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of any other teams or other fans around the country.

  6. BREAKING: NFL fans everywhere realize win/loss records should not be on the QB. They now understand that there is actually a defense on the field too….

  7. It’s not all romo’s fault the team has no depth sure they have big names at the top of the chart but there is still no o-line db’s, TE outside Witten.

    With that being said, Romo needs to avoid the bonehead mistakes like throwing picks to ILB’s with the season on the line, as great as he can be sometimes, those idiot picks haunt him

  8. Too bad its not shut up time for Chris Collingsworth because every time I hear that guy on my Madden game he is raving about Tony Romo’s smile and it annoys the hell out of me.

  9. Ware is a great pass rusher, but that’s about it. Why do you think guys like Suggs and Harrison have won DPOY awards with lower sack totals? DeMarcus you need to become a better all around player if you really want to help your team win.

    Romo was a UDFA so he’s going to be a naturally flawed player, but he’s far from the only problem on this team.

  10. This whole cowboy thing is really tiresome as every year the Dallas cowboy media starts the drums beating on how talented this team is and “Its their year” crap but as always the preseason rhetoric is never matched by reality.

  11. expect tony ‘small game’ romo to come up short and throw costly interceptions in big games even now with him getting this new contract. It’s muzzle time for one Mr. Antonio Ramiro Romo.

  12. Translation: “I hope Romo earns his paycheck but doesn’t earn as much INTerest”

  13. Romo falls into the category of overrated QBs which now includes: RGIII, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick, and now newcomers Flacco and Romo

  14. We all know it was Rob Ryan’s fault that they didn’t win. That’s why Jerrah fired him. Now let’s see what he can do with my team, The Saints who have won MORE than 1 playoff game.

  15. Great Article.
    Congrats to Ware for standing up and addressing what smart people have been saying for years.
    No excuses, no blaming the receiver for running the wrong route, (which if true, is a Coaching Problem) no silly Goober Pyle smiles from the sidelines after turning the ball over, etc.

    Ware, (Pro Bowler) is one of the Best People playing football right now, both with his talent on the field and in his community. This proves that he has Leadership qualities that the Cowboys have needed for so long.

  16. Ware is so great the Redskins didnt block him for two games as RGIII just abused Ware and that defence. Love the Romo signing

  17. How many times has that D let them down? How many times have Ware and company looked like stooges chasing Eli Manning down and whiffing on a sack? How many times has Dallas scored and taken the momentum only to have the other team march right back down the field and score to get it back?

    I remember the last game in Texas stadium vs the Ravens. The Cowboys with Romo drove down the field and scored two TD’s. And after each TD, the D gave up back to back 80 yard RUSHING td’s.
    Just lt that roll around your mind a bit.

    I don’t take what ware said as harsh criticism. He has a point but it extends to the whole team.

    Truth is, Dallas is lucky to win three games a year without Romo

  18. 7 years and 1 playoff win and you get 17 million! You got to be kidding me! They are all overpaid primadonnas! Jerry how did you make so much money being a idiot? You definitely don’t know football! Romo will never even go to the Super Bowl without you buying him a ticket. Romo is a choker!!!

  19. I would rather hear what the other QB’s think from the “NFL QB’s on facebook” spoof that other site that sounds like this one puts out.

  20. Am I the only one who didn’t take Ware’s “put up or shut up” comment to be directed at Romo? The way I read his comment, I think he meant, it doesn’t matter whether or not you deserve the contract, you just have to go out and perform.

  21. Im a Cowboys fan and it kinda makes me upset to read this comment Cause there have been plenty of games Ware makes the Big time sack but only in the first quarter or two then the rest of the game no more Ware he needs to shut up or put up big sacks in the Fourth quarter help his quarterback out with good field position cause of a sack fumble…definetly not all on Romo to put up!!!!

  22. Romo is gonna put up….Interceptions at the worst time. He is not the biggest problem in Dallas. They’ll be mediocre again and the it’ll be a team effort.

  23. D Ware could step it up too, he certainly hasn’t been dominant, considering the hype he’s gotten the last few years….For a guy Chris Collinsworth and others call HOF-worthy, he looked absolutely lost at times last season….take Thanksgiving, for example…. And also week 17….

  24. Jerry Jones looking Smart?
    Dude has looked more like a buffoon than Vince McMahon attempting to stop Stone Cold from drinking beer.

  25. Hey story writer guy….quit trying to stir s*** up. He never referenced Tony specifically, he said EVERYBODY, not TONY ROMO.

    As for this poster:

    tinkletinkleonyourstar says: Apr 5, 2013 6:42 AM

    Ware also wishes he were a Giant.

    I’m sure….just as much as he wishes his mother would get cancer .

  26. Tony Romo is a good QB with good receivers and a great TE. The problems are in the coaching staff cuz they never run the ball enough to keep a defense honest, and the defense needs to put up or shut up. When you score 28 points in a game and lose I’m pretty sure it’s not the offenses fault.

  27. Well it doesn’t really matter cause e already has the contract in place and guaranteed money.

    Who do they have as a backup that good old Jerry Jones is going to trust to put in???

  28. Now we see how the best pass rusher in the NFL really feels when he sees what an average, at best, qb gets paid both in term and $$ amount. And , for sure, he knows that Romo is not close to being a top 10 qb…hell, he watches him daily. It’s about time someone took the blinders off!!!

  29. Ironically Farve had the same issues towards the end of his career in Green Bay. A lot of people started casting doubt on him as a player, when the talent just wasn’t around him those last few years. Favre has one go to guy (Donald Driver) That was it. Point being people should always be so quick to jump on the quarterback. They need a soild team They can trust to be built around them.

  30. He also said ” You just got to get out there and play and I know he can be and will be the quarterback that is going to be the quarterback that is going to take us to the next level.””

    Its tempting to look at a headline and think Ware is calling out Romo, but I really don’t think that’s the truth here.

  31. Maybe he was referring to Spencer? Lol
    dubbed the QB of the defense last year for a little while

  32. Um…Actually it’s not. With $55 million guaranteed Tony is not going any-ware…did you see what I did there???

    So basically Tony could fall flat on his face and Dallas is stuck with him.

    What a brilliant GM that team has

  33. I’m afraid Romo has had plenty opportunities to prove himself and unfortunately whiffed on most of them.

    I expect Romo to play like he has in the past. Some great plays, nice stats, but fold up like a cheap lawn chair in the big games.

  34. So instead of using headline/focusing on Ware saying he knows Romo “can/will be the QB to lead the team to the next level,” let’s stir up some Redskin by leading with “Ware says it’s time to put up or shut up.”
    Also, Ware just didn’t call up a reporter to tell him these comments – HE WAS ASKED! So these players would “shut the hell up” if they weren’t always asked questions during interviews…which would happen if they weren’t professional athletes. Kind of a catch-22 there, Sterling.

  35. You’ve gotta love two lines of a much longer interview being taken completely out of context to create a different impression than what was intended. Nothing new for the media these days I guess.

  36. I hate the Cowboys, but the problem is not Tony Romo. There is no unity on this team. Every year they are gonna be “Super Bowl Champions” but it never happens. Big egos, and selfishness are the Cowboys down fall. DeMarcus Ware, great player, but should not have said one word about Romo’s contract. Now he’s got the whole team wondering wny Romo’s getting the big contract with the team sucks. Division in the lockerroom doesn’t win championships.

  37. I hope the girls pay romo 100 million a year and keep him forever!!!!!!

    who ‘s evers playing the girls!!!!!!!

  38. Now thats what I want to hear coming out of valley ranch.!!!!!! outstanding work ware good job dividing the locker room. now go out and have a crappy season on top of this quote.

  39. If Ware and the Defense didn’t give away five games last season, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  40. Que the Roger Stauback, Troy Aikman and whoever else comments about how the team needs to stand behind their QB. Romo has been a thorn in the side of all three teams in the NFC east and I love to see his teammates talk mess about him. Ware, while he is very good, hasn’t won as many games for the cowboys as Romo has so I think he should keep his mouth shut and concern himself only with his side of the ball. It is great to see Romo’s teammates crap on him though.

  41. Same for you bro!

    Romo’s playoff record is the same as yours, and you have not exactly flourished in the 4-3 system.

  42. Seems to me many times last yr when romo got them in position to win at the end of the game the defense choke. Time for Ware to put up or shut up. Idiot

  43. As a lifelong Cowboy fan – why is it that if Jerry is a terrible GM and doesn’t know talent – the national media consistently say the Cowboys have such outstanding talent? I never could figure that out.

    Also when the Boys dominated in the 90’s outside of Emmitt, Michael and Troy the most dominant unit on the team was the O-line – once the Cowboys have a solid and above average O-line then Romo will win a SB and the Boys will be consistently winning again – football is not that difficult.

  44. “He is a good QB. He is tough!”

    huh? since when is a dude that cries on the field cuz he blew another IMPORTANT game, considered tough?

  45. Every year it’s the same thing. Cowboys have talent. And they do. Dez Bryant is one of the best. Any team, execpt Philly, can win the NFC east.

  46. One playoff win in the 2009 season where Dallas puts up 34, only to be negated the next game when Favre and Minnesota put up 34, and Romo puts up a whopping 3. He sucks. Jerry Jones must have a boy crush on Romo.

  47. All he said was that any player who gets a contract like that needs to put up or shut up. He wasn’t taking a direct shot at Romo, and then he goes on to say that he thinks Romo “can and will be” that guy. You guys try to start drama over everything. It’s so annoying.

  48. Romo is a decent enough NFL quarterback but I’m not sure he’s worth $17 million.

    The cold, hard fact is that the Cowboys are short on talent and depth and don’t have the cap space available to plug all the holes.

    This is a one and done wildcard team at best and even that is a reach.

  49. I agree but I do not think Romo will last 7 years or get to the mountain top. Dallas is a joke from top to the bottom.
    Jenny Jones does not mind spending money on players, I will give him that. Truthfully Romo is overpaid.

  50. tinkletinkleonyourstar says:

    Ware also wishes he were a Giant.

    I’m sure he would love to pay that state income tax and not be able to order a Big Gulp.

  51. Romo’s signing may have set the tone for Josh Freeman’s negotiations next season. Josh is in his final contract year and will also have to “put up or shut up” this year just to stay in Tampa. The Bucs are trying to put all the weapons in place for him but Freeman has to step up his game now. Last chance ! GO BUCS!

  52. Why is Romo shutting up? I never hear him quoted in the media. PFT stories about him are just someone bashing him.

  53. And therein lies the problem in Dallas. This comment coming from one of their “leaders” after coming off of his worst statistical ever. Demarcus, considering the contract YOU signed just a year or so, maybe you should shut up and workout a bit more so you can stay healthy. Oh, and it may just help you to be in good enough football shape to actually stay on the field on third downs instead of running to the sidelines like you’ve been doing since you got paid. In a word… pathetic.

  54. For how many years now has Tony Romo shown us what he is capable of in a football game????????

    Mr. Romo has proven, beyond a doubt that he is not a viable NFL quaterback.

    We are watching Mr. Romo consistently display inconsistency. We are not a bunch of stupid, ignorant fans. We KNOW a poor football player when we see one. Mr Romo is (over)done.

  55. It’s time for the Cowboys defense to step up and quit blowing every lead that Romo gives them. Also defense, forcing a turnover every now and then would help out your offense. Romo gets far less opportunities with short fields that your so-called other elite QBs. Romo is a top 10 QB, actually I have him in the top 5, and anyone who disagrees with that, (top 10), is not football knowledgeable. And no, the one year wonders are not better than Romo who has proven himself over time. The defense needs to step up, or as Ware puts it, shut up.

  56. Jerry has handcuffed his team to the best mediocre QB in the league, bargained away much of his future cap space via restructured deals, and failed to build a team of core players that fit a scheme — any scheme — on either side of the ball.

    I could be wrong, but the Cowboys look to be positioning themselves for the role of perennial cellar dweller.

  57. I am so beyond tired about hearing everybody crap on Romo. All you hear is how he makes bone headed mistakes at inopportune times. Well if the defense would do their job and stop the other team every once in awhile they wouldn’t need to have Romo chucking it all over the place with 1:38 left in the game. If the defense did their job properly they could do this little thing that is known around the league which is called “running the clock out”. For so many years now I’ve pulled my hair out with this team. Romo sets up a great 2 minutes drill and gets us a TD to put us in the lead with 18 seconds left in the game. And like clock work the other team does a play or two and they’re in the red zone already. If it wasn’t for Romo they would be lucky to be a .500 team

  58. I get it now, it takes approximately 7 years, one playoff appearance, and a few failed, disappointing seasons before it gets to be “put up of shut up time.”

    Nice mantra by Team Cowboys!

  59. It’s time for Ware to step up. His defense was 19th in the league and 2nd worst against the run.
    Romo at least had top 5 stats and his offense was top ten.

  60. I don’t follow the Cowboys, but I don’t remember ever reading an article or hearing on the radio, or seeing on Sportcenter Romo ever saying anything that warranted a “shut up” comment. What exactly does he need to “shut up” about?

  61. “Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware used the term “put up or shut up” to describe what quarterback Tony Romo needs to”

    It’s unfortunate that reading comprehension is not required at PFT.

    Ware said, “…everybody is deserving to whatever is given to him, but at the end of the day, to me it’s put up or shut up” and “Get out there and be productive, and that’s with any player.”

    Does it APPLY to Romo? Of course! He said “ANY PLAYER”, not JUST Romo. He was talking about that much money IN GENERAL.

    You guys will do anything to crucify Romo, even twist words to pit him against his team mates.

  62. You people are football idiots. Either that, or you’ve bought into the Jerry Jones B.S. and the media ignorance that this is somehow a super bowl team, and Romo is holding them back.

    This team will NEVER win a super bowl while Jerry Jones i s the G.M. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady couldn’t finish the season behind Dallas’ O-line.

    Horrible offensive line. Horrible defensive line. Horrible safeties. Mediocre receivers. Miles Austin and Demarco Murray can’t stay on the field. Dez Bryant is an idiot.

    Romo and Jason Witten are all they’ve got. Without Romo, the Cowboys are Kansas City, or Jacksonville.

    Demarcus Ware? Overrated. He is no Charles Haley. When was the last time he made an impact play when an important game was on the line? NEVER.

    Shut up and play Demarcus.

  63. ganja4all says:

    Mr. Romo has proven, beyond a doubt that he is not a viable NFL quaterback.

    I guess your login name explains how you could believe this. Hmmm. A top FIVE rated QB of all time is not a viable NFL QB. That is an amazing observation. Not sure how else you determine a top QB other than stats. Wins are TEAM statistics. SBs are TEAM statistics.

    Romo has lifted his end of the log high over his head. The rest of the team has barely lifted their end off the ground. But don’t let facts get in the way of your hatred.

  64. samsjmail says:
    “Demarcus Ware? Overrated. He is no Charles Haley. When was the last time he made an impact play when an important game was on the line? NEVER.”

    Actually, Ware made the pivotal sack-strip of Brees to end the Saints undefeated season a few years ago. I’d say that was an impact play in an important game.

  65. samsjmail says: Apr 5, 2013 12:23 PM

    You people are football idiots……

    This team will NEVER win a super bowl while Jerry Jones i s the G.M. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady couldn’t finish the season behind Dallas’ O-line.

    Except for those 3 titles they won when he was the GM, but hey who wants to bring logic into a rant that has zero fact in it!

  66. There sure are a lot of genius armchair analysts and GMs here. I’m curious why all of you, especially logicalvoice, if you’re so smart and all knowing, why none of you have a job working for the NFL or any of the teams?

  67. Except for those 3 titles they won when he was the GM

    Jimmy Johnson built those teams, not Jerry. Go back to sleep.

    If not for 4 years of Parcells, no one would even be talking about the Cowboys now. The Cowboys wouldn’t even have Romo, or Witten OR Ware if Jerry had been in charge during that time.

  68. Sean Payton talked Parcells into giving Romo a try. Parcells had little to do with it. He also needed to be talked into taking Ware, BY JONES!

  69. “Ok, that’s one.”

    Well, you were the one that posted absolutes without ever even looking at facts. I’d say it’s on you to support your statements.

  70. BringBackTheFlex…

    Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Joey Galloway, David Lefluer, Antonio Bryant, Roy Williams, Terrell Owens, the entire 2009 draft, Nate Livings, Bernadeau, he released Danny Amendola, Kavika Pittman, Shante Carver, Ebenezer Ekuban, Quincy Carter etc etc.

    Which part of the above do you not understand?

    One year after Parcells left, the Cowboys had 13 pro-bowl players, and one stupid head coach named Wade Phillips.

    BTW, it’s now a pass oriented league. The flex was designed to stop the run. The NFL has passed you by.

  71. samsjmail says: Apr 5, 2013 2:10 PM

    Except for those 3 titles they won when he was the GM

    Jimmy Johnson built those teams, not Jerry. Go back to sleep.

    BIG TIME FACE PALM HERE! Who was the one who brought in Jimmy Johnson? Oh yeah! Jerry Jones!

  72. Listing a whole bunch of coaches and players with no context makes no sense. Once again, you misspoke and were corrected. Parcells had nothing to do with Ware or Romo being picked up by the Cowboys. He had to be talked into both.

    And, BTW, half of the last 10 SB winners had top 12 running games. You still have to stop the run. Dallas couldn’t in the last game of the year and lost. I could say the NFL has passed you by, but you never seemed to have been onboard to begin with.

  73. samsjmail

    Has been wrong here in his last several posts.

    He said Dallas would never win a SB with Jones as GM. But Dallas has won 3 SBs with Jones as GM.

    He said that without Parcells Dallas wouldn’t have Ware or Romo. But Parcells had to be talked into both players, and over-ridden into taking Ware – by Jones.

    He claimed Ware has never made a significant impact in a key game. But Ware did get the strip-sack of Brees when the Saints were undefeated.

    People keep giving his rants thumbs-ups (or he does) but are deluded into thinking he has any factual basis for said rants.

    Think for yourself, people.

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