Gonzalez doesn’t think Ryan needs contractual carrot

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The Falcons apparently plan to give quarterback Matt Ryan a long-term contract sooner rather than later.

Given that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was able to chase his new contract all the way to the Super Bowl win in 2012, maybe it would make more sense for the Falcons to dangle a $120 million carrot for Ryan in 2013.

During Friday’s PFT Live, I ran that possibility by Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, who has a specific self-interest in seeing Ryan get his team to the Super Bowl and win it, Flacco-style.

“I mean conventional wisdom would tell you that if you’re looking at most players but it Matt Ryan’s case that has nothing to do with it,” Gonzalez said.  “He’s not motivated by that one bit and I’d take that to the bank.  He is a self-motivated guy that wants to go out there and be the best quarterback that he can be and keep improving, and that’s why I love him so much.  That’s why I love being around the guy, because he’s a winner.  He has the ‘it’ factor. . . .

“That talent level is high with him but then also work as well with it and put in overtime.  He’s the first one at that facility in the morning and he’s the last one to leave at night.  Sometimes three, four hours after the last person leaves he’s in there watching film, breaking down film until 10:00, 12:00 at night and you got to appreciate that in your quarterback because he’s the most important position on that field and Matt isn’t motivated by this contract, he just wants to go out there and win Super Bowls and go down in the history as one of the best players to ever play this game.  Hopefully he can get to that point.”

Gonzalez is hoping the Falcons can get to that point where they’re holding the Lombardi Trophy.  He came back for one last shot at a championship, and his pursuit of it will be one of the most compelling story lines of the 2013 season.

Here’s the full interview with Gonzalez.  (That’s a very subtle way of saying, “Please watch it.”)

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12 responses to “Gonzalez doesn’t think Ryan needs contractual carrot

  1. Sometimes he stays 3 or 4 hours later than the last guy to leave the building, huh, Tony? Sounds like one of those “and there were no survivors” stories… If it were true, then how would you know??

  2. Tony G…shooting from the hip….again. I wonder how sure he is about what he believes about Ryan. Nine-five percent sure? Been wrong at that level before.

  3. Oh C’mon! Making more than whoever signed the last big contract doesn’t matter one iota to who? In the NFL. At the QB position of all things. And everyone of the fans believe that? C’mon! Who just fell off the carrot wagon? C’mon!

  4. If Matt Ryan got a contractual carrot, the Falcons would take a big cap hit from the contractual heimlich maneuver when he chokes in the playoffs again.

  5. @raqaiw He does so little with so much? Lol you mean like the 29th ranked rushing offense or the 24th ranked defense? Ryan has only had Julio Roddy and Tony together for 2 years. Thats first year Julio was a rookie and lead the league in drops. So he has really only had that trio for 1 full year but because he didnt win the superbowl he did so little with so much? Do you realize how ignorant you sound? Romo, RODGERS, BRADY, BREES all have reciving cores just as good as ryans but romo, brady and brees also had running games to take pressure off of them. Ryan did not. Gonzalez is good but Brady, Brees , and Romo have TEs that are CURRENTLY better then Gonzalez.

    Ryan put up MVP #s this year and was a top candidate for MVP and was 10 yards short of going to the sb with no defense or run game. How exactly is that doing so little? I swear some of you people are so damn ignorant its not even funny

  6. For a pro football QB “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring.”

    That’s just the way it is.

    Hope Gonzalez doesn’t embarrass himself in his final year. I kind of fear he will, hope he doesn’t.

  7. Dear Matt Ryan haters:

    Matt Ryan leads the NFL in 4th quarter comebacks since joining the league in 2008.

    Matt Ryan leads the NFL in Game Winning Drives since joining the league in 2008.

    So, in the regular season, he’s the best COMEBACK QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL. This cannot be argued. Facts are facts, even for the statistically challenged.

    The basis of all the “Matt Ryan is a choke artist” is his playoff record. True, he lost three playoff games in a row. People like to say he’s not up to the likes of Peyton, Brees, Rogers, Brady.


    Peyton lost his first three playoff games.

    Brees has lost his last two. And didn’t make the playoffs AT ALL last year. I submit that’s worse than a three game losing streak.

    Rogers is 1-2 in his last three.

    Brady has disappointed in the playoffs for the last seven years.

    Peyton didn’t go to the playoffs in four of his first five seasons. Neither did Brees. Or Rogers. Only Brady matched it.

    Point being, Ryan is comparable to the best QB’s in the game. This also can’t be argued. He LED the league in completion percentage (is any stat more important for a QB?), and was in the top 5 in almost every statistical category.

    So keep the hate coming, because you are only gonna piss off a guy who has been kicking your ass ever since he showed up in the NFL.

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