Jarvis Jones to visit Buffalo

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Armed with a clean bill of health, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones continues to make the pre-draft rounds.

Next up?  A team that has been spending most of its time eyeballing quarterbacks.

Per a league source, Jones will visit with the Bills on Friday, at a time when they seem to be far more interested in guys who run the offense, not the defense.

But the Bills need to be ready at No. 8, in the event someone else takes quarterback Geno Smith before Buffalo is on the clock.  The options at that point will include:  (1) taking a different quarterback; (2) trading down for a different quarterback; (3) using the pick on someone else.

That someone else could be Jones, who could play outside or inside linebacker in the Bills’ new 3-4 defense.

Of course, that assumes Jones would also be available at No. 8.  At this point, no one really knows where anyone will or won’t be in the top 10.

8 responses to “Jarvis Jones to visit Buffalo

  1. The Bills should draft Ryan Nassib in the 1st round so he can work on his skillset in 2013 before becoming the starter in 2014.
    They should draft UNC OG Jonathan Cooper at #8 then trade their 2nd and 3rd round picks to Houston for the 27th pick, which is where they should draft Ryan Nassib. Only 1st round picks get 5 year contract so Nassib sitting in 2013 still gives Buffalo 4 years of a rookie pay on a rookie contract.
    Then use the 4th round pick on Syracuse OT Justin Pugh to continue to improve the offensive line. Give Kevin Kolb a chance to go 8-8 before he gets benched for Nassib in 2014.

  2. @dalucks: nobody is giving the Texans a second and third rounder for that 27 slot.

    The Bills aren’t doing it for Nassib. The Cards aren’t doing it for Gleason. The Raiders aren’t doing it for Barclay.

    There isn’t a QB in this draft worth one high round pick, why on Earth would any team waste two on one?

  3. The options at that point will include: (1) taking a different quarterback; (2) trading down for a different quarterback; (3) using the pick on someone else.

    How many previous drafts did you review to come up with that conclusion? You must have spent 30-40 seconds depending on how fast you type.

  4. Jarvis Jones would hugely improve the attack defense of Pettine for as long as the Dr’s clear him …

    Picture Jarvis attacking opposite a stack of Mario & Manny Lawson … wow! The secondary also looks that much better with pressure at ball-hawking Byrd …

    That’s a very exciting thought!

  5. It’s crazy that I’ve mock drafts with Jones going Top 10 and others where he goes at the end of the first round. But he makes the most sense for the Bills, unless Ansah slips to them. I actually think Mingo might be a good fit too.

    But Smith is being overhyped by the teams at the top so they can generate some buzz so they can trade down. Nobody’s going to bite though. I think he will end up going near the bottom of the 1st or top of the 2nd round.

  6. The bills should be trying to get one of the guys picking around 15 to move up for Jones and then they draft the highest WR available at that time to roll opposite Stevie, might get lucky and have Austin still there. As for Geno Smith he should not go early, if any team in the first round grabs him it should be the Vikings cuz Ponder hasn’t proven himself yet and they have 2 picks in the 20’s.

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