Lions, David Akers agree to terms


The Lions quickly moved to secure an experienced replacement for retiring placekicker Jason Hanson, agreeing to terms with ex-49er David Akers, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reported Friday evening.

The 38-year-old Akers comes off his worst season as a pro; he missed a career-high 13 field goals in 42 regular-season attempts for NFC champion San Francisco. It was a surprising form reversal for Akers; the previous season, he connected on 44-of-52 field goals and set the single-season NFL points record (166). The 49ers released Akers in March, replacing him with former Browns kicker Phil Dawson.

Akers’ overall track record is solid. He has hit at least 82 percent of his field goals in nine of the last 13 seasons — all while playing his home games outdoors for the 49ers and Eagles. By contrast, the Lions could play as many as 10-of-16 regular-season games in 2013 in climate-controlled settings — eight home contests at Detroit’s Ford Field, one game at the domed Mall of America Field in Minneapolis and another at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., which has a retractable roof.

Akers, who is entering his 16th NFL season, had 40 of his 87 kickoffs go for touchbacks in 2012.

30 responses to “Lions, David Akers agree to terms

  1. Hanson missed the thanksgiving day FG, we lost to Hou in 2OTs…..I welcome Akers with open arms..

  2. Akers had an off year and cost me big time in my fantasy league as I could have won a few more games if he had come through as he did the year prior. However, I would have him on my team during the preseason with a backup in mind if he starts out bad next season. I don’t think this is a bad move by the Lions.

  3. wow, I can’t believe someone signed him after that abortion of a season he put out last year. On the other hand, he couldn’t possibly do any worse this time around.. same ol’ Lions..

  4. Solid!! I really don’t know what happened to him last year!! Lost us a couple games… Herniated disc was supposedly the issue who knows

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Akers gets his mojo back with the Lions. He would the crush the ball in warmups; he just needs to get out of his own head and kick. You know what he can do if he’s right; that leg hasn’t disappeared. Disappointed with how things worked out, but I hope he kills it for the Lions.

  6. IMO, its a good move by the Lions getting Akers. I hope the Lions draft Justin Hopkins in the 6th or 7th round

  7. Poor Akers, i thought he’d retire before signing with the bottom feeders. I bet lionsdraftguy is doing cartwheels because lions finally signed a niner, even though he’s a niner reject. JK he’ll probably have a good year.

  8. It’s a good thing the Lions don’t count on winning many close games. Just think, he and Mason Crosby are in the same division now. Yowza! What’s the over under of missed field goals combined between the two now?

  9. Well I’m not so much laughing but its always amusing to see a fool speak of how David Akers cost him in fantasy football. Its pretty pathetic actually and nobody in the world cares about your little fantasy football game. you are speaking about one of the most extreme micro-environments you could possibly come up with. NOBODY IN THE WORLD CARES unless you are giving us some sort of insight we can use.

  10. This must be the move that puts them over the top?

  11. How did this guy get another job in the nfl?? akers knows what he cost the niners….this guy needs the money or he would of hung it up ..he clearly let the niners down

  12. I loved his FG attempt which went to Richard Sherman, via Red Bryant. We can always use a gimmee like that, especially during blow-outs.

  13. lionsdraftguy says:
    Apr 3, 2013 4:41 PM
    Dont want a 49er anyway.

    Jokes on you buddy! What ever will you do with such “classless” Ex-Niners! LOL

    I hope Akers does well. He was hurt last year and completely stunk it up. But I think he still has something left. His leg was there, but something rattled his head after the 60 yarder against GB, and he was never the same. Best of luck to him, I hope he turns it around.

  14. Clever smokescreen Lions, but you’ll still have to trade ahead of Zombie Al Davis in the first round if you want to snag the best kicker in the draft.

  15. God bless Akers, but the Lions really don’t have clue what to do with their special teams. Go younger. Jason Hanson retired and this is your perfect opportunity to look forward to the future. Nope, you decide to do the stop-and-go approach, where Akers won’t be there long.

    Unless the Lions end up drafting a kicker in the draft, this doesn’t make sense to me.

  16. Akers will do fine. He had one bad year. Who doesn’t? Plus, he will have 9 games guaranteed indoors (Vikings). A 63 yard foot with no wind half the season is a good combination.

  17. My favorite kicker of all time. Akers was a total class act while in Philadelphia. It’s not often you’re sad to see a kicker go but I was disappointed that Reid kept to his “30 and over, gotta go” rule when it came to Akers. Of course it worked out as Alex Henery has been extremely consistent. He can’t match Akers booming kickoffs though. Here’s hoping Akers returns to form with the Lions. I think he will.

  18. Even with the rough season last year, as a Niner fan, I’m glad he’s on a talented team. I think if he was ever going to rebound, this would be the perfect situation.

    Seeing as we got all the way to the Super Bowl, and he played no part in our losing it, I hold zero animosity towards him.

  19. Good luck Dave, I’d hate to see you go out in a slump like last year. And stop trying to make the SP tackles all the time. For a kicker you are a tough dude no doubt. Your aging body will thank you for it. Thank you for your efforts for my Niners!

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