Locker-room camera idea likely came from Cowboys

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With the NFL advising its teams that cameras (and possibly microphones) must be installed in all home-team locker rooms to harvest video that can be played in stadiums during games, some have wondered where the NFL got the idea.

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram believes that the league got the idea from the Dallas Cowboys.

“They have had cameras in their locker room, pregame, showing the guys getting ready, since Cowboys Stadium opened,” Williams said.  “They show it on the big screen.”

That becomes important in light of the fact that the NFLPA has invited any players and player representatives to express concerns about the practice of putting cameras in the locker room.  The Cowboys have been doing it for years now, and no players or player representatives have complained or even raised an issue, despite the fact that a labor deal was negotiated from scratch in 2011.

25 responses to “Locker-room camera idea likely came from Cowboys

  1. The reason for the camera’s is because of the nation’s need of seeing RG3 in the same light as Visanthe Shiancoe. Pretty transparent HTTR

  2. it would be fun to see what goes on in there…:))) i want to see what goes on in the bills lockerroom i want to see what kind of talk there giving the bills if it stinks then i dont have to wonder why they stink!!

  3. The mere fact that the Cowboys have hatched this peep show should be enough for the league to dump it. This organization has not made many intelligent short OR long-term decisions since they dumped coach Johnson. I do not count the Switzer SB, because that was done with coach J’s players. This idea seems like one bridge too far.

  4. Great idea. I’m sure Prince Amukamara can hardly wait for the entire stadium to see the next time he’s kidnapped and plopped in the ice tub!

  5. The idea came from the team that’s more about drama than they are about winning… I’m shocked!

  6. How about we put cameras in the ladies locker room at my gym? I’d much rather see what goes on in there…

  7. Somewhere Brendon Ayanbadejo just got really excited. He and the three members of his club, plan on mainstreaming their coming out party on these cameras.

  8. why not have some local bands play through out the game during time outs… make it a game/ concert and give good local bands some exposure?

  9. Why don’t you make the game more accessible to fans by allowing season ticket holders to have pregame field access passes to one game every season? It’s a great experience. If it would be too many people come up with a system that gives them access once every 3 seasons or something like that. Reward your current season tickets holders better. Maybe don’t completely hose them at the concession stands as well.

  10. I’d much rather see video from the Washington Wizards locker room. Oh, wait, does Gilbert Arenas still play there?

  11. Sure, put a camera in the cheerleader locker room, I don’t care.

    Wait…I just reread that… Oh man that sucks, never mind.

  12. This is a lame idea.

    I’d like it if there were cameras in the owners meetings, or competition committee meetings so we can hear the real reasoning as to why they are destroying football.

  13. There was a little mixup on that – they meant the COWBOYS’ CHEERLEADERS locker room! Sorry about that for all of the gay football players and fans out there – bonus for regular guys and lesbians!

  14. I’m glad public cameras weren’t in the Dallas locker room when Charles Haley was playing. He would be spanking it in front of the whole stadium.

  15. What an idiotic idea. What’s the point? Watching guys milling around, getting taped up and dressed for the game? Oh my, how exciting. Not.
    Voluntarily allowing cameras and leaving it up to each team is fine. But making it mandatory? I don’t get it.

  16. “NFL advising its teams that cameras (and possibly microphones) must be installed in all home-team locker rooms.”

    Bill Belichick just had an orgasm…….

  17. I would have paid money to see what the players where doing when they locked Jones out of the locker room. Not to mention JJ banging on the door.

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