No medical re-check for Jarvis Jones

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When the red-flagged rookies return to Indianapolis this weekend for a medical re-check, the throng won’t include one of the players about whom there has been the most medical concern.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones has not been asked to submit to another examination.

Coupled with the fact that he has received full clearance to participate in football activities despite his previous diagnosis at USC of spinal stenosis, this is very good news for Jones.

Of course, some would say there’s no need for a re-check because Jones doesn’t have a condition that would get better or worse via the passage of time.  Still, the growing belief is that, regardless of USC’s ultimate reluctance to keep him on the team, Jones has demonstrated via two years of high-level play at an SEC school that it’s not an issue.  More and more teams, we’re told, have made it clear that they have no concerns about the situation.

That doesn’t mean that some teams will be extra cautious, given the potential consequences of a spinal cord injury.  But the bulk of the teams seem to be untroubled by the situation.

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  1. Well, I wouldn’t take it as any kind of sign that teams are less worried about his health. The likely reason for not having Jones at the recheck is that he is not recovering from an injury. There will be no change in the images of his stenotic neck, esp. in just a couple months. Whatever level of risk each team and their medical staff is comfortable with after evaluating him at the draft is exactly the same, and taking another picture would do nothing to change that.

  2. Would be nice to see Jones slide to 27. The Texans can play him outside, moving Reed inside. This was already a thought, and this would give them another bonifide playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.

  3. If the spinal cord hasn’t been a problem already, it probably won’t ever be a problem. Somebody will get a steal if he falls down the board.

  4. Hmmm his intensity is unmatched, but will his drive to be the best and get to work and be the best NFL player he can match his intensity because he didn’t have the best of Pro Days. Some college players are just college players while a person that isn’t as highly touted will come in and prove EVERYONE wrong. Russel Wilson, Tom Brady Geno Atkins just a few examples. I’m speculating
    That the best thing for him would be a slide on Draft Day I mean week. I miss the marathon!

  5. With Jones’ condition there isn’t much that anyone can do. He does have a greater risk of a spinal injury, but how much greater? He could go through a 12 year NFL career with not a single problem, or he can be a week into his first regular season and have a career ending injury. The thing is, It could happen to any player, the risk is always there in this sport.
    Taking a chance on Jones is the same as taking a chance on any other player. We will still see Jones go in the top 15 in the first round. There will be one or two teams not afraid to pull the trigger.

  6. I agree with the other comment regarding the picture and lack of respect. PFT writes an article about a players health questions and the picture shows the guy grimacing or looking like he is in pain. Richard Sherman it’s always a picture of him doing something cheeky or Tebow it will be a pose with shirt off. What happened to being objective and letting the readers decide for themselves??

  7. Here is the Skinny…! Coming out of High School Jj was recruited by Lane Kiffin to come play for or at UT. JJ turn down the Scholarship offer in a non polite manner forUSC. When the Pete Carroll/Reggie Bush scandal happen, out went Carroll and in came Lane. Well needless to say out of spite Lane would not allow the USC Docs to clear JJ, this he transferred to GA and immediately step in as The Stud LB he was and is. The neck injury happen, yet it was not detrimental to his career(see game tape at UGA)and he thrived in theBest Power House Football Conference in America; As the Best LB in the SEC( bar None)!

  8. I find it hilarious that NFL personnel men–highly paid experts—continue to fall for this workout nonsense.

    I mean, how many times does this have to happen before people realize it’s the tape that matters? This lesson has been taught over and over for the last 30 years, and still, there’s always a bunch of Charlie Browns lining up to kick that football.

    Workouts are for losers. Game day is for winners.

  9. I think USC’s reluctance to clear him to play had a bit more to do with their probation than anything else. Why let him play and risk injury (no matter how minimal) in games that really weren’t going to matter.
    It sounds better to say he transferred because of medical reasons than because they had a postseason ban. One might cause others to follow him out while the other wouldn’t really affect anything at all.
    He transferred about a week after they got their punishment

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