Nothing imminent for Urlacher, who wants to play for a contender


More than two weeks ago, the Bears slammed the door in the face of the most recent face of their defense.  Still, he’s currently no closer to joining a new team than he was when the Bears cut him loose.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Urlacher won’t imminently be signing with a new team.  He’s talking with a few teams, all of which are contenders.  If anything happens, it likely won’t happen for a while.

And with the Bears opening the door a crack for Urlacher, Urlacher currently isn’t ready to push.  Though it’s not an impossibility that he’ll return to Chicago, his primary goal will be to join a potential winner — especially since the money isn’t going to be close to what he had been receiving.

74 responses to “Nothing imminent for Urlacher, who wants to play for a contender

  1. We have rings for a reason, and it certainly isn’t from signing washed-up losers like this guy. We have standards.

  2. “Though it’s not an impossibility that he’ll return to Chicago, his primary goal will be to join a potential winner…”

    We have always known Florio hates the Bears, but now he is starting to sound like tokyo and filthy…Sad, actually.

  3. I think Urlacher deserves more respect than to be called a loser. This guy is one of the best in his position. Even if he is not the “old” Urlacher, he could help a young LB crew and hold things down in a different way – similar to Ray Lewis.

    Seattle has a young defense that could use a strong leader like him.

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Urlacher ultimately swallow his pride and return to the Bears.

  5. If he weren’t interested in chasing the money (which has been scarce for old LBs, to say the least), he’d still be a Bear.

    I wish he had the hindsight of 20 years from now to say, “wow, im glad im glad i retired where i played my whole career, rather than chasing $500k dollars in a career where I made ~$90 million” (including endorsements)

  6. Well there goes anyone in the division but the Vikings…who would’ve kept Winfield if they wanted a player that old.

  7. I hope he comes back to my Bears! I believe he will end up coming back for a little under 2 mill. One last time of acting like a child then we finish his career and becomes Bears lb coach.

  8. If the 49ers had the room at middle linebacker I’d be all for it, but I doubt he’d want to come sit behind Willis and Bowman.

  9. I’m waiting for the day when a washed up vt sais he wants to play for a loser. Who doesn’t want to play for a winner?

  10. Love to know what teams he has been talking with and what is being said…..

  11. I got a few teams interested in me too, all contenders. But I don’t want to sign a contract anytime soon. Who needs a contract for the upcoming season that could guarantee me more than a million dollars if I make the opening day roster? The best thing for me to do is wait until after the draft, when there’s an even smaller need for LBs. That way I’m almost guaranteed a good offer not like that slap-in-the-face $2 million a year.

  12. tokyosandblaster says: Apr 5, 2013 7:43 PM

    “Well there goes anyone in the division but the Packers…who would have kept Woodson if they wanted someone that old.”

    You’re getting as delusional as your soulmate filthymcnasty1…Bears and Vikings both finished 10-6 last year, just one game behind your team, and it was the Vikes who knocked your team out of the #2 seed, which in turn led to your eventual annihilation in SF.

    Let’s see if the third time is indeed the charm posting this.

  13. “steelernationisuperiortothelowlyplebsofthenfllolol says:

    We have rings for a reason, and it certainly isn’t from signing washed-up losers like this guy. We have standards.”

    Unless you’re part of that organization, please refrain from referring to yourself as such.

    It’s not “we”.
    It’s “the Steelers”.

    You are not a Pittsburgh Steeler.

    You are a douche.

    Also, the Steeler’s aren’t even that great of an organization as of late. Enjoy mediocrity.

  14. Ravens are looking for any help at ILB. If Urlacher can play special teams, be a mentor, and accept a veteran-minimum salary, then why not join the defending Super-Bowl Champs.

  15. I hope this comment actually gets through unlike my last few…. I wouldn’t be upset to see the vikes fill other holes in this draft, sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal. then look for a long term solution in the draft in the next draft or so.

  16. The only team I could imagine Uhlacher playing for is the Steelers…without a doubt they will be CONTENDING for LAST place.

    Their rings are so old they have more crud on them than the Titanic.

  17. I can’t believe I’m seeing comments with people using the word Loser. Why? Brian Urlacher is nowhere near being a loser. He is one of the best Linebackers to play the game. He may not be the same old Urlacher, but what he could give to a young core of Linebackers is priceless. I would love to see Urlacher in a Bills uniform!

  18. I hope he and the Bears can come to terms. Urlacher and Bears are synonomous, he’d be nothing more than a curiosity anywhere else. Believe me Brian, you don’t want to be relegated to being a tourist attraction.

  19. @ducksflyhigh

    With that comment, you sound like you know nothing about football.

    Bobby Wagner is your MLB and there were times last season that he looked great. Not good, great. And he was a rookie second round draft pick. Sky’s the limit for that kid. And you want the Seahawks to sign the decaying carcass of BU? Explain yourself…

  20. Chicago dont want Urlacher on the
    team. the word is CHANGE. Its time
    to build a team that WINS because of the Offense not inspite of it.

  21. If he wants a contender he could come be a third stringer in Green Bay.

  22. I don’t think Urlacher will sign with anyone. His knees are about as strong as tokyosandblaster’s attempts at humor.

  23. C’mon Florio: The Bears didn’t slam anything shut. Urlacher did.. He was insulted by the Bears offer. His wittle feelings were hurt. Get a life dude. They have been paying you like a king for the last 13 years. Then when your skills are gone you want to play for a contender? Well who doesn’t?

  24. Would be hilarious if he signed for a lot less with the Packers and they won the Super Bowl.

  25. Vikings would be a pretty good fit if they don’t land a good LB in the draft. They do not have a middle linebacker on the roster, but they do have Henderson and Greenway who already play in the nickel.

    Urlacher could just be a two down linebacker in Minnesota where he could mostly play downhill. The guy has lost a step and really can’t be trusted out in space covering athletic tight ends on third down.

  26. I am not saying to use BU in place of Wagner, but rather to rotate him in on certain coverage packages… which is Urlacker’s strong suit.

    Urlacker may no longer be an every down LB, but he can be effective on coverage. Seattle got owned by the Falcons in their lack of ability to cover TE – we lost the game on key passes to Tony over the middle. Seattle has the corners to shut down the outside but we had problems in coverage from our LB.

  27. He should tip his hat gracefully because if he’s not careful, it will minimize his entire career… He’s just gotta let it go & retire…… Easier said then done I know it but, I’d just hate to see that happen….

    He was fantastic……

  28. It would be quite the surprise if Green Bay was a contender next year if you ask me. They only got one receiver (Cobb), nothing resembling an NFL running back and a terrible offensive line. Their defense just keeps getting weaker every year. The Pack is a team on the downslide, Urlacher wouldn’t even take their calls if he was serious about playing for a contender.

  29. I really dislike BU so I find it very amusing that he can’t even find anyone to pay him what he deemed insulting coming from Chi.

  30. Cowboys seem the logical destination. Shifting to the 4-3 with Marinelli at the helm, Urlacher, if nothing else, will provide an instant credible ‘leader’ the locker room. If he’s able to the play 8-12 (6 starts) games and be a 2 down MLB- that’s likely a win for a team in transition who are likely to draft the long term solution to the position anyway. Hard to see negative in having Urlacher mentor the defense as a whole but also his eventual replacement as well.

  31. Lmao!… If he wasn’t chasing the money he may have already been a Viking …. He wants around 5mil a year an I’m. Pretty sure no team is willing too pay that

  32. You’re positive AJ Hawk is better than Urlacher? Hawk is playing inside because he’s too slow for Will and too weak for Sam, and can’t rush for beans. Urlacher at least is a natural Mike.

  33. Every article follows a pattern:

    1) article is posted

    2) 12 comments critiquing grammar

    3) Tokyo makes absurd elitist comment that defies common sense about the packers

    4) logical comes out of nowhere with some ridiculous assertion about his perennial basement-dwelling redskins

    5) the rest of us die a little inside

  34. Just relax Brian, hang around to training camp, sign to a team with a major injury at MLB, whose backup stinks. Forget the contender crap, you wanted to sign with da Bears, who missed the play-offs, remember? Like everyone else, It’s all about the coin. No biggie.

  35. Marlon Brando also thought he could have a contender. Urlacher better hope that wasn’t a precedent.

  36. Too bad he stipulated that he wants to play for a contender, otherwise the Vikings are well known for paying handsome salaries for over the hill players. Berrian probably ruined Ulacher’s chances with the Vikings because they already been burned badly by signing ex-Bears not that it has stopped the Vikings from signing ex Packers over and over again.

  37. The door is not open in Chicago for Urlacher the player, that ship has sailed. the door is open for Urlacher the Bear Legend and maybe a future number retirement ceremony.

    And all of the suckers saying his leadership will be missed? Leadership doesn’t get you to the sideline to tackle AP before he turns the corner. This is the NFL, speed is the name of the game.

  38. The Ravens just cut the only healthy ILB they had left. They are going to need more. The Great and Powerful Oz is biding his time and if Urlacher is still around toward the end of training camp, he could well become a Raven. The Ravens will probably have real youngsters that could use mentoring; that is, if they don’t sign some other veteran who hasn’t been cut yet.

  39. One thing Packer fans could tell Ted Thompson is that Brian Urlacher is a better tackler than A.J Hawk. And a upgrade despite his age.

  40. fi1thymcnasty1 says: Apr 5, 2013 10:58 PM

    “I don’t think Urlacher will sign with anyone. His knees are about as strong as tokyosandblaster’s attempts at humor.”

    Look, a falling out among trolls!

    (And filthy, for what it’s worth, your attempts at humor aren’t any better.)

  41. I have a legion of devout followers, some of whom have adopted similar names. Most normal people can read, but the meatheads are easily fooled.

  42. @filthy:

    Most normal people are not legally blind in one eye, so I apologize for thinking that was you…My comment regarding YOUR attempts at humor still stands, however.

  43. You guys talk about all this mentor stuff. You don’t pay a player 2 mill to be a me for. That’s what you have coaching for. Only way he plays again is if someone goes down in pre-season and they have to fill a hole,

  44. I’m a bears fan and i love Urlacher but it was time to go. Nothing every ends well or else it wouldn’t end.

    With that being said I’d love to see the absolute average to below average white middle age guys on this site who call Urlacher a loser. Guys that make 40k a year, are out of shape, couldn’t bang for more than 5 minutes and are complete pussbags. Comparing you losers to men at the very top of the pinnacle of athletics who in less than 4-6 years make 5 to 10 times what a normal guy would make in an entire 45 year lifetime. You nerds who date or are married to absolute sewer trolls compared to the chicks that most of these guys snag on an off night.

  45. I’m flippin’ hilarious.

    If you can’t take a joke, this probably isn’t the site for you. I recommend anything with “protestant” or “coping with incestuous thoughts” in the title.

    Flippin’ hilarious.

  46. Funny people don’t have to tell anyone else that they are funny. I never heard George Carlin say “I’m flippin’ hilarious.” Those who behave in a way that is only funny to them and not to anyone else, hence the need to declare that they are hilarious, are generally demented in some way.

    Hilarious will be seeing you disappear as the Packers slide back into perennial top-10 draft position territory.

  47. The Bears cover-2 requires an MLB that can cover. In the pass happy NFL where every down is a passing down, the Bear’s MLB has to be on the field every play. As much as I respect Brian Urlacher, it appears it is time to find and vigorously educate his replacement. The Bears will not be signing Urlacher at any price.

  48. Brewdogg, you keep trying to fight a battle you can’t possibly win.

    You trying to insult me is like a homeless dude calling Donald Trump poor. It just doesn’t make sense. Accept the fact that I’m better than you in pretty much every conceivable way, and you’ll be happier. Strive to be like me. You can only improve.

  49. What! The hawks don’t want him.They made him look old on way to a 50 pt rout ! Its a business and his numbers no longer merited tha salary he was asking, period !

  50. “The hawks don’t want him.They made him look old on way to a 50 pt rout ! Its a business and his numbers no longer merited tha salary he was asking, period!”

    On way to a 50-pt. rout of whom?

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