ProFootballTalk: What position should the Bears target?

ProFootballTalk: After the departure of Brian Urlacher, the Chicago Bears are very thin at linebacker. Mike Florio expects them to take a linebacker early on in this year’s draft, even though the offensive line needs some help.

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13 responses to “ProFootballTalk: What position should the Bears target?

  1. A LB like Arthur Brown, another o-lineman (Kyle Long, perhaps), and Tyler Bray all would work for me…And if Tavon Austin somehow falls to #20, they should grab him.

  2. What’s going on here? I switched from ESPN to NBCS because ESPN has too many 1) chicks 2) sleazeballs and 3) illiterate former players on the air. Now NBCS is doing the same. Why copy a company’s WORST practices? Say it ain’t so!

  3. Please, God, not Manti Teo.
    Please, God, not Manti Teo.
    Please, please, please, please not Manti Te’o.

  4. filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 6, 2013 8:37 AM

    “Maybe it’s finally time to move on from the Jay Cutler experiment.”

    Or not…This year, with the new coaches emphasizing offense, and with the improved talent level at TE and o-line, the Bears should finally end the hex GB has had on us the past several years.

    And you just want Cutler gone so we get another 30 years of idiots like Henry Burris and Craig Krenzel who can’t beat anybody. At least Jay is 29-13 in his last 42 starts, and 28-9 against teams not from GB.

  5. Improved talent level at TE and o-line???? Will Bear fans ever wake up and realize that replacing mediocrity with average will not compete against NFL elite offenses, such as Green Bay.

    Bennett is nothing more than an average TE, that only looks good if standing next to the mediocre Kellen Davis. Sure, he showed the occasional flash last year, but does he really rate any higher than say Dennis Pitta, another average UFA still available? There were four better TEs available that the Bears were too cheap to go after.

    Likewise, losing Chris Spencer and Lance Louis to gain Bushrod and Slauson is essentially a push in overall talent on the OL as a whole. At least with the TE situation, going from mediocre to average was an improvement for the Bears. The kind of improvement the Bears need on the OL would have meant competing for the services of Jake Long, but (as always) the Bears –> cheap and Bear fans –> drunk on their own Kool-Aid.

    Before making ludicrous claims of competing with the elite offenses in the NFL, try comparing individual units on the Bears with other teams in 2013, and stop with the numbing comparisons to Henry Burris or Craig Krenzel already. Is there a single unit on the offense (QB, WRs, TE, OL, etc.) that any objective fan would choose the Bears over the Packers ??? or Saints, Falcons, Giants, etc. ???

    If the Bears’ defense takes a step back this year, it could mean a very high draft pick will be available for the Bears in 2014. Too bad Bear fans will be too busy mumbling about how Jay Cutler belongs in Canton already because he is so, so much better than Eric Kramer or Bobby Douglas as a QB.

  6. Perhaps if you understood the difference between cheap and up against the cap limit, the discussion would have some merit.

    However, one would think the input of our new oc on Bushrod, and his two pro bowls, had some value to Emery. Slauson appears to be an upgrade at Left guard. This is an improvement at LT and LG.

    Emery appears to have a lot more football acumen than Angelo ever had, so perhaps we ought to see what else will happen.

  7. @bubblefive:

    Forte>Benson, or whoever the Pack has at RB
    M. Bennett>Finley

    And while the Packers are currently deeper at WR, Marshall is better than any single one of them overall, even Jones.

    Bushrod & Slauson, in spite of your opinion, are a significant upgrade over Spencer and even Louis, who I liked.

    That said, as long as Rodgers is the QB in GB, their offense will be a force to reckon with, but that’s not to say the Bears offense in 2013 won’t also be a force under Trestman.

    Now excuse me while I sip my Kool-Aid.

  8. Well, we have pre-season hype, and some boo birds here today. And, yet the new coaching staff has yet to even run a play. Why don’t we all settle down and wait to see how thing go, before we jack that pedestal to high, or before we claim utter failure. If we go 8 and 8 in the first season with these new guys, I would be happy. Emery has not done anything to make me not trust him, and he has shown a lot of common sense. Trestman is intriguing and I hope he does well.
    Bear down soccer fans.

  9. Bear were up against the cap. They spend their more wisely and smart. They upgraded their o-line, got a solid Tight end, added some LB depth. Now the draft is coming and the Bear can take the Best Player available and not have to take and reach for need. Emery has done a great job so far. The Bear had lots of holes. Needed a #1 WR? They got Marshall. Now Emery has significantly upgraded the Offensive line and the TE position. Cutler’s blind side is protected and he should have time to deliver shots to Marshall and Jeffery.

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