Revis “not optimistic” trade gets done

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With the 2013 league year nearly a month old and cornerback Darrelle Revis still a member of the Jets, the player is “not optimistic” a trade to the Buccaneers will happen, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Talks between the Jets and Bucs bogged down last month, presumably over New York’s insistence on a trade package headlined by a first-round pick in the 2013 draft, not the 2014 draft.

But the trade could still happen, in large part because the Bucs apparently are willing to give Revis a deal that would pay out roughly $15 million per year on average, despite his ACL tear and the currently pathetic market for veteran cornerbacks.

We recently suggested that the deal could go down when the Buccaneers are on the clock with the 13th pick in the draft.  If there’s no one there they want (and if there’s someone available who could help the Jets get better — then again, that bar is pretty low right now), that’s when the trade could happen.

After that, the Jets would have to trade him for 2014 picks, or for current players.  And if the Jets don’t trade him, Revis will walk away following the 2013 season.  Which also would be the Revis Farewell Tour in New York, yet another distraction for a team that has had more than its share of them lately.

The Jets can avoid all of this by signing Revis to an extension.  He reportedly wants to stay.  If the Jets want him, they should simply give him the deal that the Buccaneers apparently are ready to hand over.

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  1. Maybe the Jets will only trade Revis if Dee Milliner falls to them at pick #9. Then they are in a better position to trade Revis for pick #13.

    It probably won’t be a one-for-one trade; I bet Tampa would be at least a 3rd rounder in change.

  2. Given all the specific circumstances, it sure doesn’t seem like Jets and Revis are a fit any more – and as good as Revis is (or at least was before his injury), there’s not a lot of places for him to go at this point. Jets will probably have to lower their expectactions of what they can get for him.

  3. Woody Johnson: pay Revis or sell the team. Either way, stop pocketing PSLs. Worst owner in football.

  4. They’re dangling him out to see if anyone wants to pay what has to be a high price and if nobody will bite they’ll sign him. He’ll probably remain a Jet.

  5. The Jets have said repeatedly that they will not pay Revis the money he wants. If Revis wants to stay he should come down from his crazy price demands. He’s only made $36 million (or something in this area) over the last three years.

  6. A 2014 1st and a (health and preformance) conditional late round pick and the Phins would completed the makings of a solid team this year. Especially with 11 picks in the draft and 5 of them in top 90 picks.

  7. Does that mean he wants to be traded? I think Revis wanting to be traded is a beefier story. Oh, I get it. This is just some ‘reporter’ toeing the line between inference and fabrication. because I have an insatiable appetite for NEWS!!!

  8. The Jets are waiting to see how the knee heals. If he plays up to his standards this season they’ll match any offer to keep him in New York, is my guess.

    They just don’t want to pay him the big bucks before he proves he can play at his usual level, or trade him and watch him have another great year with someone else. It makes sense to me to keep him this year and see how well he holds up, then bite the bullet and pay him if he’s still the best CB in the league…

  9. CB is maybe the most difficult position to play well coming off a knee injury.

  10. The TB Bucies don’t want to give up a first round. why should the NY Jets trade off Revis without getting a first round? One thing good is trading him to an NFC team.

  11. He’d better pray it does, after all his me me me attention grabbing, I’m better than this team stuff he won’t be gracefully accepted by NY.

    You can’t call out your new GM and teammates by questioning their motives and proclaiming to be the ” best player on the team” without coming across as a douche..

    Welcome to the Seahawks way, either conform, compete and stay hungry and no more ne man is bigger than the team or you on the way out.

    IDZIK was taught well in Seattle, brings that knowledge their.

  12. Revis wants to stay with the jets? He must really love all the smoke rex blows up his rear. Idk why anyone with his talent level would want to stay on the jets. I hear loyalty, but seriously, the jets are a joke and are run by a clown. At least the Cards are making an attempt at putting a better team around their marquee player in Larry Fitz. I truly am thankful my father wasn’t a Jets fan.

  13. Cheap O Johnson doesn’t want to give Revis an extension. There will never be a CB like him.

  14. Please give the name of your team, so that us Jet fans may criticizes yours.
    Here are the teams that suck . Miami, New England, the Bills .

  15. Doesn’t seem like the Bucs trade is going to happen right when the Falcons free up 7m in cap space…who need a CB. Hmmmmm.

  16. Guy is a pain in the ass. In the last dying age of the NFL, who the heck pay a CORNERBACK more than a couple million a year. It’s over Johnny.

  17. mustbechris says:
    Apr 5, 2013 11:10 PM
    Woody Johnson: pay Revis or sell the team. Either way, stop pocketing PSLs. Worst owner in football

    As a Bengals fan I don’t think I can agree with the worst owner statement. That belongs to Mike Brown. Although Brown has been doin a decent job the past couple years in my opinion.

  18. Why would ANY team give up its number one pick Plus and then fork over $13 million a year to a guy with a questionable acl recovery? Typically this is a 2 year recovery for a YOUNG guy….Revis is no longer a youngster.

    The Jets are just a stupid team to give guys like Revis and Sanchez these ridiculous deals and then wonder why they can’t unload them…Tebow included.

  19. If your best player is a cornerback coming off an ACL tear you have major issues.

  20. I’d just tell the Jets to suck on an egg. Wait for him to hit free agency and save your draft picks if you want him so bad. No way Revis stays in New York.

  21. Not smart. Does anybody think he actually has as much of an effect on the outcome of a game as a top tier quarterback which is how he wants to be paid?

  22. The trade hasn’t Happened yet cause the bucs are not offering even a 2nd round pick they are offering a 3rd. And 5th rd pick this year and the jets are holding out that another team gets involved. Witch is not going to happen there will be no 1st or 2nd for Revis.

  23. Bucs should give the 13th pick and get Revis with a reverse conditional pick if he fails to play in 2013 at a certain level. Hence, they would receive a conditional Jets pick in 2014 if Revis is for medical reasons physically unable to play.

  24. He will hold out and skip camp no matter where he goes. As good as he is, no team can afford or want to deal with the inevitable money grab he will pull after the first season.

  25. You know what would be hilarious. Buffalo on the clock at 8, Tampa GM Mark Dominick and his Best Buffalo Bill Buddy Nix, consumate a trade to get either Dee Milliner if he slides or Xavier Rhodes, for 13th pick and 43rd pick in second round. Then Mark Dominick calls up John Idzik and say, sorry John, can’t trade you our 13th or 2nd round pick this year, dont have those anymore, but we will trade you 2014 1st rounders and conditional 2nd rounder.
    That would be a true power play. Get the corner to move the leverage to your side and screw the Jets out of 1 of the 2 top corners since they have been jerking him around from the get go.

  26. Could we trade some PFT Darelle Revis stories for some different stories? Heck, I’d rather read about crazy Dennis Rodman cozying up to Kim John Un

  27. Revisis not worth what he thinks he is worth. He is also not worth what the Jets are trying to get for him. This will not end well if he is not traded. The relationship is shattered and both sides would be better off via trade. The only thing the Jets can look forward to (if no trade) is a high compensatory pick when he walks next year.

  28. harry1941 says:Apr 6, 2013 12:00 AM

    Here are the teams that suck . Miami, New England, the Bills .

    Spoken with the typical lack of intelligence that is the jet fan. How long will you back a loser Harry?
    enjoy the cellar.

  29. Unbelievable that the Jets will not accept a 1st & a 2nd round draft pick for this guy. He’s on the last year of his contract and recovering from a severe injury, plus will demand an outlandish contract that will eat-up too much cap space. Take the picks and run.

  30. If I were the Jets either pay him or take what you can get. He’s the best corner in the game right now. But you guys need new talent at every position on offense. Expand past the bucs just because they pick at 13. The Vikings have 2 1st round picks. Expand your talks cuz the defense is already good, the offense however is pathetic

  31. The thing I most don’t understand is why the Buccs are willing to pay Revis nearly $15mil annually, makes no sense given the market, especially since there is no assurance he will be the player he was.

  32. harry1969,

    Tweek to your screen name to remember the last time the Jets were relevent.

  33. The Bucs have more cap space than God, so thats not even remotely an issue. Yes around $15 million is an overpayment, until you consider Adderall popping Easy-E is the current best option.

  34. I don’t care how good he is, he’s not worth that much money. Besides, he is like a Cobra, ready to strike at a moments notice and If things don’t go his way, he will inject his venom until everything is poisoned. Revis is far from being a team player, he has to be the center of attention at all times. I’m willing to bet that more than half of that Jets team can’t stand him one bit. Who wants that for their team? Stay away from Buffalo Revis.

  35. no way a Cb not named deion sanders is worth more than 15 million a season, and i say deion is because he was a dynamic punt returner too, and revis only plays CB and thats it, i wouldnt waste my time with the jets and revis, be smart bucs

  36. Not too long ago I read this was a trade that was absolutely going to happen.
    So cool to hear the so-called experts back peddle.

  37. Is there ever a story on Mevis that does not involve money or a future contracts?

    What a waist of talent. Use it to do some good please.

  38. Some of you Jets haters would be better served learning to spell 4th grade words correctly.

    You know “witch” ones I’m referring. So stop “waisting” your time here. Possibly a GED is in your future.

  39. ampats says:Apr 6, 2013 9:30 AM


    Tweek to your screen name to remember the last time the Jets were relevent.

    Tweek to see what the Pats did without videotaping, and if they won a SB without Mangini.

    Jets have 43 years to catch the Boston Red Sox.

  40. The reason Revis wants more money, is to support some bitch. Some of the NFL players think money grows on trees.

  41. he’s not optimistic because theres no weight to this trade all your speculation has added up to more headlines than you know what to do with. It’s frustrating because anyone following the Jets closely knows that there not actively shopping Revis and theres not that much interest out there for him. These articles are getting way too redundant and I usually just skip over it but this is ridiculous.. personally, I’m happy revis is gonna be on the team next year just so he can show everyone who the #1 corner in the league is

  42. harry1941 says:Apr 6, 2013 12:00 AM

    Please give the name of your team, so that us Jet fans may criticizes yours.
    Here are the teams that suck . Miami, New England, the Bills .

    LOL.. just really laughing out loud… lol


    lrjets says:Apr 6, 2013 2:02 PM

    Some of you Jets haters would be better served learning to spell 4th grade words correctly.

    You know “witch” ones I’m referring. So stop “waisting” your time here. Possibly a GED is in your future.

    Congrats! You’re officially the smartest JET fan in the world! / clap.. clap.. clap

  43. The Jets are more like a soap opera than a NFL franchise. Too much drama. I know their in NY.. but anything from kissing feet , Tim Tebow, Sanchez and an owner who wants to be the next Jerry Jones……. Give us a break . Now this crap with Revis. They are not going to get that 13th pick from Tampa. They would have to be really dumb to give a number one pick that high for damaged goods.

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