Ware insists Cowboys will be better than 8-8

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The Dallas Cowboys have had consecutive 8-8 seasons, narrowly missing the playoffs in each of the past two years.

This year, Cowboys defensive end (formerly linebacker) DeMarcus Ware says the Cowboys will be better.  That’s what he told Erik Kuselis in an interview that ran on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk.

So does that mean they’ll be 9-7?

“We will not be .500,” Ware said.  “We will not be .500 like the last two years we’ve been, I can tell you that.”

That actually could be good enough to win the Super Bowl.  In two straight regular-season finales, the Cowboys lost a playoff play-in game for the NFC East crown.  In 2011, the winner of the game — the 9-7 Giants — won the Super Bowl.

For the Cowboys, the challenge is to simply get back into the tournament.  Once they get there, anything can happen.

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45 responses to “Ware insists Cowboys will be better than 8-8

  1. He’s right. 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

  2. He’s correct im going out there and guessing this is a playoff team this year(by winning division) they will have the same or less wins than the NFC wildcard teams.

    Not a cowboy fan just see something unique with this team that has me thinking playoffs.

  3. Ware should know that the ‘boys will be better than 8-8…he’ll imposter as a tech rep. adjusting the visiting teams in-locker room cameras.

  4. I have heard that before in the last 5 seasons. Just prove it.
    The Cowboys are always Super Bowl contenders between March and August. Unfortunately, the NFL season is between September and February.
    As Bill Parcells said “you are what your record says you are.”

  5. “We will not be .500 like the last two years we’ve been, I can tell you that.”

    Uh, DeMarcus, in case you didn’t notice, there are TWO directions you can go from 8-8. I know which one I’d prefer to see the Cowpatties take.

  6. If our oline is improved and if we dont get injuries on defense then i dont see why not… And no dont start with the romo bulls**t cause i know for a fact flacco is not better then romo he just had a better overall supporting cast

  7. Their schedule looks very tough so let’s see what happens in the draft where Dallas needs to have some picks that can come in and help them right away. Also need to stay healthy which has been a big issue. I think they are looking at another 8-8.

  8. Nice that he thinks that, but who is going to win a meaningful big for them at the QB position? Orton??

  9. Somehow there’s no mention in this post about the fact that Ware also called Romo a top 5 QB.

    I guess Romo’s only newsworthy when he’s being slammed, huh?

  10. He is right !! They won’t even get to .500 at all. Not hating on the cowboys but I just don’t see it. Switching to a whole new Defense is tough in the 1st year.

  11. From the perspective of the rest of the NFC East, Cowboys at 6-10 is “better than 8-8.”

  12. How about “I can tell you this, we will win our division.” Show some fire man, you have a defense to lead.

    Dal, Gia, Phi, Was – in that order.

  13. Switching to a 4-3 defense wont be a quick fix. It can take up to 3 years to get the right personnel. Ware is great and will fit in any defense but the rest of the defense probably takes a step back before stepping forward. It will be tough finishing better than 8-8 with how tough the NFC is.

  14. Switching to a new defense doesn’t help, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The Saints won their SB in Greg Williams’ first year as DC.

    Still, it’s hard to imagine the Boys winning anything next year, or any year Romo is the QB.

  15. TEAM. Get it yet IDIOTS. Not Ware, not Romo, not dez, T E A M EFFORT!

    Bowling, tennins, golf, and wacking off is a SOLO effort. FOOTBALL is 22 guys hitting 22 guys!


  16. And after they go 2 & 14 they wont be able to draft jonny football becase they locked romo up what a waste of 100 mil

  17. Cowboys are a sub 500 team. Have been pretty much since J Johnson stepped aside. What will be different this year?

  18. The Eagles, in conjunction with the Chip Kelly 11 Headed Offensive Monster Machine Tour 2013, will account for 2 dominating losses. They can not possibly take the field hoping to compete and win against this intricate offensive scheme. And theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  19. It’s a shame that Ware and Witten will never see a Super Bowl! Not With Nomo and Skeletor at the helm.

  20. He’s right. The cowboys won’t be finish .500. But, they can finish, .438, .378, .313, or worse. I choose worse. Nothing like seeing cowboy players and their fans miserable.

  21. Kind of a strange declaration.

    “We will not be .500 this season”

    “What then, 9-7? 10-6?”

    “We may be 9-7 or we may be 7-9 but we will NOT be 8-8”

  22. Cowboys will finish last in the nfc east,Why Jerry Jones does not draft well at all

    Tony Romo`s 19 INT`s last season will not improve in 2013 behind a weak O-Line

    Changing from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 with 3-4 players is not good at all

    The Cowboys secondary is vastly over rated! Brandon Carr is awful!!!!!

    Dallas needs a solid running attack to even have a chance at making the playoffs,Their RB`s are awful or is it their O-Line……take a pick!!!!

  23. Cowboy players/coaches/owner are always making these predictions. I don’t get it. Just allow the season to happen. The girls will probably go 5-11 this year. Garrett is not a very good coach, the players are not as good as advertised, and the teams in their division are just flat our better.

  24. @flavordave their you go again talking silly. Did you just get done playing madden 13 again. your egirls lead by the chipper arn’t going anywhere but down. 60 years and counting.!!!!!

  25. Like I said, I am a Dallas fan. I see 6-10 coming up. Dallas has done nothing for the O-line yet again. Their running back will not stay healthy and they have no depth behind him. Their two best linebackers are injury-prone as well.

    No way this team wins even 7 games.

  26. All this talk that’s all I hear every year! How about this football team goes out and prove that your team can win. All this team has proved to me for the last 7+ yrs is they CAN’T win!! I waste a lot of $$$ paying for Sunday ticket to watch this team run themselves into the ground every year, I’m about to cancel!!! Now shut up and put up!!!

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