Andy Reid has plans for Dexter McCluster

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The Chiefs have more talent than their 2-14 record in 2012 would suggest.  After all, they sent three players per win to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

Apart from the six Pro Bowlers, the Chiefs also have receiver Dexter McCluster.  According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, new coach Andy Reid has big plans for McCluster, a second-round pick in 2010.

“He’s not the biggest guy in the world, but he’s got a heart of a lion,” Reid said.  “He’s got that . . . tremendous quickness and can catch.  He’s pretty good at running the football, so there is a place for him.  You line him up everywhere.  You can move him around and kind of do some unique things with him.

“I like McCluster.  I think he’s a good football player and he has a role on this football team.  I’ve got some things in mind for him.”

Per Teicher, Reid wanted to draft McCluster in Philly.  Which makes senses, given that Reid has a proven affinity for undersized wideouts.

Reid has McCluster now, and it’ll be interesting to see what Reid has in store for a player who has every season to have a big year in the final year of his rookie contract.

30 responses to “Andy Reid has plans for Dexter McCluster

  1. He plans to not use him! HAHA

    Denver Broncos, 3 straight division titles. Back to back sweep of the AFC West.

  2. This sounded exactly like Lovie Smith when he tried to convince Bears fans that Devin Hester was the real deal at wide receiver. Obviously this is different because McCluster is an actual wideout and not a converted defensive back, but the way Andy Reid said it brought back bad memories, that’s all.

  3. McCluster is actually slow….he jerks his body dramatically when he switches directions so he looks fast but he is dirt slow. Hope Andy Reid’s plans aren’t too big for such a small and slow guy.

  4. I dont think a 2-14 team has ever received as much media attention as the Chiefs. Makes their fans more delusional.

  5. Reid knows how to use a scat back like D-Mac. His production was impressive when you look at his YPC (catch & carry). Was it at the level expects, no, but that wasn’t his problem. That’s the weakness of our past offensive coordinators. They had NO CLUE how to use D-Mac. Once the Chiefs get another wide-out or two, the Chiefs offensive will be explosive. No more errant passes on the majority of pass plays with Alex Smith. No more serving Receivers up on a silver platter for Corners & Safeties to lay out. I you’ve seen D-Mac in college you know his potential in the open field. Don’t blame him for past coaching incompetence.

  6. McCluster reminds me of Roscoe Parrish, A speedster with good hands that can line up anywhere on the field and cause a major headache for the opposing Defense. If Reid is smart he’ll try to get McCluster the ball whenever he can.

  7. Watch, he’s going to be used like Reid used Chad Hall in goal line situations and be setup to fail with 1-yard runs up the middle. Chief fans are going to be thinking WTF.

  8. @ jrebar88,

    You actually think the chiefs get media attention? I couldn’t nicely say anything about this statement so I will just say that I strongly disagree. Everything the Jets do gets articles here on PFT and NFL network spends half their time reporting about non stories and “speculation”. Same with ESPN. And the world’s biggest cheaters, the Giants, get constant coverage too. Pretty much every coastal/big city team. As a chiefs fan I know that the lack of national spotlight on this team has kept some high profile free agents away from this team. The chiefs are probably the least nationally covered team in the NFL, even when they have good seasons

  9. Charles and McCluster are gonna catch a lot of passes. LeSean McCoy had 70 catches a couple years ago outta the backfield. Westbrook had 90 back in the day. They better get their rest is all I can say. Charles will go for 2000+ total yards this year I bet.

  10. Big Red can praise McCluster all he wants but we all know he would trade him for a cheesesteak. Fact.

  11. There is an interesting dynamic in Kansas City. Andy Reid generally does not run the football while Alex Smith is not a very successful QB when he attempts over 30 passes so something will have to give.
    Can’t wait.

  12. I have no idea how the 2-14 Kansas City chiefs get labeled as a “team with a lot of talent,” and Cleveland is usually just looked at as a bad team.
    Qb is about equal. Weeden has a higher ceiling.
    Hb would go to the chiefs, but that could change this season
    Wr goes to Cleveland. Where Gordon and Little ooze potential, Bowe is more proven, but declining.
    Te goes to the cheifs
    O-line goes to Cleveland with 3 blue chippers in Thomas, Mack, and Mitchell
    D-line is about even
    Lb- I don’t know much about kcs lbs, but Cleveland’s are young and filled with potential
    Db- I would say even. Both teams have 2 great players. Berry>ward Haden> flowers

    They are pretty even. Cleveland has more potential.

    That being said, I like the cheifs and wish them and their fans a successful season. Please don’t interpret this as an attack on your team.

  13. I like how the guy that said would sweep the division got massive thumbs down. The Chiefs aren’t even close to an 8-8 team, chokeland isn’t either. The chargers have the talent to be good but not enough to challenge Denver. McCluster is a returner and nothing else Ala Devin Hester, Josh Cribbage or even KCs own Dante Hall a couple years. Reid could turn it around but idk if relying on a gimmick player and a game manager is a good start. How bout getting a bigger RB to compliment Charles so he doesn’t wear out or getting a WR who can stretch the field and run routes.

  14. I think the Chiefs are one to keep an eye on next year. Their record last year was more indicative of injuries and poor coaching than talent. With a solid QB at the helm, don’t be surprised if this team becomes the surprise team of 2013.

    That said, they still have a ways to get to where the 9ers are!

  15. McCluster is undersized, looks uncoordinated, Doesnt run toutes over 5 yards, has stone hands, and fumbles frequently. Other than that, he’s pretty average.

  16. Through hard work & bad receivers after Bowe, Dex was basically the #2 WR past couple years. With Avery, Dex is now a proper # 3, where he’ll excel…

  17. how did andy reid get another job? if i was the chiefs, i wouldve looked for a younger up and coming coach, no knock on reid, but there wasnt a jim harbaugh clone out there somewhere? ray horton wouldve been good there, because of the cornrows on a 50 year old? thats bs!!

  18. Translation: I really miss coaching Desean Jackson. Maybe this little guy over here can be a poor man’s version of him. Might as well give it a shot. D-Jack ain’t walking through that door.

  19. Wasn’t he drafted as a running back? He was a 1000 yard rusher in college and he had 114 carries in the NFL just 2 seasons ago. I understand he played WR some before the NFL and became a full-time WR last year, but it’s not accurate to say he has always been an undersized WR prospect.

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