Citing scheduling conflicts, Ravens reps pass on Orioles’ home opener

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Sometimes, revenge is a dish best served hotter than a plate of chicken enchiladas and refried beans.

Two weeks after the Baltimore Orioles refused to reschedule a September 5 evening game against the White Sox to allow the Super Bowl champion Ravens to open the season on the Thursday night after Labor Day, none of the Ravens representatives invited to participate in pregame festivities at the O’s home opener were present on Friday.

The reason?  A scheduling conflict, of course.

“[D]ue to conflicts of schedule and prior commitments for each person, unfortunately, today didn’t work out,” Ravens spokesman Patrick Gleason told Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun.  “It was determined that those invited would try to reschedule an opportunity to attend a different game this season.”

While Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne noted that 100 staff and family members attended the game, the inability of the Ravens to send any of the requested representatives for a Super Bowl commemoration invites speculation that the Ravens wanted to keep their distance from a team that wouldn’t move a home game that few will attend or watch, given that the Ravens will still be opening the season that night, on the road.

It’s disappointing that the Orioles didn’t stand down, but it’s also understandable.  Over the last three decades, baseball has seen football gradually yet inevitably pass America’s pastime as the dominant sport in the nation.  When baseball has a rare opportunity to throw a little rain on football’s ever-growing parade, we can’t really blame baseball for giving in to temptation.

62 responses to “Citing scheduling conflicts, Ravens reps pass on Orioles’ home opener

  1. That few will attend or watch? They were selling out games down the stretch last year…

    Writing reeks of NFL bias

  2. It is the offseason and a lot of the requested parties are doing charity work or had prior engagements outside of baltimore this is a story about absolutely nothing considering it was the MLB and not the Orioles who were against the move

  3. I don’t think the orioles should’ve stepped down either but I don’t think pettiness is a valid reason.

  4. LOL the FAILVENS!

    This is why we have rings and you do not!!

  5. It is strange that the Orioles wouldn’t reschedule their game for another night. Makes me think that there is something more to the story that isn’t being reported. Does anyone know if the Orioles have rescheduled their games in the past?

  6. Screw the ratbirds. They couldve taken the high road on this one, but they showed their true colors. They dont want to go to Denver and get embarrassed on opening night. PFM! CAN’T WAIT

  7. I’m a huge fan of both sports, but I’m definitely as sick football’s “world domination” shtick as I am of base all’s “sanctity of our national pastime” routine.

    This incident found both sides looking small and petty.

    The ravens blew their chance to take the high road.

  8. I hope it rains in Baltimore on September 5th. Then the Orioles can look even more foolish for not allowing the defending Super Bowl champions to open their season at home.

  9. Or the fact that MLB, the White Sox, the sponsors, and 10,000 other moving pieces had a say in the matter. That may warrant a mention too.

  10. The Orioles game has been scheduled for that date way longer than the Ravens game. The NFL are the ones who should be adjusting their schedule not the Orioles or MLB.

  11. Quite honestly, if it wasn’t a playoff game, or the home opener, the Orioles had no reason to do this. Baseball vs Football shouldn’t matter to two home teams where one is celebrating a championship. That’s just stubborn BS, and pretty disrespectful to the Ravens and all they did to get that championship.

    They’ve no reason to do the Orioles that honor, and it’s too bad, because the Orioles fans would probably appreciate it. But, I still agree with the Raven’s on this, whether it was purposeful retaliation or not.

  12. Mike Florio can you please put some effort into details. The Chicago White sox said NO! The orioles tried to work things out but MLB wanted both teams to agree on it.

    NFL messed up and didn’t schedule with the MLB schedule prior to season. They know both Baseball and football in baltimore share parking lots. This is NFL office fubar and not the Baltimore Orioles.

    I love both teams but side with teh Orioles and hope they are relevant again in sept during that game like they were last yr in hunt for 1st place in division.

    NFL needs to learn how to schedule better and plan better for a team that has gone to playoffs 5 straight yrs and has always been close to knocking on the SB door it happens and its like they never thought the Ravens would do it.

  13. At this early date it is impossible to determine the value of the Orioles home game. If the team is in contention then it will cost the team a boatload of money if they combine it as a double header or move it to the daytime. What were the Ravens willing to pay for the Orioles to move the game or did they expect them to move it gratis. Too many unknowns to start assigning blame.

  14. MLB should bow down to the NFL and do the right thing by moving the game. Baseball will always play second fidle to football, at least at the pro level.

  15. Seriously lame, Ravens are the world champs. The Baltimore Orioles could simply create a double header on another day (I always love those) and give the Ravens their home game. I honestly dont see why this is so hard to do.

  16. Just gonna send out my friendly reminder that none of this matters to the WORLD CHAMP Baltimore Ravens.

    Best franchise in the league.

    World Champs

    Simply the best.

  17. This has absolutely nothing to do with the article itself, but can the Ravens finally do away with the stupid cartoon numbers on their jerseys?

  18. You can’t defend Baltimore (orioles) it was very petty on their part and frankly I hope nobody shows up at their park at all on that day in protest just to make a point.

  19. Couldn’t the NFL / Ravens just have gone ahead and scheduled the game anyways? Let the fans in Baltimore choose which game to attend, fill parking, etc?

    While I always have a preference for baseball from a sentimental point of view, I’ve learned that the NFL has earned its’ “world domination” shtick. The Ravens and the NFL would have crushed the Orioles on that night, given the choice.

  20. My first love is football, second is baseball. You have CONTINUALLY misrepresented this issue. You only tell the Ravens side over and over, thinking that the baseball game can just be moved to please the NFL.

    You have NOT ONCE mentioned the reason the Orioles are not moving their game. Both the Orioles and their opponent have a road game on Wednesday. They are already traveling at night to get to Baltimore..moving the game earlier would create a lot of issues..

    I am actually happy that baseball is not bowing to the king..

    If your reasoning would apply to the NFL, then a team should have to play a road Sunday night game on the west coast, and then travel all night an play a noon Monday game.

  21. Your last paragraph is ridiculous. The dwindling popularity of baseball is exactly why they should have move the game.

    @realtrenches, your first paragraph is barely intelligible. You don’t have to post if you’re not comfortable writing in English.

  22. It’s not easy to reschedule games in MLB, guys get @3 days a month off, and many of those are travel days. The players association and the white Sox had some say in this it just wasn’t the O’s.

  23. It is my understanding that the Orioles were willing to move their game but in the time difference between the two games, the issue of parking and getting around downtown would have been a logistical nightmare. It is also my understanding that the NFL could have moved the game to Wednesday, but instead declined due to Rosh Hashanah…which makes no sense because they have played on holidays before without an issue. It seems to me an excuse and the finger should be pointing at the NFL for not moving the game to Wednesday. I think the Orioles are being used as the scapegoat in this drama.

  24. Has anyone even bothered to look at the orioles schedule? They have one day off in September, its on the 16th. In general people seem to think that baseball can just move games at the whim of the NFL.
    The Orioles schedule had been out for months, literally when the NFL came to them, mere weeks before the start of the season and after single game tickets, and season tickets have gone on sale.
    They have a handful of off days throughout a 162 game season.
    2 in april, 3 in may, 2 in june, 2 in july (not counting the all star break), 5 in august and like I said earlier 1 in September.
    If they wanted to move the game they have to find one of those days in which the orioles are at home that the white sox are also off and preferably on the road AND preferably in the area as you dont want them to have to fly cross country on a west coast swing to baltimore then back to the west coast.
    There might have been 1-2 days that would actually sync up unless they were willing to do a day/night double header on saturday or sunday of that week.

  25. Its ridiculous the NFL wouldn’t let them play on Wednesday. We play on Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet they won’t schedule a game on another holiday ?

  26. Deep six the Thursday night opening and for that matter Thursday night games. Move them to Saturday night and lot of people will be a lot happier to watch a prime time game without having to get up for work the next day.

    I’d be sympathetic to college football on Saturday nights until they scheduled games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (high school football night) and the occasional Sunday night for television money.

    Saturday Night Football would be GREAT.

  27. The Baseball game should of moved to a different time slot. The Ravens won that City a Championship! Had the Orioles won the World Series, I’m sure the Ravens would have moved for them. Childish!

  28. This is a insane idea. What if both teams donated all proceeds from both games, no matter where & when they are played, to fixing inner city issues in the city? Where the kids are who might follow both teams? Where the police & FD protect and help both teams.

  29. The go-forward plan is a simple one for MLB: Insert the first Thursday in September or whatever the cadence of the NFL opener is, into your scheduling matrix and avoid it in all NFL cities. Why hasn’t this already been done?

  30. This is so easy. Since MLB is playing hardball, the NFL should say this: Look at your calenders for the next few hundred years, MLB. The Thursday after Labor Day is ours. We will never reschedule again. Make sure no MLB games are scheduled in NFL cities on that Thursday again … EVER. Put one game in Anaheim, one in Los Angeles, one in Milwaukee, one in Toronto, and give everyone else a travel day or just a day off.

  31. I can understand why the ravens are so mad, they know this will never happen again they want their day.

  32. Why can’t the football game be moved to Wednesday night, like it was last year? What’s the big deal? Seems a better idea to move the game to a different night than make the Ravens open on the road. C’mon, NFL, have a clue.

  33. Ravens should’ve played on Wednesday. Sporting events are scheduled for every other holiday. Not sure why this one is so important. Baseball has a full slate of games that night.

  34. Orioles are a joke of a franchise. One decent season last year does not make up for the failures they are. Move over and let football reign supreme.

  35. Does it matter. Ravens are road warriors. It ain’t no thing when you’re world champions. The rest of you are irrelevant. You can only wish you were defending champs, but you’re not. Jealousy will get you no where. Cheers!

  36. First, this isn’t the first time that the Orioles have had a hand is screwing the Ravens.

    We have two regional sports TV providers here…ComcastSportsNet, which is primarily a DC-based channel, and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN). MASN is owned by Orioles owner Peter Angelos. MASN carries both the Orioles and Nationals, while CSN Carries the Caps, Wizards, and a ton of Redskins programming.

    Three years ago, the Ravens had a deal with MASN to show all of their weekly shows (Ravens Report, 1 Winning Dr., etc…). They went to MASN about renewing the contract, two years ago and were told it was just a formality. Then MASN waited until about a week before the season to try and extort another $100,000 from the Ravens to carry these shows. That pissed off the Ravens, and they moved the programming to CSN.

    Now lets look at the dynamic. MASN needed programing (they were showing Liberty Flames basketball!). The Ravens needed a place to show their programing. It was a no-brainer.

    Now the Ravens shows are shown on CSN…at three a.m. on a Wednesday night. CSN is the “Official Mouthpeice of the Washington Redskins,” so the Ravens will never get a fair shake there.

    I think the Ravens are tired of Peter Angelos’ greed. I can tell you right now that, if the Orioles get in a popularity war with the Ravens, the Orioles lose. Period!

  37. This is all about the greenback. Goodell did not want to schedule on Wed because of lower TV ratings on that night, versus Thursday. Don’t blame MLB, but rather the greed of the NFL, and the Ravens owner for not standing up for his fanbase!

  38. Man, why is that 90% of you speak without any knowledge of the situation? I LOVE both teams, but this is not on the O’s nor the Ravens. Blame the NFL and MLB for not being able to to terms in this pissing contest.

    All you people saying your boycotting the O’s are the same people that started returning to Camden Yards last September. Probably the same saying we should’ve been starting Troy Smith or Tyrod Taylor and now are singing Joe’s praise.

    I would expect this type of fairweather fandom 30 miles down I95 in Washington. But C’mon! Be happy to have two quality pro teams.

  39. I don’t get if the ravens are so mad why they don’t just play the game anyways..its not like they share a the Orioles average around 1300 fans a game so I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a big deal to both play.

  40. The NFL stated they could not play the game on Weds. because that day falls on Rosh Hashanah. That is simply not so. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated for 2 days, so whether the game is played on Weds. or Thurs. it still falls on the holiday. Besides, the Broncos played at the Falcons last year on Monday, Sept. 17, 2012 and that was the first day of Rosh Hashanah.
    Roger Goodell and the NFL were clearly trying to bully their way into playing this game on Thurs. when they simply could have played it on Weds. and it didn’t work.
    Also, Rosh Hashanah will begin on a Monday 4 times in the next 7 years all during the regular NFL season. Will the NFL not play on those days as well?

  41. Funny thing is… people in the Baltimore area might actually be watching the Orioles instead of the Ravens that night.

    It’s too soon to tell, but the Orioles might be playing for the AL EAST and playoff seeding.

    The Ravens aren’t the Ravens anymore. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are gone. Despite what the loud-mouths say, there’s many people who are glad they won the Super Bowl, but still very hesitant on Flacco. If the preseason looks ugly, and the O’s are doing well… I bet quite a few people might be more inclined to catch the baseball game.

    Of course… The rest of the nation will watch the ravens because its simply the only game on and they might not be fans of baseball to begin with.

  42. So the MLB fans players and teams involved should rearrange a schedule made 9 months ago to accommodate the NFL deciding to schedule a Ravens game the same night. Last I checked the NFL plays on sundays. Get over yourself and do the home opener on Fri or Sat, or even SUNDAY. Crazy notion right?

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