Georgia’s John Jenkins drops 38 pounds, down to 332


John Jenkins, a defensive tackle from Georgia who is viewed as a potential first-round NFL draft pick, says he has worked so hard since the end of the college football season that he’s lost 38 pounds and is now down to 332.

Jenkins’ camp has released a video of him running on a treadmill, showing off impressive speed for a man who is, they say, down to 332.

Not many people can refer to themselves as “down to 332,” but Jenkins isn’t built like many people. He weighed in at the Scouting Combine at 343, which was down from the 354 he was listed at in Georgia’s football program. But Jenkins told the Macon Telegraph that Georgia’s football program was being charitable, and he was actually heavier than 354.

“When you’re in the moment, you don’t want the negative feedback,” Jenkins said. “The program stuck behind me, kept saying I was 354, when in all reality I was 370.”

Even with that extra 38 pounds of body fat, Jenkins moved well for a big guy. But for Jenkins to be a first-round pick, some NFL team will need to be convinced that he can stay closer to 332.