Joeckel on being No. 1 pick: “Crazy to think about”

Getty Images

Many have come to grips with the strong possibility that Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel will be the first overall pick in the draft.

Joeckel hasn’t.

It’s just crazy to think about,” Joeckel told John McMullen of The Sports Network. “Starting football in the second grade, you don’t really think about that kind of stuff.”

Inconceivable as it may be, Joeckel nevertheless wants to be the first name called.

“It would be really cool,” Joeckel said.  “A dream come true.  But the way I’m just looking at it, I want to get there.  I am definitely striving to be the No. 1 pick, going through this entire process.  But my dream is to just play in the NFL.”

That dream definitely will be coming true.  The only question is whether he’ll go first in the draft or at some point not very long after that.