Peyton Manning gives $500,000 to Pat Summitt Foundation

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is making a significant donation for the treatment, research and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Pat Summitt Foundation, started by the legendary University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach who recently retired because she had been diagnosed with early onset dementia, announced today that Manning and his wife have pledged a $500,000 to the Foundation. Peyton played his college football at Tennessee, where Summitt was head basketball coach from 1974 to 2012.

The gift will go toward education and awareness efforts, support services to Alzheimer’s patients, their families and caregivers, and research to treat, prevent and one day cure Alzheimer’s disease.

Peyton Manning also serves on the Pat Summitt Foundation’s advisory board.

30 responses to “Peyton Manning gives $500,000 to Pat Summitt Foundation

  1. Manning is one of the few professional athletes that puts his money to good use. He definitely gets my respect.

  2. Alzheimer’s has had a horrific place in the history of my family. It’s nice to see Peyton take the tax right-off for a great cause. I guess he didn’t lose enough with Papa Murphy’s. Wait, what am I talking about?

  3. Alzheimer. Always wondered what the last name of old Herman from down the street was. The guy who always tells us to turn the lights off at night, so the Japs can’t see where to drop their bombs.

  4. What more could you say about #18? A true humanitarian. The Mannings truly do “get it”. This family is about the big picture. Couldn’t be happier that he is the Broncos QB.

  5. As I watch the first game of today’s final four, I can’t imagine any one of today’s athletes making such a gesture…Peyton Manning shows what it takes to be a true professional, and indeed puts his money where his heart is.
    What a great sentiment for the University that gave him his spotlight, and the ability to get an education….it obviously worked…..not exactly something that today’s selfish punks even can comprehend….bravo Peyton….Summitt surely gave her heart to Tennessee…..

  6. Well done Mr Manning.
    Too many phony athlete and celebrity “charities” out there.
    This $500 K goes to a legit foundation and will make a real difference.

  7. Yes he may turtle in the playoffs ravenator, but he is ten times the person you are with gestures like this. Feelings are for humans, I suggest you get some troll.

  8. He should do that… Manning has been very successful and its an awesome gesture on his part. This is how you define charity, giving when you don’t have to.

  9. Alzheimers is such a horrible thing to deal with. Both my grandmother on my dads side, and my grandfather on my moms side, suffered from this horrible disease to the point where it was very difficult for the family to be around them. I sincerely wouldnt wish it on my worst enemies. Thanks for the support Peyton, hopefully some of that cash will go towards other people never having to experience what my family went through.

  10. There were reports that his head may have rolled off of his shoulders. Another surgery expected soon.

  11. God Bless Peyton Manning. I pray this will help those with dementia and their families.
    One day the haters below may be in a position where they need help as well. God Bless Peyton.

  12. Even as a Raiders fan AND an Andrew Luck fan, it’s hard to root against Peyton. Is still my role model and should be for every young athlete out there.

  13. Peyton is hoping that research might shed some light on what made him throw that pass late in the Bronco’s last game. Which brought an end to their brief playoff run.

  14. Good job Peyton. I would say something about how Tebow heals people with his bare hands (and won a home playoff game), but that would take away from celebrating a truly classy act of charity.

    I wish all the guys on my team were half as giving. Research results just this week which investigated the role of amyloid peptides on brain activity has got the scientific community abuzz about a potential new lines of alzheimer’s therapy. Manning is a real Saint for helping like this.

    One reason that players should be contributing is that results from alzheimer’s research will be beneficial for NFL players potentially recovering from concussion syndrome effects in the future.

  15. Was never a Peyton fan, but it’s funny when someone does something like this, that hits home with you, you become a fan of the man he is.
    Way to go Peyton!!!

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