Seahawks not expected to pursue Tebow


With mobile quarterbacks suddenly drawing more interest than ever, as evidenced by Pat White’s return to the game after three years in exile, someone surely will want to add Tim Tebow to the depth chart, right?

For now, no one has shown interest in the man who remains a member of the Jets’ roster.  And one team that currently has only two quarterbacks on the roster, Tebow isn’t likely to join the fray.

According to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks don’t plan to pursue Tebow.  More likely candidates to join Russell Wilson and Josh Portis are Seneca Wallace, Tyler Thigpen, Brady Quinn, and Matt Leinart.

Still, O’Neil writes that the Seahawks explored the possibility of acquiring Tebow.  Other teams likely have, too.  One major problem that comes with having Tebow on the depth chart is that, unless he’s the starting quarterback, his presence on the roster brings too many potential distractions.

One team to watch is the Rams, for two reasons.  Last year, the Rams were expected to make a run at Tebow after a snag emerged in trade talks between the Broncos and Jets.  Also, with 25 percent of the Rams’ schedule including the 49ers and Seahawks (along with games against the Titans and Panthers), it makes sense to have a mobile quarterback who can run the scout team.

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  1. Just because smoking pot legal, doesn’t mean you should do it at work. Danny O’Neal should not smoke while writing. “The use of the option running game is also a reason many thought Seattle might look to bring in Tebow, the former first-round pick who played for the Jets last year after being acquired from Denver. ”

    This is the 1st time I’ve heard of these “many” he speaks of. Who are they? Do you hear them only after smoking or are they permanent residents of your head? Nobody who’s ever watched a football would advocate signing Tebow as a QB.


  2. doesnt matter, read option QB’s will never win a SB, that goes for IRG3 aka ‘oh mighty brother cornball’

  3. I agree that there is not a trade market for Tim Tebow however things might be different if he was an unrestricted free agent.
    Any team that runs the read option on a game to game basis would be foolish not to consider adding Tim Tebow or Vince Young to the roster. To be successful, the team would need to give him a series a game for it to work. Hopefully they will not give him a snap a game like the Jets mishandled Tim Tebow in 2012.

  4. Either he is just that stubborn or getting bad advice but he needs to just shut the QB thing down and just be a football player…H-back, TE, Fullback, whatever.

    The sideshow that comes with him would be greatly reduced with moving to a less glamorous position as well.

  5. Practice vs. a read option QB that can’t throw?

    Look, Tim Tebow can help teams, but his success as a QB was misleading.

    He beat teams with struggling QBs on other teams or ones with losing records.

    •San Diego with Philip Rivers throwing 15 TD vs. 17 INT
    •Chicago w/Caleb Hanie
    •New York Jets
    •Kansas City with Matt Cassel

    Other than his loss to Buffalo (then again West Coast teams going East have difficulties) he lost to a better Lions team and Stafford at QB and New England.

    He won a playoff game vs. Pittsburgh because Big Ben was hurt enough for him to be unable to compete well and Ryan Clark didn’t play. Also, Tebow won a game with a game winning TD pass because Dick LeBeau called a bad play late. No cover 2.

    LeBeau cost the Steelers on SNF in 2011 when Flacco had a Game Winning TD pass to Torrey Smith. I like LeBeau but he showed how imperfect he was.

    LeBeau can still help way better than Tebow though because Tebow can’t beat great teams at their most complete levels.

    If he needs to play somewhere it would have to be Minnesota. They have no WRs and Leslie Frazier likes to run it.

    Tebow can do that.

  6. So far, the names I’ve heard being thrown around for the backup slot in Seattle are Tebow, Young, and Leinart.

    Fortunately, though, the people who seem to be mentioning these names are not employed by the Seahawks.

  7. It looks like Tebow’s immense popularity is working against him. Teams are shying away from having him on the roster as anything but the starting QB because the masses would immediately clamor for him to start over practically anyone else.

    The best thing for his QB career would be a stint in the Arena league, where he could learn to throw the short, accurate, frozen-rope passes that are required to be a successful NFL QB, like Kurt Warner did.

    The best thing for his NFL career would be a position change to FB, TE, or H-Back.

  8. The read option offense only works if you have a QB who is a threat to actually complete a pass once and awhile.

    It doesn’t work if the defense knows that out of every 10 plays, the QB is going to run 8 times, flutter a ball in the general direction of a WR once, and float one ball harmlessly out of bounds.

    As many others have noted here, we are witnessing the horrible waste of a very talented athlete who’s career is circling the drain because of his stubborn refusal to acknowledge that he is not suited to play QB at the NFL level.

    Anyone who follows baseball knows the story of Rick Ankiel. He was an all-star pitcher who suddenly lost the ability to find the plate. Instead of stubbornly insisting on pitching and thus throwing his career away, he taught himself to hit and field and made it back to the majors as an outfielder.

    Tebow should be taking this offseason learning to use his athleticism at a different position. Instead he is wasting more time trying to find another team to give him a shot at QB. He’ll be out of football in no more than a year if he doesn’t wake up and he will have no one to blame but himself.

  9. I would not throw Dick Lebeau under the bus for losses. The Hall Of Famer is the reason your team is number one passing defense even with your All Pro safety constantly on the sidelines. Even with depleted-aged defense the Steelers ranked # 1 in total yardage almost every year (including last) and if he wasn’t there neither would the recent Superbowls. O’Neil is usually good on Hawks coverage but I don’t think I heard one person talk Tebow to Seattle. All the other guys but Seneca Wallace have been thrown around. I wouldn’t mind him as the number two with Portis behind.

  10. Tebow is in a no-win situation. He either swallows his pride and admits that he is not an NFL-caliber QB and switches positions, or he can swallow his pride and play QB in the Arena League, where he might be ineffective there as well, closing the door forever on his aspirations of quarterbacking in the NFL. Or he can quietly (if that’s possible) exit the football world altogether and pursue other endeavors such as possibly running for office, going after the 700 Club crowd as Kirk Cameron did, or continuing his missionary work.

    He’d be more successful off the field, in my opinion. But it’s going to be very difficult for him to admit defeat on the field.

  11. There would be a minimal sideshow in Seattle if Tebow was on the roster because there is simply no doubt about the identity of the first string quarterback. That being said, there is no real upside for the Seahawks to bring in the clown show. In the Seahawks offense the quarterback actually needs to be able to throw the damn football. The Seahawks will draft their backup quarterback in the fourth or fifth round.

  12. It’s amazing that ESPN’s creepy obsession with Tebow and nonstop coverage last season for the dysfunctional Jets could quite possibly lead to him not playing in the NFL anymore as no team wants that kind of distraction.

  13. “To be successful, the team would need to give him a series a game for it to work.”

    Not one team has ever had success running a backup into the game and having their #1 QB standing on the sidelines. Either Tebow’s a backup in case of injury or he’s out of the league.

    Just not with the Seahawks, please!

  14. I think the Seahawks will stay away from Tebow. In fact, I strongly believe a team that hasn’t been linked to Tebow will end up being the one who will trade for him.

    That team will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Consider this; The Bucs have only one QB on their roster, Josh Freeman, a talented young QB with potential who is entering the last year of his rookie contract. Greg Schiano has openly discussed providing Freeman with competition heading into next year. The current crop of free agent QB’s are all 2nd string worthy guys, and I don’t see the Bucs drafting a QB until the middle rounds of the draft (if at all). Tebow isn’t as talented a QB as Freeman, but being a team in Florida, Tebow would push Freeman in the sense that many fans would be backing Tebow. It’s a risk and a gamble and it could implode on the Bucs but I think Tampa will roll the dice because…

    This is the compromise for the Bucs and Jets to work out a trade for Revis. The Bucs don’t want to give up the 2013 1st round pick which the Jets want, Revis can’t be franchised tagged after this season and New York will run the risk of losing him to a division rival, so what better way to compromise with Tampa by stating that any trade for Revis will include Tebow. New York gets half of the circus out of town, with only Rex and Sanchez remaining, they don’t have to cut Tebow, they can justify to the media trading Revis for a 2014 1st round pick, which is more useful to New York to trade up for a QB, and the Jets would probably also land Blount to start at RB.

    Not a bad haul for both teams, and if anything, Tampa has more to lose by giving up the 2014 first round pick and taking on Tim Tebow. The media circus won’t be as intense as it was for Tebow in New York, and the Jets can begin rebuilding in earnest.

  15. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 6, 2013 9:53 AM

    doesnt matter, read option QB’s will never win a SB, that goes for IRG3 aka ‘oh mighty brother cornball’

    Wasn’t there a Read-option QB that was one play away from winning the Super Bowl last season?

    I wouldn’t count out the Read-option QB yet.

    Kaepernick, Wilson, Newton, Griffin III and Pryor have just as good of a chance as any other QB in this League.

  16. Gays and Tebow – two irrelevant, yet prominent topics on this site. How long until they are married and become one story?

    I know its slow but this is ridiculous.

  17. Also, Tebow can’t do what Kapernick, Wilson and Griffin do. He doesn’t throw like them and he’s a big slow white guy – I don’t see the similarities at all.

  18. Tebow is also compared now to QBs who can run but are actually fast. Tebow isn’t fast. He’s big. He lumbers through big holes, but he’s not fast.

    He also suffers from pride. Pride goes before a fall. He will not be a starting QB and his pride won’t let him settle for something less because he still suffers from the big man on campus starting QB pride thing. So he’ll fall right out of the NFL.

    He needs to preach to himself a bit.

  19. When are these Tebow fanboys going to finally accept the fact that he sucks? Just because he has religious beliefs doesn’t mean he can play quarterback in the NFL.

  20. OMG one good season out of Russell Wilson and nobody is good enough to back him up or run the scout team in practice against the starting D? I’m beginning to put Seahawk fans in the same category as Steelers and Ravens fans ANNOYING and to think I was happy for the team and it’s fans when Russell Wilson made the late surge into the playoffs. Now I hope they flop this year just because of ignorant fans. I loved watching Seahawk games last season but I had no idea the fans were that obnoxious.

  21. The Rams defense manages to defend the Run-Option quite well WITHOUT having a gimmic player running practices. Snead and Fisher have their back-up QB on the roster with Austin Davis and won’t be wasting any picks, conditional or otherwise on Tebow.

  22. Tebow is a perfect fit for the Seahawks. He might show cheatin Pete some accountability, and PED DB’s the value of integrity.

  23. The only chance Tebow has making a living in this league is to accept that he isn’t a QB and agree to try another position. If he does that, he’s smart enough and athletic enough to have success. If he can catch, he can play WR. If he can’t, he may be able to make it on D with ALOT of coaching. But he will never play as a starting QB, and won’t last for more than another year or two as a backup.

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