Versatile offensive lineman catches Packers’ eye

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The Packers like offensive linemen who can play multiple spots on the offensive line.

For that reason, they apparently like David Quessenberry.

An offensive lineman from San Jose State who is projected to be a mid-round pick, Quessenberry has caught the attention of Packers G.M. Ted Thompson.  According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Thompson and his scouts spent time at the Senior Bowl watching Quesenberry play all five positions on the offensive line.

Not bad for a guy who arrived at college as a tight end.

“I’ve been getting a lot of different feedback from a lot of different teams,” Quessenberry told Demovsky.  “A lot of people see me as a tackle, and others see me as a guard or center.  A team like Green Bay, they see me at all five, and that’s where my value is, being able to play all those positions and handle all that.  I’ve gotten real positive feedback from them.”

Thompson, per Demovsky, has taken at least one offensive lineman per year, and a total of 14 in eight drafts.  Primarily a left tackle in college, Quesenberry would be the fifth Packers offensive lineman who played left tackle at the NCAA level.

23 responses to “Versatile offensive lineman catches Packers’ eye

  1. That’s the reason why the Packers cannot establish a running game, the line never seems to be consistent due to health or otherwise. I hope A-Rod survives long enough to enjoy that $$!!

  2. Nix and Buffalo have also checked this kid out. Thompson and Green Bay better pull the trigger quick if they really want to Draft Quessenberry. A Lineman that can play all 5 positions is worth his weight in gold. Since the Bills let Andy Levitre walk (who could also play all 5) they will be looking for his replacement.

  3. Reggie Mckenzie will take this kid in the 4th rd right before Green Bay can, this kid plays in the Raiders backyard he fits Reggie type of mold.

  4. Interesting but as a Packer fan I freely admit Thompson is incapable of drafting good lineman. So long story short if the Packers are interested in a lineman chance are the kid should not even be drafted.

  5. Problem is GB has done a horrible job at getting the right OL personnel to run the zone blocking, which frankly had been cheap in GB. the run game and sacks are proof. Time for MM to try power blocking.

  6. There was only one Steroid Tony Mandarich and with the testing now that shall remain true.

  7. If they want ability at all positions, why would they pass on Alabama’s Barrett Jones? He’s been AWARDED highly at all three positions, and might be available due to injury – one he played through to win a championship.

  8. The Packers haven’t drafted higher than the 25th pick in years. That’s the parity that the NFL draft provides for bottom feeders like the Vikings. Although that hasn’t helped the Lions either.

    The fact is that the Pack was built through the draft, not from somebody else’s leftovers. They also are in the top 3 in won/loss record during Thompson”s time as GM.

    As for successful O-linemen. how about Bulaga, Sitton, Wells and Lang for starters?

    If Jones is still undrafted when the Packers turn comes, they will take him.

  9. They liked Draheim for that reason too, and he’s no longer there. Anyone can play all five positions. Playing one really well is more important.

  10. In Quessenberry, someone is going to get a very versatil offensive line talent. He probably needs to add some weight to start in the NFL but he has great feet and was in the top 5 for OTs in the cone and shuttle drills.

    Impressed at the senior bowl and is projected to go in the 3rd-4th round.

  11. Greenbay need to do something to
    try to protect Rodgers cause another season like last year and he wont make it the whole 16 games. I was waiting for him to get hurt and I will look for it this season too because they havent done nothing to get better up front

  12. “Thompson, per Demovsky, has taken at least one offensive lineman per year, and a total of 14 in eight drafts.”

    If at first you don’t succeed…

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