2013 PFT mock draft, Version 2

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We posted an initial mock draft because, well, everyone does.

And we’re now posting a revised mock draft because, well, everyone does that, too.

We’ve also realized that, regardless of the league insiders from whom we get the information on which the mock draft is based, the various Mel Kiper Jr. Juniors in the crowd will declare it’s the worst mock draft they’ve ever seen, to the extent that it deviates from the conventional wisdom of those who don’t make draft picks for a living.

So here’s our updated mock draft, based on the current pick schedule without predicting trades.  Even though someone will likely trade back into round one to draft a quarterback.

1. Chiefs:  OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M.

2. Jaguars:  DE Dion Jordan, Oregon.

3. Raiders: DT Sharrif Floyd, Florida.

4. Eagles: DT Sheldon Richardson, Missouri.

5. Lions:  DE Barkevious Mingo, LSU.

6. Browns:  CB Dee Milliner, Alabama.

7. Cardinals:  DE Ziggy Ansah, BYU.

8. Bills:  OG Chance Warmack, Alabama.

9. Jets:  WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee.

10. Titans:  CB Desmond Trufant, Washington.

11. Chargers: WR Keenan Allen, California.

12. Dolphins: OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan.

13. Buccaneers: WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia.

14. Panthers: DT Star Lotulelei, Utah.

15. Saints:  OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina.

16. Rams:  S Kenny Vaccaro, Texas.

17. Steelers:  LB/DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M.

18. Cowboys:  CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State.

19. Giants:  TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame.

20. Bears: DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina.

21. Bengals:  OT D.J. Fluker, Alabama.

22. Rams (from Redskins):  RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama.

23. Vikings: QB Geno Smith, West Virginia.

24. Colts:  LB/DE Datone Jones, UCLA.

25. Vikings (from Seahawks):  CB Tharold Simon, LSU.

26. Packers:  NT John Jenkins, Georgia.

27. Texans:  OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma.

28. Broncos:  LB Kevin Minter, LSU.

29. Patriots:  WR Deandre Hopkins, Clemson.

30. Falcons: DE Cornellius Carradine, Florida State.

31. 49ers:  LB Jarvis Jones, Georgia.

32. Ravens:  S Matt Elam, Florida.

196 responses to “2013 PFT mock draft, Version 2

  1. I may not know alot about football, but I can give you 96 million reasons the Saints will not draft a guard in the 1st round.

  2. Why would the Vikings even consider drafting Geno Smith when they have big holes at WR, DT and LB. it’s better than the first mock draft but it still sucks

  3. This one is actually not that bad.

    Interesting with the WR’s so early but this is a really deep WR class this year with no clear cut number one.

  4. The Fisher and Lane Johnson slides I doubt. I can’t see the Jets passing on Geno if he’s there, though there is a slide if he doesn’t get in the top 10 unless one of those teams trades down. I think Ogletree also won’t make it out of the first

  5. Impossible that Fisher is there at #12 for the Dolphins! (But that would be awesome) not going to happen… Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson will be gone by #10

  6. Buc’s are going with a WR when everyone and their mom knows they need corners? I mean come on, all the Revis stories alone scream they’re drafting corner if they have a first round pick. Tavon austin to the Rams @ 16.

  7. Giants picking TE Tyler Eifert makes sense on paper, but I don’t think they go that route.

    49ers would have to trade up to get LB Jarvis Jones. -His stock is low, but what a free fall on this board.

    QB Geno Smith gets past by the Browns, Cardinals, Jets, and Bills?? – no way. Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer, Sanchez and Kolb all have expiry dates.

  8. I agree with the first three picks on here, but I have to believe the Eagles will draft an o-lineman. Their line was HORRIBLE last year. And Mel Kiper just said the other day that there’s “no way” Te’o escapes the first round.

  9. There is ZERO chance the Vikes take Geno. I’m a Bills fan and I can see us taking Warmack after losing 2 of our starting guards.

  10. Would one of you please explain to me why the Saints would pick a Guard when 1) Vacarro, a pretty good defensive player, is still on the board and 2) when the Saints already have a darn good Guard tandem locked up for the foreseeable future? Everyone keeps saying “the Saints had the worst defense ever last year” yet you guys are going to not address this weakness in the 1st round, but instead draft a guy at a position that is the least position of concern on the team right behind QB? I just don’t get it. Do you guys actually think while you do this?

  11. Geno Smith at 23? Really? I don’t see him falling out of the top 10. No way he gets past the Jets.

    Also, two DTs ahead of Star Lotulelei? He is a much better NFL prospect than Floyd or Richardson, and his medical condition checks out.

    One last thing. You have the Bears taking a DT. Why would they pass on Minter, Brown, Ogletree or Te’o?

    I’d think the Bears would go OL or ILB, as it is their most pressing need.

  12. There’s no way in hell Jacksonville doesn’t draft Geno at #2. Why do you think Oakland, Arizona, and Buffalo all made QB moves last week?

  13. lol ARZ passes on Eric Fisher!

    lol SD passes on both Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson!

    lol TAM passes on Rhodes!

  14. Finally, a pick for Ravens that makes sense and is something they might do, if opportunity presents itself.

  15. Jarvis Jones was once considered the best LB in the draft. He won’t fall that far. And Geno to the Vikings? He’ll be gone in the top 10. And Kiper just said three days ago there’s “no way” Manti escapes first round.

  16. 49ers have three linebackers who have been resigned to lucrative long term contracts not including Aldon Smith. What are they going to do with Jarvis Jones, put him on special teams?

  17. The Vikings have no MLB and they are all still on the board at 23, but you have them taking Geno Smith? I know this might make Florio cry, but this is a terrible mock draft 2.0.

  18. The cowboys grabbing a corner in the first round has almost no possibility of happening. Too many holes in other spots, and they have three good ones on the roster already. Some of these picks must be just for shock value, cause they aren’t that good.

  19. I have to disagree with your Giants pick. They have already picked up a receiving TE from the Raiders. Typically players like that are teamed up with a blocking TE. But you may be right if he’s the Best Player Available when it’s Big Blue’s turn.

  20. “We’ve also realized that, regardless of the league insiders from whom we get the information on which the mock draft is based, the various Mel Kiper Jr. Juniors in the crowd will declare it’s the worst mock draft they’ve ever seen, to the extent that it deviates from the conventional wisdom of those who don’t make draft picks for a living”

    The problem is, these guys have a vested interest in misleading. So my first question would be “how is it in their interest to give you good intel”?

  21. I can tell you no way is Geno going number 7. No way Fisher is there at 12 you kidding me. Detroit or Phili likely take Fisher if not no way in hell Fisher gets past by Arizona. Joeckle Fisher and Johnson all will be gone by 12. There is only four defensive players that would interest AZ at 7 and they are. Jordan, Ansah, Vaccaro, Dee Mill. Otherwise AZ is going to draft Warmack, or maybe Cooper if they trade back. Im told if Fisher and Warmack are gone at 7 then AZ will likely trade back a couple spots and draft Cooper. Inside info……

  22. I really don’t see Geno Smith falling that far even though his talent isn’t that good. I also don’t see the Buccaneers taking Tavon Austin everybody knows the need a cornerback.

  23. The Vikings drafting Geno Smith and then a CB…? We have serious needs at WR, LB and DT. Those licks can be done in a later round. This is the worst mock draft I’ve seen out there, it absolutely sucks… These guys need to stick to news and I’ll pretend I never saw this. It just sucks…

  24. Please don’t let the jets ruin Patterson’s career before it even starts. I’d like to actually see him play in the NFL.

  25. So youre predicting at least 1 trade (isnt their always at least 1?), but you dont predict who does it and who they take?!!

    Youre boasting about how you shouldnt be blasted for making a mock draft based on all these insider sources, why dont you use those same sources to help you come up with who trades with who and what not?

    Otherwise youre saying, “this is my mock draft which i know is incorrect, for no other reason than there WILL be trades, but i refuse to say what i think they’ll be.”

    I love the site and you ive been around way before the nbc days (and will continue to be, god willing), but your logic really baffles me sometimes.

  26. I am just positive that the Bears will not take a DT. At least not in the first round. Granted we have only 3 on our team, but we have more pressing issues. I am guessing Oline (Cooper, probably) or LB (I really don’t see T’eo). Some drafts have Tavon Austin falling all the way to 20, in which case I’d be psyched.

    Mock drafts are pretty useless however.

  27. Why in the world would the Saints draft a Guard? We have two Pro-Bowl caliber guards in Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs.

  28. I sincerely doubt Jarvis falls out of the top 15 but I could see the 49ers drafting another LB. They apparently like drafting players in positions they don’t need, like A.J. Jenkins when they already have five good WR’s.

  29. I’m starting to think that Mike might be making these horrible mock drafts on purpose, just so he could get a chuckle out of all the comments.

  30. Cowboys spent $50 million on Brandon Carr, and traded up to draft Morris Claiborne. Why would they draft another CB? In this scenario they’d take Fluker,Johnson,Syl Williams, if that are the options. Basically no chance of Rhodes.

  31. If Fisher slid to Miami you’d have a lot of happy fin fans. I don’t think it’s likely unless they move up…

  32. I don’t see the cowboys taking a corner in the first round two years in a row with bigger needs else where sorry. OL DL or safety, with an outside possibility of WR or LB if no one of value is there at 18 nice try.

  33. I’m sorry, but Warmack ahead of Fisher is absolutely laughable. You really think a G in the top 10 is a good pick? Especially with a quality T available?

  34. There’s a lot of (not good) things I could say about this mock, but I will (try to) keep it short. There is no way the Cardinals/Chargers take Ansah/Allen over Fisher. This version is considerably better than the first, but with that said I still see 12+ things I strongly disagree with. I also want to point out that Datone Jones is not a LB/DE. He is a lineman who can play DT, 5T or LE in a 4-3. By no means is he a rush linebacker at 6’4″ 283.

  35. I also find it interesting that you don’t have Werner in the first round. I don’t really disagree with you on that though. In my opinion he is the third best pass rusher from this past years Florida State team. 1) Carradine. 2) Jenkins. 3) Werner.

  36. I like how you get straight to it, but I am amused by some of your competitors, and their approach of “Jeff Ireland, after having a tuna melt on rye, will consider taking player X given that he really wanted player Y, taken two spots earlier. But, in the end, after answering a few emails from his mother, he fills out the card for player Z. Then he crosses out the name of player Z, rethinks it, and writes player Z’s name back on it (in black ink) and submits it.”

  37. One of three WR’s will be there at #23 when the Vikings select. It will either be Patterson, Allen, or Austin, and the Vikes will take one of them.

    At #25, the Vikes will take whichever LB is available out of Ogletree or T’eo.

    The Vikings need the most help right now as it sits at the LB and CB positions, with the WR being a close second. None of the top CB’s will be available when the Vikes pick, so the WR is what they will take. Florio, I expected more out of you than this mock draft.

  38. And then by amazement, a team moves up ten places in the draft to take a player out of need/fitting scheme.
    Making every mock draft worthless and a waste of time

  39. When generating multiple versions, I really appreciate if the author takes time to mention if there’s been a change in the pick and why he believes that club will now make pick this player instead of the one in the previous version.

  40. Dallas takes Fluker or Elam long before a corner. Heck, they’d probably take Jenkins (NT) as the air-apparent to Ratliff if Warmack, Fisher, Cooper and Vaccaro are gone.

  41. I’d love Jarvis Jones to my Niners, just don’t see him sliding that far just based on a 40 when he has the most impressive tape of any LB.

  42. I want a WR for the Rams but if the top 3 are all gone, I’ll be satisfied with Vaccaro and Lacy and the WR/OLB in the 2nd and 3rd. Vaccaro and Khaseem Greene would make the Rams D every bit as nasty as the hags and whiners, and Ryan Swope in the 3rd would make people quickly forget about Amendola.

  43. Much better than the first version. I like Geno Smith at #23. It’s not unlikely that if he’s available, he will go in that spot, but likely not to the Vikings. If they could swing a trade with a QB-needy team, they could stockpile a few picks to address their many needs.

  44. If lane Johnson is at 22….there is no way the rams pass up on a future left tackle…with injury issues with Jake long and saffold b****ing!

  45. Pretty solid mock, no reason to trash it.
    I do echo one sentiment, though…why did the OTs drop so much? Seems pretty safe to say that Fisher will make the top 10, and Lane Johnson should be top 15.

    Also, I agree with two recent comments…how do the Cowboys end up with Rhodes? Sometimes teams draft for value, sometimes they draft for need…when do they draft for neither (insert JJ joke here?)?

    The Cowboys need offensive linemen, a safety, or, if the best of those are off the board, defensive linemen, all good values in this draft. They could use a CB for depth, but they almost have to wait on that given their needs. And this is not a banner year for CBs, so Rhodes is only projected for the middle of the first round due to CB need, not value.

    I have to imagine that the Cowboys would sprint to the podium if Lane Johnson were still around at their pick…

  46. trufant is not going that early, there is no way that 25th overall pick is happening, Lane, Fisher and J. Jones will not slide that far and GB will draft a RB and a few other things, at first i thought it was good but a second look me convinced me, sorry its pretty bad.

  47. Ravens will trade out of first rd just like last year, but a good pick for them at 32.

  48. I’m convinced KC is gonna go Joeckle over all. Barring a trade down if some one bites. Jax will go Geno I think they are the only QB needy team who hast gotten a QB in FA. I’m not seeing AZ pass on Warmack however if Ansah is there still at 7 maybe they do go LB pass rusher upside beast.

  49. It would make a lot of since for the 49ers to take a linebacker in the first round. You know, since they only have Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks. All starters and 3 of 4 them (Willis, Bowman and Brooks) locked up for multiple years. I’m sure they aren’t looking at D-line or Safety at all?!?! Who writes this stuff???

  50. At 242lbs Jarvis Jones would be an inside LB for the 49ers and they sure aren’t going to be using a first round pick when you have Willis and Bowman in those spots.

  51. Based on the 2012 draft, and the general direction of the league, I am making an educated guess that, at minimum, two QBs will be going in the first round. Last year teams stepped up and grabbed Tannehill and Weeden in the first round, so I highly doubt there won’t be at least one team this year reach for a QB in the first round.

  52. Poor excuse for a mock draft. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. It’s a shame if you all get paid good money to come up with that. No thanks to any more as I’ll just wait till the actual draft.

  53. This is probably the worst Mock Draft I’ve seen yet. There’s only about three picks I totally agree with, and handful that there’s a small chance and about 15 that definitely won’t happen. The Dolphins, Vikings and Cowboys picks just makes me believe that whoever made this mock doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  54. So, let me get this straight. The Bills let their best OG walk because they said they can fill that hole with anybody, because OG’s are dime a dozen. So, in the many holes they need to fill, you have them taking an OG.

  55. If the Lions stand pat they will pick Fisher, Ansah, Milliner or Lane Johnson.

    A surprise pick would be Jarvis Jones or Warmack.

    Mingo would have to gain 20 lbs to play DE in a 4-3. and I can’t see him playing a traditional 4-3 OLB.

  56. This mock is better and trying to be different isn’t bad. No mocks are ever very accurate.

    If you want to be different, I’d go with DL, OL as early as possible. Maybe QB’s even Barkley and maybe WR’s.

    Maybe the OG’s fall like Decastro did last year and DeCastro was projected to be a pro bowl OG.

    I can see all the LB’s falling even Jarvis Jones because of the spinal cord thing and the fact that he had a terrible pro day.

    Maybe even Dion Jordan falls.

  57. I just don’t see a scenario where Lane Johnson falls to #27. Maybe out of the top 15, but not out of the top 25.

    Also, now that Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones have been medically cleared, I can’t see them dropping that far down.

  58. The Lions at 5, Cards at 7, and Chargers at 11 all need LT’s. Mayock is saying there are three all-pro LT’s in this draft, ranked Fisher, Joeckel, and Johnson in that order, and that Fisher may go overall #1 to KC. Yet you let two of them slide past those three teams. The Dolphins, who are currently talking to the Raiders at 3 and Browns at 6 about moving up for one of those tackles, just stay at 12 behind San Diego and get Fisher? San Diego, with a desperate need for a LT, takes a WR and bypasses both Fisher and Johnson? I don’t think you’ve thought this through Mike. I predict all 3 of those LT’s will go in the first 5 picks, for sure by pick 7. Certainly two of them won’t get past Detroit at 5 and Arizona at 7, and KC at 1 will take Fisher or Joeckel. They’re going to go early.

  59. This is not bad. I can see the Texans trading out of 27 for a high (top ten) 2nd and 3rd round pick. Especially to any team wanting a QB. First round picks get 5 year contract and those late round deals on QBs will save a franchise alot of money.

  60. This is what happens when you spend most of your time writing articles about non football related subjects…I.e..”NFL…someones coming out soon!,etc”….your football studies start to slip….as apparent by this mock draft.

  61. The person that came up with this knows little about football and nothing about Dallas. Why would a team draft a corner in the first round to be the #4 corner behind Claibourne, Carr, and Scandrick? You draft in the first round to be a starter or at least, a significant contributor in the first year. They have needs on both lines, a safety, and even a backup running back. Someone needs to lay off the weed.

  62. Why would the Steelers pass on Jarvis Jones and take a late 2nd round at best OLB that high in the 1st. need to stick to rumors because this is comical

  63. If you don’t think Geno will go in the top ten, why keep posting stories about him being rumored to all those teams? Even teams like the Browns who spent their #1 on a QB last year? I can’t recall the first QB off the board being in the 20’s ever, regardless of trades.

  64. I’m not going to kill this one, at least you figured out Dee Milner is the best corner in the draft since last time. However, I’ll just mention how rare it would be for a draft to have 3 WR, 2 OG, and no QB in the top 15 picks….it just doesn’t happen.

  65. The most laughable part is this comment before the mock draft: “regardless of the league insiders from whom we get the information on which the mock draft is based” which obviously was thrown in there to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about. The rest of the ‘insider draft community’ must be talking to CFL teams management about their opinions on their US counterparts. I’m usually pretty lenient in mocks because they are guesses but there’s a number of selection that are unforgiving.

  66. Didn’t the Eagles go DT and the Cowboys go DB in the first round last year? I would stick with your 1st version. You needed a common sense proof reading.

  67. Why would we draft Xavier Rhodes in the first after laying out everything for Carr and claiborne last year doesn’t make sense I kno we have a new scheme but I wanna c how those two play in it if I’m jerry I go Kenny vaccaro or chance warmack if either of them are there at 18 but a corner in the first round for Dallas u gotta be kidding me

  68. How can we take your mock draft seriously when you have the Steelers picking 17th and that’s not even when they pick! They have the 19th pick! Florio smoking them funny cigarettes again!????

  69. No one can predict the draft, not even the first overall pick is known at this time… However, 5 of your first 10 picks are DL, thats a bit much so will have to say your logic is off on this one… but no onr will be happy with your mock or anyone’s mock, so I’m not sure what the point of these are.. just saying

  70. Hello?! The Vikings are NOT going to be drafting a quarterback in round one. It is NOT going to happen, regardless of who is still available.

  71. People don’t criticize this mock because it deviates from “conventional wisdom.” They criticize it because it deviates from all wisdom of any variety. Since you supposedly have NFL contacts, please ask GMs what they think of Eric Fisher falling to #12 and Lane Johnson falling to #27. If you come back and say that you could find even one who didn’t erupt into spontaneous laughter, I will gladly apologize for doubting you.

  72. No way Dallas takes a CB. Carr just got $50 million and they used their 1st & 2nd to get Claiborne last year.

  73. The Cowboys are not taking a CB in the first round after trading up last year to get CB Morris Claiborne. That’s silly.

    They would be more likely to draft OT D.J. Fluker based on who this mock has left after 17 picks. Their offensive line needs help the most.

    Fluker has visited Valley Ranch but no CBs have been reported to visit.

  74. Did you just throw darts? Richardson at 4 to the Eagles? I haven’t seen him go higher than mid teens in any draft yet. A guard to the Saints with worse D in the world? Rhodes, a CB to the Cowboys? They have the #6 pick, a CB last year, plus Brandon Carr that they gave $50 million, why would they take another CB in the 1st? Lane Johnson falling all the way to 27th? I would hang myself if Lane Johnson went past the cowboys and they draft a CB. This is junk.

  75. Well, that’s a first. You seriously think the Eagles will pass on Milner and take Richardson, who is a 4-3 DT? Seriously? You seriously think Dallas will take a CB? Please.

  76. Why would Dallas take Rhodes when they took Claiborne signed Carr and have scandrick and sterling Moore. Why would the giants who have such a bum d and already have a non run blocking tightend who catches passes draft another why would the saints take cooper when they have two all pro guards and a good center. This is the second mock draft that is absolutely absurd

  77. The Texans are NOT taking a OT with their 1st round pick. It will be a WR.Period! Or, they’ll trade out of the 1st round, and get extra picks in the 2nd and 3rd round.

  78. 1: the Patriots will trade their pick and pick up something later in the draft
    2: there is NO CHANCE they take a receiver with their first pick, it will be DT for sure

  79. I hope this mock is working under the supposition that the Jets traded Revis to the Bucs, otherwise the Bucs taking Austin at #13 when they are in desperate need of CB and DL help would be tantamount to negligence and felonious stupidity on Dominic’s part.

  80. You think, the 2 nd best Safety on board is Matt Elam ? No way! Ravens are not spending first round money on this guy. We either trade up for a better player or trade down. I hope they trade up for Tavon Austin.

  81. I call shenanigans! The Saint’s drafting a guard in the first round sounds about as logical as the Patriots bringing in JaMarcus Russell to start over Tom Brady, it’s just foolish. To think that they would use that pick on anything besides the defensive a bunch of tomfoolery.

  82. Florio, I wish you would put explanations of why you are picking each guy for each team. That said I think there is always a big gap between the drafting for need and drafting for the best talent available. Too many fans just see needs and fall in love with the best player in that position.

    As an Eagles fan I know that we will need a long term solution at Nose Tackle with the possible change in defense, but I just think there are so many other top tier talents to pass up on at #4. I think the Eagles could trade back up in the first round to get Richardson or even possibly get him at the start of round 2 if they valued him that much.

  83. Version 1 was about the most absurd mock I’ve ever seen. This one is much better.

  84. I’ll give you $50 for every pick that’s right if you’ll give me $10 for every one that’s wrong. Otherwise just tell me which address you want me to send this crowbar and flashlight …

  85. Pretty hard to take this seriously when you have the Bucs taking a WR. The Bucs have the worst pass defense in the NFL so we all know they will take a CB.

  86. “All I know is that Christian Ponder sucks, so the Vikings probably should draft a QB.”
    Last time I checked, the Vikings were in the playoffs last year. If this draft had RGIII or Andrew Luck, I’d say yes, but the QB crop this year is equivalent to drafting from Div. III college football.
    I support the Packers and watched the Vikings 6 times last year. Ponder isn’t bad, far from it. He just needs some help, not that I mind that they lose.

  87. This isn’t the only mock that has the Giants taking Eifert but I really don’t see it. They just signed a little known but productive TE to a 4 year deal and they love the potential of the kid from Cincy they took in the 4th round last year. Add the fact that they have complete trust (as well they should) in TE coach Mike Popes ability to coach these guys up and get their best, and it doesn’t make sense to spend a 1 at the position. But hey, I’ve been wrong before.

  88. Chance Warmack? I don’t think Buffalo would burn a top 10 pick on a Guard. At least I don’t think they would do it this year that is. Warmack is a solid Guard, but that is the position he is limited to. If the Bills were going to draft a Guard, It would be in the latter rounds. Also, Buffalo looks for Offensive Lineman that are able to play many positions. Levitre was able to hold down all 5 spots, but because of his high salary, the team let him walk to the Titans. The Draft is loaded with some very good Guards this year. The Bills should have no problem finding one.

  89. All the comments about the Jets taking Geno Smith are ridiculous…Yeah they have QB issues, but they also have a lame duck coach. You don’t spend a top 10 pick on a QB the new regime may not want. Not to mention he’s not a fit for the west coast offense they’re going to this year.

  90. Look for the Browns to trade down IF they can pick up a second rounder. Lots of holes to fill.

  91. I totally see the Bears taking the DT. No one, I mean No One saw Emory Taking McClellan last year. This draft is weak and guys will go in the 1st that other teams have a 4th round grade on. It’s all about the system when you have these marginal talent years.

  92. To think that the Eagles will take Sheldon Richardson at #4 is ridiculous. He doesn’t have the strength to play NT. He can’t play in the 3-4. They wouldn’t pass on Star Lotulelei, Fisher or Milliner to get Richardson at 4.

  93. I cant see Fischer getting past the Eagles let alone past the Cards. After watching Kolb get murdered last year you think Arians can keep Carson Palmer upright without a franchise left tackle. There’s way to much def talent in this draft to pass on him. And if Mark Dominik takes a WR in the 1st round he’d be fired on the spot. No way the Bucs would pass on pairing Lotulelei with Gerald McCoy. Stop drinking that WV moonshine.

  94. Mike, there are some things you do pretty well, amigo, but never, ever attempt to do another mock draft. That was, without a doubt, the worst one I’ve ever seen. It was so badly misguided that I think you must have been hammered or sleep-deprived when you created it.

  95. As much as the Steelers have a need on defense to replace Harrison at LB and Worilds doesn’t necessarily look to be enough, I can’t see the Steelers passing on Lacy. Historically Pittsburgh develops LB from the bench and it is plug and play with Lebeau’s system. First round talent isn’t needed there and there is depth in the LB/DE pass rushing class.

    The Steelers haven’t had a solution at RB since Bettis, and Lacy is a three down back.

  96. Jets should trade down, and load up on picks. Then trade their whole draft away next year to grab one of the two great QB’s next year. Math at is if they don’t already have the first pick locked up.

  97. The Vikings are going to take Geno Smith and a cornerback no one has ever heard of? If you are trolling for heavy comment section activity with your mock then well done. Otherwise, get back on the Thorazine.

  98. Interesting thought that Jets take a receiver in round one, but if they did, they would more likely take Austin over Patterson.

    Giants would take Vacarro if he is still on the board, if not then Manti Te’o. No way they take a TE.

  99. I think this has to be the worst mock draft that I have ever seen. I’d bet my house that some of these picks do not go as foreseen by the author!!!

  100. I think Florio is falling into the trap of listening to too many disgruntled Viking fans that always have reason to look at the negative.

    Yes, Christian Ponder had a mid-season slump last year, and looked lost at times. However, by the end of the year, Ponder had rebounded and played very well the final four games of the season, peaking with an impressive performance against the Packers and helping lead his team into the playoffs, something that no one thought would happen in 2012. The fact that he played so well down the stretch with Harvin out, and no go-to WRs to throw to was equally impressive.

    Hopefully the Viking front office realizes that it needs to give Ponder better targets this year, and hopefully they’ll use one of those two first round picks on a WR (Allen or Hopkins).

    Geno Smith? Uh, no.

  101. Sheldon Richardson at number 4?!?! you guys need some sleep. all this talk about the eagles line being horrible last year, people need to realize they lost peters Kelce and herremans to injury. birds take warmack or cooper. kick Watkins out of the league. that’s a nice line with peters Mathis kelce warmack/cooper and herremans. could do worse. even draft fisher and move herremans back inside.

  102. TE to the Giants in the first round? You guys are lost. No way the Giants spend a first round pick on a position where they have the best position coach in the league who consistently coaches up late round drat picks. Not to mention they drafted the “JPP” of TEs last year who should be ready to contribute this year behind the free agent they signed from Oakland who had 78 or 79 catches last year. TE. Please.

  103. Truly, this is one of the worst Mock Draft’s for 2013 I have seen so far, and according to the comments it would seem that a lot of people agree with that sentiment.

  104. I see the same exact problem that most people complained about with the first draft list. There is no way, the Vikings, with four quarterbacks on the roster already, and then open declaration that ponder is the starter,, draft another quarterback, The Vikings first half draft The Vikings first half draft needs to go like this, first a cornerback, second a middle linebacker, third another corner back, After that a bunch . I know a lot of people want the Vikings to draft a wide receiver first, but Greg Jennings and Jarius Wright are gonna light it up!

  105. Why would the Packers take a NT?!?!?! With all of the Raji extension talks I have heard this offseason, don’t the packers have bigger problems? Namely the O-line, LB, CB, etc…

  106. This hands down is the most unrealistic mock draft I’ve seen on any site. It’s not even close on several accounts of marrying team needs with available 1st round talent.

  107. Packers will probably trade out of round 1 – get an early 2nd round and early (4th or 5th) round pick.

    Get our Nose Tackle and Half Back in the 2nd round.

  108. Sharif Floyd is a monster and I hope the Raiders aren’t smart enough to take him.

  109. It’d be cool if someone took the time to do a mock that ranked the top 32 players to go by each team. This way you predict the first round, and IF there is a trade, you can’t come up with any excuses.

    For example
    Chiefs might rank it like Joeckle/Fisher/Star/SFloyd/etc
    Jags: Dion Jordan/Floyd/Geno/Lotuleilei/etc

    Now if the Jags trade down 3 spots and Floyd is still there and they take Geno, then you at least know the mock drafter was close but not right on, and worse than a mock drafter who had
    anyone not available after the trade down/Geno/Floyd.

    The draft ALWAYS surprises me and everyone else just about, so the fact that a mock draft is “bad” actually may mean it has a better litmus on the “surprises” that may come, but it would be much easier to get a feel of who is being majorly undervalued or overvalued by mock drafters if you used your source to at least get a handful of names for each team.

    Much more informative than a regular mock.

    p/s/ no offense because I know that NBC has a different agenda and responsibilities such as not breaking confidence of their sources and speculating too wildly, but I miss the days before NBC took this site and the information was less of a news site and more of a rumor site.

  110. I see a lot of 49er fans thinking it would be crazy to draft Jarvis jones, it’s not. He’s at least a top 10 talent, probably top 5. They will take the highest rated player on their board. They could always cut Brooks in a year or two and save a bunch of $, but don’t worry about it. There’s no way he falls this far, even with his medical history.

  111. HERE is a fact Fisher was the best player in the senior bowl. Eagles can’t pass on him. With a little luck on the stay healthy side, The birds return to a top contender. Peters, Herramens, Kelsey back Bring in Fisher…..you tell me?

  112. If you are going to post a crappy mock draft at least do not act snobbish when people criticize you.

    This one might be even worse than the original. Do your “insider sources” tell you the Vikings are hot for Geno Smith or some corner nobody has ever heard of? If so, time to get new sources.

  113. And why did you want to get rid of comments again??? Btw please Giant-Pigskin in the sky dont let the Viks take the Geno with there first pick, and please let them some how tap in to the Packers war room and steal who ever they want at pick.26. Thank you.

  114. man its a shame NFL owners dont get on here and read these comments, cause a lot of you would be employed as GM’s and scout personnel! everybody likes to point out the teams needs, yet would make the same choke mistakes most of them do..

  115. Florio thanks for the mock draft to liven things up around here. Mock drafts are the best part of the whole NFL draft process.

  116. Okay….sure…

    You state that someone will likely trade up to get a QB in the first round, but only have one QB going in your mock in the first…and that QB makes it down to pick 23…where every team after in the draft has a good QB situation.You do not think one of them might go for the QB fix sooner?

    …and you have the QB in question going to Minnesota?…where they stated bluntly they were not looking for a starter…or even real competition for Ponder..They were adamant enough about it to ruin potential upgrades in FA preemptively…and there would likely be a stronger QB class next year…and MN has other glaring issues such as LB and WR not addressed at all in the round?

    ..and you spend a large portion of your article bashing the opinions of your readers ahead of time. That is goooood business there. (although it will get some comments and action stirred up on the page so maybe it truly was just a good business trolling job)

    You have not even managed to agree with your own logic well, let alone that of Mel Kiper Jr. Juniors (we only needed one Jr. or Juniors there I believe, or are we talking about Mel Kiper the thirds?)

    Maybe you should not bash your readers opinions when you seem so determined to present weak ones yourself. Perhaps, you should not hide behind your fresh sense of elitism to preemptively get defensive about the counter arguments to your thoughts just because you know they are coming.

  117. Tavon Austin would be a great pick at 13 for the Bucs but unfortunately the Bucs are not going to have a First Round pick because it will be traded to the Jets for Revis. This move could set the Bucs back at least five years maybe more. Talk about a General Manger and Head Coach running scared for their jobs.
    Would much rather see 15+ million a year used for a lot of players rather than just one prima donna.

  118. How in heck did Bjoern Werner drop out from a top 10 pick to not in the First Round? That could be the worst omission in draft history!!

  119. if the vikings dont take a wr in the first round then i will never watch football again

  120. I love how some of you are getting mad and posting paragraphs of reasons that they won’t pick who the mock says.
    You do realize this is a mock draft, right? Did you guys predict all 32 picks last year? Congrats if you did, I don’t know how you predicted:
    The seahawks taking bruce irvin
    The 49ers taking A J Jenkins
    The cowboys trading for Claiborne
    The Browns taking Weeden.

  121. This is so weird. Vikings fans think Geno isn’t worthy of being drafted toward the end of the first round, while others don’t think Geno will even be available for the Vikings to draft…

    I can conclude Vikings fans hate all QB’s and Coaches that are not named Fran Tarkenton or Bud Grant.

  122. The eagles brought in a lot of guys for visits and Sheldon Richardson was not among them. They re moving yo a 3-4 and Richardson who at best is the third best interim lineman is a 3 technique tackle. Also Lane Johnson won’t drop out of the top 15 and Eric Fisher won’t get out of the top 10.

  123. Do a real mans draft and try to predict trades. I can’t wait to see what talent SF is going to pick up with all those picks!

  124. There is ZERO chance the BEARS will take DT Sylvester Williams North Carolina! he’s 24years old and they don’t need one DT as much as a ILB.

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