Ravens’ Bryan Hall looking forward to move to linebacker


The Ravens’ inside linebacking corps took a hit this offseason with the departures of Ray Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe.

Their attempt to replace them in the lineup won’t be limited to signing free agents or drafting rookies later this month. They’ll also be moving defensive lineman Bryan Hall to inside linebacker this offseason, a switch that isn’t exactly out of left field. Hall played one preseason game at linebacker before last season and played the position at Arkansas State, so he was a natural candidate to move back to his old spot with the Ravens thinner at the spot than they used to be.

“Coach Harbaugh told me, ‘We want to look at you at inside linebacker,’ and I said, ‘I’m down for it.’ I’m a football player, first and foremost, and I love football. I’m just looking for an opportunity to progress as a football player,” Hall said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I think I’ve got the instincts. I’m a football player. Put me in any position, and I can play. I’m a student of the game. I work hard. Whatever’s in front of me, I can do. I’m excited.”

Hall, who played five games for the Ravens last year, has dropped about 15 pounds from his 2012 playing weight and has some more to cut before he’ll be back into a linebacker’s body. Albert McClellan and Jameel McClain are the most experienced inside linebackers on the roster, but things are pretty open behind them for Hall and anyone else to carve out a spot for themselves on the roster in the future.

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  1. Hopefully he does a good job with the switch, I suspect he will just based on previous players switching positions in the Ravens’ system…I.e.; Adalius Thomas, Jarrett Johnson, Suggs, Upshaw, etc… Just another small ,yet significant piece to a championship puzzle. Good luck B. Hall.

  2. he is 6’1 and 290 lbs. ran a 4.87 40 at that weight.
    if he can drop 30-35 pounds he can be a pretty good backer and will be dominant against the run due to his defensive tackle experience. he might even be a good coverage guy who knows. in ozzie we trust.

  3. B Hall is a hard worker & a solid guy. Always around the facility. He may not be spectacular, but he’ll be serviceable. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the ILB position fills out.

    At this point, there are 3 positions of need for the Ravens to be considered a contender to get back to playing in lat January.

    ILB, Safety, LT. Fill those slots & let’s play ball……

  4. Brendan Ayanbadejo would have been in the mix at one of those linebacker positions if he spent more time on the field making plays instead of talking about the gays.
    Players need to get their priorities in order.

  5. gonna be hard for the ravens to finish in the basement as long as the steelers are in the same division. injured qb aging defense no skill postion players. these steeler trolls crack me up. go ravens

  6. And here I though Jack Lambert actually was a classy guy. Good job tarnishing a legend’s name with trolling Steeler Nation.

  7. si1m says:
    Apr 8, 2013 4:21 AM
    Ravens’ back up practice squad DT Bryan Hall: more newsworthy than the entire Steelers organization


    Baltimore’s equipment manager is more newsworthy than the entire Steeler front office. All they’ve done is ruined their franchise. When the Browns pass you on the AFCN depth chart, you know you’re in trouble.

  8. Ravens are already trying out the Waterboy strategy the Fonz used. This is going to be a great season.

  9. What do steeler fans have to possibly look forward to? Their team is old as dirt, they have ZERO cap space to sign or resign anybody, and they have a horrific recent history in the draft.

    You clowns have zero room to talk trash. Keep living in denial. It’s going to make the up coming train wreck that is the 2013 steeler season that much more enjoyable for Raven Nation.

  10. Steelers are old… blah, blah, blah. randall I think you just copied that from one of your posts last year. You know, just prior to that old team being the best defense in football. And that old Charlie Batch didn’t play too badly at times.

    And I’m sure the strategy of playing a practice-squad NT at inside LB will work out well for your team.

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