Cardinals think Carson Palmer is still in his prime

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Carson Palmer is 33 years old and hasn’t been chosen to a Pro Bowl since 2006, but the Cardinals believe he’s still in peak form.

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim says he began studying Palmer almost immediately after he was promoted to the top spot in Arizona’s front office three months ago, without knowing whether or not the Raiders were interested in trading him. And the more Keim looked at Palmer, the more he liked what he saw.

“We started doing our due diligence on Carson in January,” Keim told the Arizona Republic. “And with our new video system, I was able to cut up every one of his passing plays for the last three seasons. I came away very, very pleasantly surprised. A lot of times in this business, you base your opinions on reputations. And when you study a guy, you come away disappointed or surprised. In this case, I saw that Carson still has the zing and can still make all the throws. That’s huge, especially with what Bruce [Arians] wants out of his quarterback.”

Statistically, it’s hard to say Palmer is at his prime: His numbers weren’t as good in 2012 as they were in 2005 and 2006, his two best seasons. But he did pass for 4,018 yards and complete 61.1 percent of his passes last season, which is still a huge improvement over the disaster that was the Cardinals’ passing game in 2012. Keim says the presence of Palmer changes everything in Arizona.

“Adding a piece like Carson to the puzzle really does energize everybody,” Keim said. “He’s a plug-and-play guy with lots of experience, who has seen every NFL defense. His career speaks for itself.”

If the Cardinals are right, that career is a long way from over.

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  1. Watch out for Arizona this year! They had a good team last year that had no QB, with Palmer they will playoff contenders. The NFC West is the top division.

  2. As an unbiased NFC team fan (Vikings), I thought Carson Palmer was pretty much done. But Steve Keim seems like a very intelligent guy. I believe that he’s the right guy for that Arizona job. It’s no less risky than reaching for a QB in a weak draft. I think the Cardinals fans should trust Steve on this one.

  3. 10 years in the league and has a losing record and has never won a postseason game. Have fun with him.

    Hopefully Terrelle Pyror at the very least gets a chance to show what he can do now that this crybaby is gone.

  4. De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt. Good luck with lame boy. He’s lost any arm strength he once had. Now he can see where the ball needs to go, he just can’t get it there. He’s an INT factory.

  5. Hmmm…the Bengals, the Raiders, and now the Cardinals. How much longer does Carson Palmer’s “World Tour of the Worst-Run Franchises” continue?

  6. Given his recent past it’s easy to forget he was a pretty good QB in CIN with Ocho catching his throws. They have some serious weapons in ARI for Palmer to revive his career with. I just don’t see them overlapping SF of SEA this season but that’s why they play the games.

  7. You never know. We might have just caught lightening in the bottle again like we did with Warner. I remember when EVERYONE including myself thought he was done after watching him with the Giants and he took the Cardinals to the damn Super Bowl and almost won it! If Palmer can get some protection, with the receiving corps he has and the coaching staff he has, he very well might light it up… I’m actually excited now…

  8. To the Cardinals, he is still in his prime. Not to anyone else. He will be an upgrade to them over their other options. But thats like saying Taco Bell is an upgrade over Del Taco.

  9. The Cards offense was the worst in the NFL last year. If Carson has a season that just resembles what he did last year, the Cards will significantly be improved. Additionally, Larry Fitzgerald will be happy.

  10. Palmer could be in his sub prime years and he is still better then anything the Cardinals have at the Quarterback position.

  11. And it’s this thought process by your front office as to why your team has been a joke of a organization since you went to the Super Bowl. Yeah, let’s upgrade the qb position from the unproven, great investment of Kevin Kolb to the not washed up Carson Palmer.

  12. How long until Palmer quits on the Cardinals? Trust me Card fans this guy will say all the right things, hell he said going to Oakland is a dre3am come true, He said he was going to retire a Raider but when it was time for him to be a team player he QUIT.
    Gkad he did since Flynn will be a franchise QB and Palmer will throw his INTs in big spots

  13. How old was Kurt Warner when he resurrected his career with Arizona? Maybe there is something in their Iced Tea. Just saying.

  14. When Palmer was traded to the Raiders, many Bengal fans were saying “watch for the untimely interceptions”.

    Now that he has been traded to the Cardinals, this Raiders’ fan is saying “watch for all the untimely interceptions”.

    Great stats and “zing” on the ball mean nothing if your QB can’t win games.

  15. Get the guy a running game. AZ WR corp. isn’t bad, easily an upgrade from Oakland, but, he needs a ground threat to succeed. Carson was at his best when he could fling it all over the place w/ 3 wide and a power running game that came from Rudi Johnson in Cincy to keep D’s from putting tons of pressure on him or dropping everybody off into coverage. Look at those years where the Bengals made the playoffs, extremly productive running games to back him up. Everybody who say’s he’s lost his zip is wrong. Chad Pennington competed pretty well for a guy with a mangled shoulder, and Palmers arm is easily twice of what he had. He’s played on bad teams with sub-par supporting cast. He’s a bit of a drama-queen, but if you can get him tools to succeed, AZ will have an above-average QB that can still account for a few wins just on his own.

  16. “He needs someone other than Fitz to throw to, and 3 offensive linemen in this draft.”

    Cardinals drafted Michael Floyd in the 1st round last year.

    There’s big potential in the passing game there.

  17. They are sadly mistaken. Wait till he hits the field and he’s lofting the ball over fitz’s head. After the season Palmer will say he wants to be released or he will threaten to retire and then this story will start all over again on another team that shoulda passed on him.

  18. For a few years, in cinci, Palmer was lights-out.
    Then he became “the infamous Carson Face-Palmer.”

    That being said, he can still be effective. In an offense that will put him in a position to limit his ints, he will be serviceable for a few years. He is the kind of player who needs a great #1 wr. He had Johnson in his best years. He didnt have that in oak.

    Fitz is the second best wr in the nfl.

    My problem with the whole arrangement is the rest of the team. Anyone who thinks that D will be half as good without Ray Horton is crazy. It’s not a talented roster. Once it’s clear they aren’t going to post a winning season, there is a good chance that Palmer checks out. That’s when you have a big problem.

  19. Palmer will do much better in Arizona than he did in Oakland or Cincinnati. I think a fresh start is what he needs to revive his career. Oakland was not an ideal place for him, Arizona is.

  20. dirtybird70 says: Apr 7, 2013 2:25 PM

    its true actually. he’s only 33 years old.

    oh they meant in terms of football? nevermind.


    Hey, you never know. Every once in a while, you get a Garcia or Testeverde who puts together a couple solid years in their 30’s (both made the Pro Bowl at 35 or older and, like Palmer, both spent a fair share of their respective careers on some not-so-great teams).

  21. The bottom line on Palmer is he is a statue in the pocket, and ever since Kimo cheap shotted his knee he gets happy feet when pressured and his mechanics go to crap. If AZ can protect him and thats a big IF they can go a long way with CP. He has to have superior OLine to thrive.

  22. for someone still in his prime,it’s amazing how there was barely any interest from anyone in trading more than nothing for him —

  23. Well, his “arm strength” is still good enough to reliably overthrow his receivers for a pick (often a pick six) at least once a game.

  24. Well, that’s a good way to make your fans immediately think you are not qualified for a GM job. This is something the Bills front office would say.

  25. His prime? -that’s a bit of a stretch. Sure spending time in Oakland will convince the world that your best days are behind you, but to try and sell the notion that Palmer is going to be the long-term answer is laughable. The Cardinals need to draft a young talent now and groom him for with the wheels come off.

  26. These Cards stink. The Bidwells should sell the team to someone with a clue.
    They have one receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and a bunch of hangers on.

  27. He was fantastic until that knee injury.

    And then playing for the Raiders definitely didn’t help him any.

    Of all the mid level QBs out there, he’s one of the couple I see with the ability to surprise people and play very, very well.

  28. As an unbiased NFL fan, I can definitively say he instantly improves the Cards’ offense in one fell swoop. That being said, they need to draft a G like Womack and maybe even sign an OT like Winston and that will make them dramatically better. They have a top 3 WR in Fitz — all they need to do is protect Palmer and they can be 8-8 at least.

  29. I think this is an excellent situation for the Cardinals and they should be ecstatic to have Carson Palmer. I can’t see it any other way.

    The 2012 Cardinals had the worst quarterbacking of any pro team I have ever seen. Given today’s passing game and having Larry Fitzgerald, this was all the more pathetic.

    Palmer is a completely capable passer and just hasn’t wowed recently because he’s been on poor teams with poor receivers. He will get Fitzgerald the ball.

    Palmer will give the Cardinals a few years of solid play and a chance to compete, which they didn’t have in 2012. This affords them time to search for a franchise QB the right way – i.e., not signing the Kevin Kolbs of the world or gambling with draft picks on sub-par options like Geno Smith or Matt Barkley.

  30. Arians and Keim seem to be taking every opportunity to try to convince the fanbase that they are in for a miraculous turnaround. I’m not sure I understand that strategy.

  31. Think about it, Carson Palmer was the victim of bad team management in Cincy and cheapshots by NE Patriot D-linemen. Other than that Carson Palmer’s name was once mentioned in the same sentences as Peyton Manning and and Tom Brady. Larry Fitzgerald will have a great year and so will Carson Palmer!

  32. In this case, I saw that Carson still has the zing and can still make all the throws. That’s huge, especially with what Bruce [Arians] wants out of his quarterback.”

    Dont all coaches want a qb who make all the throws?

  33. Great idea bringing in a soft, stationary, statue of a QB, behind no offensive line to speak of in a division loaded with high end pass rushers. If he makes it to week 6, I’ll be shocked.

  34. Every team had a chance to sign Warner after he walked away from the Giants. His agent shopped around a DVD of all his throws with the Giants and the Cards liked what they saw. Nobody else did. Tell me, how many teams wished they had signed Warner after they saw what he did in AZ? Palmer is not Kurt Warner. He’s not Kolb or Skelton either. He’s an upgrade, and the Cards like what they see. They’ve had since January to say, “Let’s not pursue Palmer.” They chose to sign him. He’s their guy, and I don’t think they’re just saying positive things just to say them. All your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends are making someone happy right now, despite all your mudslinging. Maybe after a couple dates, the Cards will break up with Palmer. Or maybe Palmer breaks up with them. But right now, everyone is happy in this relationship. I’m happy for both sides.

  35. When Palmer came to the Raiders he said all the right things. Bengals fans hit the Raider blogs hard with warnings about quitting and throwing picks, but as a Raider fan I wrote their comments off as sour grapes. They were right, but Raider fans didn’t want to believe it. Sorry Cardinal Fan, he’s not what you think he is. It’s like trying to warn your ex-wife’s future husband what he’s in for….. Get ready for heart breaking interceptions and the “it’s not MY fault” smirk. He’ll quit before he ever wins a playoff game.

  36. Take it from a Raiders fan:
    Palmer is still a good QB. He’s just been throwing to a poor WR core. He can make all the throws and trust me, don’t count him out when it comes to mobility. He won’t take off and run a lot or anything, but he can avoid some sacks and has good pocket presence. He showed to be even more athletic than most thought last year. But his game is to drop back and pass, and if you can protect him – he’s as dangerous as any QB in the game.

  37. It’s probably not a good thing that you were the only team who felt that way, INCLUDING the Raiders.

    Not a good thing grabbing players that cant make the team in OAK.

  38. For the idiots who keep saying Palmer QUIT on the Raiders … Get your facts straight … The Raiders QUIT on Palmer.
    When the season is over … Palmer and the Cards will have twice as many wins then the Raiders. Bengals running game with Hue Jackson now the coach will be in the top 10 and Oaktown will realize that Reggie is not as great as every one thinks.

  39. He’ll look great in camp and his limited preseason reps, say all the right things, then start throwing interceptions when the regular season hits, usually because he thinks he can thread the needle when he can’t or make that impossible but-oh-so-tantalizing throw into coverage. Take it from a Raiders fan: Carson will play just well enough to lose the game with a respectable score.

  40. Compared to what they had the past few years there, hes their peyton manning

  41. This is the same team that claimed that they had as good of a QB room as anyone in the league when they had Drew Stanton and John Skelton.

    So maybe we should start taking proclamations from the Cardinals with a grain of a salt.

  42. Well, in AZ he will actually have receivers to throw too, instead of the no-name scrubs in Oakland, so that’s a plus. Unfortunately AZ has had one of the worst pass protect O-Lines in the NFL for years, so it’s a toss-up.

  43. The raiders are the armpit of the league, so if I was a cardinal fan I would say it’s at least worth a shot. Besides I trust Arians opinion more than anyone in the raiders organization

  44. And this is why the Cardinals are among the 10 worst franchises in the NFL over the last 30 years.

    I’m no genius but it amazes me how stupid people are.

    Carson Palmer has above average physical gifts but has never had ‘it’.
    Tony Romo same way.

    And it amazes me that teams continue to believe in these guys after 7,9,12 years in the league.

    Teams are so petrified of having to put in work to find and develop a QB that they exhaust these guys til the end and then wonder why the dude never won more than a few wild card games.

    From 1992-today Green Bay has found/drafted/traded for (I.e. scouted) Favre,Rodgers,Brunell,Hasselbeck,Detmer,Brooks,Flynn and maybe one or two I forgot.

    Sure some of those guys were backups at best but its proof that a little work and you can find a solid QB.

    No lets just dump millions upon millions on guys who fail every single time.

    Couldn’t Dallas have traded for Flynn and spent the Romo money on Steven Jackson and Greg Jennings and probably had at worst the same result they are gonna get with Romo?

    Now watch Arizona go 5-11 and wonder why. Oh we’ll not my team/money.

  45. Hell, they got him for next to nothing. I hope it works out for them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to earth before the Stargate closes.

  46. Palmer had better numbers last year than Cutler did in his “pro bowl” 2008 season.

  47. Arizona Defense is actually pretty good , the problem is their offense has been anemic since Kurt Warner left. The past couple of years they refused to really run the ball which isn’t a terrible problem if you have a competent QB, But the Cards have been throwing out Qb’s who are middle of the road backup to 3rd stringer quality at best and thats what has cost them to fall in the Post Warner Era.

    That being said Palmer at age 33 is no where as good as he once was, but he can still make the throws and provide the Cards the Best Qb play since Kurt Warner Left

  48. “Cardinals think Carson Palmer is still in his prime”?

    Apologies to the readers, this was a typo what they meant to say was :

    “Cardinals think Carson Palmer is still in his Whine”

  49. Palmer is still a VG QB.. Given the right circumstances he will succeed. Fitz, Floyd, Mendenhall, improved OL, Ariens….that being said 7 wins might be a stretch, but they will be competitive

  50. Yeah…and my 94 year old gran thinks she can still take her 73′ Impala out for a drive. It’s not happening.

  51. If they can get the running game going and an explosive downfield threat, this team can be dangerous…Palmer is not what he used to be(ball sails on intermediate to deep routes) but he can still make reads and deliver accurately. The line is porous but big play making ability will negate this.

  52. Coming from a Bengal fan, I think Carson will be fine in Arizona as long as he gets a good running game and an offensive line to help protect him and maybe an extra receiver to go with Larry Fitzgerald. I know everyone is blaming him for playing bad in Oakland but he was only part of the problem. Yes he throws quite a few interceptions but he still can lead a decent team to victory, like he did against Pittsburgh last year. He would have been one of the best in the game had he not been injured in the playoffs in 2005. But what a lot of so called haters of Carson are not looking at is the addition of Bruce Arians because if anyone can get him back to near his old form it is Arians.

  53. It took Warner TWO YEARS to secure the starting gig away from a garbage QB. Lets stop pretending he made them overnight contenders. Also it was while the division was mostly rebuilding. I think this move dramatically improves them at qb as it was impossible not to get better there but I also think that D takes a few steps back with the loss of Horton and a few players. wouldn’t be surprised for around 8-8 but any more is delusion. Palmer at his best wasn’t even as good as Kurt was in his twilight years and this division has gotten a lot tougher

  54. I’m not sure the Cardinals are any better than the Raiders, and the division has become brutal. This is the last stop for him, and unfortunately it will end similar to his Bengal and Raider career.


  55. jerseyraider says: Apr 7, 2013 2:17 PM

    De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt. Good luck with lame boy. He’s lost any arm strength he once had. Now he can see where the ball needs to go, he just can’t get it there. He’s an INT factory.
    Every story on Palmer results in someone claiming he has a dead arm and is a pick machine. It’s just not accurate. He had 14 picks in 15 starts last year. Not great, but not terrible. If Oakland had stayed with a more vertical offense last year instead of going to that cut-block, bootleg crap, and given Palmer a legitimate #1 receiver, he might well have been closer to 5000 yards than 4000. Palmer has some issues, but his arm is fine.

  56. I would say that he no doubt is in his prime. He’ll throw costly interceptions at critical times like he always has and will continue to be a stone statue found 7 yards past the line of scrimmage as he has been for a great many years.

  57. If AZ can run the ball and protect Palmer should a good ear, but they had one of the worst o lines last year and they couldn’t run, Palmer in the right offense will put up some good numbers, but he can’t carry a team he cost the Raiders multiple games the last 2 season’s. If he was elite he would win anywhere last 2 year’s the Bangles made the playoffs without him and Jamarcus Russell had more wins than Palmer in Oakland that should tell all you need to know about Palmer.

  58. He had a prime? Please, everybody brings up Romo’s 1 playoff win but they never talk about Palmers 0 playoff wins. And please don’t give me the knee injury thing too. Peterson came back just fine and Palmer is supposed to use his arm for yards not legs. Oh and Romo was not drafted and Palmer was a first round pick.

  59. The big excuse made for choker Palmer is that he was “never the same”after the Kimo von Oelhoffen hit. Which is a JOKE because Tom Brady had the same injury, but statistically came back stronger than ever. So explain why, Palmer apologists, did Brady EXCEL after suffering with the same injury?

  60. Raider fans:

    Show some class and don’t slam ex Raider players, leave that for the Bungholes.

  61. Carson Palmer is very very good. The players, coaches and GMs in the NFL know this to be true…. That’s all that counts anyway.

  62. Palmer is above average when he has someone to throw to, I think the Cardinals FO is going to look like geniuses by the end of the season.

  63. All of you people who hate Palmer, keep it up, you said the same about Warner. If 4000 yards is quoting, I hope he quits! LOL He also had zero WR in OAK and his last years in Cincy. It’s fun to bash the bad teams. But any year any team can win. IF the Steelers-Cards Super Bowl was in 2009, the Cards would have won due to the rule change. Oh and the fact that we now know that Holmes right foot isn’t 6 inches longer than his left. But another story. Back to Palmer. Remember Hofstetler, Johnson, Dilfer, they have rings, Rivers, Marino doesn’t, then Rodgers, Favre, Brees Young and Payton Manning have one. So everything you are all saying means nothing. It is about a TEAM. Lightning in a Bottle or for the Patriots, Cheating. Do you think the 9ers said “Oh My Kapernafikenaffenhiemensonstien will take us to the Super Bowl? I doubt it. Oh and 9 out of 10 2nd year Qb’s fall flat historically. But there are a few like Aikmen. Top 5 Defense and getting better. Best 3 of the 3-4 defense in the biz, Patrick Peterson and Darryl Washington stellar. Michael Floyd and Roberts are solid WR and RB is back with Mendenhal who can pick up a blitz with the best. Who am I fretting? I know there is someone else? I can’t think of him? Cable guy? No, I think he Fits in the system though. Who is the guy. He might be ok I think. If I had to bet he might catch a few TD’s. Oh Larry Fitzgerald. That’s it. I hear he is good. Palmer can throw deep and hit Heywood-bey in stride (of course he dropped it) but it was there. So we’ll see. A QB that runs first will never win a SB ring. Vick, Special K, Wilson, Etc. RGIII will be the one that might. 49ers killed themselves for 2014. They pulled a Stienbrenner. To many new people with big names. Egos kill. A team needs to work with one leader on each side of the ball. Every Team that buys a Super Bowl never wins. Name one? I am not saying the Cards will win but 8-8 at least. They made some great moves. Watch the Seahawks win 4 games MAX. That will be fun to watch. This division will be VERY tight. And don’t name call, point out actual facts like an adult. Not a 2 year old.

  64. Palmer was top 10 last year? true
    Cards picker Warner and went to Super Bowl? true
    Raiders and Bangles SUCKED or didn’t pay players? True
    The Seahawks, 49ers, Steelers, Chargers, Saints, Bills, all wanted Palmer? True
    ESPN Pro’s are saying Palmer is in Prime? True
    As far as trade goes it was a money and team Palmer wanted not a value issue? True
    Every Team goes through many, many QB’s and only a handful are franchise for more than 3 years? True
    The Cardinals are the ONLY family owned NFL Team that makes 100% of their income by the team? True
    Until profit sharing they simply didn’t have the money.
    Basically all the negative posts above prove one thing, the Readers don’t know their own teams or Football in general? True
    Palmer 4,000 yars, 15 INT’s with 3 handed over by HB and 22 TD’s with 7 drops and still ranked 10 in the NFL last year? TRUE

    Why do people hate him? I like the guys who say 49er4life and say he sucks and not realizing the 49ers went after him as well! LOL same as the Seahawks! LOL. 1 thik Palmer does better than ANY NFC West QB: Read a Defense. FACT!

  65. ampatsisahypocrite

    to explane: Different techniques of therapy now. Brady had Stem Cell Therapy like Payton Manning, RG III, and A. Peterson. Palmer didn’t have that option.

  66. sportnorcal
    You need to get out more. The Raiders wanted Palmer back. They didn’t have the money to pay him. Carson knew the Raiders would suck and he chose to leave. Palmer wanted out. Raiders wanted him back. I bet you 10K that whatever Raiders QB will be there, they won’t throw for 4,000 yards! Plus the 49ers, SHawks, Rams, Bills, Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Steelers and a few others all inquired about Palmer.
    Why don’t you people check your facts. I mean it is in Black and white online, in magazines. You can hear it on ESPN and Radio shows. you just don’ like him because he is now playing against your team or he left your team so you just call him names and say he sucks or past his prime? 4,000 yards is Brees past his prime?

  67. I can’t wait until Wilson gets lost at sea and Matt Lienart is their starting QB, That will be funny. He throws like slow pitch softball.

  68. Now I’ve lived long enough to hear Cardinals fans say the Bengals have bad team management! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! That’s hilarious! The Bengals have been to the playoffs the last two seasons, are favored by most to win their division this year, highly respected in the draft and Cards fans think their team is better managed? LMAO! That just tickles me like nothing else. Look forward to your last place finish this year Cards fans! Don’t say we didn’t warn you when crybaby Palmer quits on this team too.

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