Packers add a new tight end

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Last month, the Packers lost tight end Tom Crabtree to the Buccaneers.  The Packers have now replaced him on the offseason roster, signing veteran Matthew Mulligan.

Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that the Packers signed Mulligan, a four-year veteran, to a one-year deal.

Mulligan has appeared in 50 career games.  Not tendered as a restricted free agent in 2012 with the Jets, Mulligan signed a two-year deal with the Rams.  St. Louis cut him last month.

In the two seasons, Mulligan has appeared in all 32 games, starting 18.

The Maine product has worked as both a run-blocker and a pass-catcher.  He also provides depth at the overlooked-until-the-starter-gets-hurt position of long snapper.

Mulligan reportedly picked the Packers over the 49ers, who are trying to replace the versatile Delanie Walker.

16 responses to “Packers add a new tight end

  1. Dorky white guy with no other shot at playing in the NFL, perfect for the Packers. He probably loves fat chicks, monster trucks , mullets and chewing tobacco!

  2. Fisher didnt fire this bum for nothing.. his contract was not hurting the Rams at all. Greenbay is
    picking threw the trash of non playoff teams because Rodgers is greedy

  3. Wow. This really, really, stretches the whole In Ted We Trust. He’s a tight end. We have 5 tight ends already. WTH are we doing w/another tight end. Need someone to tackle Collin Kapernick. Oh wait, the Packers are a physical team according to McCarthy.

  4. GB will defend its complete and utter lack of movement in FA, right until SF beats them down (again) in the playoffs.

    Note to Ted: There is a middle ground between the 2013 Dolphins and the 1968 Packers as far as Free Agency participation. Rodgers can’t play defense too as evidenced by the beatdowns in 2011 and 2012 in the playoffs.

  5. The ignorance in here is abysmal. This guy is the same height as Crabtree but 15 lbs. heavier and is a much better blocker. GB signed him for the same money that Crabtree was offered.

  6. wow….the packers are really tearing it up with all these big additions. probably not too much coin left after extending mr bighead to his new ego friendly deal. Mulligan is just the piece they need to put them over the top! hahahahaha

  7. A seahawk fan mocking a team (That has won 13 titles) as if his team actually went “Over the Top” in their franchise’s history – lol…

    12th man is the ref and also the only memorable thing about the seahawks in the last decade…. other than the “We Want The Ball – we’re gonna score” fail.

  8. pshark5 says: Apr 7, 2013 9:19 PM

    Dorky white guy with no other shot at playing in the NFL, perfect for the Packers. He probably loves fat chicks, monster trucks , mullets and chewing tobacco!

    As opposed to rainbows, trolley cars, earrings in the right ear…oh, and sour dough. Did I leave out the fairy dust? I did…good choice Mr. Mulligan. He probably sees the writing on the wall…Kaepernick is broken in half next year and the Niners will go nowhere after he gets leveled.

    And for the Kurt Cobain wannabe yapping about what the Packers are or aren’t doing…seriously? How about actually WINNING a single championship before you pop off on a team that has a baker’s dozen already in the bag. Man, it will be awesome to watch all of that talent in Seattle crap the bed like the Eagles who were “destined” for the Super Bowl a little while back. Your team has a short window to make this work, and 6 years of cap hit and bad management to eat up when it doesn’t. Cross your fingers and your toes, Mr. Grunge.

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