Patriots likely to draft a wide receiver

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Five wide receivers caught passes for New England last season. None of them are currently under contract to the Patriots.

So while the Patriots have added one wide receiver, Danny Amendola, who will likely be a starter this season, it’s probably safe to say that wide receiver is a position they need to address in the draft.

Mike Reiss of notes that Oklahoma’s Kenny Stills, USC’s Robert Woods and Oregon State’s Markus Wheaton were in New England last week for pre-draft visits. The 5-foot-11, 189-pound Wheaton was a starting wide receiver who also saw a bit of time at running back and is the kind of versatile player the Patriots like a lot.

Whoever the target is, the Patriots need to add someone at wide receiver.

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  1. How many more outside receivers have to fail, until they realize, the problem is with them, not the WRs.

  2. Three championships by 3 points each, could taping opposing teams practices get you 3 points?
    If it didn’t help, they wouldn’t have done it.

  3. I’d comment, but I’m busy working on my “I just drank spoiled milk” look and still need to cut the sleeves off a bunch of new sweatshirts.

  4. dont fall for the banana in the tailpipe, they wont draft a WR in 1st round, they will draft a defensive player

  5. They need to stop drafting dudes who are less than 6 feet. Get someone 6’2 plus finally!!!!

  6. Ok I understand wanting to stay young and not pay big money to someone who is getting old but on the field Welker was not old yet. Wes Welker still has needed skills. The Patriots should have gone out of their normal way of doing things to sign him. In my view Welker decided that the OC and Belichick were going to cut down his playing time as they were doing prior to injuries to other receivers last season. Therefore he decided to take his skills to Denver.

  7. Kenny Stills would be a great steal the way they are projecting him, just with the eyeball test he was the best player on the field any game I watched with ok playing. Would be a blessing if Tavon Austin dropped to the Pats but unlikely with the rams and Viking both with a need for a playmaker and the luxury of 2 picks.

    Robert woods is another eyeball pass for me. Anyone know why these 2 are not higher in people’s minds?

  8. promickey…..don’t know as if his game winning dropped pass in the Superbowl or his game losing drops in the playoffs makes him a valuable player to the Patriots right now…..he was a great player but some how he let the Patriots down one too many times for the Patriots liking.

  9. It’s already given that we will win the next 5 Super Bowls. The Ravens have a 20 million Mark Sanchez clone. The average age of the steelers is 36 and the option QB offense is a gimmick that will be exposed by the mastermind Bill B. Wake me up in February for the duck boat parade.

  10. Shouldn’t we already have about 19 “Bill’s a GENIUS” posts over this?

    C’mon obnoxious very recent 2 time Super Bowl LOSING and AFC Champioship game LOSING Pats fans…where are you?

  11. I’m fine with their drafting a couple WR , just not in the first round. I mean right now there is basically Amendola, a couple practice squad players Jones & Jenkins on the roster. My feeling is BB will trade out of the first and grab a bunch of seconds like 09. I just hope he can make them count this time with some good players.

  12. Here is a list of WRs drafted by the Pats from 2004 from Pro Football Reference.
    2012 – Jeremy Ebert
    2010 – Taylor Price
    2009 – Brandon Tate
    2008 – Matt Slater
    2006 – Chad Jackson
    2004 – P.K.Sam

    Wow. Draft history says it all. Pats FO – please stay away from WRs in the draft, free agency/trades seem to work better.

  13. I am sure they will draft a WR but in what round? The Pats are going into this draft with 5 picks and needs at almost every position but QB. Maybe they can do something with the first overall pick next year.

  14. With a few exceptions, the Pats have done an inexplicably bad job drafting CBs and WRs, although many of the WRs were late round flyers. Hopefully they learned from those mistakes and their luck will change. There should be 5-6 good WR prospects in the 2nd rnd available(Woods, Stills, Patton, Wheaton, Hunter,) etc. You never know with the Pats, but I think they trade out of the 1rst and take a DLineman first and a WR later. Also 4 out of the 5 guys on the roster from last yr are still out there as FAs that they could bring back on the cheap to plug in(LLoyd, Edelman, Branch, Stallworth). Also the can probably still fit an offer sheet to ESanders under the cap if they decide to go that route(although I’d still rather a situational pass rusher). So, they still have plenty of options for what should again be one of the top offenses in the league.

    The Pats taped practices? I guess some people believe that if you repeat a false statement enough times, it makes it true.

  15. There’s no problem with the patriots haha. Randy moss had a decent season! They are TE focused and the wr are compliments. Do the pats ever NOT know what they’re doing? Lol

  16. I see the Pats trading down and loading up on 2,3 4 round picks.
    I can also see the Pats drafting two WRs like they did with TEs
    and RBs.
    Guys I like , Swope A&M, Bailey WV, Sills OU,
    Hobson Marshall and Hopkins Clemson..
    Getting 2 from this group with those already signed is a step up from last few years .
    Pats should also look at Nelson from Buffalo as a FA if he is improving from his injury.

  17. Sorry..question for PFT members.. when using kindle fire, i can not view videos..all vids are greyed out .. any suggestions?

    tried going to suggested website, but dont know which to choose from

  18. Why would they need Wide Receiver? Remember they have Brady…he can make anybody look good. Just look at Welker, he is a nobody without Brady.

    Let Flacco draft the WRs. He has always had a bunch of WRs around him to make him look good. For example, he had Derrick Mason has his primary (only) receiver for the first three years in the league. Derrick could beat you deep. He could win jump balls, etc. Flacco won playoffs away ever year. However, unlike Brady, Flacco has proven he truly needs receivers to win it all.

  19. Hey just bcuz the Jags Nation is the in-season paid vacation spot doesn’t mean they can’t comment. Lol. AFC right now is a 4 team race. B-more, Pats, Broncos, and my sleeper pick for next season, Cincinatti. One of these 4 will be playing in the Superbowl for the AFC next season.

  20. patriots420:
    “Kenny Stills … was the best player on the field any game I watched with ok playing.”

    You know OK played WVU when Tavon Austin had 572 yards, right? Kenny Stills is good but I guess you didn’t watch that game?

  21. I am sure they will draft a WR but in what round? The Pats are going into this draft with 5 picks and needs at almost every position but QB. Maybe they can do something with the first overall pick next year.


    Talk about your led balloons.

    They have not drafted well with 10 picks. Therefore, this year will be their break-out draft class.

  22. The Patriots need to draft a bigger Receiver, 6-2+ and need to stay away from these short slot Receiver type players.

  23. Pats had the #1 offense in the league last year and could Not get past a 10 and 6 team Baltimore. They have also had an easy division to win in now for at least 10 years with the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins not being much of a challange. Fins might push them a little this year but thats it for the division. Tougher teams like the seahawks and 49ers are going keep Brady from ever winning another superbowl.

  24. If Gronkowski can stay healthy and the Pats get a true number 1 reciever Brady could put his finger in that elusive 4th Ring. If Peyton stop throwing the ball to the opposing defenses in big games he could Tie the Lil Bro in the rings dept. If Dumervil comes as advertised Ravens could repeat, Cincy is the young team that makes big
    Plays that just have to grow up. Houston I think Andre Johnson is on the declined and Matt Schaub isn’t a SB QB, I think Wade Phillips is an Overrated DC like Rob Ryan. Arian Foster is the real deal but this is a passing league.

  25. All the recievers are gone from last year and Gronkowski will not be ready to start the season. Superbowl? Not going happen for the Pats.

  26. It takes time to develop rookie WRs and this team’s whole receiving corp is now made up of guys who get injured… Amendola always misses games, Gronkowski’s forearm is looking like an injury that just will not go away, so, who knows how many games he’ll play in this coming season, and Hernandez has missed a bunch of games in the past and will likely miss several this year too… other than the year he tore his ACL, Welker was the only consistently healthy receiving option they had and they let him go!! I still don’t know why they didn’t go after any of the top WR’s in free agency, just seems completely stupid… Starting to wonder what they are thinking up there

  27. true they haven’t done well drafting wr’s, but their
    2010,2011, & 2012 drafts in totality are excellent, so maybe this will be the year they hit on a wr.

  28. “However, unlike Brady, Flacco has proven he truly needs receivers to win it all.”

    Maybe, but he definitely doesn’t need the other teams defensive signals.

  29. @jimnaizeeum, mec693

    1) The Patriots “cheated” by doing taping the old way.

    2) There’s comments by the multiple Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson that it didn’t help.

    3) The rule change wasn’t until 2006. Their last Super Bowl win was in the 04-05 NFL season.

    4) Losing a first round pick and getting fined 500k really hurt the team long term, don’t you think? Imagine if the Patriots picked another pro bowl receiver in the draft, it probably would’ve changed the outcome of the 11-12 Super Bowl.

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