Seahawks working out Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and other quarterbacks

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There haven’t been too many highlights for quarterback Matt Leinart since he played for Pete Carroll at USC, which might explain why Leinart is interested in seeing if he can reunite with his college coach.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that Leinart will be one of four veteran quarterbacks in Seattle this week to work out for the Seahawks. With Matt Flynn dealt to Oakland, the Seahawks appear to be in the market for someone other than the recently re-signed Josh Portis to back up Russell Wilson.

Leinart, who played in two games for the Raiders last season, will be joined by one of his opponents from those halcyon days as a USC Trojan. Brady Quinn faced off against Leinart and Carroll when he was at Notre Dame and he will also be in Seattle to vie for a new job after spending last year with the Chiefs.

Per Garafolo, Seneca Wallace and Tyler Thigpen will also be part of the quarterback caravan rolling into the Pacific Northwest. Wallace spent his first seven NFL seasons with the Seahawks and was traded to Cleveland before Carroll’s first year as Seattle’s head coach. Thigpen has started 12 games in his NFL career, none since 2010, and saw action in seven games with the Bills across the last two seasons.

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  1. Portis would be my number 2 QB based on what we’ve seen from him during his time with the Hawks…….However, it is good that they are looking to get that third QB or more to have a competition at that spot for #2. Getting the best QB you can at the cheapest price to back up your starter is something that every team desires.

  2. Matt Leinhart started in Az enough to know this guy can’t move the ball down the field. I never watched so many check down passes in a football game. I mean if our QB went down no Hawk fan would think that guy is going to be the one to lead them to playoffs and beyond.

  3. hey hawks fans,

    I wanna explain why skins fans and hawks fans should cheer for each others teams.

    1) we run similar schemes with the zone run read option, and our quarterbacks share success in the same fashion

    2) Chris Clemons came from the skins and is still an excellent player

    3) Marshawn and Alfred both enjoy running players over

    4) Any success by one quarterback with the pistol/read option (even kaepernick) shows that other qbs can be successful in the same way

    Lets cheer for each other k plz

  4. I’m surprised they’re looking at Seneca again . No thanks to Leinart I say , but Carroll may feel otherwise . Quinn and Thigpen haven’t done much to impress , but we’re talking about the backup here . Hand the ball to Beast Mode and Harvin and pretty much anyone looks good under center , God forbid something should happen to Wilson …

  5. Don’t see how any of these guys are compliments to Wilson.

    It’s one thing to bring in a over the hill veteran (like they did with Dilfer way back when) who had success, to run a basic offense if Wilson has issues or is hurt, its another to bring in a quartet of veteran losers who have had zero pro success.

    Wallace is stunning…Portis as probably as good, or put it this way, can’t have any less of an arm then Wallace, and doesn’t have the stink of being a former player an a QB that can’t cut it by the Browns (no matter if Holmgren called him an NFL starter or not).

    Hasslebeck isn’t the answer either…he stunted any development Wallace had, and IMO, is the reason Locker is still behind the pack. Just not a QB young guys can learn from.

    Hopefully this is Pete’s week long running April Fools’ joke.

  6. Lol at dude who said josh portis should be our backup ROFL!!!! HAVE YOU SEEN HIM PLAY? dude is a 3rd qb at best reminds me of a poor mans joe webb… And we all know how he did against the packers in the playoffs.

  7. As a die hard Hawk fan I love the fact that PC/JS are not afraid to explore all avenues. As for Portis, I liked him as a number three but as a back up I don’t think he could get it done.

  8. I liked Seneca for about five years, until he had to fill in for Hasselbeck, who was injured. Wallace “should” have been better than he proved to be. His biggest problems seemed to be indecisiveness in the pocket. He’d drop back, then dance around a bit while scanning the field. Too much of the time he’d have to throw the ball away, to avoid being sacked. He also doesn’t have a strong gun, but is able to deliver the ball in short yardage situations.

    He’s competent, but only barely so. If I had the choice I’d like TJax back.

  9. Clemons came from Philly.
    This 3rd qb position is useless.
    Won’t make the roster

  10. Note to Matt Lienart. You probably want to be in shape and give this your A effort. If you cant sell Pete Carroll then it’s the CFL or bagging groceries at Safeway as your next likely career options. And I’m not sure the BC Lions are that desperate.

  11. Pete and John are bored…
    They do this kind of stuff because they live football, and it gives then an excuse to go to work and mess around on the field…
    Seattle’s number 2 will be Matt Scott out of Arizona…
    4 or 5th round…
    Go Hawks!

  12. Of all the names, Wallace is the only one that I would trust. He fast enough and a good enough passer. Many people compared Russell Wilson to Wallace in the draft books

  13. No thanks to Seneca. He has the physical tools, but my most prominent memories of Seneca are watching him run out of bounds for a 15 yard loss instead of throwing the ball away.

  14. Pete Carroll better thank his lucky stars and D. Bevell for finding him R. Wilson. Carroll’s experience at developing stellar QB’s includes : Matt Leinart, Charlie Whitehurst, Tavaris Jackson, Matt Flynn, M. Sanchez and now he is looking at Seneca Wallace, Tyler Thigpen and Brady Quinn. He better hope Wilson continues to improve and doesn’t get hurt. Of last years rookie QB’s, the only one I see as a for sure deal is the one who is a pocket passer first and that is Luck…..jury is still out on these “pistol QB’s”. There’s been many gimmick offenses down thru the years and it usually doesn’t take defenses too long to counter-act the gimmicks.

  15. Leinart in Seattle? I had no idea there were that many hot tubs and co-eds in bikinis to attract him there…

  16. Any QB that the best head Coach in the league chooses to be a part of the most dominant team in the NFC and back up the best QB in the league will have a great honor bestowed upon him.

    To serve under the Mr. Russell “REAL DEAL” Wilson is a privilege and honor. To get multiple championship rings in the next decade and play under the greatest coach in the game will be a life changing gift to the lucky person.

  17. Wow, Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn…. two “can’t miss” quarterbacks while in college now struggling to make a roster as a backup.

  18. Rest assured Seahawks Nation, Pete Carroll and John Schneider will kick the tires on all available talent. However, if the skills aren’t there or the rubbers wearing out, they’ll move on to other players.

  19. stampnhawk:

    please do not make hawk fans look like the Whiner fans say we are.

    first off, Matt Hasselbeck isn’t one of the options. he signed to Indianapolis.

    second off, Matt didn’t stunt the growth of Jake Locker. here’s a novel concept….. Jake, as much as I loved him as a Dawg, is professionally, only a slightly better arm than Tebow.

    third off, don’t bash Matt. it’s utterly foolish. he’s the only qb in the history of our franchise that took us to the Bowl. hos name should not be trashed.

  20. These rejects have failed at making the team in failing franchises like the browns and cardinals. Please try something else! A total unknown would be much better, than someone who has failed half a dozen times. and don’t pay them millions either!!!!!

  21. Seahawks fans can not be die hard fans.stop it got to support your team in the good times as well as the bad.this niner fan knows all to well since I lived in everett how the people of washington support your team.”seattle supersonics”.your fans have no heart.#go49ers quest for 6th sb

  22. Insurance move in case the guy they want in the draft is gone early. If Wilson keeps getting down early, we just need someone in this spot to catch the ball, turn the laces, and put his finger on top of the point of the ball for a ridiculous amount of money.

    Need to move to a pay for performance league!

  23. Wallace is the best option here for Seattle. He has the same sort of style as Wilson, and he has a great attitude.

    Part of me was hoping Wilson could be backed-up by a vet who could impart some wisdom, like Matt Hasselbeck, but obviously that option isn’t available.

    Wallace brings some mentoring, but not much starting experience to relate onto Wilson. Still, his style of play, and his composure is better than the rest on the list for sure…not to mention he is loved here in Seattle.

  24. Did none of you use to watch seahawks when they had seneca? He was an excellent backup QB the only problem is if he is still the same as he was when he backup hasselbeck.

  25. Big Don 76 should learn to properly spell, punctuate, space and capitalize before posting any more lame attempts at humor.

    Displaying a very disturbing sample of 4th grade intelligence isn’t funny, it’s sad.
    Another tragic product of the Bay Area school system.

  26. This is a sad group of options. I guess thigpen is the best of the worst. What a pathetic 4 options. Is jim Zorn available? I bet warren moon could still chuck the rock better than all 4 of these scrubs and i love the Hawks.

  27. I’d lay even odds a lot of you wear loafers because it’s clear you’re incapable of grasping even the complexity of tying a shoelace.

    Only a fool judges a player solely based upon their stats. Maybe Leinart did so well as USC because he responded so well to Pete’s coaching style. There’s all sorts of reasons why a players excels with one team, yet fails with another, and it can have little or nothing at all to do with skill, and everything to do with how well the player interacts with the rest of the team, the front office, and, yes, even the “meaningless” head coach.

    Pete and JS pay attention to these intangibles, and it’s been paying off. Get a clue.

  28. My guess is both Thigpen and Wallace are best suited for Seattle. Leinart is interesting too, clearly Pete knows how to get the most out of his type. But my guess is he won’t be in Seahawks training camp.

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