Some think Rivers is down to his last chance in San Diego

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Every new G.M. wants his own coach.  And every new coach wants his own quarterback.

There’s an asterisk that applies to that school of thought.  If the quarterback that a new coach has inherited lands on the short list of NFL franchise quarterbacks, the new coach has no issue with the status quo.

The biggest question in San Diego is whether Philip Rivers still falls on the presumptive do-not-cut-trade-or-bench list.  Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego believes 2013 will be Rivers’ “final audition” with the Chargers.  Tom Adams of the same publication believes that, if Rivers is indeed playing for his job, he’ll pass the test.

So do we.  (Or at least I.)

Still only 31, Rivers continues to put up solid numbers on an annual basis.  The problem in recent years has been that the Chargers don’t have the pieces around him.  Vincent Jackson left, and former G.M. A.J. Smith signed Robert Meachem to replace Jackson.  (Key word:  former.)  The offensive line has progressively gotten worse, the running game gradually has diminished, and the defense isn’t what it used to be.

So Rivers remains one of the few bright spots on an otherwise spotty roster.  And if the Chargers aren’t interested in keeping him around, it’s safe to say he’d bring in something more than a conditional seventh-round draft pick in 2014.

115 responses to “Some think Rivers is down to his last chance in San Diego

  1. If Carson Palmer can keep finding jobs than Phiilip the crybaby can too if the Bolts decide to dump him

  2. It’s amazing how much better this guy is than people like flacco or romo and he is facing his last chance while the other guys are getting huge contracts. He needs a better supporting cast.

  3. Rivers would be fifth string for the Redskins behind RG3, Kirk Cousins, Pat White and the Redskins other RG3. That’s why the Redskins are a Super Bowl winning franchise. HTTR.

  4. This thing with Rivers proves a point. No matter how good your QB is, this is a team sport and you have to invest in the pieces around him to win. (Please take notes Jimmy Haslam this has been the Browns plague. They keep throwing away QB’s and not addressing the receiver problems. The last time the Browns won 10 games? Derek Anderson had Jamal Lewis, KWII, Joe Jurevicius and Braylon Edwards stretching the field. D.A. did NOT have the upside Weeden does)

  5. Chargers should file charges against the away with murder trading eli for this bum.guy had the talent around him early in his career to win multiple super bust

  6. If he hits the open market contending teams will be lining up to sign him. Give him some weapons and a line to protect him and there is no reason he can’t be a pro bowl QB again.

  7. If this is the storyline that continues, and the Browns give Brandon Weeden an audition season that goes poorly.. I could see Cleveland pursuing Rivers in 2014, especially with Norv as OC and Chud as head coach, both former Chargers coaches. Sorry, completely unrelated, atleast I didn’t start listing the top five running backs in the NFL starting with Alfred Morris..

  8. The question is, do you trade him this year for the right price?

    San Diego is an absolute mess and it’s not one player away from being fixed: running game is awful, average WR’s and Gates is almost retired, decent run D, average pass D.

    Trade him to Tampa Bay next year…

  9. I’m curious when Rivers got the whole “crybaby” reputation. Was it when Ed Hercules blew a huge call that cost us a game? Was it when he got into it with Jay Cutler (the poster boy for manhood)? Or is it when he consistently shows up and goes to work with different receivers signed off the street every year. Yeah I know the Raiders have rings, I didn’t ask that.

  10. If Rivers can remember what color jersey is team is wearing on Sunday and stop throwing to the team in the other jersey, the Chargers can be “that team” that inexplicably stumbles to 10 wins and the sixth seed in the AFC. KC and OAK x 2, the AFC South, and the NFC East will allow the Chargers to appear to be better than they really are. This should buy Rivers some time to manage some wins and the Chargers can start to add talent next offseason. I wouldn’t give up on Rivers. Ask the Cleveland Browns how long its been since they’ve had a QB who could give them hope.

  11. Rivers was showing clear signs of decline before V-Jax left. Doesn’t have a whole lot of mustard left on that arm of his.

  12. A.J. Smith sabotaged the Chargers. He is an arrogant, yet incredibly inept GM that would rather fail than admit he is wrong.

    You don’t just let talent like Michael Turner, Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles, etc. leave without getting something in return.

    But it is old man Spanos fault for allowing his clueless son run the team and choosing Smith over Marty Schottenheimer.

    Seriously, how do you side with an egotistical, underqualified GM over a Head Coach that took a pathetic team and quickly turned them into a 14-2 Super Bowl caliber team?

    WHO DOES THAT?????

  13. Didn’t he have Ladanian Thomlison and some pretty good defense early on in his career and did nothing with that. He’s a classic fantasy football QB. Quit your whining and trash talking Phillip and win something, typical wolfpack POS.

  14. Rivers is actually an underrated QB and is tough has nails…Still has a good arm, gutsy, can move in the pocket and put up points….He just doesn’t have a supporting cast….Just a thought but he would look great in a cowboys uniform…

  15. I would rather have Rivers as my QB than Super Bowl winning Quarterback Joe Flacco. If San Diego put together a better team built off of Rivers strengths, they’d be knocking on the door to the Super Bowl.

  16. That would be one of the dumbest, and there are many, things the Chargers would do. He would be on a plane to Cleveland the same day.

  17. Florio proves why no one respects him. Rivers is not a winner. He is a loser. Lost big games in college. Bigger in pros.

  18. I have been a big Rivers fan since he played in the AFC Championship game with a torn ACL. The guy is a very good QB but the Chargers have been deteriorating pretty much since that game. They might have to trade him just to rebuild and I am sure a lot of teams would be interested.

  19. Once the Ravens took over the league lead in whining from the Chargers, Rivers value went way down.

  20. The Chargers, much like many NFL teams are going through a transition period where they have a QB on the downside of his career. I really don’t get the clean slate approach, simply draft a QB, let him watch and learn until the old-timer is done. Chip Kelly is keeping Vick around, might as well the the AFC version of the turnover machine hang around too.

  21. Is everyone here just pretending that the last few seasons never happened??? Look, Rivers was an awesome qb but for some reason the last couple years he has mentally lost it. Fumbling the ball on a routine kneel down, lazily throwing away balls that stay in bounds and get intercepted…something just happened to him and it’s not due to the lack of playmakers around him. Maybe since he stopped trash talking he lost a bit of his competitive edge, I don’t know. But the guy just hasn’t been right lately.

  22. My concern isn’t Philip Rivers, he’ll be able to produce in any situation he’s in, my concern is why this is even being brought up. Any one who knows Kevin Acee knows he’s a blow hole who was the beat writer when A.J Smith was in town and practically walked around with his (you know what) in his hand. He comes out with these story’s to try and get nationally publicized, and it worked.. Does anyone really believe that the Chargers are going to trade a Top 10 QB because he had two bad season under horrible management with a horrible roster.

  23. I’m going to take a wild guess and predict that the Chargers won’t compete for a SB with Rivers, nor will they trade him towards picking up value towards a rebuild. The Chargers just have no idea what to do and when and opportunity to improve continues to pass them by each day.

  24. Rivers is a great QB on a crappy team. I’d take him out of the three from that 2004 class. Big Ben and shEli both play for better organizations top to bottom. As for the Chargers, they should have been in competition in 2006, but they lost to the Pats. To fire Marty after that loss should have been criminal. I can understand firing Marty, but to bring in Norv Turner just boggles ones mind.

  25. If Rivers became available there would be plenty of teams jumping at the chance to pick him up. The Chargers just aren’t a great team anymore, I’d be surprised if they did any better than 8-8 this season. Rivers deserves more support. I’d love to have him In Philly, eventhough he doesn’t fit Kellys system.

  26. RGIII had a good rookie season….

    Didn’t Cam Newton have a really good rookie season???

    Don’t get me wrong they are both fun to watch, but neither of them have any body or work in the NFL to call them consistent. Not trying to talk mess, but watch what you say one minute he’s running around doing good things and the next he’s Michael Vick.

  27. Send him to Arizona Fitz needs a decent Qb throwing him the ball, Also Arizona should do nothing but use their picks on O linemen. Biggest crime in NFL history is what is going on with Fitz in zona. And I’m not even a Cardinals fan.

  28. The Robert Meachem signing was hilarious. The guy couldn’t crack the top-3 wide receiver rotation on a team with an elite QB and genius offensive coach… and he’s going to suddenly step in and replace your 1300-yards-a-year downfield deep threat? Yeah, I can’t imagine why that didn’t work.

  29. Rivers is an overrated crybaby.

    Benefitted from LT#2 in his prime, his OL and big receivers VJ and Gates. All he had to do is throw it up and his big boys being it down.

    One of the ugliest, if not ugliest throwing motions in the game.

  30. chargerdiehard: it was probably when he threw the ball down and then took a swing kick at it when they got a delay of game, that one time, oh and that other time, oh and that other time too. no really though I’m a packer fan and every time I watch a charger game its like the spoiled kid after somebody took his cookie.

  31. I thought he was supposed to be “elite” like everyone in the world seems to think. To me, he’s never been any better than slightly above average. Yes I’ve seen him play a lot. He’s nowhere near elite. I’d rank him maybe about 20 out of 32 starters in the league, including several teams that don’t even have starters.

  32. His last chance to do what? Try and eek out a season behind a piecemeal offensive line, throwing to absolutely no one with a moron head coach and GM calling the shots?

    I don’t care much for Rivers the person but the guy is a good QB whose been asked to make something out of nothing for a long time now.

  33. Logicalvoicesays is the most delusional, ridiculous poster on this site. When the Redskins actually do something significant in the playoffs your bravado will be justified. Until then go back to your room. Your mom wants you to clean it.

  34. Half the teams in the NFL would love to get Rivers, or at least a third. It’s all about supply and demand and there is a lot more demand for even average QBs right now than there is supply.

  35. Does that mean they’re going to give him real WR’s outside of Antonio Gates to work with? Because aside from Vincent Jackson, this guy has had nothing to work with.

  36. Rivers goes and who replaces him exactly? A rookie? JP Loseman? This isn’t rocket science: decent OLine: Rivers kills it, Swiss Cheese: Rivers throws on the back of his 15th step drop. This isn’t a new conundrum, he has never been mobile, in fact he doesn’t even need great skill players as proven three years ago when he had a career year throwing to 21 different receivers most of which were Verizon employees before the suited up.

    Last year to prove himself, yeah right. More like first year for Telesco to proves he’s paying attention.

  37. No, it’s because he cries like a baby whenever things don’t go his way. Case in point was last years Broncos game when you guys gave us 35 points in the second half with two turnovers on Quivers that were taken to the house. He cried both times that it wasn’t legal and the cameras consistently catch him whining and crying. Wasn’t he the guy that was holding the towel for Novak? What a swell guy.

  38. You know, as a Redskins fan, logicalvoicesays annoys the crap out of me. However, what annoys me even more are the people that let that troll get to them so much that there are now like 5-6 accounts created just to mimic him. C’mon people!

  39. Wow, Phillip Rivers is 31? Time flies. I always liked the guy. Too bad he was stuck with Norv. I still think he could be a winner somewhere.

  40. Aaron rodgers has performed without a running game and a good offensive line. And his defense has had a lot of questions aswell. Just saying…

  41. I like how Romo’s name has to show up in every other comment.Like Rivers is so much better. Yet in about the same # of years starting Rivers has about 2000 more yards and 12 more TD’s despite having Ladanian Tomlison in his prime, Antonio Gates was a pro Bowler before Rivers started .

    Meanwhile Romo was an UDFA who made a pro bowler out of UDFA Miles Austin an has never had a running game. His only consistent weapon has always been Witten. For all the hype terrell had, he was a 30+ year old stone handed diva who never made any team better.

    Phillip Rivers has no excuses with the weapons he has had.

  42. I think this is true, he is at a crossroads in his career. He had the teams early in his career to make it to the dance, and he did not get it done. Don’t get me wrong, he is a talented QB, but this team is rebuilding now and his chance is gone with the Chargers.

    I would trade him while he still has value to a team that thinks he is the missing piece to the super bowl.

  43. Eli: 2 rings, 2 SB MVPs

    Ben: 2 rings, 3 SB appearances

    Rivers: 0 SB appearances

    LOL @ Rivers.

    Still the LOSER from the 2004 draft class.

  44. HTTR is the dumbest, most annoying thing I see on a daily basis in these comments

  45. The “if the Chargers dump him he’ll find another job the next day” argument doesn’t fly with me. Bums like Carson Palmer, Brian Hoyer, and Ryan Fitzpatrick had no trouble finding a new job either. It has been 9 years since Rivers was drafted, and he has started since 2006. The 2007 AFC Championship Game was an eternity ago in NFL years. Yu know what you are getting with Rivers. A talented QB who in the end just isn’t gonna get it done for your team. Some people think failure is somehow more palatable with a decent QB than with an awful QB. I do not. If 2013 is similar to the last few years, I’d look elsewhere if I were the Chargers.

  46. It’s good to light a fire under his butt.. Let him earn the job he has held. If he plays well it won’t be an issue.

  47. Rivers has never been an elite or franchise QB. He is average at best. He put up decent numbers with V.Jax and gates with LT in the backfield. Any other QB in the league could have done that surrounded by those guys as well.. He also spent his career in one of the easiest divisions in football. How do you not rack up yards and wins playing KC and Oakland 4 times a year?

  48. This guy was only good when he had the best running back in the game, gates in his prime when he was the best tight end in the league, and vjax who’s always been in the top 10-15 discussion. Plus his oline was good. It’s obvious he can’t win without a great cast around him, especially now. His offense is pretty bad now some of that isn’t his fault but the dude turns it over way too much to be considered good, and any good qb still makes plays even with limited weapons surrunding him. Didn’t he say he wanted peyton to join denver too? Wonder if he still thinks that now knowing he’s got no shot. He talks too much too. And wears plaid button downs to press conferences. Dude’s a tool and he won’t amount to anything

  49. And logicalvoices just jumped the shark. It was a nice run, but it’s over.

    Also, whoever said a QB can’t win without an OL and running game, please see Eli Manning in 2011.

  50. If he does go, I hope he ends up in Minnesota

    For no other reason than to rekindle his rivalry with Jay Cutler – without a doubt one of the most entertaining QB rivalries in recent memory.

  51. Mark my words. San Diego will cut or trade this guy and he’ll win a Super Bowl, just like the last guy they got rid of.

    The Charger’s problem was never Philip Rivers. It was Norv Turner and they took way to damn long to fire his sorry rear..

  52. He should be. Delusional fans and sorry commentators have given him a pass as his game has fallen off a cliff the past 3 years.

    Maybe a washed up Antonio Gates has finally exposed the flaws in his game, but right now, he’s going down a road that few 30+ QBs come back from with all the turnovers, bone headed plays, and losing he’s been doing lately.

  53. Some of these posters are so off base ! Rivers passes are slow and have too much hang time . Its sort of a Punt – Pass Plus he is scared to get hit

  54. Aaron Rogers is only going to win the one Super Bowl. Just cannot win without a running game

  55. Let’s be honest; Rivers is one of the top 5 QBs in the NFL, period. The Chargers let all of his weapons leave, without replacement, and no matter how good he is, no QB can work and win alone. I hope he gets some better tools to work with so we can enjoy watching one of the few real NFL caliber QBs again, instead of the Sanchezes, Weedens, Gabberts, Ponders etc. that make up so much of the league today.

  56. Yeah, that makes sense. Rivers had a better QB rating than Flacco last year in spite of the fact that the Ravens have the best o-line in football and the chargers the worst. The Ravens had big-time receivers, but Rivers had not. Flacco is SB MVP and just received a sick contract. But this is Rivers’ last chance? Is Acee smoking something or does he just not know football? Teams spend a generation (see Buffalo) trying to find a franchise QB because you can’t win without one. The chargers are the Chiefs without Rivers and I’m supposed to believe they would be smart to cut or trade him? BTW, Kevin is the only person saying that. Let’s not make sweeping generalizations Florio.

  57. The guy is a bum.
    Local SD rags note that Philip lacks offseason dedication. He gets pudgier every year and isn’t the team leader that he appears to be when he’s barking at the opposing team.
    Tough? Sure he’s tough. But so was Stan Humphries.
    1. This guy has shot-put throwing motion and gets no zip on his passes.
    2. He has never been accurate.
    3. He has the mobility and pocket presence of
    Bernie Kosar in the dark.

    The Chargers can’t build around him. It would make sense to cut/trade him.
    He can only thrive in system where the team has all the parts and no shortage of 6’5″ receivers and a run game.

  58. There’s no way you trade him unless the Jags or the Raiders offer up some ridiculous package.

    Ever since the camera caught him yelling at some fans I’ve never liked him, but he’s definitely in the Big Ben, Dalton, Newton, Flacco, Kap class of QBs that, while obviously not Manning, Brady, Montana, Elway, level, are clearly the on the “keep forever” list.

    Of course, Cutler’s on the level too and basically got replaced by Tebow so…

  59. No matter what San Diego does it will not surprise me. They got rid of Drew Brees they fired their 14-2 coach. Rivers is a good qb stuck on a bad team because of the decisions management made.

  60. I love it when the media forces a team to make a boneheaded move like trading your franchise QB. Yeah. Phillip Rivers is why they are losing. No one is going to want that guy on their team. The Chargers can just draft a QB and be fine. It is easy to do. Just ask the Cardinals.

  61. You can’t just take away all the talent on the team, keeping your “star” QB and expect him to perform as if he had a Superbowl type cast around him – as in previous years.

    Chargers do need to consider their future QB, and should look at taking a draft project on. However, this is certainly not Rivers fault the team is playing this way. Chargers need to at least keep the cast players (like Jackson), and/or bring in supporting players.

  62. Don’t be surprised if a developmental QB is taken by San Diego in the draft.

    No joke.

    I first came to this thought after hearing Daniel Jeremiah, ex-scout turned Network analyst, mentioning this possibility during the 2011 regular season.

  63. All of the hate for Philip Rivers baffles me…Who was on his o-line last year? He has a RB who can’t stay on the field for longer then 5 plays without an injury…Ummm, Norv Turner…A GM who keeps drafting pass rushers every year and attempts to surround Rivers with B and C rated Free Agents…Meachem/Eddie Royal…Neither of which produced last year…Meachem dropped several deep balls last year (I know I was there at the games)…Folks there is an elephant in the room and it wasn’t Philip Rivers over the last few years

  64. Charger fans that see him every week know that the reason Rivers has been strugeling is because the Chargers had no O line. AJ did a bad job of bringing in Lineman. After Buttler passed away, AJ Smith should never have been made GM. We Charger fans also know that we have weak ownership that don’t know what they are doing. You don’t let a coach go that takes you to a 14 and 2 season. That’s just plain stupid management.

  65. I am not gonna complain but they had an elite QB already but he got hurt so they got rid of him. I love that the saints got Brees and more than likely he doesn’t become who he is without Payton.

    The point is as a team the Bolts treat their players poorly. The bad break up with LT. Dumping Brees because he got hurt. Lowballing you best weapon on offense Darren Sprolls. They just don’t treat their talent right. Look at the teams that win they keep their guys. The teams that keep moving guys in and guys out. How can you build a team doing that?

  66. Coming from a Broncos fan who’s called Rivers all the names in the book and publicly stated he’s my most athlete, I gotta say..

    He is not bad enough to just get rid if. Like firstly, he’s been to an AFC championship, been in MVP discussions, and pretty owned ye AFc West from 2006-2009. I mean seriously, this has to be a joke. Rivers might not be elite anymore, but he’s a WAY better option than anyone out there, by a mile. He’s only 31, and has been productive. I would give him till AT LEAST the year after Peyton Retires. Guy isn’t as bad as one would like to say.

    He is a dBag though

  67. I think there’s a chance Rivers may not be on the next good Chargers team, but it’s not really his fault. The roster is so thin that it may take 2-3 years to build a contender, and the team may decide Rivers will be too old by then and trade him sooner to help along the rebuilding process.

  68. To every no class ravens fan that loves to point out RG3 got hurt. Awesome job telling everyone what everyone already knows and secondly check that Sports Illistrated football detailing the Ravens amazing season. Note that loss to Washington and then crawl back into the hole you came out of.

  69. Have you even seen a Chargers game in the last two years? Something is physically wrong with Rivers. It started up during the 2011 season and continued through last season. I don’t know if it’s an injury that he can recover from or if that loopy throwing motion of his has led to a premature demise. Either way he’s just not physically capable of doing the same things he could in 2009.

  70. The people blasting Rivers are just demonstrating their lack of football knowledge (or their hate).

    Rivers lost LT Marcus McNeill, LG Kris Dielman, WR Vincent Jackson, RB Darren Sproles, and RB Mike Tolbert in the last 2 years and still posted a higher QB rating than Joe Flacco in 2012.

    The turnovers are a result of Rivers trying to do too much to compensate for the loss of talent around him. His technique and decision making have suffered because of it.

    It’s not about fixing–or replacing–Philip Rivers; it’s about rebuilding the team around him.

  71. To all the delusional people who think its all the lack of great players around him that is the entire problem.
    He had one of the greatest backs in the game behind him, One of the best ever tight ends in the game, a huge receiver that was a big time playmaker, a decent O-line and above average defence. When he had all that on the field at the same time how many div. championships did he win, How many playoff games? The guy has been surrounded by great talent and in one of the easiest divisions in football and still couldn’t get them over the hump. Despite being picked by many to win it all every year.
    Without the great talent around him he is exposed as exactly what he is, an average at best QB.
    He is also the only guy in the league with a worse throwing motion then tebow. He shot puts the ball out no velocity. Because of that he cant fit the ball in tight spaces with accuracy, just like tebow.
    He will only put up decent numbers when surrounded with eltite talent.

  72. Rivers does as much as Romo and isn’t surrounded by nearly as much talent.

  73. I keep hearing “He has no talent to work with”.

    At one point, he had Ladainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Lorenzo Neal, and Vincent Jackson. Brady, Rodgers, and Manning would kill to have that kind of supporting cast.

  74. If Ponder doesn’t show improvement this season I would expect the Vikings to go after Rivers. The Vikings do have an extra 2014 3rd round pick from the Harvin trade.

  75. It’s funny how Florio makes excuses for Rivers (i.e. poor O-line, lack of supporting cast/wide receivers, etc.), yet rips Joe Flacco at every turn. Rivers is NOT that great a QB. I’d rather have Joe Flacco any day. (Rivers IS better than Romo, however, but that’s ot saying much.)

  76. I gotta believe Rivers still has the talent to compete in the NFL. Early in his career he did have the talent around him to win but was a victim of some bad coaching and all those players eventually left. Now he has no line, not a lot of talent at receiver and a tough running game with Matthews being injury prone. They will also have a tough time getting the talent on this team with the payroll situation they are in…Rivers to Gates over and over can only work for so long…

  77. It’s funny out people say he needs weapons around him… but correct me if I’m wrong he has had Vincent Jackson, one of the best TE’s in the league in Gates, AND had one of the best RB’s in the league in Tomlinson. That to me sounds like he has had some awfully good talent around him and he still couldn’t lead his team to a Super Bowl.

    Sure, I think Rivers is a good QB, but to how do people continue to make excuses for the guy. He is like Romo and turns the ball over in the most inopportune times. He’s a great fantasy football QB, but not one I would want leading my team.

  78. The guy is brash and looks so awkward throwing throwing the ball…The brash part he could lose…He is one of the best in the game and will have a BIG season this year!

  79. And the winner of the 2004 NFL Draft

    The New York Football Giants

    Gave away the farm for Eli
    And we have not one but two championships to show for it

  80. BTW, for everyone bringing it up, when Rivers had talent around him, the Chargers won the division four straight times and went to the AFC championship game where they lost 21-12 to the undefeated patriots–in Foxboro, with Gates hobbled, LT and Jamal Williams on the bench, and Rivers playing on a torn ACL.

  81. 5 words: step into your damn throws. Seemed like he was falling backwards on the majority of his throws last yr. A pathetic ol will do that to ya

  82. doomsdaydefensetx says:
    Apr 7, 2013 7:22 PM
    “Rivers is a baller, but NO qb can function properly without a run game and a decent O line. No other of option than to go O line in the draft”
    Rodgers has been a league MVP in spite of his oline/running game…

    Then again, Rivers has a weird throwing motion – dude can ball thou, just needs an actual coach and GM to give him some tools to play with.

  83. I think now that Norvell is gone things will improve for Rivers. Six years of working in that “system” seemed, IMHO, to have taken something out of Rivers and made him in to a turnover machine. However, the new GM and coach appear to have clue and I believe it will dramatically improve Rivers game (and SD as a whole).

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